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[Manga Dub] I thought she disliked me, but she was kissing my picture… [RomCom]


My name is Shiro ubakata I've just started my third year in University I made my own money so I don't have time to play around I study and work my one problem maker is all right time to run away ah to Hero corazato she's a student of mine but she hates studying so she always tries to run away.

I'm going to run away where hero how are you already here don't call me by my first name ah you always try to run away so I end up having to show up 30 minutes early in other words if I run away another five minutes earlier.

That's not what the moral of the story is my mom is going to hear you I'm gonna tell your mom about your little Escape anyway yeah don't sell out your student like that Shiro I'm not selling you Wows and if you didn't try to run away it wouldn't be a.

Problem if you tell my mom I'm gonna lose my mind what are you being so loud about your hero oh hey Mr ubukata you're so early great job welcoming him to Hero she is corazato's mother and my boss she's very easy going but.

Oh you weren't trying to run away were you uh it you got me in trouble Shiro I'm pretty sure you're completely at fault here your mom came out because of your voice like that and help me out you're literally admitting by saying help me out.

No I still had some time before he showed up so I figured I'd go buy some snacks some juice you know then he showed up and yeah I just stumbled into her right over there oh I see good job thinking about what you should do but we have a lot of snacks and juice at home so you must.

Really like him what no don't be weird oh okay whatever anyway come on in Mr upukata thanks I went acrossato's room damn it she's too easy going and dumb who cares she's nice I mean yeah if she's not mad if she's not mad huh I feel like she's probably the kind of person you.

Shouldn't piss off no I just don't like studying oh okay that makes me feel a little better but you shouldn't be so blunt asked anyway let's get started studying comes come on.

Why am I working for this girl as a tutor it's because she's aiming to get into college whoa these scores I had to do some homemade tests just to see where she stood now but the results were a little bad hey don't be upset.

I made these fairly simple so if you just listen to what I taught this should be easy then it's how you teach now don't make it my fault it's true I don't know what you're talking about half the time okay then let's just call it for today oh.

I'll come by tomorrow I left the house after leaving it with that damn I can't teach you the same way I teach all of my students after I went home I kept playing her words back in my head I had done this job ever since I started.

College most of my students were very studious and clever so I had no problems using what I knew and teaching them however if she didn't understand what I was saying at all then of course she wouldn't understand I think she's missing the fundamentals that's on me I always thought she must not like studying because she doesn't like it but.

Realistically it was because of how prideful she was to say she didn't understand the question ah she must have been trying to tell me without telling me maybe she actually is bored of studying so she doesn't like it I had to rethink my methods and tried a new method with her.

The next day hey you're not running away I figured you'd run away too so I showed up 35 minutes ahead of time but she was there waiting for me I had it wouldn't come so I just hit my room she was worried about yesterday she's pretty easy to get confused but.

She must be a pretty good girl at huh I knew that the second I started teaching her that's why I didn't give up on her it's okay I'm not mad at all I see anyway are you ready to study today sure just for today she's seriously not honest.

Okay then let's get started I want to try a little different method today oh games yeah you know that's not what I mean let's try using this textbook it's a little old it's something I used in middle school middle school why'd you bring that I figured with solidify the fundamentals.

Basics are important no matter what you're studying people who Skip the fundamentals always fail what but let's just give it a shot okay after we start here yeah she's really focused I noticed her she wasn't able to focus because she really didn't understand the material I.

Taught her for about two hours after that alright let's call it a day ah done how was it it was easy to understand all right she seems satisfied okay let's go over some of the questions now I won't make it in time for the entrance exams don't worry even if we're.

Reviewing I'm only teaching you the fundamentals you need to know if your entrance exams time is money so let's be efficient oh uh thanks Cheryl stop calling me Shiro afterwards she continued studying without running away she said she wanted to go to college so.

She didn't mind putting in the work she was pretty fast at learning and her studies were moving quick then one day huh hello Mr upakata oh hello miss garasato you can just call me Uber Carter outside of class hours then she's so chill what were you doing going on a date with.

Your girlfriend what no no I I just finished off College I see you can come over right now then huh we're off today right what you won't come over if you don't have work what I mean no but then you'll come over okay I think hero will be happy.

Really I think she doesn't like me huh why because she always ran away and she always tells me to go home after we're done studying recently hmm well she's not too honest with her feelings after my husband passed away when she was young I kind of spoiled her so she's probably a little too much right now.

I didn't know that her father had passed away so I really have a hard time getting her to open up to me but I think she's opened up to you Shiro really huh my first name maybe I'll just have to call you by your first name from now on so I figured I'd.

Get used to it anyway if you're worried then you should sneak a peek into her room today be quiet about it what no that's rude don't worry about it if you see something you shouldn't just go ahead and do what you want what what is going on I don't know just take a look.

I was taken almost forcibly to their house all right come on in come on in this isn't good she took me to A daughter's room and I was shaking my head the whole time Miss karasato will be pissed if she knew what I was doing first then.

Huh she slowly opened the door and looked inside Shiro hmm what is she doing they think you can figure it out I've never seen anyone outside of a manga kissing a phone.

Is she some kind of fangirl over a celebrity or something yeah I'm pretty slow sometimes huh huh chero what huh Shiro hello are you here we don't have class today um I stumbled into your room and your.

Mom she invited me over she's normally so slow but she's faster running away see no but I I definitely didn't see you kissing your phone you definitely did oh.

Dang it I don't believe it you're such an ass but but it wasn't on purpose they didn't purposely peek in my room your mom kept telling me to do it this is my mom's doing too you you said no I mean yeah but who is that on your phone oh no.

This is someone who looks like you but you were saying Shiro no no what she really hates me now what Miss carissaso go home uh oh you think it's gross right just go home the kids go on living like this anymore don't worry I don't hate you.

Really yeah of course I wouldn't lie about this do you think um surprised you're definitely hating me now but no I was seriously just surprised I didn't think bad or anything you know I was seriously caught off guard so I was I was surprised I I didn't even.

Think you liked me and he'll still teach me of course you can just leave that memory here and you could just hit your head or something and forget all about it I can't do that then how am I supposed to keep hanging.

Around you I'm about to pass out from embarrassment yeah can you just calm down real quick hurts this is all mom's fault how could she do this to me I'm sure she just wanted us to get along and not be misunderstanding each other don't be too upset.

What do you mean misunderstand um I always thought you didn't like me I made you study in the way you act I can't tell you if you like me or not and I told her so she probably just wanted me to know the truth that's not true at all huh if that were true there would be about a million other ways she could.

Have done that but she chose to show you this she definitely had a different motive people say you're slow don't they what no almost never um your mom just called me slow but no one else Hearts have you broken huh don't just stand there.

Sorry but why are you mad oh my God you're seriously slow I like you my mom wanted you to note that she made you take a peek I see why would you like me cause you're so nice and no matter how much I ran away you never gave up on me if anything you rethought how to teach me and faced me head on of course I'm.

Going to fall for you I see want to go out there yeah I kind of thought you were cute saying but there's one promise we do not go on any dates or other flirtatious things until you finish your entrance exams if you're sure you can do this and let's go out.

I am your teacher above all so I need to prioritize your entrance exams Arrow that's how we started going out she had started working harder than ever on an entrance exam studies as we started going out I learned how much of a sweet girl she is and I had to.

Control her about half a year later she was accepted to her first choice school and all of the desires that she was holding back had broken out into all over each other in private