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[Manga Dub] I stayed loyal to the girl I liked, and became popular as the loyal guy… [RomCom]


My name is Satoshi Tomo Mori when I was a freshman in high school I wrote a love letter to express my love for a certain person it might be a bit oldfashioned but I'm not very good at talking so this is the best way for me but it's my first time confessing my feelings for someone through a letter my hands are shaking from nervousness just by writing ubasan.

Isn't a classroom in a different building so I can barely see her but if I write a letter and leave it here she'll definitely get it all I have to do now is pray that she reads it please don't throw it away without reading it aano Yuba is a popular girl in our school and is a student in the music department she appeared a bit unfriendly.

And unreachable but was beautiful and extremely talented on the piano so many people admired her I've only seen her in person a couple of times too but from the moment I saw her I fell in love shoot all I did was write a letter but it feels like I completed a huge job I'm not even standing on the start line yet ubasan is probably used to receiving.

Confessions like this so she might not even give me a response oh shoot the fact that I asked her to give me an answer in my shoe box was probably annoying for her ubasan is busy every day with piano practices too even before getting an answer I was extremely nervous but ubasan ended up giving me a response no way.

Uh what's wrong Satoshi no it's nothing sorry you can head to the classroom without me my heart is beating so fast I've never been more nervous in my life what did she say I gathered up the courage to open up the letter I see I knew it to summarize in short words I was dumbed I mean I've never even talked to her any person would answer that way.

If someone they didn't know suddenly told them that they liked them it was an obvious conclusion if you thought through it calmly for a strange reason I wasn't too depressed about it she turned me down but the message expressed her kindness she's a wonderful person I've fallen even harder for her I mean not romantically I'm more of a fan.

At this point I decided to send her another letter to tell her that I hope the best for her in her performances yisan I'll continue to support you behind the scenes all right my work here is done I'm going to be ubon's number one fan starting today now that I did everything I could I decided to love ubasan as her fan from now one but the.

Following day a strange thing happened huh it's a letter what from ubasan why the letter I sent her was to thank her and I didn't write anything that required a response anyway I should probably read it nothing will start until I read it h i see the letter I sent her was a fan letter rather than a love letter she wrote a response to that.

Fan letter then how polite of her this letter does feel like a private correspondence but she did mention that she doesn't want a relationship at the end so she's making it a point that she doesn't see me that way at all the letter that ubasan sent me mentioned the following thank you for your response I didn't know of you because we study in.

Different buildings but I'll remember your name from now on to morisan I'm still a baby and not experienced enough to have fans but it makes me happy to hear that you're out there supporting me however I do not want a relationship the bad thing about me is that I want to respond after receiving a message I wrote this during my lunch.

Break so I'm going to put it in her shoe box if possible I want her to know a little more about me that's what being a fan is about which is why I wrote a small message for her too the following day she gave me another letter she ended the letter by saying she doesn't want a relationship again as expected but thanks to this I feel like I know a.

Little more about what ubasan is thinking I see if I don't persistently ask her to date me she's okay with exchanging letters all right I'm going to be PM pal of ubasan starting today even after becoming a third-year student our exchange of letters continued I didn't know when I would receive a response so I was always.

Excited to check my shoe box she still ends her Letters by saying I don't want a relationship though does she think that's the normal way to end a letter ubasan tends to be a little more detached from reality so I feel that might be possible maybe I'll ask her about it next time even after almost 2 years of exchanging letters with ubasan.

I've never actually seen her in person ubam was a famous musician and I knew that she was busy as her fan I didn't want to do anything to get in her way I mean it's mostly because I didn't want to do anything to make her hate me even though it was through a letter I was probably the only person in this school who was able to interact with Yubba son.

So privately I don't want to let go of this privilege and just like that I became a third-year student it's a fresh start I'm going to work hard with my new classmates there wasn't going to be much change in my daily life I decided that I'd at least keep my feelings fresh and stepped foot into the.

Classroom oh it's toorun is that the guy we've all been hearing about oh wow he's real huh what's what's going on I've never been surrounded by girls like this in my entire life they're all girls I've never been classmates with too are my classmates pulling a prank on me toorun you've been writing Love Letters to the.

Same person for a while right I see that's what they're talking about because my exchange of letters became a norm I stopped being cautious of it and started writing in my classroom during breaks too someone in my class probably sighed and told their friends about it which is why girls from different classrooms know about it I'll let my.

Guard down this means that everyone knows I've been continuously turned down over the past 2 years we were all talking about it just now you're a really loyal guy for doing that for 2 years well loyal I was in trouble the rumor that Satoshi to mamori is a loyal guy spread around campus and because it was so rare in this day and age I became.

Popular I started receiving confessions from girls almost every day gosh I'd be okay with it if they confess their feelings normally but why is everyone telling me how they feel through a love letter either way the only person I love and have always loved is ubasan and ubasan only I feel bad because they went through the effort to write me this but.

I knew firsthand how painful it was to be turned down I spent a lot of time thinking about how to turn every person down and wrote polite responses to each and every letter the reason my heart started to be every time I stood in front of my shoe box was because of toorun I wonder if there's a letter today the exchange of letter set started.

After I turned toorun down had lasted for almost 2 years it wasn't a constant exchange but I received a response at least once a week it's been over a week already he's a bit slower than usual but I had expected that there would be a letter today there wasn't a letter it's already been over a week though he's never been this late in sending me a.

Letter he kept writing me even after I turned him down so many times every time I ended a letter I wrote that I didn't want a romantic relationship with him did he not like that but why would he stop writing to me now my problem wasn't about whether or not I liked toorun I just didn't have much free time I had piano practices upon practices every.

Single day so I couldn't even hang out with friends if I were to be in a relationship with someone I'd only make them upset that's why I had to turn everyone who confessed their feelings for me down besides I've already turned him down in this love letter so it's only normal that he stops responding to me so it was special that we continued.

To exchange letters but I didn't think I'd be so upset that I'm not receiving a response Tom Nory kun's letters were probably my one motivation for my tired self after practice there was a sustenance that only tomor kun's letters could provide huh where am I by the time I realized it I had walked into an unknown area I feel like this is the.

Building for normal students it's where torun is it's not like I wanted to see him I never came to see the building for regular students but it's still still part of my school campus I'm just here to sight see it's yisan the musical genius why is she in the school building there's only normal people here I finally arrived in front of Tomo.

Nun's classroom I came all this way I feel like I could focus more on my practice if I see what tun's classroom looks like I looked into the classroom thinking that I could see the real life torum whom I've only talked to through letters but tomonor did you read my letter I wrote a response here you go a he turned me.

Down obviously torun is loyal after all but it's still a polite response as expected from a loyal guy he's different from the rest what do I do I spent so much time writing these responses that I haven't been able to write ubasan a love letter recently iisan continuously turned me down but I'm sure she didn't hate our literic exchanges since she.

Always gave me a response that's why I was able to continue those letters with her I don't want to receive any more love letters but I can't just tell these girls that directly what what is that he's surrounded by so many girls I thought toorun liked me was he lying but he said that I was the only girl he liked tomori.

uh oh yes I'm tomam Mori are you really toorun it's you right you're ubasan right right we've never seen each other in person over the two years that we've been exchanging letters so both of us were hesitant about whether or not we were talking to the right person gosh you too you're both correct you're both.

Real this is huban and this is toorun okay but what is yasan from the music department doing in their nest for normal students that's because toorun isn't loyal at all I wanted to give him a piece of my mind what you're surrounded by so many girls were you lying when you said that you liked me I didn't know what kind of.

Person you were in class because we've only interacted through letters who would have thought you were such a player yisan calm down you've got it all wrong yeah tomin orun is loyal Tom orun turned all of us down he said that the only person he likes is you hupan and wrote each of us a letter to turn us down but but he stopped writing me.

Letters that's because I was busy writing letters to turn them down yisan I'm so sorry I haven't had time to write you letters recently yeah toorun is receiving Love Letters From the girls in the other classrooms too it seems like he was writing responses to them too I.

See you son did you come to this building because of that that's because I was excited to receive your letters too toorun I was worried because I suddenly stopped receiving a response during lunch break the girls in my classroom pushed me to eat lunch with ubasan I'm sorry about my classmates I know you're really busy.

It's okay I can make time if you want to you ban was always focused on her piano practices even during her lunch break so I never had the chance to ask her to eat lunch with me no those are just excuses I was strangely satisfied with being able to exchange letters with ubasan I was satisfied with that half-ass comfortable relationship that I.

Never gathered the courage to ask her toorun are you feeling sick no not at all there's no point feeling regret over that anymore ubasan took time out of her day to see me I have to make this a fun lunch break the girl I was with was ubasan the girl who was out of everyone's League after all it was normal to be nervous but strangely I'm.

Not nervous in fact being with her feels so comfortable I know yubis son's hobbies and what she likes because we were exchanging letters so I don't have to run out of topics of conversation oh the bell I guess we have to head back happy times go by so quickly seeing yasan in person and talking to her created a whole new.

Change inside of me exchanging letters isn't enough for me anymore um yuban if you'd like can we have have lunch together here whenever you have time we can go with your schedule and when you're free I enjoy exchanging letters with you but talking to you is also really nice sure even if it's every day I'd love to have lunch with you what oh.

That makes me happy but uh what about your practices I've been making an effort not to overwork myself too much because that's what you told me in your letters toorun I do remember getting ahead of myself and writing something like like that oh but did you think it was irresponsible for me to say that I'm not.

In any sports teams or focus on something so I didn't have any right to say that not at all I didn't damage my health because of you I see then next time uh tomorrow let's meet here okay got it thank God he didn't say no it's not like I say no all the time you know I guess that's how he sees me I used my piano as an excuse used to always say no.

Since I devoted a lot of my time to practice I now had a little more free time to spare the reason I don't want a relationship is because I'm busy my reason is becoming a bit unconvincing as promised the two of us started to spend our lunch breaks together so that happened during class yesterday.

Really toorun what's funny oh I was just thinking about how our speed of communication is so different when we're talking in pris I was feeling hesitant in our letters because I had to choose which topics to discuss and couldn't talk about everything I wanted to but now I feel like I'm able to tell you everything I.

Want to say me too I always thought I was a quiet person she does give off that kind of impression but secretly that was one of the reasons she was popular but now I'm surprised that there's so much I want to talk to you about sometimes I feel like I'm going to lose my voice after I talk to you tomori good thing you're a Pianist and not a.

Singer talking to ubasan was so fun but we were only able to talk during our lunch break she's still extremely busy after all speaking of we haven't been exchanging letters as much ever since we started talking we've been communicating a lot more through text too I would have to be popular as the oldfashioned guy anymore ubasan slightly upset face.

Caught my attention yisan was wrong oh it's nothing I was just thinking about how I should have met you earlier if talking to you was this fun we're already in our final year of school now we'll be graduating in less than a year I'm planning to go to a music University so we won't be able to hang out like this anymore yisan in that case I.

Hesitated for one moment but I had to say it now no matter what yasan I want you to be my girlfriend my feelings for you have never changed since I wrote you that first love letter uh this silence she's going to say no isn't she I have piano practices so I won't be able to make time for the two of us much but if you're okay with that.

Then yes of course besides I have to study for University entrance exams this year too but I feel like I'll have motivation if I have you by my side me too I want to work hard with you by my side too after that yisan and I became a couple the brief time we spent together during our lunch breaks and after school.

Became the most memorable moments of my high school life when it was time for exams we both became extremely busy and stopped seeing each other as much but our relationship didn't end because of that even if we couldn't see each other we were oldfashioned and had our letters after graduating high school we went to different universities and had a many.

Longdistance relationship but we able to get through that too oh oh there's a letter today too we sent each other texts and at the same time sent handwritten letters exchanging these letters was a special communication method for the two of us eventually Ayano and I got married Ayano became a famous pianist and there were people who.

Said she was out in my league but I didn't care about any of that our relationship began after I confessed my feelings in the love letter and got turned down after all I understood firsthand that I was able to get here because I closed the distance between me and the girl who was out in my.

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