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[Manga Dub] I taught the foreign girl Japanese and she fell in love with me [RomCom]


My name is haruto okada high school sophomore I'm an anime nerd who reads light novels and leads a quiet and discreet school life one day a beautiful half Japanese girl was transferred to our class hi my name is Iris memory pleased to meet you Iris introduced herself in broken Japanese.

She's so pretty hey Iris where are you from Iris where are you living now Boys in class quickly began firing off questions but Iris had a troubled expression on her face I'm sorry I don't understand huh when she replied in a foreign language the classroom fell silent what language is that.

Where is she from I could hear everyone in the room mumbling to each other under their breaths nobody in the class seems to understand she's half Estonian and half Japanese and recently moved to Japan she speaks almost no Japanese but I want you all to get along nicely where's Estonia I'm sure I've heard of.

It before isn't it one of the Baltic states the others didn't seem very familiar but those who know bordering on Russia it's one of three countries known as the Baltic states alongside Latvia and Lithuania they should have learned this in social studies but I guess the Gap in academic.

Ability is showing I only live a little Japanese please speak slowly Iris explained in broken Japanese it really did seem like she only understood the very basics Estonian that's a blast from the past being a loner I didn't think of the arrival of a new transfer student as anything special I just thought it was.

Nostalgic to hear that language after such a long time what kind of country is Estonia Iris Estonia um Iris was surrounded by classmates during break time but when asked questions a puzzled expression appeared on her face and she seemed unable to answer maybe she doesn't understand what.

We're asking her um Iris response didn't change it looked as though she was deep in thought what do I do how do I say it I don't know huh what did you just say the classmates surrounding Iris didn't understand as she mumbled in Estonian it goes without saying but Estonian doesn't get taught.

At our school She's really gonna struggle with everyday conversations at this rate I'm sorry please speak slowly I thought so she didn't understand Japanese how about if we speak slowly like this huh the girl spoke to her slowly but she.

Didn't seem to understand I'm still learning Japanese seems like him understand her classmates looked at each other as they tried to communicate with Iris somehow they tried again and again with words they thought she might know but that.

Same puzzled expression just appeared on her face again she's alone I knew it over time the number of classmates who spoke to Iris during recess gradually decreased and nobody was approaching her after school anymore Iris looks troubled she must feel so awkward.

Maybe I was wrong to come to school maybe so huh Iris looked astonished when I spoke to her in Estonian it's going to be hard to learn anything if you don't understand Japanese right why do you speak Estonian I used to live in Estonia due to my dad's I.T job I'm fully Japanese though my dad knew we'd.

Return to Japan one day so I was taught both Estonian and Japanese as a kid really I'm so happy I have someone I could speak to if you're going to live in Japan you have to learn to speak Japanese I heard you speaking today it was terrible can't you even hold a basic conversation.

Almost nothing other than the simple greetings I practiced I understand a little more hiding to me I can't make anything out could translate sentences but communicating with writing like that is inconvenient I think that would be too slow too.

Because my translations aren't that good that's a problem huh at this level she's not just going to struggle in school but in daily life as well I have a request please teach me Japanese but I'm not a teacher I have no one else to rely on please teach me I'll study as hard as I can.

That's asking a lot I approached her because I felt bad just standing by and watching but normally I'm the type to keep my head down and live a quiet life I wouldn't have stuck my nose and if I knew it meant going to the trouble of teaching her please I'll do anything to repay you you shouldn't say you'll do anything.

Like that so lightly what if I said I wanted you I respect away and embarrassment she looked seriously lost I'm speaking hypothetically there are people like that in this world so you should be careful what you say I wasn't being serious don't look so alarmed so how could I repay you I never said I'd.

Teach you in the first place oh I'm sorry Iris suddenly dropped to her knees what are you doing I heard that when you ask someone for a favor in Japan you have to get on your knees I'm begging you please teach me Japanese no no no that's not true at all stop it people are going to think I'm forcing you luckily no one saw her I was.

Pleased forcing a girl to get on her knees isn't a good look well what could I do to get you to help me should I lick your shoes just what do you think Japan is it looks like you need to study the culture as well as the language because you have some weird ideas about us ah.

So that's where you got those weird ideas from manga's not real it's not a textbook you know I was told that manga is Japanese highest form of culture and if you read manga you can learn anything about Japan Japanese mangas are so interesting it's nice that you like manga but you can't go mixing up reality and fiction.

So you like manga then Iris yes I love it see I did think it might be a burden if I got involved but it was the first time I met someone in high school who publicly admitted to liking manga I had no trouble talking to Iris and I was also intrigued by what Comics she.

Liked okay in that case I'll help you out a little thank you pleased to make your acquaintance Mr okada Mr okada you don't have to call me that would it be better to call you master just call me by my normal name haruto after that Iris and I made Regular small.

Talk based on that I decided upon a direction of study and we split up for the day having agreed to begin tomorrow after finishing school the next day I called Iris into an empty classroom I didn't want us to stand out so I chose a place where people wouldn't see us learning with manga is amazing it's so.

Easy to remember I guess it really is easier to study if you related to things you like I taught her words based on manga written in Japanese I translated the Japanese into Estonian and read them out to Iris in both languages manga also comes with a story which made.

It easier for her to remember but why did we come to an empty classroom to study I didn't want us to stand out you never know who's gonna see is there something bad about us being seen I want a quiet life if people know I can speak Estonian they.

Might end up asking me to translate I'd be getting hassled all the time won't you translate for me you didn't plan on asking did you I thought it might be nice if you did but it's fine I'm going to study hard so I can talk to everyone in the class by myself as things stand iris is almost completely alone.

I guess if there's one thing I want it's for her not to be if I acted as the middle man she'd probably get to know everyone in class really quickly but I didn't plan on going that far if you're gonna live in Japan you're gonna have to speak Japanese sooner or later even if you're not used to it it's better to get lots of practice.

Everyone in our class knows your situation so even if you make mistakes they'll understand it might feel like I'm acting a little cold but there's no better way to practice than the real thing if I was going to help Iris learn Japanese quickly it was probably best to make her get as much exposure to the.

Language as possible for the next week I continued teaching Irish Japanese iris is Japanese still wasn't perfect but I assigned her with a task she was apprehensive but I told her I'd be there to help if she needed be good morning please speak with me Japanese now it was broken Japanese but.

The girls seemed surprised when Iris started talking to them I'm still studying I just learned some new words but I want to speak to all of you too me too I've been wanting to speak with you the group of girls Iris talked to seemed.

Relatively amicable from my point of view and I was sure they'd take care of her even if the conversation got a little awkward as I expected they spoke slowly and met iris's pace I'm still a beginner I want you to teach me Japanese if you don't understand what we're.

Saying please feel free to tell us we'll say it in a different way so you can understand thank you I've got a feeling she's gonna be okay I gave her lectures on things that were likely to come up in Daily conversation beforehand once the conversation gets started I'm.

Sure her classmates will speak at a pace Iris can understand rather than just me teaching her alone my aim was to create an environment where Iris could learn Japanese Naturally by speaking with everyone hey Iris well you come by and grab some tea with us after this we've been wanting to speak to you for a while.

Let's get to know each other some of the boys approached Iris after school I had a feeling they'd been keeping an eye on her and they probably decided to invite her when they saw her having a basic conversation with a group of girls she approached get to know what does that mean it means to become friends.

I want to become friends with everyone well then let's go we'll treat you to whatever you like treat um Iris looked deep in thought her Japanese still wasn't perfect and the guys had approached her normally as they would anyone else so she probably didn't.

Understand oh I'm sorry you probably didn't know that word it means we'll buy you something you mean he'll buy me some tea that's right so let's go I'm sorry I don't like Japanese tea it's harsh and bitter oh oh no no when we say tea we just mean we'll buy you whatever you like I guess.

It would be like a dinner party I thought we could chat while drinking and having fun I want to chat but I'm still learning Japanese I can't chat about a lot of things let's go and hang out then we'll teach you some fun stuff I'm interested in hanging out but could it be you just don't want to hang.

Out with us what do I do I'm happy they spoke to me but I hardly understand anything they say huh what did you say Iris mumbled to herself in Estonian and the boys didn't understand so that's why I watched the conversation play out and it didn't seem like Iris was uncomfortable with the idea of the guys inviting her out she just got.

Nervous when she didn't understand what they were saying but they didn't understand iris's feelings and they probably thought she was just flat out rejecting their invitation even if she declined it would have left a bad impression if they thought she was declining because she didn't want to go.

Out with them I have to tell them if Iris was misunderstood and shunned she'd be back to a life of isolation I decided to send her a Lifeboat Iris still doesn't speak much Japanese I think that given that she would probably be uncomfortable if she went to hang out with you.

The boys looked surprised when I who was normally so quiet came up and spoke to them it's not likely to come and speak to us okada what do you know about Iris I could see she was confused and didn't understand just now from the look on her face but we saw her speaking normally today.

That was because the girls were matching iris's Pace iris's Japanese isn't at a level where you can just talk to her like you would a friend and she'll understand everything we know that but even if there's a little language barrier we'll support her can you speak her language in an emergency huh did you just they seem to.

Bewildered when I spoke Estonian haruto he just spoke Estonian is it okay explaining would be a drag it's quicker this way huh what's going on are you speaking to each other I can speak Estonian too how can you support Iris if you can't at least do this it's normal to feel uncomfortable with the idea of going and.

Hanging out with someone you can't fully understand if you're going to go and hang out it'd be better to go once you're able to communicate a little more smoothly you have a point it's hard to disagree when you put it that way Iris let's talk again sometime the boys left as if I had overwhelmed them hi toe.

I need to turn down a date invite but if you don't do it skillfully they might think you're being self-important I didn't want you to be thought of as someone who's difficult to approach were they inviting me on a datejust now yeah judging from the way they asked inviting someone for tea is a cliched way of asking someone out on a date oh I didn't.

Know it meant that Japanese is really deep people don't always necessarily mean what they're saying literally just remember a little at a time okay I still have a lot to learn will you teach me more haruto yeah I'll look out for you a little longer this again for today.

I'm glad to hear it please make yourself at home Iris told me she wanted to study at home and invited me over to her house she told me she wanted to thank me for helping her so I decided to go along by the way where are your parents it seems like they won't come home today due to work really.

They must be really busy I don't want to stay too long I guess I'll head off please wait since you're here please stay for dinner you don't have to do that for me besides I don't think it's a good idea to be at a girl's house late at night just the two of us I'm lonely on my own my parents are off in a way like this and.

I'm always alone I'm tired of being lonely I had no idea Iris still doesn't know anybody else in Japan if she doesn't even get to spend time with her family she must be seriously lonely well in that case let's eat okay leave it to me hearing my reply.

Iris headed happily for the kitchen not long after that the dishes were lined up it'd been a while since I'd seen proper Cuisine like this suit and harnessed up this takes me back don't you eat them at your house my taste buds are too used to Japanese food my parents are Japanese so they don't go.

Out of their way to cook Estonian food suit is stewed pork Hern soup is pea soup and they're served together with rye bread it's a dish that's commonly eaten in Estonia I like Japanese food too but I'm not good at making it so I made what I'm good at if you prefer Japanese food I'll practice so I could learn to make it for.

You you don't have to go out of your way to make it it's not like you can change your own tastes I want to be able to make things you like so I can cook for you haruto you shouldn't say things like that I could get the wrong idea it almost sounds like you're confessing your feelings for me I am.

Huh when she said so without eating I was so surprised that I stopped eating haruto I like you will you be mine albeit broken Iris uttered her confession in Japanese the look on her face was serious where did this come from haruto you're my teacher when I'm with you I feel like everything's okay.

The only person I want to go on a date with is you I looked like I was giving you the go-ahead to go on a date with a guy from class the reason I stopped the date was because Iris was anxious about not being able to communicate properly it's not like I stopped because I was trying to control her if anything I made it clear.

That I wanted her to go on the date once she was able to communicate properly maybe Iris didn't want me to misunderstand her feelings either even if I spoke perfect Japanese I want to be with you forever don't you like me haruto never looked at you that way before I'd be happy to be your boyfriend Iris.

Even though she could have easily told me an Estonian I could tell Iris was serious when she went out of her way to confess her feelings in Japanese because I'm Japanese I guess it was her way of showing her commitment to being with me I wanted to be there for Iris too I'm so happy I want us to be together forever Iris continued to study Japanese.

With a passion and rapidly became able to communicate with her classmates once she could speak Iris quickly became popular with the boys but by then we were dating and were well known as an official couple thank you for watching pause today's video please check out our.

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