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[Manga Dub] I saved the girl who was disowned by her parents. A few years later… [RomCom]


Hi I'm here to repay you for what you did for me oh do you remember me of course I do I would never forget you you are my first love you mean the world to me your first love you took my heart back then and it still belongs to you you stole my heart you need to take responsibility for it what the heck oh John kindness is not.

Merely for the sake of others what does that mean it means you should give kindness to others because it will come back to you to help you in the future that's what it means oh okay I guess so you want me to help people is that what you're saying.

Yes that sounds right that's the lesson I my name is koichi Matsumoto by the way learn from my grandmother I was brought up being taught to help others some people may say like I'm a doormat but I prefer the term helpful today I've volunteered to help.

Clean a park as you can see I'm the only volunteer attending the event I wasn't hoping for anybody to come I'll get started there's lots to do this park will be beautiful by the time I'm through with it a few hours later my limbs are aching I didn't think I would find this much trash but I don't want the kids picking.

Up anything dangerous I did a good thing okay I'll put these trash bags into the trash box oh what huh wait did I what I think I saw something in there no no it can't be am I hallucinating oh my gosh was it a ghost.

Okay koichi you need to look again can I help you with anything I'm not sure what to say she's still there there's a freaking girl inside the trash box uh why are you sitting in there wait is this part of a game or something I was thrown out huh what do you mean thrown out.

I was thrown out I'm trash my mommy always told me to put trash in the trash can that's why I'm sitting in a trash box this is where I belong but wait a minute her clothes they're filthy and her hair is all messy she must be in serious trouble hey I don't think you should be in there you could get hurt people might not notice.

You in there you don't want to get taken to the garbage dump do you why don't I help you out of there okay I have to find somewhere else to spend the night hey wait she's gone is she going to be okay the next day I couldn't stop thinking about her she wouldn't be in the trash box would.

She oh she is she's still in there her clothes haven't changed since yesterday she probably hasn't had a bath for a long time sweetheart what's your name huh hi John my name is Hitomi arakawa I'm koichi Matsumoto oh hi Sean do you remember me telling you that sitting in.

This trash box might be dangerous but mommy told me she doesn't want me anymore so I belong in the trash um my tummy can you wait on the bench for a bit uh okay here eat this are you sure your stomach was growling you should eat something.

John yummy I'm glad you like it gosh I can't just leave such a young girl out here all alone where can I go to ask for help or am I sticking my head into something I shouldn't.

I don't know what's going on with her family what should I do thank you for the yummy food how's your tummy feeling now good thank you so much Oni Chan hi John do you think you can go home yes good be safe okay okay the next day.

I'll ask hichon what's going on with her family then I'll decide what to do I wonder if she's still inside the trash box oh there let me chilling hey John you can't be in there I know but I couldn't think of any other.

Way to meet with you on each on that's why I was in here John okay let's get out of the trash box you hungry I brought you some food to eat Oh yay I'm so hungry what's it like at home um I live with my Mommy I don't have a daddy mommy told me that he left before.

I was born I've never met him is your mommy busy with work Mommy works at night she doesn't come home every day but she met a man he comes with her a lot mommy says I'm not allowed inside the house when the man is there oh I hope the situation wasn't as bad as this but she needs help yes.

If you could pick between your life now and a life where you can eat and take a bath every day which would you pick food and a bath every day hmm I wish my life were like that okay I understand so heat Sean would you be okay with not seeing your mommy at home anymore.

I have to say bye to Mommy yeah I know you love your mommy right but I'm really worried about you hichon I'm sorry maybe I I shouldn't even be talking to you about this but I want you to be happy heat Sean.

I don't know about anything I'm a kid but I can tell that you are nice to me you care about me Oni Chan you're the nicest person I've ever met she's on so I'll be okay no matter what happens to me thank you hichon after hearing what he John said I decided to call the child protective.

Service I reported everything she told me a week after I reported hichon situation I received a call an employee told me hechan had been placed in protective custody I was told she would eventually be sent to her grandparents to live with them the day of her departure foreign.

I hope you find happiness in your new life I will honey um I promise I'll come find you when I grow up I'll be looking forward to it good luck I'll miss you ten years passed I graduated from University and I was.

Working full time hmm I wonder how hichon is doing if I remember right I met her right around this time of the year I was cleaning the park and I found her in a trash box oh look at that girl run wow she's really pretty wait what is she running towards me what what who are you.

Son you haven't changed a bit wait please tell me who you are who Nissan do you recognize me it's me hijon does it ring a bell Sean why are you here well my university is located near here I moved to the city when I started classes here I couldn't wait to see you but I didn't know where you lived so I've been coming.

To this park hoping to bump into you I knew I would find you someday I missed you so much onichan I can't believe I found you gosh I didn't think you would remember me I would never forget you oh Nissan you are my first love oh first love you cared for me when nobody else did I.

Fell in love with you back then but my feelings have only gotten stronger I always long to see you my heart belongs to you and only you oniisan it's unbelievable you're all I thought about well I couldn't see you you mean so much to me wait a minute so does that mean I'm here to repay you for helping me.

Back then and I'm also here to make you fall for me my first day off after miraculously reuniting with hichon she came over to my place good morning onisan why did you want to come here nothing is interesting about my place what do you want to do.

Ta-da I was thinking we could eat breakfast together oh really uh are you sure I've been eating convenience store food for the past few years eating a homemade meal sounds amazing great I won't make you wait long everything looks great I hope you like it well open up.

Huh I don't know about that it's okay and don't be shy it's not that I'm shy I'm not sure if it's appropriate the food is going to get cold what do you think do you like it yeah that's delicious yeah oh I'm glad my grandmother taught.

Me all kinds of recipes did you have a good life with your grandparents yes they cared for me more than I deserved I see I'm relieved to hear that Nissan now that breakfast is done I'm.

Gonna have to do that your guest you should sit down please let me do it I want to do everything I can for the person that saved my life and this room is filthy it needs a major cleanup I'm not good at cleaning oh that's what I'm here for this is my chance to show you that I am housewife material 30 minutes later.

How does it look it's like a completely different room well I enjoyed cleaning up for you so now I just have to throw away all the trash watch out are you okay yes I'm okay.

Can we stay like this for a while huh no let's go this is bad why would you say that I love feeling you close to me on Nissan actually feeling you close isn't enough there are plenty of other things stop let's keep things PG e-chan continued to come by to clean the house whenever she had the time to.

She also told me about her day at University it made me happy to see she was living a good life I felt relieved I was glad I made the right choice back then one day I caught a cold my fever was high I couldn't get out of bed oh Nissan are you okay you.

Shouldn't be here I I don't want you getting sick I feel fine how about we get you something to eat he'll get better faster if you get nutrients thank you I don't know how to repair you you don't have to I'm doing this because I want to here oh Nissan if I just sleep.

A little thank you for the meal I'll be back I'm just going to wash the dishes and do the laundry and I also left some food inside the fridge for you to eat you take such good care of me and I'm getting sleepy maybe it's because I hate so much oh.

I guess I fell asleep huh where's he Sean she's sleeping I still can't believe how much she's grown she used to be tiny and scrawny but she looks so healthy now you have no idea how much it means to me.

That you're happy now I hope you continue having the life you deserve heat Sean hichon continued to visit me every day until I got better thanks to her I was up and about only a few days later I decided to take heech on to an amusement park to thank her for all she.

Did for me well an amusement park being here with the person I love this feels like a dream come on onisana let's ride the roller coaster together first are you sure that's what you want I want to write all the thrilled rides in this place seriously follow me.

That was so much fun I didn't think you meant it when you said you would ride all of them I still have so many things I want to do we're not halfway done yet ah I'm not that young anymore age doesn't matter when it comes to fun and we haven't gotten to the rides I want to enjoy with you the most.

Which one saving it for last oh let's try that one now wait oh love fall so you were saving the ferris wheel for last yep I've always wanted to get on with the person I love so now my dream has.

Come true it feels so good she Sean thank you onisan I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you uh I'm not exaggerating I remember how hopeless I felt while sitting in a trash box saved me onisan um oh Nissan.

I I really really uh welcome back watch your step when you get off I guess it's over we should get off now yes crap somebody do something about my pounding heart the way she was looking at me oh my gosh.

I had so much fun today thank you for bringing me here onisan I'm glad you had fun heat Sean oh Nissan do you have time after this hey Matsumoto Senpai oh hey Rocky what are you doing here I'm on my way home from watching a movie hmm oh Senpai is that your girlfriend huh oh uh she's my sister my little.

Sister oh so she's not your girlfriend uh yeah great so you're allowed to go on a date with me right ah why would we come on it'll be fun I'll text you later bye hey here again geez so I'm a little sister huh I thought I told you I had strong feelings for you.

But you still see me as a little sister uh well you told her I was your little sister is it because you don't want her to get the wrong impression do you have feelings for that woman no whatever I don't care anymore geez what am I doing I'm pathetic hechan stopped coming over to my place.

She disappeared from my life my life went back to how it was before but for some reason I felt so lonely my heart felt empty and cold heat charm brought so much color and warmth to my life but now that she was gone everything was gray and desolate I could go on living my life like this it's.

Possible but he Sean doesn't know how much I like her but I'm so much older than her she's too good to be mine her life will be better without me I'll only pull her down still can't move on without telling her how I.

Feel I wonder if he'd Sean is there he John oh Nissan what oh I hear you here I had a feeling this is where you would be what do you want I don't there's anything I could do for you I like you what was that.

I tried to hold back my feelings I tried really hard I don't want to hold you back from living the life you deserve but but the thing is I can't move on without telling you how I feel I know how selfish I'm being son you too no I love you you're the only one I want to give my.

Heart to like you're never letting go of you ever again and so hichon became my girlfriend that night not trying to brag but we've been all over each other ever since we moved in together a few months later and eventually we ended up cheats on.

will you stay by my side for the rest of my life of course I will I said I would never let go of you I will never leave your side no matter what happens me neither I will love you forever I love you hichon I love you too koichi-san.

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