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[Manga Dub] I took him in, but one day he took his hat off… [RomCom]


My name is hiroto higarashi I'm just a regular employee who recently turned 24. I started working after I graduated from high school and I was able to save up quite a bit of money I spent my days with my lovely dog who I've started Living with about half a year ago his name is Ponta and I was enjoying my life walking him but.

are you okay someone was collapsed on the road ha hungry huh you're just hungry I can't move I'm too hungry seriously I mean I don't have any food on me.

Um my house is right around the corner would you like to grab some food please okay let's go I can't move why do I have to carry some random boy with me his height and face Middle School luckily he was fairly skinny so I could carry him but I felt like I was going to have to deal with something annoying.

There was definitely more to this considering he was collapsed on the ground from Hunger afterwards I cooked up something easy from the food I had left over in the fridge but man he's going to town on that food he must have been really hungry.

Is it good yes it's been a week since I've had anything to eat so I'm seriously about to cry a week what kind of life are you living a life with no money I mean I understand but what about your parents I don't have parents what sorry.

Crap I definitely shouldn't have brought that up on top of that I don't have anyone left who is alive so I'm all alone he's in middle school and all alone that's so sad then you live in an orphanage or something no I lived alone I I couldn't pay rent.

So I was evicted huh are you allowed to live alone as a minor with no relatives you don't have any Guardians Guardians I'm 23 so yeah 23 what he's only a year younger than me he looks so young I wouldn't believe you if you said you were a high schooler are you lying is that weird.

Not weird just whatever anyway what are you gonna do from now on I thought it would be rude to keep questioning him from now on so if he says he's 23 he's 23 it's more believable if he says he was in Middle School and collapsed from not having any money um I don't have anywhere to go actually.

The company I was working at eventually went under from the bad economy and I have no more left in savings I see I feel bad can't keep dealing with some stranger oh you want me to pet you how's that you like that huh nice.

Huh hanza almost always doesn't like new people it even took me a whole month he must really be a good kid um if you want you can stay at my house until you find a new place to work what you serious yeah we gotta help each other out right you can take care of Ponta my dog while.

I'm off at work of course that's ha he seems feminine oh we hadn't had introductions let's get along maybe I'm just thinking too much nice to meet you I'm hiroto higarashi yes pleasure that's how I started Living.

With a grown man in my home I was a little worried but I'm sure it would work out I had Mr hanamura spend his time in the living room he said he had no savings so he didn't have a smartphone either I lent him my PC and he was looking through job listings what did you do before.

You worked in sales avoid sales this time I've heard sales is pretty rough makes sense why he'd want to work somewhere else it's a pretty rough economy to be finding a job that you have no experience in yeah how about you start a part-time job just.

To hold you over for now I think it's a start you can save up money at my house what but then who's gonna take care of Ponta don't worry about it I usually have the auto feeder feed him anyway so if you take care of him while you're not working it's fine Mr hikarashi are you some kind of saint.

Whoa hey I'm sorry after I started Living on my own but whatever helps me out like you you must have really had a tough life makes sense he lost his family and his job I'm just trying to take care of you on my own don't worry about it anyway.

You're inside you should take your hat off you should probably wash it too oh this is fine he doesn't want to take his hat off is he hiding something maybe it's some kind of complex or something I should leave it alone okay then why don't we go buy some clothes.

For you uh-huh you need a change of clothes right you can't just wear that forever oh yeah also let's go buy some things for your daily Necessities actually maybe it's better if you showered first huh huh it may not be a perfect fit but I think you'll fit my clothes.

afterwards he went to go take a shower but yeah a little too big huh yeah just as I imagined it wasn't the right size and it was a little off but it was better than going to a store in raggedy clothes.

Maybe he didn't like a stranger's clothes he was a little awkward afterwards we headed to the clothing store uh are you sure you're gonna buy me these expensive clothes I don't mind that being cheaper they're still only like 30 to 50 dollars they're pretty cheap.

Really well what's wow how do I look he tried on some clothes and asked me for my opinion he had a well-shaped face so I'm sure anything he tried on it would look good on him yeah it looks great really.

He laughs kind of like a child too he must be lying about his age so so you can buy these for me then outfits for you what are you sure you need clothes to change into generous not really just don't mind spending money on things.

That are necessary what a grown-up what did you say nothing he was acting a little strange but I figured I wouldn't bother asking afterwards we bought about two more pairs of outfits for him and moved stores we went to buy underwear but he had asked me to stay outside the store.

For this he had a bright red face and looked a little embarrassed he went inside alone and spent about 30 minutes before he came out but what happened inside um are you okay yeah you don't look okay at all he really gets weird sometimes.

I was confused and full of questions but headed home after buying all of the goods for him later that night all right time to cook dinner I'll help do you cook it all no I've never cooked but oh don't worry about it then play with Ponta but I can't have you just do all the.

Work while you're letting me stay at your house I don't really want to let someone who has never cooked cook oh well okay then how about we cook together I can show you how to cook but really yeah cooking together will make things go faster anyway really it takes more time teaching than just doing it on my own but oh well.

Thank you afterwards we started cooking together he had said that he hadn't cooked but he seems to be a natural he remembered things quickly so it wasn't too much of a burden the food was great and we both enjoyed the meal I think we'll be able to do well considering how well we got along.

Today I'm sorry that I took the bath first when I gave him the chance to take the bath first he came up a little sorry huh already wearing a hat don't worry about it I'm the one that suggested it I'm gonna go take a bath now oh okay sorry I haven't slept well these past few days is it all right if I.

Go to bed first oh help yourself are you sure you're okay with the couch if you want to sleep on a bed you can use my bed no I can't do that we're gonna live together from now on you shouldn't be so oh I see you don't want to sleep in a bed with some other dude stink on it sorry.

About that anyway I'll go buy you a nice futon tomorrow I really am not thinking that okay cool then all right oh good night man he's like a younger brother I was thinking such things after I got out of the bath.

You seemed young and a little jittery he seemed like a small animal so I couldn't help but feel the need to help maybe Ponto was also feeling the same about hanamura honestly haunta hasn't even hung around me at all after hanamura showed up asleep he must have been really sleepy.

Are you seriously wearing a hat while you're asleep you should take it off I reached for the hat but then I thought he had a reason he wanted to keep the hat on and I felt rude if I were to take it off when he had a reason so I figured I would leave it on.

Ponti's asleep too he must really like him they only just met today he hasn't even slept with me maybe Ponta doesn't like me anymore no way right I give him his food and take him out every day for walks there's no way that he wouldn't like me I kept telling myself it was fine I'd walked to my room.

Every day was fun after that hanamura started working at the supermarket and started learning how to take care of things around the house while looking for employment I was able to focus on work and life became more stable for some reason Hong Kong was still head over pause for hanamura though.

It had been almost three months before something happened I'm thirsty I was asleep in my bed as usual but I got thirsty and headed to the living room I don't want to wake him up just sneak sneak crap ah who was it oh it's just me huh are you.

Hanamura yeah did you forget my face um you have long hair huh oh this is you were a girl um yes why were you hiding that I just figured I should hide the fact.

That I'm a girl but no one else would really care for her you always seemed a little boyish though I was actually flirted with until I met you I felt a little in danger so I started dressing like a man and everyone left me alone that's why you always dress like a man huh.

Yeah what do I do about this I'm glad she wasn't a miner but I can't just have a woman stay at the house um do I have to leave now I mean if anything you probably want to leave now right you feel unsafe when you're a woman right I mean I'm okay with you knowing.

What you're incredibly kind and attractive I'm okay with it so I always slept without a hat recently really really what what do I do about this haunta yeah I agree I don't mind you staying here at all.

Really if I chase you out now I'm screwing you over pretty much and it's not like you've done me wrong thank you so are you out that was you asking me out yeah I told you how I felt you didn't tell me you liked me though um I'm a little confused now that I know.

You're a girl Fanta did you just sigh of me out of pity you totally look like you're pitying a fool ah maybe I'm thinking too much anyway I can't give you an answer straight away but if you're really serious about me I.

Will face it and take you seriously as well how's that of course if anything I appreciate you actually considering my feelings okay then let's do this yes a lot this is how I started life with a female hanamura one month later she started acting like.

A real woman and was acting incredibly adorable we started dating and after talking about it we had agreed that she would stay home and take care of the house and me as a stay-at-home girlfriend she'd apparently lost someone the second she turned legal but I was hoping that I could become someone that she could rely.

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