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[Manga Dub] I trapped the two most beautiful girls in school inside a storage room… [RomCom]


Shiaki or sorry it's out of here my name is chiaki akaba and I don't have much experience with women everyone calls me pure key they make fun of me for being awkward and unpopular with girls however I have shown them chiaki akaba is a man of action when it's needed.

Sana me you you can get out on one condition you know what I mean by that right right now the two most popular girls are trapped inside the gymnasium storeroom and I'm looking in although I'm about to leave them there you want to know why this happened well it goes back to yesterday's lunch break.

you just can't help but blush when we come near you oh you'll always be Purity ah I hate you guys yesterday was like any other day was getting teased by my female classmates.

Shiaki do you want to eat lunch together her name is Miu ayasaki the cool it girl of our class she's popular but is also my only female friend she knows how bad I am with girls so she came in to save me from the situation Mew just in time thank you however just as me you and I walked out.

Into the Halls we bumped into Sana nanasay coming out of her classroom chiaki oh there you are hey you forgot that we promised to eat lunch together didn't you huh we did we did this morning how can you forget about me you fool oh then I guess I'll get going then why don't you stay with us Mio the three of us can eat.

Together uh thanks Sana these two beautiful girls seem to be getting along great which has caused a bit of a problem for me you know chiaki you always seem so unwary and fragile that's why people call you pure key ah don't have to put it right into my face you know that's right nothing is worse.

Than two girls ganging up on you sometimes it doesn't end with just the lectures okay let's go back to when chiaki was being teased by those girls yay you could practice how to act around girls that way huh what do you mean by practice here goes you just can't help but blush when we come near you oh you'll always be pure.

Key ah I'm sorry to say this but these two are so much more attractive than the girls in the classroom whether I look to my right this is so so is this going to help oh my gosh so cute but don't do it if you're going to get embarrassed about it oh I look to my left don't just sit.

There come on say something how cute can she get there's something soft is pushing against my arm hey guys flip let me go huh what did you just say I said please let me go I just can't you're so funny my stomach muscles how pure can you get look at his ears.

They're bright red and they expect me not to blush when they're so close to me uh purkey you got a man up and tell us what you want try it with a firm voice that's another thing you need to work on when you don't like something you gotta say no you guys are mean I can't believe you made fun of me like that you better.

Watch your back look at him go do you think we went too far he told us to watch our backs while turning his back on us that night I couldn't sleep thinking about the conversation from earlier I know they're right I let people walk all over me I need to be more clear about what I want but just knowing what the problem is won't solve.

It me you and Sana are so evil why do they have to tease me like that I know I can talk back to them if they're not in my face yes distance I just need to keep my distance then I could tell him off okay I'm gonna do it tomorrow I got this the next day after school I couldn't do it so I gave up and was about to head home when oh chiaki can.

You help us out we need to bring all of this to the gymnasium store room it's so heavy oh yeah okay I can't believe we had to stay after school to finish the marathon we couldn't finish during class I'm so tired and I'm so hungry me too excuse me why am I the only one carrying stuff I was dissatisfied but I decided to continue carrying the boxes to the.

Storeroom for them hey we'll take over from here thanks shiaki oh just a second uh okay now what what are they going to make me do now however as the girls finished cleaning up the storeroom door suddenly shut oh wait the door won't open what is.

Going on is there something wrong the door closed it won't open can you open it from that side no it won't open I completely forgot the teacher told us to be careful since the storeroom door is broken I guess we're just stuck here the door just doesn't open smoothly it'll easily open if I just give it a.

Nudge but oh gosh I'm so tired and hungry Jackie can you get us one of the teachers okay oh wait a minute this might be my only chance they're both in the store room they can't come near me I'm the only one who can save them so.

They won't try to anger me basically Miu and sana's lives depend on me so that means this is the perfect time to tell them everything I've wanted to say to them well I can go get a teacher but isn't there something you guys should do before I go get help um something we need to do.

What is it what are you talking about do you remember making fun of me calling me purkey yesterday you both haven't given me any sort of apology for that yes I did it see I can do anything as long as there's a door between us oh right that's hey I'm sorry chiaki you're still holding a grudge.

Against us for that you're so petty that's not a proper apology and did she just diss me I I see well I guess I won't be going to call for help today why you need to sound apologetic and Sana you didn't even apologize to me so what do you want from us we'll do anything just let us out let's see how about you turn around three times.

And say meow what the heck that's such a weird thing to ask from us stop Sarah to listen to what he's saying that's right I knew you were smart Mew oh if you're on my nerves twirl twirl nothing beats me you saying meow to me.

Is this okay she's blushing it's adorable twirl twirl twirl meow unbelievable never did I imagine ever being able to see Sana like this she's just as amazing as Mew um so are you satisfied she should always be this modest we did what you asked us to go call the teacher now I'm so hungry I could eat a.

Cow hurry no can do Sana doesn't seem to be sorry enough what jeez shiaki seriously you're making me angry that's fine you and your little anger can stay in the storage room until PE tomorrow you jerk you don't know how Who I Am What if I die oh I almost forgot that I have some leftover bread from lunch.

Today do you want it yes please but sana's being too stubborn say meow meow and maybe I'll give you some uh chiaki stop being such an idiot sauna let's just do whatever he asks us to do it's yucky you'll regret this when I get out Sana are you listening to me you'll.

Never get out with that attitude master I want some food meow I'm so hungry meow please feed me meow well both of them are meowing now this is too much fine if you want it so bad here meow thank you master meow do you know chiaki I'm never going to forgive you this bread is so yummy meow oh Mew we.

Don't have to meow anymore meow they finished the bread and started to negotiate again let us out already go call the teacher I don't know I didn't want to say this but I kind of need to use the bathroom what I've been trying to hold it in but I don't know if I can for much longer.

It's a lie but I'm sure he'll believe me now come on chiaki open the door then here huh what is this you don't know what this is it's an empty milk bottle seriously this only holds 200 mL it's no time to be picky Sana I'm just kidding here an empty milk carton now you're just being crueltyaki.

Come on it's just a joke damn it I thought he would let us out if he thought I needed to use the bathroom Sana huh what is it meal uh I'm about to have an emergency here what milk bottle milk carton doesn't matter just hand me one oh my gosh let us out seriously me you was about to burst it's okay Sana I'll just go here.

Mew don't give up we'll get out fine but there's one condition what is it you honest to meow again I don't care just open the freaking door well I want you to forgive me for making you to do all of that huh I'm so sorry to both of you I know I went too far please forgive me I was just upset about always getting.

Teased by both of you I mean I thought Mia was like me and Sana you always knew how I felt about my awkwardness so it made me mad I was hurt I felt betrayed since you two are the only ones who understand me but I feel bad about this I shouldn't have taken it this far I know it's so selfish of me to ask you.

Guys this but I hope you guys will stay as my best friends tea hockey you don't you don't have to ramble on and go on about that just get us out right now I'm telling you Mew needs to go Sana I need you to turn around and cover your ears no don't be desperate we.

onto the water it reminds me of toilets me you I finally realized how much of an emergency Mew was in I pushed on the door and it opened just like I thought it would slowly make sure you don't make sudden movements oh okay sorry Miu sauna too gosh I feel bad right then me you pushed my back and it fell back into the.

Storage room here chiaki your turn huh what you brought this upon yourself Mr chiaki what Mew don't you need to I can't believe you guys believed me you had me tricked too I needed you to believe me to trick him well you're amazing Mew.

Hey I'm sorry don't leave me oh you don't want us to leave you huh why don't you reflect on what you said to us when we were in there you can stay there and think about it until did you say PE tomorrow our positions had switched completely I was in serious trouble um I want to go to the bathroom please what well I've been holding it in too.

I'm not kidding oh then here how am I supposed to get it in a Capri Sun pack the hole is too small I don't care sauna hey sauna let's go get changed and go home you good idea ah I think I'm getting hungry again yay let's go to the cafe by the station I love their pancakes wait a minute guys.

Oh they don't know I have my phone with me I can just call for help huh where's my phone huh can't be they got me good there was no way out for me in the end Mio and Sana didn't leave me they called the teacher are you okay.

Chiaki wait what's wrong with you I'm crying dude stop weeping like a baby I was reflecting hard on what I had done that day after that the three of us ended up going home together I'm so sorry guys I thought about it a lot in the storage room did you really.

Are you sorry yes I won't ever do it again fine then we forgive you I mean I feel bad for what we did to you we can put it behind us and I'll make sure to keep your feelings in mind when we talk too thanks you two are the best all righty who's ready to go eat some.

Pancakes let's go to the cafe to celebrate our minded friendship hey you guys my arms I'm lucky to have friends that don't hold grudges they forgave me and moved on quickly I hope the three of us will continue to stay this way.

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