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[Manga Dub] I supported the girl who was dumped, and she became prettier than ever! [RomCom]


I'm shuji saiki a pretty dull character who prefers being alone instead of hanging out with friends I cleared everything in this game too how boring what do you mean I believe you what's going on I was so focused on the game I didn't realize there were people around the voice came.

From my classmate Reno miyashita who is popular with both the boys and the girls don't make me say it again Rina I've decided to date this junior can't be that's daiki waruma he's handsome but he's rumored to be a total player the girl next to him is a first year student thought to be the prettiest girl in the school how could you he went.

With me I realized I'm not into flashy and rugged girls like you sweet simply I'm sick of you it was too much for me to date a garu laters that's so cool I can't believe you it's understandable for anyone to cry if they were dumped like that having said that I doubt a guy like me could console.

Her I've never even spoken to her properly but I shouldn't just leave her there um I just witnessed a bit of what happened I'm very sorry oh here is saki from the same class right you remember me I can't believe someone as popular as her remembers my name I mean that's not.

Important right now please use this um are you okay thanks I don't think I am oh no what does one do in this scenario sorry you have to see me like this on our first encounter I'm a total mess we're classmates so I wouldn't say it's our first time meeting no worries I should be apologizing for eavesdropping I am so stupid aren't I he.

Was my first boyfriend so I was so excited yeah shita looking back at it now it was strange that daiki who I had no contact with asked me to go out with him looks like the rumors about warm up going around playing with girls were true actually when I started High School I dyed my hair brighter learned how to.

Apply makeup and tried my hardest at many other things I did my best but the friendly and popular miyashita I thought she lived in a totally different world than a dull character like me I'm sorry way to ruin a first impression huh you must be disappointed to know what a sorry girl I am first impression we've met as classmates though that's.

Not true I wonder what I should do now miyashita that guy we should get back at waruma huh calling you flashy and rugged or saying he's sick of you despite your efforts you can't let it end like this you're right I refuse to let him get the best of me after dumping me like that I'm going to get back at daiki I'll root for you I'm glad miyashita was able to.

Keep a positive mind since you suggested I get back at him do you have like any good ideas uh no I was caught up in the Heat of the Moment and I had no idea yeah I kind of let my feelings get the best of me and said it without any thought but I'm the one who made the suggestion I should take responsibility and come up with something.

I'm not really familiar with fashion or anything of the sorts aha I might be able to help you if you come to my house huh your house psyche don't tell me you're aiming to no no no no it's not like that sorry sorry there's no way right uh continue ah sure no worries there's someone at my house who could help.

That's why could you come to my house sure buy help I mean my older sister oh I have an older sister my sister is quite eccentric though so be careful yeah what I'm back Sis excuse me thanks for the hard work my bro oh who's that beauty next to you I knew miyashita would catch her attention my older sister loves anything that's cute and.

Beautiful nice to meet you I'm your brother's classmate Vina miyashita I'm chizuru I'm a plain boy's older sister I mean I am playing but so Rina yes can I touch you a little touch I mean let me squeeze you sis calm down you're being embarrassing wow his ex-boyfriend is quite the douchebag huh shall I go and deal with him if you.

Deal with him it'll just be playing violence relax my brother I was only joking I understand your situation I cheesy rusan shall lend a hand thank you very much thanks sis I'm sure my sister could come up with something better of course I plan to cheer miyashita on and help as best as I can for starters Mina let's change back your hair color my.

Hair you do look cute with this hair color actually you pull it off very well which is it Sis but I think that color is too flashy for you your hair is damaged as well my hair gets worse every time I have to re-dye it it doesn't seem like your hair is accustomed to it let's use this opportunity to restore it I'm sure your natural hair color would look.

Great on you as well I attend hairdressing schools so you can trust me I trust insist to deal with this because she had a lot of knowledge regarding fashion I'll be changing Rena's hair color back to normal since you're free shuji I'll give you a mission alright I'll do anything you ask if it's for miyashita then I too Zen shuji please go.

Out and buy some Haagen-Dazs damn it two hours later oh what do you think her hair which was once flashy Brown was dyed black for a moment I didn't recognize her however I felt this color matched her better it's amazing how much changing your hair color can alter your appearance doubts something to say.

Uh I realized I faced miyashita miyashita the black hair really Suits You same psyche I can feel the youth well we're at it psyche why don't you change your image as well huh why me too she hits where it hurts I commend your efforts but do you know what would really encourage her what will encourage.

Her the most you don't even know that the greatest source of encouragement is seeing someone doing their best with you I feel a lot better thanks to miss chizuru I'm glad you feel better the next time we meet is Sunday that's when we'll go shopping for clothes yeah my sis instructed us to go buy clothes this Sunday.

Chuckled what's wrong I just thought you seemed a little different than usual really I feel the same you were always in the corner of the Class by yourself so it was really hard to approach you but now you seem bright and it's fun talking to you getting complimented by the changed miyashita made my heart skip I'm.

Counting on you as well on Sunday of course thanks for waiting you still have five minutes till meeting time you didn't need to rush miyashita she froze when she saw me um you're psyche right yeah it's me is there something wrong with me no if.

Anything the opposite that hairstyle looks really good on you I'm glad my sis cut my hair shortly after I walked miyashita home she gave me a short and fresh look I was late because my sis was very particular about what I should wear she got you two oh you look very cute too miyashita.

Miyashita nothing call me Vena oh then you can call me shuji then all right shuji let's go but what do you think it looks great especially with your black hair because of how I looked I would always wear flashy thin clothes but wearing modest clothes is really nice too I'm glad Rena.

Looks happy did you find anything you like shuji no I'm not really interested in fashion so I figure I don't need it you didn't intend to buy anything from the start huh uh yeah I have a lot of black clothes and I've come to think that's fine okay then let me thank you thank me I hope I something that'll match you no no no I'm.

Fine it'll cost money don't worry I worked part-time to save money for dates so I have lots saved up is that something you should boast about that just means warima had been making Rico pay for all of the dates I feel bad don't mind it it's thanks for helping me rina's sewing no signs of backing down how do I change her mind maybe you.

Should save that for after you get back at waruma I see maybe you're right I'll treat you after things are settled I was able to postpone it for the time being Monday is a holiday so I guess I'll have Miss cheesy who teach me about skincare and makeup man you girls have it rough yep that's why I'm counting on you again tomorrow shuji I'll do whatever I can.

Did you hear what happened to me ashita I heard she got dumped by waruma all right hi Arena that guy does some terrible things but they look like it got along well too if that's the case she might not come to school today good morning everyone good morning huh what a beauty did we have someone like that in our class let's go talk to her come on.

Shuji get in there no um maybe it's better if I went back home what are you talking about we come this far it's it's meaningless if you're not here the shuji right now is really handsome so have some confidence who's the handsome guy next to you this is suji the boy who always played video games alone in the corner shuji psyche.

Everyone looks surprised huh it's because you're so pretty it's because you're so handsome um let's just say it's because we did our best yeah excuse me hi Rina is Rina here huh daiki waruma came to our class it's been a while Rina wow now that I'm seeing you up close you're really pretty did you change just.

For me since I told you that I didn't like flashy girls no I I wonder if miyashita is okay I'm sure she'll be fine we've been training very hard for this moment this new Arena can surely satisfy me besides you wanted to start things over with me right let's go out while Rama stated audaciously coming back only when it's convenient for him.

He acted as if there wasn't a single chance he would be rejected hard pass huh waruma froze in Shock by the rejection of course the answer is no there's no way I did a jerk who dates a woman on the spur of the moment I'm done with you you piece of getting all high and mighty cause you look a little pretty.

Sto shut up dumping me is impossible I'll definitely make you let go of Rina huh who the hell are you you have nothing to do with this I'm not one to just stand by and do nothing while some jerk harasses a girl looks like talking isn't getting anywhere if you intend to hurt Rina then I won't forgive you.

Oh I got it I got it already so so let me go man I unwillingly let go of warima's arm damn it don't think you can get away with doing this to me maruma's glare didn't scare me the slightest just when I thought he was going to try something no why do was worse than I thought what do you mean by you can satisfy me so condescending I'll.

Remember this unable to Bear everyone's stairs waruma ran away after seeing a typical line psyche you're amazing I see you in a new light man thanks this is the first time I've ever spoken to the guys thank you psyche no thank you I'm so glad you're not harmed sayaki you are so cool and um shuji Rina you're amazing huh you.

Worked really hard this past weekend then today you not only got him back but you also gave him a piece of your mind it was incredible that's why I want to do my best as well I'm going to work hard to be as nice and bright as you are suji that's why this time can you cheer for me too of course now it's my turn I want to be a man who can stand proudly.

Next Arena half a month later tsuji want to go to the arcade sorry today I have an important Meetup called by a girl again huh must be nice to be popular not at all if anything I'm the one you asked to meet up thanks for waiting Rina I'd like to say I wasn't waiting at all but I've been anticipating this moment for quite some time Rena saw right through.

What I was about to do Rina miyashita please go out with me I bowed and reached out my hand she then wrapped her warm hands around mine yes of course green and I would continue to support each other and live happily ever after