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[Manga Dub] I told her to let me know if there’s anything I can do for her, but… [RomCom]


Please let me sleep with you with me you're the only person I can rely on it's a place let me sleep with you um I don't know what to do how did I a normal office worker end up getting bagged by a beautiful girl well it all started a few weeks ago my name is Kenichi tsushima I'm just a regular office worker at a regular.

Company I work hard during the weekdays and go on running on weekends to maintain my health I've liked running since I was a student at school and it's become a hobby for me on that day I was running since the morning as usual it it finally starting to get warmer outside maybe I'll run a longer distance next.

Time huh that's a huge car is someone moving in oh yeah no one's lived in the room next to mine for a while now um excuse me oh you are what a beautiful lady could she be the person that moved in next door nice to meet you my name is Ayumi Saka kibara and I just moved in next door my name is Kenny chitsushima Mr tsushima I.

Hope we can be good neighbors of course I hope so too if you ever need anything just let me know I might rely on you too much if you say that you know it's fine we live next door after all besides I may need your help too sometimes.

thank you pretty nice Mr tsushima it's really nothing if you say so of course be my guest excuse me what should I put this I'm sorry it looks like I need to go I'll be going too then I can't believe someone so beautiful.

Just moved next door but I mean relationships like this only last for the first few weeks so I shouldn't get my hopes up we probably won't even speak to each other other than a few greetings in the hallway she seemed like a great person so I wish we could have gotten closer to each other.

One day as I was having those thoughts to myself Miss sakakibara rang my doorbell during the night good evening Miss sakakibara is everything all right I use but that I can rely on you whenever I need your help right yes of course is something wrong this apartment has such a nice kitchen and I.

Cut a bit too excited and made too much for dinner so if you aren't done yet would you like to come to eat some dinner with me really I don't think I can finish all of it on my own so it would be great if you could come over I'd love to I've only been eating ramen noodles and store-bought meals.

Great please come over I didn't know you were so good at cooking it's a hobby of mine so I was so excited The Moment I Saw the kitchen I'd love to come over every night if it's this delicious if so could you wait a minute there's still a ton left really thank you so much.

I'll go prepare some temporares for them thank you her food was seriously amazing I would love to eat her hand-cooked meals every day alright dishes are all done I better go return this huh I wonder who it is what Miss sakakibara I saw it you saw what I saw the initial C.

Initial see what's that that person we cannot speak the name of The Wizard Of Darkness well no that's probably not it who's initial C oh a cockroach initials you mean cockroach and this will see it's initial C nothing more nothing less.

Just don't have to say that name in my presence understood would you like me to do anything I to bother you but could you please defeat the sea for me I can't sleep in that room while knowing that there's even one in there.

All right I'll take care of it so please wait here I made sure it's dead so you can relax now thank you so you so much it really was nothing terrified of not many people are good with them so it's fine really ah thanks would you like to come over.

For dinner again oh I'm sorry I already ate dinner tonight I had what you gave me last night would you like to take home what I have tonight sure help if you eat some too I made a bit too much again tonight if you're sure then I'd be very grateful ever since then miss sakakibara would.

Come over and ask for help whenever she needed me she relied on me for even the slightest thing and I was baffled we spent more and more time with each other and I was gradually attracted to her one night like any other it's already late so I'm gonna go to bed huh would come over this late.

hey I can't take it out of you calm down what on Earth happened I've been sleeping well listening to videos lately it was soothing so I kept on videos of ocean sounds and like sounds but I'm about to put it on.

Repeats and the autoplay took me to a scary video I see so you accidentally watched it we're not in that kind of relationship Mr Sushi you're not giving me a choice to say no with puppy eyes like that.

All right please be careful next time let's sleep together just for tonight uh why are you so close my cut out from behind us if there's a gap so I don't want to make a gap between us do you want me to go Hawaii it's not bad but I don't want her to go away but my heart's racing way too loud.

If you don't mind then I want to stay like this all right then night I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight despite my worries I was deep in my dreams before I knew it later that night probably don't remember even though I've never forgotten about you even once huh.

What's this voice this voice is it Miss sakakibara never forgotten you since the day we first met I hope you remember one day good night Mr tsushima um what just happened maybe I'll ask her again tomorrow.

Morning good morning Mr tsushima did you make breakfast for me oh no did you not want me to no it's great I'm so happy to be able to eat something warm for breakfast the omelets look delicious by the way Miss sakakibara weren't you saying something to me last night last.

Night close to midnight something like you're never forgotten what are you talking about thanks to you I was sound asleep all night oh really uh maybe you were dreaming I guess so what happened last night then maybe I was so nervous that I had a.

Weird dream hmm I guess I'll never know Mr tushima let's eat before the food gets cold I agree maybe it isn't anything of too much importance but I wonder what this odd feeling is hmm.

What's wrong your face is all scrunched up I was just thinking to myself hey would you listen to what happened last night I see I don't know whether she tried to keep it a secret or I was just really dreaming you know that person might be some sort of psycho.

Psycho like an imaginative stalker those people who see a random person one day and think we're meant to be um I don't think that's too realistic that's the only explanation as to why a beautiful lady would just try to get close to you you have a point there if she seems suspicious why don't you.

Get away from her before you die a mysterious death After all you've only got one life you know whatever just keep an eye out for yourself man miss sakakibara an imaginative stalker huh is that even possible I can't even imagine that besides she doesn't seem like she could harm anyone since then I.

Just couldn't stop thinking about that night one day with those thoughts still stuck in my head hey whoa you can't just hug onto me like that what happened now is it the scary video again sent me a DVD saying it's really good so I should watch it the cover looked cute.

So I put it in and started watching it but but horror movie that must have been difficult to go through though I couldn't just ignore my friend's.

Feelings you're too nice you live next to you I'll be Mr tsushima you're using puppy eyes again wait I should just try and sleep with her again to find out the truth I'll know whether what happened during that midnight was reality or just a.

Dream I understand your circumstances let's sleep together then thank you so much Mr tsushima you really are an angel please don't get so close so suddenly during that midnight I found asleep again for sure miss sakakibara's voice.

I've been watching you for so so long when will you remember me even though I love you so much please remember me and fall in love with me I love you Mr Toshiba is it true that you love me Do You Love Me Miss takagibara.

You're you're way yes I was awake the whole time I'm not mad at all please calm down can you continue with what you were saying right now what do you mean by you were always watching me I need you to tell me.

it's a long story but would you still listen to me of course I will yes you and I have actually met before Miss sakakibara proceeded to slowly but steadily talk about her Secret if you and I actually went to the same college but we didn't see each other.

Much and I just thought you were a stranger I have a few classes with one day I was out alone shopping and a few mean people came up to me did you just bump into us I think my arm is broken hey some Hospital fee huh what I think you might be.

Overreacting a little bit hurry up and give me the money that's not very nice huh who the hell are you you should stop trying to scare people into paying you like that quit running your mouth you have nothing to do with this I may have nothing to do with this but I.

Saw it happening I'll have to call the police if you continue harassing her whoa whoa we were just kidding come on let's go are you all right you saved me I was so scared anyone would be scared in that situation here use my handkerchief.

What wipe your tears you'll ruin your beautiful face if you cry so much I'll get going now to you please don't worry about it goodbye I fell in love with the kind smile that you showed as you left I loved you so.

Much and I would always chase you with my eyes whenever I saw you I wanted to confess my love to you but I was very chubby back then and I didn't have much self-confidence and I ended up losing the chance as we graduated but even after graduation I couldn't forget you I thought to myself that if I ever saw you again I'd make you mine.

For that one goal I worked so hard to become the prettiest I could be as a result I was successful with my diet and I gained a bit of confidence one day I was moved to the new location for my company when I was going around to looking at apartments I saw you coming out of this one I couldn't hold myself back after seeing you I wanted to.

See you again and I wanted you to love me that's why I moved here and um I was trying my best to attract you so you weren't a stalker was a stalker you were just a bit suspicious one would be surprised if they were hearing whispers like that in the middle of the night oh no I'm so sorry I just.

Got so excited to be with the person I love I won't talk to you anymore I'll decide to avoid contacting you so please don't hate me why would you avoid me I love you too what did you say as I spent more time with you I fell further and further in love with you so please stay in my life.

Rely on me even more and be a bigger part of my life because from now on we're lovers after telling each other how we felt we were living together a few months later I was so happy to be able to spend my days with her sometimes we fought but even that feels.

Like an Irreplaceable part of our love and time went by I've always been waiting for this day right now I'm the happiest girl alive really well I'll make you even happier from now on I'll never let you lose that smile and I'll keep working hard to keep it that way.

I'll work hard to make you the happiest woman as well I love you thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well