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[Manga Dub] I thought she just asked me out as a prank, but she was so persistent… [RomCom]


Hey not here oh come on a little bit is fine what look excuse me this is a library here this is not a place of be fling here my name is rato Suzuki I a senior in high school who is traumatized by 3D love threedimensional is crap love only works in the two-dimensional world there's a reason from my past that made me feel so strongly about this just.

Thinking about it makes my heart hurt and it still makes me tear up a little bit I just wanted to study quietly that's all damn it that couple is bothering me so much I can't focus on me homework why do they have to touch each other that much hey while they even in the library what did they come here for if they're going to flirt they can do it.

Elsewhere I said hey do you have a minute I want to talk to you about something wao what do you mean wo don't you think that's a terrible reaction I'm sorry because anybody would be shocked if someone in the complete opposite world as me talk to me the person who spoke to me was rarted beautiful excuse brilliant grades Ace in all sports she.

Was nice to everyone regardless of who they were and she was without a doubt the most popular girl in the school that's why she's a complete opposite human from me a loser why is Miss Harter talking to me did I do something wrong no but I didn't do anything to her did I even though we're in the same class we have no connection oh I know that's what.

This must be what are you looking for well it's strange for a beautiful girl to be talking to a loser like me so there must be someone watching as you talk to me and I get excited what are you saying I would never do something that evil well then why are you talking to me there's something I want to tell you something you want to tell me I like.

You what you heard me I said that I like you why are you looking around like that again because this is obviously a prank right or else a dare like I said I wouldn't do anything evil like that well then why did you say that you like me there's no way in the world that someone like you would like someone like me that's not true you just don't know your.

Own attractiveness that's all I know so many things that are attractive about you that's why I like you okay okay calm down need to be quiet to the library even if in a million years that were to be true then why on Earth would you like someone like me if there's any particular reason I like to know the reason why I like you oh come on you're.

Making me flush what right is my chance to run away farewell hey where are you going why are you running away because I don't want to have to deal with this nonsense of you asking out I'm not interested in being anyone's Joy like I said this isn't a deer or anything like that wait don't run away come back here I'm not going to let you run away.

Definitely not wait how did you get you're way too fast there is research that shows females are better at longdistance running and that's why you lost the moment you tried to go long distance I'm going to say it again I like it no I'm sorry aren't you too quick to reject me at least give it a.

Little bit of thought it's way too scary for a beautiful girl to like me without any reason as a loser like me who isn't used to any attention like this it's just like a horror film well then I'll tell you the reason why I like you you once picked up a stray cat didn't you now did you know that I just happened to see it on my way home from school not.

Only that but even though you couldn't take it in instead of just taking it to an Animal Care Center you went out of your way to find it a new owner get how you know all that at that time you were looking for a foster parent on social media right and I was the one who helped you spread the news then what the account it's the account to the person.

Who helped me a lot then because that was all I could do to help no I had no idea it was you miss arter thank you for that because if your help that cat was taken in by a very nice family well I'm glad to hear that so at that time I was hid in the Heart by your kindness that's why I found myself Chasing After You from afar and I.

Started to like you more and more you always volunteer to clean first or you give water to the class flowers and you even help the teachers carry their belongings you're so full of kindness that's what I like so much about you rato please go out with me I'm sorry Hipp but why that was definitely a so that's that please give up on me well.

Then one month Excuse me give me one month and I'll make sure I show you my attractiveness yeah what if I say no maybe I'll just lock you up somewhere please don't transform into a monster F Well then if after 1 month my feelings haven't been moved then please promise to give it up please don't start with the expectation for me to give up the.

Next day what is this what do you mean we're just going to school together what why you so close I'm not that close at all there is zero distance between us could you please get off no thanks haven't you always dreamed of going to school like this uh well it might be a situation I've dreamed of before but uh but well if I'm going to go to school.

Like this that I would prefer to be with Alice who the hell is Alice who and where is she I can't allow you to like some other girl that isn't me tell me confess to me right now could you please not Chase to be so scary at first well then tell me who is this Alice she's my favorite and she's a two-dimensional character this girl oh she's cute isn't.

She My Heart Belongs to her Alice my rival is 2D why don't you just give up instead of trying to compete with my Alice why would I give up I'm definitely going to beat Alice you just watch and see another day during lunch break I made you a lunch box today let's have lunch together I'm actually really really good at cooking Alice is good at.

It too what why don't you stop the comparison to Alice she's your rival though hey Ren why don't you stop hanging out with such a loser like that oh chisuk seems like the loser is obsessed with some character from a manga anyway so you should just have lunch with me come on that's fine right I mean either way Ren is clearly way out.

Of your leg so well that's it of course that's not fine miss a I want to have lunch with rato not with you so please don't get in my way also in my league or in his League that's not something for you to decide I don't want to have lunch with anyone who's going to easily hurt others like that let's go R uh are you sure you're okay with that what about it.

With jisuk I mean he has a point he's not wrong that you and I not the same league who decided that though I want to be with you the person that I like and that's not for anyone else to decide Miss hter well then we got a little delayed but let's have lunch together oh wait let me feed it to you say ah no no that's way too embarrassing you don't.

Need to be embarrassed my darling well not your darling yet stop complaining so much and just eat M how is it it's good right wow you're amazing you can cook like this well I can't cook at all so I look up to you thank you for making it for me were you able to understand a little bit of my attractiveness oh come on at least say.

Something just like this every day his heart was chated after me but then one day let's go on a date I came out of nowhere in order to get you to like me I think it's important that we spend time alone together and so I would like to have an atome date please come to my house on the next day off well probably should it be the way to say this as the.

What's getting invited but are you sure you could just invite a mail to your house like that my parents aren't home so I'll let you do whatever you want I'm against impure heterosexual abuse of sex don't be rude this is very very pure although I was hoping something exciting might happen your ulterior motives are showing there doesn't seem to be.

Anything so pure about that so are you going to come over what if I say no I'll take you and hide away deep in the mountains with you I gladly go to your house then welcome Alice what what how I tried being like your favorite person how do I look I didn't think you would draw a cosplay attack I Ur you are not going to be detered by this kind of.

Attack a true cosplay is so by fully understanding the character's personality and they do so out of love for the original work you're not going to believe my words even though this is how much I love you what that's the exact life from a scene in the 23rd chapter of the anime how'd you know that because I studied too is that the.

Original banga and the DVD I secretly watched them all and read them all too what' you go that far because I like you and because I want you to like me so this is to show what I can do for you you're serious of course I am I've been serious this whole time shoot me aren't just ski to beat even though I wasn't ever going to fall for anyone well then.

The house date is only just the beginning so let's have a lot of fun that day M hard and I spent time together watching the DVDs or speaking passionately about the original manga that time was more fun than anything and before I knew it I felt my heart beating faster for her over the next few years as I was receiving attack after attack.

From his hter every time I felt my heart way more I swore to never have a crush ever again but just being with her I couldn't help my heart beating faster for her I know exactly what this feeling is but the reason why I C just accept their feelings for me must be because of what happened in my past oh it's too scary to have feelings like this it's.

Someone hey REO I've been wondering this for a long time now but why are you so opposed to being in a relationship is there some reason for that it's a pretty typical story when I was in Middle School there was a girl that I liked that girl was a really nice nice girl and she was even nice to me a loser and that girl actually asked me out I was so.

Happy and got excited but it turns out she only asked me out to DARE from losing a bet everyone was laughing at me and I was rejected in the end and the rest of my middle school life was hell that's why I vowed to never like anyone ever again and I sto being able to go to school either that's what I met Alice I was encouraged by Alice's words in the.

Mongers and I felt myself having energy again and before I do it I felt healed by Alice wait why you sobbing I'll never forgive them for stomping all over somebody's Crush like that don't cry it's nothing it's not nothing that's too horrible I'm going to find them and beat them up and make them get down on their.

Knees to apologize to you it's fine but thank you thanks you crying for me I feel like I was saved a little bit from that trauma don't worry I know I can make you happy so let's become a couple so you're going to try to con it to that that's there on two different things well I am starting to think Miss Harter would be fine because if he were.

To become a couple every day would be fun like this that's what I thought until one day after school Miss Harter didn't say she wanted to walk home from school together today but also now that I think about it she wasn't in the classroom either I wonder if she already went home first even though usually she comes straight to me after school I.

Wonder if maybe she had plans today well I guess I'll go H load it's been a while so it feels kind of lonely but even if you say that I again over it it's about time you open your eyes that voice isn't it but seriously how long are you going to be sticking to that loser why don't you got it out already you can quit the act of being nice to the loser now I'm.

So much better than that guy and I know that I could definitely show you a better time than him too I guess I was right I'm no match for her she told me she liked me that much but I must have misunderstood I guess instead of a loser a popular person should be with the popular person why on Earth would I ever go out with you if.

You don't understand then I'll tell you as many times as I need to the person that I like is Rachel Suzuki someone as shallow as you isn't my type at all excuse me who do you think you are be careful hey what do you think you're doing charasuke shut up but first of all this is all your fault anyway even though she's shed after you so much you.

Won't give any clear answers well that's uh if even though I like her too and just watching you like that irritates the hell out of me stop avoiding it you bastard loser just shut up and get hit hey stop you don't need to be violent shut up stay back little girl this R is heart to is in danger too I only have one choice.

Yeah the power of a fool in a fire what are you doing you're right maybe I am doing the worst thing maybe I was sitting cross-legged on top of a feelings and Drug by the feeling of being led with somebody but that doesn't mean that you can raise a hand toward her I I will never let you hurt her I won't allow it and the lovely M Harter.

Is no match for a violent person like you so that's that and I'll be taking her thank you very much wa you bastard are you okay Miss hter thank you for saving me Miss Harter are you sure you're okay with me I'm not just okay with you I only want you so are you really going to be taking me have you fallen for me yet.

Yes I like you my heart was taken by your straightforward feelings that was the first time in my life that anybody has been so direct about liking me I would not doubt your feelings for me anymore so does that mean you'll be my boyfriend I am an inexperienced person but I look forward to it and just like that M Harter and I became a couple and.

After that when she and I officially got into a relationship everyone around us was shocked well it was like a mooded a turtle so it's understandable by the way chisuk apologized for raising her hand towards Reed and even though he was was complaining he still congratulated the two of us maybe he is a good guy deep out I also heard through the grave.

Viator that the girl who asked me out as a dare back there had the same thing done to her in high school I guess that is exactly what they call K as for us hey R what is it re I'm going to love you forever and ever well I'm also going to love you forever and ever we have become the most lovy doy couple in the school by the way do you like me more.

Than Alice yet uh well that's a I'm just kidding favorite character and girlfriend are different right I'm so lucky you don't understand a girlfriend but if I don't become your favorite too then I won't be happy of course you're going to be my favorite for the rest of me life I think our days as a couple are going to continue endlessly from now.

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