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[Manga Dub] I took the blame for her big FART and she fell in love with me [RomCom]


Gosh go to school sucks I wish I had more weekends my name is jury Mori that is spies Mondays just like any other high school student in Garfield we had two whole days of indulge in whatever I liked going back to a controlled environment was depressing not having many friends doesn't help.

Either I wouldn't be so reluctant if I had people I could talk to uh I would have had more friends if I didn't screw up so badly on the first day of school good morning Eugene whoa uh my bad I didn't think you'd be so surprised uh don't worry about it I was.

Thinking about something and I wasn't paying attention this is maharu Higa she's one of the few people who talk to me not many girls do you see what were you thinking about uh now going back to school is depressing and how I don't have many friends.

I just wish I wasn't such a loner I'm one of the reasons you don't have many friends yeah maybe but it's nothing you have to feel responsible for but buy it I'm not friends because I like communication skills I'm at a tale of about five friends throughout my entire life.

No way I don't think what happened that day affected my lack of friends don't beat yourself for Mario son wait what sorry guy yeomani that's the name of the guy who interrupted my conversation with maharu son guess what adults would call her.

Delinquent he does whatever he comes up with however he likes to whoever he wants but so is you being a ninja that was the cause of my lack of friends but I'll take that back half of the reason is probably sorky's doing they're surrounding your stinks man.

And David with the smell hey that's a way to talk to him and he doesn't have to listen to you are such a game person you're defending the biggest loser in the school he's not the biggest loser finally let him go only because I like you my horrible see ya sting bomb no.

It's finally gone gosh doesn't he ever get sick of being so full of himself it's my fault seriously stop apologizing to me all the time but sadaki picks on you because of what I did my name is Yuji Mori I'm from yatsubi.

Middle school I like reading and playing games I'm not much of an outdoor person oh I'm into plastic models and making things come towards me if you're interested sounds great okay next I'm from Alice Middle School my name is miharu hiko I like oh no.

Stop hold it in I'm sorry I made something yesterday and it just blew up it's okay just keep your mouth shut stinks dude why did you break something like that that school that's gross did you make a stink bomb or something don't you need a license for that if only I have told everyone the truth.

That day no one would have believed you mahari's son they would have thought you were trying to cover for me an introverted loser and a pretty gayaru girl is somebody farted which would you suspect to be the culprit it's fine okay I'm not bothered by his immature comments I can ignore them.

No just think of him as a little child that way he'll even make him sound cute nobody talks to you because of me you're talking to me right because I'm used to the choir and hey look at the look at the bite I gained a friend from that incident yeah so I'm glad I did it I wasn't comforting her I meant it he's a girl a really pretty one having.

Her as my friend benefits my life more than having 100 musty guys around I know I have to be thankful for this let's talk about something else yeah and we should hurry to school uh okay thank you Yuji this is what my life looks like I don't have many friends and an immature Thug wannabe picks on me but.

I'm not gonna complain about my life I'm the one with the pretty girl walking next to me hoping for anything more with her I've never wanted her to be my girlfriend I mean look at us we would never work she is obviously out of my league I'm not that stupid anyways I've got to brace myself for.

Another dull week gender separated for now once the teacher gave us the cue the classmates Grandma to find a place to be up until middle school I hated this process I never had enough friends to group up with however now that I'm in high school I have a few people I could go to.

I somehow found my group of three Yamada and Suzuki they're one of the few people who are nice enough to talk to me is everybody in the group okay every group has to bear with a group of the opposite gender now oh you want to work with us sure we'll do it.

My classmates all stood up they got busy finding groups to Bear up with we're in high school we're in the prime of life this was a chance to find chances of an exciting Romance of course everybody was excited you're acceptor as introvert no matter what we do we wouldn't find a girl.

Willing to waste their time on it we'll just wait for leftovers and bear up with them your friend's okay with it people said okay to tell you the truth none of us can cook we need your powers you get good grades at home Eck and both Yamada and Suzuki's parents on a restaurant.

Oh I see you need us to help you with the cooking both Yamato and Suzuki are great chefs I guess they take after their parents you should see the adventure they bring to school I don't know how they make such high quality food every day exactly thanks Yuji hello the girls.

that conversation ended I'm sure you saw us talking but none of that ever matters to him the other members of his group looked taken aback they weren't expecting gum and I to do that because they wanted to Bear it with their girlfriend's group why doesn't he ever consider other.

People's opinions when making decisions don't waste your time on those losers you won't have anything to talk about with them spare Rob I promise you'll have more fun than working with a boring Trio with morons no things are in a group right.

I'm sure their girlfriends want to work with them gosh you don't have to worry about any of that it's a school activity they won't care of course they will I would if I were them you are so clueless when it comes to girls you should be more considerate uh mahari's son yeah nice clueless.

Period it goes beyond girls the only thing he knows is what he wants himself so I'm gonna have to pass on your offer besides we've already decided to pair up with yuji's group right Yuji huh uh yeah uh-huh sorry man we're better fine whatever stink bomb trade groups with me.

friends where the hell did that come from doesn't he realize how awkward things would be how would I get along with his friends and how is he gonna work with your modern Suzuki yeah that's not gonna happen.

Don't you think you're being too selfish there are other people involved in this so you're saying I should sacrifice what I want so others can get their way yes because you're acting like a spoiled kid the world does not circle around you yeomani go back to your seats your creepers are paired up now.

What what I never said they could do that yeah when I did not seem happy with the outcome here to Yoshi for their quick actions there was nothing Yemen I could do now I can tell it's not easy having Gemini as a friend but they never give up on him and it shows they're good people.

That's probably why they're so popular with girls they're not selfish like Gemini ah it's finally gone well UT I'm looking forward to our groups working together oh make sure he suffers for this on a camping trip hey so how do we make curry just put the.

Baited veggies in the pot first and then we pour in the water and the curry Rogues first oh okay sure I got this Suzuki what are you doing my parents taught me how to make the best score soup I wanted everybody to try it but prepare most of it at home.

Oh Suzuki looks pretty hot when he's cooking they're all getting along better than I thought they would Noah both of them only agreed to pair up with you guys for your skills but I'm sensing a definite connection between all of them if either of them becomes a couple I'll have to congratulate them.

Yeah Marvin Suzuki are great guys I truly hope they'll end up happy they deserve it hey we should get started too I'll get the rice ready why don't you begin making the salad oh the salad I'm usually in charge of the salad at home ah they're over on that table.

Just rinse them off and cut them into proper sized pieces I'll be right back okay stop this is pretty good my heart roll uh what I'm busy I don't have time to chit chat with you more we need you you told me to get you he wants you to help with something huh over there well I guess I should.

Thank you yeah don't worry about it whoa it looks so good I'm happy paired up with your group I agree you know I never noticed how attractive you are if we didn't but really hmm seems like things are going well.

Over there I shouldn't bother them hey has anybody seen where my horizont went it's almost dinner time and she's not back oh yeah I haven't seen her I haven't either well she finished a salad but nobody has any idea what she could be yeah can we ask you something.

But Sue get into Yoshi what's up everybody roaming around maharu but we had to take him back to our group why where's my horror she's not here I'm on this let's look for him I should ask around see if anybody has seen either of them.

Hugee where are you what are you doing out here hello I don't think he's around here hey yo Manaya are you sure Yuji wants me to meet him here of course not you lied to me you wouldn't give me a second of your time if I didn't I hate that stink bomb he's all over you maharu.

Why are you doing this well I needed to talk to you about something my horrible I want you to be my girlfriend promise to treat you right that stink farting doesn't deserve to be with you you'll Belong With Me oh thanks to you is that all I should get back to where everybody is.

Hey oh wait a minute you didn't even think about it there's nothing to think about doesn't matter what you think of him I don't like you because you're rotten you look down on people to make yourself feel better yeah you don't like me seriously yes surprisingly you haven't noticed and so what if he farted.

That's a natural bodily function everybody does it and it's ridiculous to tease people over it you're so immature we can never work because I can't stand immature guys you're like an elementary school kid wearing a high school student costume Elementary and by the way yuchi isn't the one that.

Farted that day it was me I was the one who farted Yuji said it was him to cover for me and he's been hiding the truth ever since about you to understand why he does it you're a selfish who has no consideration for others sick of you don't talk to me ever again but wait I didn't say you could go.

Do you want get out of my way I'm done talking to you no way you'll think you can get away with insulted me like that I'm gonna make you regret making me feel like this you have my feelings and humiliated me you gotta pray for the pain you caused me I'm going to do.

Uh what do you think I'm gonna do I brought to the middle of nowhere for a reason nobody is coming hey I'm here you idiot didn't you think I would notice that my heart was gone Yoji why are you here oh yeah sorry I'm.

Gonna see if anybody has seen you I'm not used to talking to people I'm exhausted and it's your fault but I'm glad I did it well something horrible would have happened mahari's son are you okay good yo yamanai.

I can see you haven't done anything yet I'll let you go if you go back to the others now but soon Yoshi are looking for you you didn't finish anything that put you in charge of all right all around big bomb loser you went into violence now you're like a freaking ape.

You're strong why why did you think I'd be weak I didn't fight back because it would have been a waste of my time it wasn't worth it it wasn't because I was scared of you fighting back every time you attacked me wouldn't benefit anybody.

I'll be the same as him I didn't want to waste my energy on him but he deserves it this time he needs to learn his lesson this is a great opportunity he's a grow up yeomani I'll show you that your ways do not make it in the real world now this might hurt quite a bit but you.

Deserve every bit of it well let's get it on yourself oh they're back where in the world did you guys go oh my gosh what the heck happened uh I don't know I didn't see anything I.

Was alone not maybe he fell over and hit his head I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I'm so sorry he looks terrified of something scared of rocks now that caused him a lot of pain buddies are bending it now do you think you can forgive him this.

Time yeah he suffered enough well I'm not sure if he's apologizing forget his work ah thank God everything is under control it's okay you covered for me when we got back we're even now I love you huge.

I hope he's learned his lesson I'm sure I won't do anything stupid anymore let's hope you will move on and daddy will try to get revenge for my heart with some injecting me hey let's get back I'm sure everyone is getting hungry okay.

Before that Yuji give me your ear for a second okay oh thank you for saving me Yuji it's nice to know the guy I have feelings for can protect me oh uh what come on let's go the curry is gonna get.

Cold hey wait what did you just say to me what did you get wait you have feelings for me what I'm so confused what is going on I remember what happened after that the curry and the soup are really good I got into my classmates but my brain wasn't functioning for the rest of the day so I have no memory of the flood any memory I.

Have with a camping trip after the incident is the moment that mahari's son and I became a couple thank you for watching watch check out our other videos as well thank you