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[Manga Dub] I thought the girl at the match making party had a BF, so I treated her coldly [RomCom]


I'm akiran Nishida a second year in college my studies are so-so I'm a hard-working student with a part-time job I don't have work today what should I do after the lecture Kira oh Yamamoto what's up I have great news for you I bet you're going to a mixer how did you know.

Because you invited me to it last time did I well whatever you should come too no thank you I'd rather save my energy for my work again with the part-time working is fine but are you sure you're enjoying your youth properly you look like an empty shell on your days off isn't it necessary to have fun outside of your job.

It's true that I still have a lot of free time on my hands but you can work as much as you want when you become a member of society so for now let's have some fun in the end I was overcome by Yamamoto I don't like mixers this kind of place where men and women gather to meet people doesn't suit my introverted.

Nature there was a beautiful woman attracting a lot of attention in the Lively atmosphere her name was ayaka yajima we never met due to being in different departments but I knew her face because she was a Hot Topic looks like all the guys are interested.

In yachimasan you can see that even while they are conversing with the girls their eyes are occasionally directed at yajimasan despite her awareness of the circumstances she kept a smile on her face are you having.

fun I don't really like parties see then what you have a little chat with me with me I want to drink alone so please leave me alone um you can just treat me like air I could feel the place suddenly freeze.

Ah Akira's just nervous he's not used to this kind of place that's why he accidentally says weird things right oh yeah don't worry about nishidan just have fun but look we're just talking normal I should be more specific I'm not fond of girls who go to mixers hey hey Akira and what does that make.

You I'm begging you Akira what has gotten into you today even though yajamasan has come out of her way to visit there was a reason why I was salty with yaji masan the day before yesterday when I was working part-time at a convenience store welcome would like these.

Yaji masan from the same University to think I would be able to meet her in a place like this of course I knew about yajimasan she was very popular and I was secretly a fan of her as well of course she probably doesn't even know that I go to the same University as her ayaka I'll be waiting outside.

Okay I'll be right there yachimasan has a boyfriend huh and he's handsome she's popular and beautiful it makes sense that she would have a boyfriend so it didn't Shock Me much the reason I'm cold towards yajimasan isn't because she's unavailable it's because I was shocked to find out she was a girl who.

Would come to a mixer even though she has a boyfriend hey is that so how can you enjoy a mixer with such an innocent face don't you feel sorry for your boyfriend all right who wants to go to the after party how about it yajimasan.

I have to wake up early tomorrow so I will go home today all right we'll be careful on your way home Ah that's right Akira you're probably going home too right take yakimasan to the station why me because the way you were acting towards her was no good this is yaji mastan we're talking about.

Just follow her all right I'm sorry I guess I got weirdly heated today this guy said he really wants to walk with you hope you don't mind don't say it like that okay yaji masan I can't believe it.

I thought she would get angry and refuse I didn't expect her to say yes could it be that she's a very generous person even though you're the kind of woman who goes to mixers behind your boyfriend's back yes I'm sorry about today huh why is she the one apologizing.

I wondered if I had done something wrong to Nishi nokun without even realizing it if so I wanted to apologize seeing her blame herself like that made me feel guilty the truth is I told yajamasan the reason why I was being salty turned at your work I didn't like that I was going to a mix huh.

Hey why are you laughing think you were so cold because of a misunderstanding it makes me laugh misunderstanding that guy you thought was my boyfriend is actually my cousin your cousin my cousin wanted to stop by our house since he was nearby for work so we.

Decided to have dinner together as a family I stopped by the convenience store on my way to the station to drop off my cousin then I I'm sorry how disrespectful of me whoa you're over exaggerating please let me do this much I assumed and did something terrible.

You really feel that bad about it then as a form of punishment let's exchange contact information huh would that really be considered a punishment to do it I'll feel bad if you keep beating yourself up understood no way.

To think yajamasan would be the first girl I ever exchanged contact info with no we can contact each other anytime I'll have you make up for the lack of attention you gave me during the party okay make up you're always working aren't you so play with me on your free time I'll be waiting for your call the next day in.

The end yajimastan overcame me even with Yamamoto I was so weak to pressure well I also felt guilty about what I did yaji masan could you not call out for me when people are around hmm why I don't like being the center of.

Attention I know you're popular but I'm a dull person oh all right let's go somewhere else then you don't have to worry about others if we're outside on campus right even if it's outside the university walking together doesn't make sense and I feel embarrassed.

But I feel bad for what I did to her so I couldn't refuse on my day off did I arrive a little too early I don't want to look like I'm excited about it maybe I should leave and show up when yaji my son comes around huh where are you going what do you mean God.

Tell me you were planning to leave because you didn't want it to look like you were excited no that's not what I it's fine I'm glad you came earlier than planned you know so let's go wanna hold hands if you're going to mess around I'm going home.

Sorry sorry I need to stop by somewhere hope that's okay shopping yes there's something I need to get at the shopping center well I do feel more comfortable going shopping than going on a date I feel like it's rare to see a female college student shopping for cleaning supplies I.

Cleaned the house so I like to check them out even though you don't live alone you live with your family right my parents both worked and I took care of my younger sisters so I guess I got used to it yaji my son is gorgeous so it was difficult to see her as the family type.

But now I have a different impression of her I was here so it shouldn't be embarrassing right it's already embarrassing for me to be with a beautiful woman like you well that's fine but let me go to the bathroom real quick.

Then I'll be waiting here for now let's wash my face and calm down but when I finished my business and came back come on let's have some fun you've been standing there a long time so you must be free right she's getting hit on by some Troublesome guys they're stubborn Playboys things.

Could go south if you get involved with them still can't just ignore the situation right after all I could tell that yajimasan was pretending to be fine all right excuse me can you please leave her alone who the hell are you are you trying to steal our prey I'm her.

Boyfriend uh you had a boyfriend what a bother yes it can't be helped let's go yaji masan are you okay yeah I'm fine you're quite Brave nishitakun I'm not trying to brag but the area I work is pretty unsafe so I'm used to dealing with people like that it was easier than going out with you.

You say that but you claim to be my boyfriend huh I thought it would be easier to dissipate the situation by saying that oh you're panicking even more than before all right already dating shopping I'll do whatever you want so let's go good job today thank you I should be thanking you oh nishidakun you've become quite.

Honest in the day oh hush I was wondering about it before but are you a heavy drinker nishidakun you were drinking the whole time even at the mixer no I merely drank to pass the time when I wasn't talking well then prioritize talking to me today okay all right drinking with yajamasan for the second.

Time was a lot of fun so it once went to a friend's house who was living alone cleaned the whole house without permission and even cooked a meal for them they were so shocked it's like a housekeeping service yeah maybe I'll go in town that path in the future I'm glad you found your dream for the.

Future live alone right shall I show you my skills oh that would be nice recently I haven't been able to tidy up my room too much because I've been working a lot okay okay then let's go now now your house is closed right.

Two hours after that happened why is yaji masan sleeping at my house oh that's right if I'm correct she immediately collapsed on the sofa when she got here should I wake her up oh no but if yajimasan is the type to lose her memory when she gets drunk she might.

Think that I brought her here after much thought I left a note for yajimasan explaining the situation and decided to sleep in the room next door I'm glad it wasn't a studio at least if I sleep in a different room there won't be any misunderstandings right I soon found myself falling asleep from.

The effects of the alcohol it's morning which means my son must have gone home right I bet she was surprised waking up in someone else's house I left her a note so I'm sure everything should be okay huh something smells good what is this.

today I don't mind that at all but that would at least make something as things so that's what I've been smelling I hope I'm not troubling you are you the type to skip breakfast Oh no you're not you didn't have to go so far for me oh this is good.

I do this all the time I live alone and cook for myself every day but my meals are never this great also my room seems cleaner oh I took the liberty of cleaning things up while you were sleeping I figured it'd be best not to move your personal belongings so it's not completely clean you went out of your way to do all of.

That for me yeah since I owe you for yesterday I thought I was accustomed to living alone strangely enough with yaji masan around I feel comfortable you're busy with your part-time job aren't you afford to come over and make dinner for you you know.

I can't have you do that besides I know how to cook for myself what don't be shy you helped me so it's all good you know maybe I didn't want our relationship to end after just going out once then when you have free time like actually free time maybe you could come visit me once in a while.

Sure after that yaji mastan started coming to my house of course we're not dating so there's no sleepovers however lately my desire for her to remain longer has grown stronger I heard Yamamoto is hosting another mixer I was invited too are you going as well.

No pass for the time being I was just going because I was invited I see that's the same with me don't you want a girlfriend nishidakoon I feel like I don't need one is it because you are my boyfriend you still won't let that go because you're so desperate back then I.

Almost wish nishidakun was really my boyfriend we're just friends right no way you'd get carried away right I'm just kidding just thought I'd say it however in my heart yajimasan was definitely more than just a friend I wonder how she feels about me.

I don't think she hates me but if I take a leap of faith I might end up losing this comforting moment the fact that I was satisfied with my current state left me unable to step forward then one day yo Akira you want to go to a mixer again I'm sorry but I'll pass oh my bad forgot you already have.

Yajimasan what no we're just friends hey isn't it about time you make a decision yajamasan is a big catch if you don't make your move you'll lose her you're right well even if you get dumped I'll set up a mixer for you again so don't think too.

Hard about it and just tell her how you feel man coming in it's rare for you to ask me to come yeah I needed to see you oh what's wrong I need to tell you something I I like you yachimasan so I want you to go out with me when I told her everything that was in my heart I felt strangely refreshed.

You haven't eaten dinner yet today have you uh yeah why why to celebrate of course let's toast to us dating then celebrate with me nishirakun and so we started dating it still doesn't feel real yeah long enough.

Long enough I was interested in you ever since our first date did I make that big of an impression I've never met anyone who could do that sort of thing so easily well I guess I have those Playboys to thank then there's also something I've realized while visiting your house why I could Envision my future happiness.

When I spent time with you oh is it good I'm sorry I'm so happy right now I can't even focus on the taste that's the best compliment ever from now on I must continue to prove that the happy future that yajamasan imagined was not.

Wrong thanks to her I found the most important thing in my life thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well