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[Manga Dub] I trained hard for 3 years to win over my childhood friend [RomCom]


My name is shinya marui and I have a childhood friend her name is wakana Yamamoto and I once asked her out in elementary school this was the last day I could see wakana since my family was planning on moving away I I've liked you for a long time I'm sorry shinya you have to meet an important requirement if you want to.

Date me you have to be stronger than I am family owned a dojo I already knew she was good at Judo however I didn't know she was strong enough to throw a big guy like me I'm sorry shinyakoon my father makes up the rules I have to obey them her father's strict I wasn't.

Surprised he made that rule I couldn't have walkina as my girlfriend while I was weaker than her I was a big guy but not the best athlete it would be a huge challenge for me but I miss you you 'll miss you too I didn't want things to end with wakana there.

I'm going to come back stronger than her after transferring to a different Middle School I searched for a dojo to learn about Judo I know she'll throw me if I face her standing up again wakana is strong plus she's a pure athlete unlike me how will I win against her I know.

I should work on ground techniques I joined the Jiu Jitsu Club at an MMA gym to train for my future match with wakana my master practiced Chichi Tay Judo which focuses on ground techniques I trained hard for three years get in there now okay I made sure to keep tabs on wakana.

Through my years away from her it wasn't difficult to find out about her she was famous in the Judo Society people even knew what high school she was planning to attend I'll go to the same high school as wakana I'll show her that I've gotten tough and this time she'll say yes after the entrance ceremony I decided to look.

Around for wakana can't find her where is she I wish they would have put us in the same class she's not in her classroom so that means she'll be in the wow our school's Judo Club is well known there's a lot of Heat going on in here but I'm not here for the Judo oh there.

She is be born what can I that guy's at least twice her size I'd expected it but it was still disheartening to see how skilled and forceful she had become what are you doing here I'm here to challenge you again so I can hey are you.

A freshman only club members are allowed in here ouch is my childhood friend we haven't seen each other in a long time can I have a few seconds to talk to him fine I'll give you five minutes we should go outside I decided to attend this high school because I wanted to see.

You again I'm not the same guy I was in elementary school I've been training hard to build my body I promised myself I would ask you the next time I see you wait a second has wakana always been this pretty we were still young when we parted ways but she's grown up to be such a fine woman or maybe she looks so attractive.

Because I haven't been around any girls for the past three years what is it no way it's nothing she was just practicing a minute ago how does she smell so nice she not sweat but but you have fluster cheeks I said I'm okay oh well if you say so have you realized that you're so different when doing Judo.

It's like you change characters is that so you're a beast in there but right now you seem like an Ordinary Girl really I seem like an Ordinary Girl uh yeah nobody would expect you to be a judo veteran well I'm so relieved why do you seem so happy don't you want everyone to know you're.

Strong why would I want that having Judo skills isn't such a great asset for a teenage girl like me I had no idea she thought that way maybe she gets challenged by judoists all over the country because she's so talented you're a lot bigger than you used to be.

Yeah I grew a lot more than I expected people say I look like a refrigerator wow your abs oh and your backs hey stop poking me so all we did was talk for a bit then she had to go back gosh I'm not so confident about winning anymore I can't believe how pretty she is now that's so unexpected whatever tomorrow I.

Swear tomorrow oh it's wakana I hope nobody notices my heart pounding look at Yamamoto son she's so pretty I know she makes my day just by passing by me in the morning all the guys are looking at her seems like I have a lot of competition.

Hey everybody move out of the way make sure you don't look her in the eyes what the heck why are they avoiding her they were basically drooling all over her hey why are you guys avoiding that girl you don't know she's famous around here she's a total battle junkie I heard she beat up a bunch of thugs just so she could train for the upcoming competition.

I admit she's pretty but the stories are pretty terrifying these guys are such idiots who would believe such a story do you have a second what's up well I was wondering if you wanted to eat lunch with me lunch with me really why are you so surprised I want to spend more time with you well that means a lot.

Of course we can except I don't have much time since I have lunch practice hey wakana I'm here shinyakoon you can use this seat oh thanks all the seats around her are empty does everyone in this class go to the cafe Syria to eat hey wakana.

Have you noticed all the guys at school are terrified of you really I don't want to tell her that she's famous for her beauty as well yeah there's a rumor going around about you apparently you beat up a bunch of thugs just to train for a competition.

Oh my gosh that's not true I know even if you are really strong that's just I wasn't training for a competition it was a serious match what those thugs used to hang around the park many of the elementary school kids attending my family's Dojo passed by the.

Park and they were terrified so I went over to tell them to hang out somewhere else but they wouldn't listen to a word I said and so I threw them I think it was just on Instinct I was scared of what might happen if I didn't protect myself I see those damn rumors is she being serious so that means she actually beat.

Up a bunch of thugs for real oh I have to go to practice sorry shinyakoon I'll see you later uh yeah yeah look it's not that I'm scared of her okay I just a bit concerned she's strong enough to defeat a group of grown men how am I gonna win.

Still the requirements for dating walk and I haven't changed since the day she dumped me so the stronger she gets the less competition I'll have right one whoa I can't believe the coach would put her up against such a huge guy oh my gosh that guy's going to bring her to the ground with that huge body of his Pawn.

Never mind she's too strong there was no need to worry I shouldn't be feeling relieved she's getting better every moment I'm not practicing oh shinjukun what's wrong did you forget something at school nah I figured you'd be getting out around this time I came to pick you up oh you didn't have to do that for me well wakana it's.

Getting late for a girl to be walking around alone shinyakoon this sucks I feel so uneasy when I'm not around wakana I shouldn't be wasting any time I need to fight wakana and win so I can ask her out that's what I've been training for but.

I'm so scared of going up against her and losing the match shinyakoon aren't you going to join the Judo Club the Judo Club I mean you've told me you did Judo all three years of Middle School it'll be a waste if you stop now well to tell you the truth I wasn't doing Judo because I enjoyed it.

I wish I could tell her I was doing it all for her she's so clueless she has no idea I see well I guess we're like to be honest I'm not the biggest fan of Judo either that doesn't make any sense you got this far because you worked hard for it right I didn't tell you before but my family.

Has a rule all family members have to do Judo gender doesn't matter see every time I visited your house everybody would be wearing Judo outfits and I never understood why there's another rule of our house we always have to be judoist from the heart I find it a bit weird I don't want my life to revolve around Judo I want to be.

A regular high school girl I I want a boyfriend too but like I told you back when we were young my father won't accept anyone who's weaker than me so yeah I remember that one haven't you ever thought about losing on purpose so you could get a boyfriend.

Well I don't think my dad will be tricked wakana she's really troubled about this only there was something I could do to lift the pressure off her chest wakana can I challenge you to a judo match tomorrow after school a judo match I thought you said you didn't enjoy Judo.

I don't I'm going to win to ask you out uh uh huh you're going to what does does that means you have feelings for me yes that's why I trained so hard these past three years wakana I wanted to do everything I could to make you mine I plan on winning which.

Will give me the right to ask you out that's the only reason I came back to the city but but I already dumped you once I know that doesn't mean I have to give up I'm the girl that all the guys at school are scared of and I've got a girlfriend material type.

Of girl you should give yourself more credit you dumped me once and I spent three years preparing myself to ask you out again well then let's do it great thanks for accepting but don't expect me to go easy on you of course give it your all please win for me okay.

Thanks for walking me home see you tomorrow yeah see ya wakana seems totally fine none of what I said is bothering her I guess it can't be helped I'm the one who kept her in my heart for the past three years not her gosh I'm getting nervous about tomorrow.

Oh my gosh in elementary school oh no I'm getting nervous about tomorrow the next day after school walk and I and I were facing each other before the match wakana asked her coach to let us use the dojo.

He permitted us to have one match I'm glad she didn't tell him what the match was for he would never have agreed if she did wakana are you ready for this I am ready her expression changed to the instant we started she's never lost a match she's won all.

Her matches during practice and in competitions she has to give this her all for me her fighting expression is more like a walk and I'm used to I don't know how many videos of her matches I've watched I needed to study how she fights so I could set up a plan to go against her.

Skill wise wakanas much more advanced than I am even if my body is bigger than hers all I could do was defend myself this is harder than I thought she keeps trying to throw me I don't know how much longer I can hold on I train hard but it might have not been enough yourself getting ready for an epon silly you.

Can't give up you've trained and studied her patterns every day for the past three years you know when she's going to move into her last move now I managed to push wakana over I use my body weight to overweigh her attack course.

20 more seconds I just need to hold on for that long geez how does this tiny tinybody have such power and force still I can't let go now I need to prove that I am I I'm in love with wakana shinjukun I don't know if it was just me but I felt her weak in her grip.

On finally I I won yakoon hurry you crying Look Who's Talking thanks so much it got in my eyes oh seriously my bad that must be uncomfortable.

I'm kidding these are my tears silly so wakana will you be my girlfriend now yep I'm keeping my promise thank God three years no I've liked you for more I liked you too to tell you the truth I.

Wanted to be your girlfriend from the first time you asked me out back in elementary school you did I'm so glad I didn't give up she liked me too how about I ask this time will you go out with me yes of course.

You won against wagona amazing congrats it's not too late why don't you join the Judo Club uh well I'll think about it hey are you going to join the Judo Club to be with me well now that I thought about it I have to continue being stronger than you if I want to stay with.

You what better way than to train with you yes I agree our club is pretty strict and practices are tough but I'm sure it won't be a problem for you and so wakana and I finally started our relationship yo look crap move over we need to get out of their way I heard the guy beat.

Wakana Yamamoto in a judo match he'll beat us to a pulp if he sees us I'm glad all the guys stayed away from us I feel kind of bad they're more scared of you now I don't care my friend as long as I have you shinyakun how are you feeling about this are your classmates scared of you now I don't care either as long as I.

Have you wakana our first date I wonder what walk and I will be wearing she was pretty self-conscious about how she wasn't girlfriend material because of all the Judo I guess it doesn't matter I was confident I would enjoy the date even if she appeared in a judo outfit.

Hey shenya Kun a how do I look you look great I love that style on you it complements everything about you well a cousin of mine picked it out for me since this is our first date my cousin is tall and an extremely pretty I was afraid I wanted to be able.

To pull off this outfit no way you look amazing oh crap now I feel underdressed do I look good enough to stand next to her I'm glad should we get going okay it feels so nice to finally Hold Your Hand shinyakun I want to scream me too at the top of my.

Lungs relax we're just starting the date right our first date went smoother than I had expected I mean I wasn't surprised though we're childhood friends there was no awkwardness between us there was nothing we couldn't beat or overcome I really felt like that.

Good morning shinyakoon I had so much fun yesterday likewise I'm excited about our next date so uh um there's something I need to talk to you about today is something wrong you sound serious oh no is she breaking up with me well the thing is.

My father wants to meet you no doubt that we were on a date yesterday considering what you were wearing it must have been pretty obvious wait does that mean I have to fight your father don't worry if it comes to that I'll fight daddy first so he'll be easier to.

Win against oh you know what I can ask my whole family to fight Daddy to help us out and we'll starve him first I would never want to get on her bad side I guess her dad's not so powerful within the family it's fine I was thinking about asking for your father's approval anyway I'm hoping wakana and I will get married.

One day it's something I'll have to do sooner or later thank you shinyakoon I know you'll prove our love to him wakana and I have only started our journey together there are still plenty of issues we'll have to deal with I have my girlfriend right by my side will overcome all hardships that will be.

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