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[Manga Dub] I scolded the queen bee of our class and she got angry…but turns out she was… [RomCom]


This might sound abrupt but i chiaki akaba am feeling very uneasy i'm looking at a desk surrounded by many people miyu ayasaki the it girl of our class is sitting in the middle of the crowd she's known for her cool but somewhat cold personality and is the center of everyone's.

Attention she's the reason why i'm feeling uneasy me was known to be cool but it isn't something she purposely made up becoming the cool girl is just the result of her lacking communication skills added with her extremely attractive physical attributes but only i know that her image is maintained by her actions.

But inside she's very sweet and loves animals i think that the gap between her image and her actual personality is one of her attractive traits however there's something different about her today only i know of her actual personality so.

I was the only one who saw right through she seemed different almost like she really thought she was a true queen i always noticed she had a soft side even if she was acting cold but she looked very dominating today which felt weird however her well-balanced face and her.

Dominating presence was definitely gaining her popularity from boys who liked strong-willed girls there were guys lined up just to get a taste of a scolding from queen miyu if i may i'd like to show you an example of what i mean meow i bought you breaded juice from the.

School kiosk are you tired do you want a massage i found a flower that suits your beauty will you be so kind to accept it even though they offered her their kindness i don't want it oh don't come near me.

Oh she rejected them quite bluntly rejecting the offers isn't out of the ordinary but she's usually a little more gentle with the words today miu doesn't seem to be the cold but gentle girl she always is she's acting like a real queen bee it seems as though she's looking down on.

Everybody but still she's so hard all the boys are enjoying the change of character they're loving her bluntness boys keep talking to her i think they actually wanted to be scolded by her i guess i shouldn't think too much about.

It everybody has their bad days she's probably just in a bad mood maybe her period started and she's just feeling sick of everything it's not a big deal that's what i was foolishly thinking at the time a few days had passed but mew's behavior hadn't changed back to normal on the.

Contrary it seemed as though her arrogant behavior kept getting worse but it was a huge hit between all the guys the number of boys hitting on her was bigger than ever why won't anybody stop her hey miyu yeah what she seems back to normal whenever we're.

Talking alone maybe i'm actually overthinking things never mind don't worry about it huh mew seems so different from the attitude queen she's become when she's with the others and i was about to find out why oh can i ask you something.

What's on your mind too close me you i'm really nailing the cool attitude thing these days right huh cool attitude yeah i've been trying to act cool in front of everybody is she talking about being queen miu.

She was just trying to act cool really not so much of a cool attitude more like arrogant slash egotistical no way i thought i had it down i can't believe this miu was shot apparently she thought she had the cool.

Thing all under control why would you turn yourself into such a self-centered nightmare while just trying to be cool well it's not like i was trying to be such a selfish person well you have great talent at becoming a hosty but still queen bee huh.

I thought the name queen b fit her quite well and it definitely triggered some images i am a teenage boy after all mew with a black whip i have to admit i like the image wait stop it i shouldn't be imagining things like that she's my friend i tried to shake off the image.

If she was trying to act cool on purpose maybe something happened to make her feel the need to so i'm curious miu why did you want to start acting cool in the first place as i asked her about her intentions miu smirked at me i'm glad you asked that question chiaki why are you acting like that.

To tell you the truth she pulled out a book from her bag and she started explaining 100 guaranteed overcome your communication fears uh-huh i wanted to use this book to overcome the troubles i have interacting with people i swear the line 100 guaranteed sounds so full of crap.

I was feeling uneasy again listening to her rant on about her book it's typical mew getting tricked into believing all sorts of crap sure enough this book had a rating of one star on amazon just asking which part did you use to guide you i didn't think i could do everything it.

Said from the beginning so i started with small things it said that by doing things that make people happy and treating everybody equally people will be attracted to you so i tried doing that how does acting cool fit into this i'm treating everybody equally with my cool attitude.

Everybody says they like my cold piercing eyes i think i'm doing it right so it's not like i'm a queen bee i'm just doing this for everybody why does she think having cold piercing eyes makes her cool honestly she's just acting like a real queen.

It was obvious she was very confused she's got this totally wrong thing going on wait you want to be able to communicate better right you're doing everything wrong all you have to do is smile nicely while you're talking i suck at talking with people i can't do that.

You know you should be more like this book it says nice stuff like just start from small things i have a strong feeling that putting her back on the right track is going to take a lot of my time and effort i'm not trying to lecture you or anything but why you want to change yourself anyways.

I want more friends i want to enjoy talking to people then you should really change your attitude you're building up walls by acting the way you are now you know wait no there are more people talking to me now than before those guys are talking to you for a very.

Different reason you might have more guys around you but there's a better way to get everyone to like you you want to make more friends right acting like you are now won't get you any friends huh you haven't gotten better at.

Communicating with people and it's not like you've made more friends let alone being on friendly terms with anybody the only people around you are freaks that get turned on by your queen bee attitude and want you to scold them i said too much but by the time i realized it it was too late miu's eyes were filled with tears her.

Face was in a pout and she was trembling miu i'm sorry leave me alone chiaki it's not like i haven't thought of that you don't have to be so mean about it you stupid dirty-minded loser she stormed off right after she bashed me with her insults i mean yeah i am a.

Loser and yes everyone thinks i'm pure and innocent because of my facial features and character but i'm a teenage boy with an age-appropriate imagination i guess stupid is the right word for me because i couldn't shut my mouth before blurting all of my thoughts to her but damn she really hit me where it.

Hurts however i know that it was wrong of me i shouldn't have said that much i should apologize to her the problem is i don't think mia will even want to listen to me even if i catch up to her now i decided i would apologize to her the.

Next day after her anger calms down a little however the next day me you about yesterday and the day after that i'm sorry for no thank you wow talk about a fast response.

I tried to apologize several times but she just wouldn't accept any of it she hasn't even given me five seconds to try to apologize i know i said too much i wish you would give me a chance to say i'm sorry i'm worried about her she's never going to get friends if she keeps up with what she's doing.

Miu had become more and more like a true queen and it felt like she was trying to push it in my face queen meow huh what do you want oh those piercing eyes thank you your highness she was starting to nail the queen thing though.

I don't care anymore if she wants to be that way just let her be she ignores me when i talk to her and she's doing everything i told her not to just to annoy me there's only so much i can take from that day on i gave up on trying to make up with her.

Hey chiaki yeah is it just me or is me really cranky these days not that i'm complaining she looks pretty with those piercing not him too hmm i hadn't noticed really.

Mia was always popular but she's gotten famous for a different reason now the id girl of the class has become the queen bee the only reason she's still popular is because the special fans with their weird fetishes worship her still there is a lot of people surrounding her but she hasn't been able to make any.

Friends like she has said she wanted to i know all she wanted was to make friends that she could talk to and have fun with right now it just looks like a queen with her faithful servants just then miu's eyes met mine but she quickly turned away she's so stubborn.

I don't care about her she should do what she wants despite my efforts to forget i can't stop thinking about her but as the days went by more and more guys were gathering to win her heart they even followed her on her way home from school.

Meo are you thirsty here's some tea let me hold your bag for you please use me as you wish that's not fair guys i i'll be your horse no thank you see i told her me you seemed to have lost her cool.

Character i could see she was kind of freaking out but you reap what you sow she's responsible for the situation she's in she should just fix it herself just then her eyes met mine again she looked like a lost kitten desperate for help.

Fine i guess i have no choice hey let her be guys you're making her nervous oh no what have we done damn it i can't believe we didn't realize we were making her feel uncomfortable we're sorry we should stop bothering you for today.

They're all quite well behaved servants they all backed away when they realized they were causing her trouble thank you you're welcome this is awkward but i realized this was my chance we've been avoiding each other but i knew mia wouldn't be able to reject me.

In this moment so um i'm sorry for the other day i feel bad too i knew you were trying to apologize to me but i purposely avoided you i guess i was just being stubborn you know.

You were completely right i can talk to people now well no a lot of people talk to me now but it's not because i've made friends they want something else and i haven't been able to improve my communication skills either.

It's not something that gets better overnight if communicating with people was that easy i'd be so much more popular than i am now wise words from an experienced man in that area i am a pro when it comes to not making friends i could tell the awkwardness was over.

Because we were back to how we were before joking with each other you know i kind of really missed you the whole time we weren't on talking terms you were the only one who knows what kind of person i really am and i can be myself around you i realized i feel really safe when.

You're around i'm glad you think of me the same way i wanted to say i felt the same but i was feeling shy and embarrassed but to be honest i felt really happy that mia was feeling the same way as me that she missed me let's make up i don't want to be apart.

From you anymore yeah let's we need to be there for each other it felt like we were proposing to each other i was trying hard to keep my cool but her sweet words were making my heart beat really fast and so the feud between us had ended.

Miu took one step forward and one step back actually she took a step backward and then she took one step forward so that means she's just back to her old awkward self nothing had changed from when all this started the guys who became her servants.

Eventually faded away once she went back to her old self i mean she's still extremely popular but i'm just relieved to see miyu back to normal i'm the only one who knows what she's actually like i guess i feel good about being the only one who knows the secret side of her that nobody else can see.

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