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[Manga Dub] I thought the rich girl was a snob, but I was wrong [RomCom]


Then I'll get going Dad don't push yourself too hard my name is Makoto Somaya and I'm a first year high school student entering one of the prefecture's leading prep schools Yuki High School as you can see I grew up in a not so rich family environment sorry I can't go to see you in the entrance ceremony it's fine I'm able to go because you found a.

Nursery school for my younger brother I'm very grateful for that have a good time brother yep be good while I'm gone okay my mother died of an illness shortly after giving birth to my younger brother so we're a single father family but my father's ill and can't work.

I'd plan to start working immediately after graduating from junior high school but my father insisted that I go to high school no matter what so I agree at a busy in school again oh the one person I didn't want to see first thing in the morning her name is cotone Sancho she lives next.

Door and it's my childhood friend but her father's the head of a big company so naturally she's quite wealthy she's also beautiful and everyone around her looks up to her which always makes me feel like I'm being looked down upon sanjo you're rich so you should have gone to a private school with a better environment my father said that living.

With Ordinary People is an important lesson to learn see well I'm running out of time so I'm going if you don't mind would you like a ride since we are heading the same way I don't mind taking you every day give me a break it's embarrassing no thanks I'll pass is constantly surrounded by people she's.

A very rich and beautiful girl who's at the top of the school hierarchy I perceive kotone as if she's from another planet on it I'll pass it seems there are a lot of people who want to talk to you I want to talk to you hey what brought you to Yuki high school.

Are you going to college we are poor so I don't intend to do that I picked Yuki high school because I wanted to study to my heart's content and not have any regrets also my father insisted on it no matter what boring you should enjoy your student life more why not join a club or participate in cultural activities.

I work a part-time job so I don't have time to do Club activities I also have to look after my brothers poor people are busy getting by sanjo and I live in completely different environments and would never meet perhaps it's because we're neighbors and went to school together all the time that she bothers me she must find my.

Existence as a poor man amusing hey can I go already the teacher is calling me yes I suppose I got in your way yo your meal looks cheap I'd be embarrassed if I were you this isn't a high school for poor people like you sorry hey my Bento looks even cheaper wanna take a look even so I can study better than you guys damn it let's.

Leave this nobody guess there are jerks no matter where you go don't mind them ah thank you I'm not rich but I was able to enjoy my school life as one of the leading prep schools in the prefecture the study materials were free and there were many wonderful people around me so I was able to gain.

Inspiration that would enrich my life and just like that my high school life was coming to an end Makoto are you really not going to college if it's a cost issue I'll be able to do something about it you could even Aspire for National level with your skills I've made up my mind my father's health.

Is unstable and I don't want my brothers to worry about money so I want to get a job and earn money as soon as possible very well I understand then why not take a company tour it's called hogaraka construction and they're looking for a young man like you when I went to visit hogaraka construction the president kindly asked.

Me about my family situation and other things and offered conditions such as salary and benefits that would be a waste for a high school graduate like me I began working for the company after graduating congratulations Makoto there will be a graduation party do you want to come sorry but I have to work.

I probably won't see you ever again but see you yes all right let's take a break man you're as serious as ever you need to learn to idle a bit or else you'll pass out I'm perfectly fine I want my two younger brothers to go to college that's why I want to make as much as I.

Can I was well liked by the president and seniors and I quickly earned qualifications and Rose through the ranks until I was entrusted with the work field Chief could you check over here all right please wait a moment yes this is so MIA.

Huh my father what my father was suffering from chest pain and called an ambulance I got a call at work and rushed to the hospital dad didn't I tell you not to push yourself so hard your father's heart is in a pretty bad state so for the time being let him rest and see how things go.

I understand I have to get it together father can't work anymore I have to work harder yes this is Samia Sancho why are you calling that doesn't matter your father collapsed right is he all right yes for the time being.

But I don't think I can go home yet so I'm worried about my brothers okay then contact the nursery school and I will go pick them up cut off the phone what's that does she know about what happened to my dad sanjo I have a lot of things I want to.

Ask you oh where is the house key huh we can't get in hurry up and tell me um the spare can be found behind the mailbox cut off again I don't understand at all anyway I'll notify my work and get home quickly huh everyone's gathered in front of the.

Company I wonder what happened president please explain what are we to do tomorrow president what's going on I'm sorry it's all my fault I was being too trusting and fell for a scam scam then what will happen to the company sorry I'm drowning in debt there's.

Nothing I can do I'm really sorry everyone I have to do something Dad can't work and there's the medical Feast I need to work but now I'm out of a job but I have to come up with something I'm home I'm sorry I'm late welcome back brother isn't coming home today.

Father has a cold so he's staying in the hospital so be patient and wait for him okay okay I'll do my best good boy I'm so proud of you aren't you guys hungry I'll make something right away Ninja really is here big since my dinner so it's fine the.

Hamburger was delicious that's good I'm glad hope you don't mind me intruding I made dinner and gave them a bath so all that's left now is to tuck them in uh sorry for troubling you I'll take care of the rest sanjo how do you know about my father's.

Collapsing um it's a long story big sis I'm sleepy come on YouTube big sis has to go home I want to sleep with big sis it's fine it's late let's get you two to bed I'll read you a bedtime story yeah I fell right asleep looks like they were exhausted after all.

Thank you for looking after them hey can you tell me what's going on now all right the reason I know your father collapsed is because I was contacted by hogaraka that company is a subcontractor of my father's company they've been instructed to contact me if anything happens concerning you wait a minute what do you mean you were watching me.

This whole time why would you do that is it that fun to watch the poor suffer that's not it I'm just curious about you more importantly what are you going to do about your father and your job you need help it has nothing to do with you physical labor or whatever I plan to do what I can to support my family you'll break if you keep pushing.

Yourself stop being so arrogant what exactly is your intention I don't understand I don't understand that's why I can't leave you alone how can you be so kind to everyone I couldn't understand in the end everyone who approaches me.

Are solely interested in my father's power and money you're different though you are going through a difficult time you're always protecting people despite not getting anything in return she moved in next door to me not long after my mother passed away you don't remember to you you spent.

Every day trying to make me laugh but I will always remember I will never forget it for the rest of my life things like that did happen huh you were kind not only to your family but also to your classmates when I saw you I always thought to myself I love you I want you.

But you were making a fool of me I can't trust people who look down on the poor would never do something so foolish it's true that I may be called but I never discriminate against people based on their financial status that's true in fact I've never heard her say anything really bad about me I may have misunderstood her I was the.

One who assumed she wasn't a good person because she was rich I just assumed you were bad and avoided you such an idiot you are far too mature you always give it your all so when times get tough you shouldn't hold it in I want you to be honest at least when.

You are with me for a long period my feelings were like a glass full of water now that I lost my job and my father collapsed it was already overflowing just as I was about to be crushed by such feelings and had nowhere to turn her kindness broke me I'm sorry I this isn't what I'm sorry.

it's all right Makoto there's no need to apologize cry to your heart's content yeah thank you Sancho I'm so unquote and I I'm such an idiot can't be helped you're always trying too hard to look cool I didn't cry even at my mother's funeral I don't recall ever.

Crying so much in my life I don't remember much after that but I seem to have fallen asleep I can't remember the last time I slept so soundly about a month after the day I cried I was summoned to the president's office the company won't go out of business what do you mean.

To be more precise it's now part of the sanjo group Mr sanjo hired a lawyer to solve the fraud damage I'm truly grateful the sanjo group is far more terrifyingly powerful than I had imagined if I ever cross coltone I'll be obliterated Makoto you have to thank their daughter as well huh why is that.

Oh you didn't know it was she who recommended you to our company you know wait a minute huh that means when the professor said they were looking for someone like me it was all thanks to sanjo I knew the conditions were certainly too good that's not all Miss would frequently.

Contact me and ask is Makoto okay he's a really capable person so please look after him really I had no idea what's with her why would she go so far for me looks like you got a lot better the doctor said you should be able to leave the hospital soon did someone pay you a visit.

Oh that's from the sanjo's daughter she even came all this way ah perfect timing to let you know Mrs always supported your brothers you may not be aware but she would sometimes come over to our house and play with the kids that's why they were so attached to her I thought it was strange that's not all she was the one who suggested the.

Nursery school just when I was having trouble finding a nursery school the young lady called out to me it was the sanjo group's nursery school and they wouldn't accept any money then that means it was because of her that I was able to go to high school and have time to study Colton they didn't say anything about.

That I was also instructed to keep quiet about it maybe she knew you would object saying something like I refuse to rely on someone like her I am very grateful I was able to get you to go to high school he's just an idiot who doesn't know it's an hesitant about what you did for.

Me you even took care of my younger brothers cat is out of the bag I suppose it's fine I've already told you how I feel if that's all then I'll take my leave why would you go that far I didn't do anything for you I decided to make Makoto happy because you deserve it I'm not sure how you feel.

But I'm doing it of my own Accords so don't worry about it I thought that if I did my best I could manage somehow about my father and my brothers even my job but I was wrong I was watched over ever since I was little how could I not fall for you.

I love you kotone not so that's good you should be more honest in front of me as well Colton a stop trying to act cool I understand I will I've always dreamed of this day I'm so happy after that I started working at the sanjo groups headquarters and steadily.

Built up my career however because Colton is my direct supervisor I've been having a lot of problems should work really slow is this all you got I'm sorry chief she's definitely a statist a super sadist my father's illness is improving and the family is extremely happy right now it's big sister's loss again.

He was awake one more time it's already the eighth time she's so competitive she really hates losing as though to compensate for the time we'd missed together and I started going on dates to deepen our relationship I'll definitely repay you for your.

Kindness someday about it that's why it would have been okay even without your care yes yes but from now on let's go into lover mode all right you look cute today too kotone thank you I love you Makoto.

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