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[Manga Dub] I tried finding a girlfriend, and two beautiful girls came forward… [RomCom]


I know this is sudden my name is and I'm currently looking for a girlfriend I waited until my teacher left the classroom and then mustered up my courage and stood before my class to make my announcement then you must be an idiot my childhood friend Nats me akiyama immediately hit me with a harsh comment natsui what the heck do you.

Think you're doing it's not something you can just announce what are you hoping for see this is what I thought yeah I've never had a girlfriend in my life I'm single and wasting away my high school life I need to do something about.

It huh you've got to be kidding me listen up we're seniors you've never had a boyfriend either don't you see how pathetic we are hey don't pull me into your mess I've never felt the need to rely on a boyfriend hmm they're all laughing at us because of.

You I was only telling the truth I'm gonna beat your ass after that natsume and I started a huge fight it was always like this not to me and I have grown up together and our fights are intense however it doesn't mean we don't get along it means we trust each other to be honest with each other.

That's why we spend so much time together in front of the whole I need to make a girlfriend at least once so you end up finding somebody uh no.

I want to date a guy who announces personal issues in front of all my friends but I could see how desperate you are so I'll be your girlfriend if you want what I said I'm willing to date you if you want no really yeah but why you've never had any interest in me whatsoever well.

Consider the possibility that you are just that naive and stupid I've always liked you ever since we were kids what I I had no idea Kazuma you are such an idiot am I really yeah you probably never would have found out if I just didn't tell you now she's never given me any signs that she thought of me as more than a friend.

Way now that I think back on it natsumi has always been by my side to help me through my problems I always appreciated her interventions but now I can see she did it because she cared for me she liked me so what do you think Kazuma huh well you're the one who said you wanted a girlfriend what do you think about me well I mean I'm not sure I'm.

The one you want can you clarify please uh you're pretty popular at school despite your many many flaws my many many flaws see you're doing it again you're hurting me oh oh well I think my hand slipped a little that's a great excuse give me an answer the um I mean as long as you're okay with it I'd love to date you.

You accept me despite my violence yeah you're kind and caring I love how you're always willing to take care of others even if you don't have any boobs your face is pretty enough to cover for it oh wait I don't think I like the last comment of yours hey that doesn't mean you should hit me let's tone down the violence we're dating now.

Right shouldn't the boyfriend have a big enough heart to embrace his girlfriend's feelings yes but this is a completely different issue from this I screamed at the top of my lungs until natsumi's punch crunched into me I think I lost Consciousness for a second anyways Nats me and I started our relationship however neither of us was.

Expecting what happened next oh it's a text from fuyuka fuka Haruno she's a classmate of mine and is also known as the most popular girl in school she's famous for her classy princess-like demeanor I had no idea why she texted me she and I had never exchanged private messages before and I was curious hi Kazuma sorry for the.

Sudden text I was hoping I could talk to you in private do you have time to meet up tomorrow at school huh oh I know what she wants he thinks my announcement to the class was inappropriate she probably wants to scold me for it fuyuka is a proper and modest person I understand if she thought I was joking around it must have.

Upset her for her to text me like this maybe I should skip school tomorrow oh what's wrong uh I just don't feel so great today how it's not like that I'm so happy that you're my girlfriend nuts me are you sure yes I am 100 sure okay good.

Wait was natsumi always this cute she looks so much more attractive than she usually does ever since we started dating I couldn't keep my eyes off knots me she was adorable oh I almost forgot I don't want her classmates to know about our relationship can you keep it a secret huh why well they'll start making fun of.

Us it'll be embarrassing oh I see let's keep it a secret then I didn't want to be teased either and it wasn't like I wanted to brag about getting a girlfriend I agreed to do his natsumi said we decided not to tell anybody thank you so tell me if I'm not the reason why are you feeling so down oh uh well yeah don't worry about it natsumi.

Will get worried if I tell her fuyuka was upset and wanted to talk to me plus it was embarrassing to tell my girlfriend how I was about to get lectured by a fellow classmate okay she wasn't convinced at all but I somehow managed to change the subject later on I was heading to the school rooftop after school to meet up with fuyuka she's a.

Kind person I don't think she'll go too hard on me oh sorry I didn't think you would be here before me oh it's okay thank you for coming and meeting me after school I know you're a busy guy hey she doesn't seem angry at all so um you said you were looking for a.

Girlfriend right huh I was thinking if it's all right with you I'd like to be your girlfriend say what oh I didn't think you'd be so surprised of course I would be you're the most popular girl in school fuyuka I never expected you to ask me out oh uh well yes I guess I'm asking you out.

That's how cute can she be um are you sure I'm the one you want yes I'm sure oh I see so she said on her decision uh I'm really sorry I don't think I can date you fuyuka are you saying no of course not I don't not like you it's just yes.

It's just somebody already offered to be my girlfriend yesterday I have a girlfriend now that's why I can't accept your offer fuyuka for this I was thinking too hard I guess I took too much time to answer her.

Question hey wait for your car whoa she's fast hold on a second please let me go wait why are you crying what serious I didn't think you acknowledged me at all my feelings hidden I had to since I.

Always thought you and natsumi were dating oh I could see why fuyuka thought that way many people mistake knots means in my friendship for a romantic one nobody believes us when we say we weren't in a relationship but since I found out you two weren't dating yesterday I thought I had my chance with you I thought about it all night and I.

Finally convinced myself to step up and ask you out but now you're actually dating not to me I wonder what I did to deserve this cruel Destiny my gosh what should I do I feel awful after hearing her side of the story but I can't cheat on Knots me that would be unfair to her hey um I know you don't want to hear this from.

Me but I think there are better guys for you out there but I've liked you for so long I can't turn off these feelings like a light switch it's impossible she has a very good point but I don't think I'm good enough to deserve your feelings for Yuka that is not true what you are an amazing guy you were always the one to brighten up the room.

You're funny and wonderful oh thanks I'm honored that a person like you would feel that way about me a person like me but you are not willing to date me right well I have a girlfriend her name is natsumi I can't leave her to date fuyuka but okay here goes how about you and natsumi.

Both be my girlfriends if that's okay with you she was known to be a righteous person I expected her to say no she would never agree to it I sure huh I would love to do that why wow I just realized I should ask not to me first.

It's true we need her consent as well it was such an unexpected turnout I decided to leave it up to knots me no way that's cheating I will punch you I knew she would say that I agree but I can't just back down no I am not listening to you I can't do that please think about it again girl she's trying so hard to make me a.

Two-timer fine not to me sure yes I mean if I don't say yes things will get more complicated for you because not going to give up on you it's gonna cause so many problems for all of us you can't be serious stop being so annoying I said yes didn't I I need to make one thing clear though huh I'm not.

Doing this because I'm okay with you dating both of us this is temporary just until you pick me I see so you want him to try a relationship with both of us so he can decide who he really wants a day in the end what a great idea exactly wait why are you speaking when I was talking to Kazuma oh I'm kazuma's girlfriend too I have a right to talk as.

Well don't I well you're a feisty one aren't you I'm learning from the best hey they're getting riled up to fight what's gonna happen to me starting that day Nats me and fuyuka began to mark their territory councilman good morning not to me you can't grab onto me like.

That I thought you said you wanted to hide our relationship from everybody a change since we agreed on that see see here she comes good morning cosuma not to me good morning did you come to pick me up yes I know what time you usually arrive at school I figured out what time you leave your house so I could walk with both of you.

In the morning hey do you realize how much of a stalker she sounds like let's pretend we didn't hear anything I tried not to think about it too much so what if she knew what time I left home it means she cares about me can I hold your arm it would be unfair if not to be was the only one allowed to do that you're so sweet.

Well you look at that smile I've never seen anything so pretty you're in a good mood huh yup it's always been my dream to link arms with my boyfriend oh I see what should I do there's only so much cuteness I can handle and so this is how I became an officially accepted two-timer as our relationships continued now not to be in.

Fuyuka became overly competitive they competed at everything from feeding me their homemade lunches to fighting over who gets to cuddle with me during breaks and after school neither of them were allowed to go on private dates with me since it would be unfair the three of us spent every moment we could together and you hear my best survival for Yuka yes I.

Agree not to be I am not going to lose against you I respects that opinion but I have no intention of losing either eventually they learned to accept each other as healthy Rivals our story doesn't end here but I'll save the rest for another day I know I started the whole mess and it's my responsibility but for now I'm glad that the girls have.

Started getting along you am disregarding many crucial issues but I'll get to them someday thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well foreign.