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[Manga Dub] I snuck into an all-girls school and got caught… [RomCom]


our school Festival was in three weeks our class took some time after school to talk about what we were planning to do chiaki are you excited about the school Festival yeah I totally am after a long meeting we all decided on opening a maid Cafe however we need a unique theme to.

Attract more customers I agree I know other classes are going to do maid cafes too don't worry I've got an idea we just need to get into RSU Academy the all-girls school to get the recipe for their famous Chestnut cake dude do you have any idea how crazy that sounds you'll get kicked out of school if you get caught.

Chiaki do you know what they're talking about the guy seem so riled up I mean what is this Chestnut cake they're talking about I've heard of avisu Academy huh oh me you you didn't know RSU Academy the all girls private school is one of the most famous schools in Japan Daughters of celebrities politicians.

Anybody famous attends there the boys call it the secret garden every year they sell these delicious Chestnut cakes at their school Festival anybody who has ever tasted it has said it's so good it beats all the other cakes out there in the world however boys are strictly forbidden from entering the school grounds even on the.

Day of the festival many boys have tried but none of them have succeeded everybody is curious about this Chestnut cake and rumors are spreading around the area wow this Chestnut cake thing well it's only a rumor none of the guys have actually tasted this cake before.

So even if there was a recipe it'd be hard to get the recipe exists that's why chiaki akaba yes you are just sneaking to the academy to get the legendary recipe why me This Is An Extremely Dangerous Mission we can't let any of the girls go that doesn't answer my question.

Isn't it obvious you my friend he's probably gonna say trustworthy or something I won't be easily convinced are the only guy in our class who has a name that sounds like a girl what the heck that's the stupidest reason I've ever heard the school Festival committee leader has glasses on and looks smart but he's an idiot I don't want to risk.

Everything just to get a recipe oh wait a second is it okay if I go on this mission huh me you well being the beautiful woman you are it'll be easy for you to sneak in but that means you will be put in danger it's okay let me do it stop it me you what are you doing don't.

Do anything stupid but if I succeed everybody will thank me and I'll have more friends who like me that's what you're thinking about you're already popular I am so against this oh my gosh Mew you're so amazing you're so cool I'm impressed geez chiaki you're such a dweeb man I guess puraky will always be pure key.

Fine if it means so much I'll go hey don't take the spotlight how about I go with him then you two are to go undercover into the academy to get that recipe for the world's best Chestnut cake you make it sound so easy and so Mew and I planned out how to get into the academy without being caught.

And two days later we met up to carry out the plan hey me you oh chiaki you're here wow looking good chiaki uh it's not like I wanted to dress up like this don't worry you actually look kinda cute.

Are you sure I mean is this plan even going to work listen up you two I've done my research you won't be able to sneak in from the back gate there are security guards and cameras so what do we do then you will be entering through the main gate what but I'm a guy want to get stopped who do you think I.

Am I've already prepared a uniform for both of you got it from an internet auction days ago you're so openly creepy it's impressive okay so I've dressed up as a girl but the leader of the disciplinary committee is standing guard at the front gate there's no way we can get away with this relax just let me do all the talking.

Admit it you're having fun aren't you chiaki you're not excited um no not really I don't really have a choice what do you mean you don't have a choice nah it's nothing hey we're almost there that is the leader of the disciplinary committee look at her eyes scared to go near her hold on we can't.

Just walk in she'll see us so what should we do then the thieves always come around this time of year to sneak in and steal the recipe for a famous cheese nut cake I need to focus so they don't get through I have to make sure no guys get through this gate stupid me how could I have forgotten to.

Put in my contacts today hmm and so when that happened whoa wow I didn't expect that pretending to be best friends is this really gonna work hey you two stop oh no she caught us already why you two coming in all students should be in after school activities right now good she.

Doesn't know we're spies okay Mew this is where you come in all right I got this just FYI Mew totally sucks at talking to people but boy she seems so confident I'm glad she's here with me come on I don't have all day are you sure you want to know well then chiyaki here will explain exactly why we.

Are here kidding me you've basically picked a fight with her and you're making me do all the work give me an explanation now well uh um so we were just uh wait a minute are you oh my God she knows do you have perfume on right now huh no.

I don't but you smell so good tell me what perfume are you wearing I told you I'm not wearing any ah stop lying you're not allowed to or any perfume at school why is she so out of bread I have to make sure let me smell you um what the heck is happening listen to me chiaki if a girl is being pushy fight by force they'll pull back once they.

Know you are stronger than them where did you even learn that love simulation games here's your script memorize every word I have never been so sure about somebody being a virgin that's right now's the time for the script hey you you're being so annoying all right you a boy.

You know but I like persistence when it comes to women oh my of the Ring chiaki let's go oh okay huh does my body smell that much oh no my legs have given out I can't get up oh my gosh chiaki when did you learn how to pull tricks like that.

What are you talking about hey you owe me an explanation you said you would do the talking um well I'm not so good at it I'm not either Mia was grumpy for some reason but the important thing was that we were in wow this school is so big and it smells so nice.

Like flowers see yucky you sound kind of creepy oh oops anyways we gotta find the student council room oh yeah the recipe is the one on the shelves there right meanwhile in the student council room it's almost a school Festival I just wish there was a chance to meet some handsome men I'm so bored.

Hey you know that you all get a scolding by the disciplinary committee leader if she ever hears you right allowed here I know but still I'm desperately craving love um I'm going to take these papers to the teacher's lounge me you and I walked all over the school.

Looking for the student council room and finally found it there's someone inside she looks like the only one in there she's most likely the student president so how the heck are we supposed to get in there chiaki let me do it this time are you going to be okay what are you gonna do Mew I will get the.

President to leave the room and then you can go find the recipe I see I guess it'll work since you won't need to have a proper conversation with her that way excuse me is the student president here oh do you need me for something can you come with me oh no what is it please follow me this way oh dear wait.

Up for me chiaki it's all yours now okay Miu took the student president with her and disappeared I rushed into the room to search for the secret recipe found it to my surprise the recipe was sitting right in the middle of the bookshelf however President we have an emergency a man has.

Entered the school premises oh unfortunately the disciplinary committee leader came in you you wing you made me fall head over heels for you and now you are trying to steal the recipe you won't get away I'm sorry right at that moment that girl.

Is too fast at running I've lost her what should I do oh now I've got you oh the student president came back and saw what was happening what are you doing here you can't bring a man dressed up as a woman into the studio counts counts what you think this man has made.

Me weak in the knees this is so unfair should let me join in on the fun what on top of that me you sorry chiaki I got separated from the student president did you find the uh so your name is chiaki so Charming you don't get him shiaki is mine uh came back to the room and saw what was.

Going on you dummy please tell me why you're mad at me somebody give me an explanation I didn't know what to do with this crazy situation with the three girls and then one of the student council members came into the room and she had to witness the Dreadful scene in the end they found out what me you and I were doing I'm sorry.

We're here to steal your secret recipe I'm sorry too please forgive us we won't do it again oh dear so you guys are here for the secret recipe too bad it didn't work out for you sorry chiaki it's all my fault no none of it is your fault it's my fault for getting caught.

Seahawky me you cut it out you're not allowed to get all lovey-dovey in front of me right I'm right here don't leave me out excuse me nothing we say will do us any good but I need to find a way to save Mio so she can get out.

Dear how could you let this happen I've done your job right you know I'm terribly sorry for the trouble I caused I listened to their conversation as I brainstormed possible ways to get Miu out of here I'm sorry chiaki if you two end up getting caught you need to make sure to get Mio out of there.

Just me you why only her our class is preparing for a maid Cafe for the school Festival you know what that means made Cafe oh many of the male customers will be coming to see Miu in a maid costume nobody gives a crap about you and nobody wants to see you wear a maid costume in miu's place so you want me to be the.

Sacrificial pod I appreciate your cooperation I don't mean to be rude it's just we really need me you I feel terrible for using you and making you go through this I'm so sorry it's okay it's too bad that I won't be able to see Miu in a maid costume but I'll take one.

For the team no matter what happens I'll make sure she gets out just one thing though if anything happens to me make sure you tell my mom that I lived a good life and she should be proud of me and I intend to keep my promise with him I said I would get her out no matter what I need to figure out how you run the moment I start moving.

Going to do chiaki handle it don't worry Blitz please accept my sincere apologies ladies oh you surprised me hey don't come near us you big man I don't want your pheromones near me I will accept any punishment you want oh any punishments I want oh my gosh.

Your hands on my shoulders how strong and muscular please punish me but let my friend go you said anything I will okay girl you may leave now you may take the recipe to your school but in return chiaki will have to stay here with us G hockey no we don't know what they'll do to you Mew don't worry about me we.

Both knew there were risks this is yaki were you planning to do this all along you need to take the recipe and go back to our school hurry I convinced her to leave me behind however I couldn't help but feel uneasy about what was coming my way after this let's see chiaki you told us you'll do anything we say are you ready for your.

Punishment you will regret stepping foot in this school ah what's gonna happen to me I made my way towards the school entrance but I couldn't bring myself to leave this is not okay the recipe is not worth it I can't leave chihoki behind I need to go get him I'm not leaving.

Without him don't worry chiaki I'll be right there I turned around and ran into the student council room to find here chiaki open your mouth ah wow it's Chestnut cake it's just amazing hey not fair you got your turn I get to go next chiaki's sitting eating Chestnut cake fed to him by two girls.

Whoa chiaki do you want to tell me what the hell is going on here huh Mew I thought you left no this isn't what it looks like I didn't like it at all they force fed me the cake the day of our school Festival everybody loved the chestnut cake we made the cafe was jam-packed we were able to finish.

Our mission and we safely returned with the recipe oh and in case you're wondering about chiaki I was dressed up as a maid in The Ari suit girls Academy school Festival this is wonderful it worked out great since everybody thinks he's a girl I wouldn't expect anything less from you meow please save me.

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