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[Manga Dub] I took the father role for a day, but confessed my love to her right after [RomCom]


PH I finished work on time again today my name is kazuto iumi I'm a 25-year-old salary man that works at an advertising agency today I was able to finish work on time again I'm going to go home now and I'm thinking about watching my favorite film while having a drink tomorrow and the day after are the weekend so maybe I can do a marathon of.

Three movies which I haven't done in a while what should I watch there are way too many movies I want to see kazuto do you have a minute oh boss of course I do this beautiful person was my manager and boss Miss Sakura haneda at the young age of 28 she became a division manager and she's a genius that our company Treasures on top of that as.

You can see she's super beautiful thank you but like I said stop calling me boss I don't like it it makes me feel so so old so can you just call me by my name all right Miss Hana so how can I help you um about that any chance you're free tomorrow kazuto yes I'm free it took you a long.

Time to answer but are you sure you don't have a date with your girlfriend or anything if I had plans with a girlfriend I wouldn't have thought about it and immediately declined well even if I wanted to have those plans I can't because I don't have a girlfriend I was just thinking about.

Renting a movie and lazing about all day so it's fine are you sure it's fine if you really want to watch a movie then I can watch the movie anytime so I'm sure it's fine it's not like I had anything in particular that I wanted to watch anyway I'm sorry thank you I'll treat you to a meal sometime as a thank you I'm looking forward to it so what's the.

Matter actually tomorrow is my daughter's field day at school what Miss Hana I didn't know that you were married no well I'm not married I'm actually a single mother oh I didn't know that by the way how old is your daughter she's in the first grade she'll be 7 years old soon does that mean that she had her when she was still.

In college that would be the timing and she said that she was a single mother but I feel like I shouldn't ask too many questions I should just leave this at that and not press any further elementary school huh she must be super cute at that age she is she is so cute do you want to see a photo uh sure she's a cute girl that.

Looks just like Miss Hana so what is it that you want me to do at her field day I want you to attend as your father Ro there is an activity that's supposed to be with both parents but at this rate she won't be able to participate and I wanted my daughter to make fun memories is there any way that I could ask for your help I don't mind.

At all I haven't been exercising enough lately anyway so it's perfect thank you well then tomorrow we'll come pick you up the next day good morning kazuto thank you for coming with us today come on Hina say hello yeah good morning morning thank you for coming today good morning thank you for having me Hina you're a great.

Girl saying good morning like that oh what's your name old man hey Hina he's not an old man it's fine for Hina a man in his 20s is an old man isn't he right yeah well this old man's name is kazuto can you you remember that yeah I'll remember it all right all right so I guess you're smart too then Hina Kazo you like.

Kids yes I love kids if I ever get married in the future I want to have at least three is that so oh let's get going soon if we don't hurry we're going to be late got it all right well then Hina why don't we go together yeah can I say next to you Kazo of course you can if anything you can sit on my lap boss Miss.

Sakra what my first name oh uh because hea's here I called you by your first name but was that not okay oh it's fine but I was just a little bit surprised that's all well then I'm glad Miss Sakura we're definitely going to win today we have to do our best so that Hina can have the best time I was taken down by hina's real cuteness and also to.

Do something about my lack of exercise lately I put my all into the activities that day as a result for all of the activities involving the parents we were able to get first place in every single one anyway H was smiling from start to finish and I think that we were able to create an amazing memory for her 1 month later well then finished work on time.

Again today tomorrow's a 3-day weekend maybe I can borrow that movie that just came out recently kazuto do you have a minute oh yes how can I help it's about the 3-day weekend that starts tomorrow but do you happen to have plans no not in particular in that case do you want to go to the amusement park with me what.

The amusement park why again it's Hina every time I go home these days she says that she wants to play with you and she wants to go to the amusement park with you I guess she really liked me that makes me super happy it will be the three of us with Hina so it might be a handful but would that be okay of course it would be okay let's go to the.

Amusement park the three of us at the amusement park huh I can't wait I wonder how Hina is doing tomorrow already Feels So Far Away H where are Miss Hana and Hina kuto long time no see I wanted to see you whoo there Hina you've got a lot of energy let's play together a lot today all right hey Hina shees I'm sorry.

Kazuto it's fine hina's light anyway C um um um um I have something to ask you mister sure what is it why don't you say it um it's fine if just for today but is it okay if I call you Daddy today what no come on that's too everyone else is here with their mommy and daddy but I I don't have a daddy so.

Sure really yeah but only if your mommy's okay with it though that's fine by me but that's what she said all right then just for today I'm your daddy and you're my daughter let's go Hina you're going to race your daddy to the gates yay um kazuto.

Daddy what is it mommy thank you you're welcome crap this is super embarrassing it's so embarrassing that I can't look at her face what are you doing Daddy Mommy let's hurry up and go in anyway regardless of what happens as long as I've gotten the permission just.

For today we're Daddy and Mommy I need to do my best to fully be hina's Daddy oh it's our turn now I want to sit in the middle and I want Daddy to drive that's what she's saying but is that okay Daddy you can leave it to me you mommy you know I was once called called the LI of the race car circuit what what do you mean the circuits you.

Used to race yeah just in the games all right let's go let me show you daddy's driving techniques yay daddy you're going so fast daddy you're amazing the car was sliding side to side that's right it was wasn't it your Daddy has practiced a lot too I never thought I would get to experience is.

Real drifting at the go-karts he Hina where do you want to go next um let's see the hunted house haunted house do you think it's going to be a little too soon for you Hina no that's not true even if you get scared you know you can't leave in the middle oh it's going to be fine oh could it be you're scared.

Mommy no that's not true you know I I was just I was just worried that maybe it'll make you cry you know no that's a true daddy mommy let's go I guess we have no choice but to go it'll be fine I'll hold your hands the entire time I'm counting on it if you get scared just close your eyes and I'll guide you to the.

Exit thank you Daddy Mommy the haunted house is so fun it is isn't it are you okay somehow Mommy you're such a scary cat come on Hina I'm sorry are you okay somehow when a beautiful girl grabs on to you like that all logic goes out the.

Window ah the amusement Pike is so fun what should we get on next thank you very much for coming to the amusement park today this amusement park will be closing in 1 hour please enjoy your time until the end did you hear that Hina what but I want to play a lot more daddy and mommy do too but see it's already closing time the amusement park.

Is also tired from playing a lot so we need to let them rest soon too right yeah that being said we still have a little bit of time until they close H know what do you want to ride last um um I want to get on that the ferris wheel huh that's very fitting for the last ride at the amusement park that's true let's go over there.

Tina what's the matter we're getting on the ferris wheel aren't we yeah but I want to go there slowly if we can why if you stay silent we can't know what you're thinking Hina well it's fine it's not a ride that gets too crowded so we can take our time if that's what Hena wants to do then let's do that for her that's true well then Hina let's get you.

There at your pace yeah the sun is so beautiful yes it really is look Hina you can see really far out into the distance oh you can see the boats too look H the boats you don't want to see them uh I wonder what's the matter Hina is something wrong does your stomach hurt no well then what's wrong when this is over we're going to leave right yes.

That's right it's already closing time so yeah and if we leave then Daddy isn't going to be Daddy anymore right that well that's true but I don't want to go home Daddy I want you to be my daddy forever she must be tired looks like she fell asleep she was running around so much all day thank you so much for today.

Kazuto no I had a great time today too um do you mind if I ask you something what is it you didn't consider getting married I think hina's feeling lonely at home alone there was a time that I thought about it may I ask why you didn't get married Miss Hana you're still young and you're beautiful and if you submitted to a.

Marriage agency I'm sure you would get a lot of people who would be eager to marry you thank you but you know it's not really like that even though they say women and men are becoming more equal the world is still a man's world and maybe that's why there are so many people who have a big ego and you mean.

Like people who can't stand their wife to have a higher salary than them yeah exactly that's so pathetic if your wife has a high salary there's only good things about that and on top of that a lot of people say that I need to join their family when we get married for the sake of my daughter too it's so closed-minded if it were me I would join.

Your family it would be heaven to be with the child all the time and also just have having a child that's hard in itself well I can imagine there are people who are against that even if it was your wife's child I can imagine it would be complicated if it's not your child so there's nothing I could say to that and you kazuto what do you think.

Would you be against it if it wasn't your child I don't feel that way at all even if we're not biologically related if we become a family then that child is my child if we can't be connected by Blood then we can be connected by feeling that's all there is to it I see well then kasuto would you be willing to become hina's real dad what if it were.

You I would be able to trust Hina with you and Hina already loves you too so if you were to be okay with it what do you think is that what you're saying is that we would be getting married right yes before I give you the answer to that may I ask you one thing Miss Hana do you like me not as a boss and employee but as a man and a.

Woman well that's you don't need to answer that I I already got your answer I can tell by her reaction she doesn't see me as a singular man my answer is no I can understand that this would be for hina's sake but I don't think it's right for you to get married to a man that you don't even like because then you won't be able to be happy you're right I'm.

Very sorry something must have come over me please forget I said anything I'll also say no to that excuse me what what I'm already looking at you not as my boss and as your employee but as a woman that I'm interested in in order to become hena's dad I'm going to work hard so that you will look at me not as a staff member but as a man so please I.

Hope you're ready Miss Sakura well then I'll see you at work what the hell was I thinking what the hell am I doing what am I doing to my boss I got too excited and I got carried away was it the date that made me get like that or was it my fatherly feelings towards H it doesn't matter which one it was but I cannot believe I.

Just kissed my boss on the lips how am I supposed to Face her at work now no what do I do I'm scared to go to the office oh uh good morning good morning uh um yes how can I help about the other day yes about the other day I I'm very sorry.

I don't know but I got too carried away is it true that you were interested in me not as your boss but as a woman yes it's true is it true that even if it's not your child you would consider them yours after you got married yes because I myself grew up in a household like that so I'm not related.

By blood to my father however I don't think of anyone other than my father that raised me as my dad what a beautiful Rel relationship well then as someone who grew up in a household like that I want to become a real family with you what no no but that's not okay because you don't like me like that yeah so make me like you make me like you so.

Much love you that I can't handle it anymore well that's that sounds like a pretty difficult order you know my age is how many years I haven't had a girlfriend friend is that so because in that case you were very quick to steal my lips the other day that was just because I got too excited and I got a little carried away.

And um I'm very sorry you don't need to apologize about that because after that it started to change the way I looked at you what so I'm asking you to do your best to make me fall for you for Hina too okay yes I will do my best all right when this conversation is over let's get back to.

Work yes ma'am oh I almost forgot also there's something else during work we can keep this up as normal but in our private lives you have to call me Sakura and in front of Hina Mommy okay yes I understand I didn't know what was going to happen after that kiss that I got too excited about but I'm just glad glad that it ended well after that I went on.

Many dates with her and I worked hard on my job as well and as a result I finally succeeded in getting her heart to be with mine and later when I proposed to her I was able to officially become hina's Daddy and Sakura's husband hey Daddy what is it Hina when is Mommy coming home based on the day it should be.

Pretty soon but let's see oh a phone call yes hello this is Hana what about to be born got it we'll be right there you know we're going to see Mommy now yeah were they born not yet but they said they're going to be born soon yay I'm glad I get to become a big sister is it a little brother or sister well let's see which one it's going to be with our.

Hearts beating with excitement we ran as fast as we could and welcomed the twins a boy and a girl our family Grew From 3 to 5 and even though things will get hectic I'm looking forward to our happiest days ahead thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as.