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[Manga Dub] I tried to overcome my shyness by asking her to perform hypnosis on me… [RomCom]


One day after school in the classroom starting today you are my little puppy here try saying wolf for me woof I'd become a dog for the most popular girl in class okay now you're going to give me a kiss now come on do it your master is giving you orders.

I apologize for the embarrassing scene let me explain how this happened I chiaki akaba have a friend that's a girl chiaki do you have a second hmm what is it Mew this is Miu ayasaki anybody who encounters her is drawn to her cool and mature demeanor however chiaki your hands are so soft huh she's actually a softy.

They say that you are lovable if your hands are soft and why don't I have any friends she's not acting this way on purpose or anything me was a natural goofball everybody thinks she's cool because of her looks and her shyness guys flock around Mew since she's so pretty whenever she walks down the street guys.

Start following her like little ducklings following their mother her physical appearance added to her shy personality this is what caused everybody to think she has this cool Untouchable personality however Mew just sucks at talking to people just like me I get along with you just fine but I can't seem to talk to other people.

Properly you know I was just about to say the same thing great minds think alike huh I guess that's why we ended up befriending each other since we don't have the power to make any other friends I didn't have any other friends and one day after school shiaki listen to this I found a good way to overcome our shyness oh what is it.

Hypnosis wow really that sounds like such a hmm what did you just say I said hypnosis chiaki uh what I said hip no sis she can't be serious she's trying to fix things by learning hypnosis I see hypnosis no thank you why it's the best solution to our problem.

Where did you even get that idea seriously she told me that she looked it up online and hypnosis seems to be the best way to overcome our problem weren't there any other options um there was a vase worth 500 000 Yen or this Power Stone bracelet for 700 000 Yen I see let's go with hypnosis everything Miu looked up looked shady.

And untrustworthy The Only Thing Worth trying on her list of possible solutions was hypnosis geez seriously hypnosis it's ridiculous so who's going to do the hypnotizing well I was thinking me huh what did you say I said that I'm going to hypnotize you then I'm gonna have to say no why I.

Promise it'll work I want to do the hypnotizing I can't just let you ruin my life she's totally clueless and it's me you she's too clumsy to make it work Tada I've actually already done the research Mio took out a hypnosis book a shady one called super hypnosis hypnotizing for beginners totally crazy hypnosis.

Guaranteed the author is mind controller kitamura are you kidding me however that'll work out for me okay let's try it out huh you were so against it a little while ago I was acting to see if you were actually serious about it that's a lie there's no way she'll succeed I mean did you look at how stupid the book she studied looked I.

Thought of a good idea I'll hypnotize her back let me elaborate you'll be impressed I'll pretend to be hypnotized and later on praise Miu for being so talented it'll totally boost her confidence and then she'll be able to overcome her shyness for sure however the one thing that's bothering me is that none of this is going to be.

Beneficial for me at all oh well anyways I'll just go with whatever she plans on doing okay then let's get on with it oh no hypnosis is complicated there are certain steps we need to take before starting steps first of all we need to make sure that.

You and I are both willing to build a strong rapport with each other whoa she's pulling out some difficult vocabulary here what the heck is rapport it's a relationship based on Mutual understanding and empathy it's very important to make the hypnosis work well you know I always trust you mu.

No it's not just that huh that's not enough to make it work that's not enough to go on to the next step what do you mean by that well um the book said we have to be at the highest point of trust and attraction to make strong hypnosis work he plans on putting strong hypnosis on me.

Is my shyness really that bad oh okay well can you just walk me through what we have to do then we finally started to build rapport but so what do I need to do first first we need to hug okay that's easy wait what no no we can't do that but it said so mind control of kitamura said we needed to hug to start the procedure.

That idiot mind controller okay come here please uh are you sure about this I'll be fine it's just you oh okay then is this okay yep just a little harder like this yes next we need to stay in this position and you need to stroke my hair what kitamura.

Is crazy don't say that about my teacher he's he is brilliant I know he wasn't there but I couldn't keep it in there was nothing I could do I followed her orders I hugged her and stroked her hair yeah this is so embarrassing I can't take it are you sure this is how we do it really yeah this is exactly what the book said okay.

After this you need to have it on me that more are you little freak get down here oh my gosh stop it chiaki you need to calm down how are you going to build rapport if you keep getting so heated up do you not see how weird this is I mean why would he even mention comments on in.

A book for hypnosis my heart is racing how is this going to help but it was in the book the instructions were even numbered this is all so wrong is a pervert being so riled up won't fix anything fine here I go okay I'm ready and you have to make sure to say your.

Lines too okay I know okay here goes hey don't get too ahead of yourself you want to be my girlfriend don't you what I'm not getting ahead of myself and who said I wanted to be your girlfriend oh get away from me who permitted you to open your mouth I'm the one giving out orders if you don't like it you can run.

Run run yeah I can't do this you know I can't do this she Huggy you're not the only one who's embarrassed this is insane kitamura wrote this book imagining all of these things happening to himself this is enough right we can go to the next step now right I think so I'm.

Pretty positive I can't and so the hypnosis finally began I want you to keep your eyes on this five Yen coin keep looking at it I've seen this before you will start feeling sleepy sleepy sleepy when I clap my hands together you will immediately fall into a deep deep.

Sleep now what oh my gosh I made it work no she really didn't I'm just faking it to go through with my plan she seems to believe me okay here's where I show off my acting skills okay then first tell me tell me 10 things you like about Miu ayasaki 10.

Things I like about Miu okay wait what Quest is that hey I thought that you were under hypnosis oh crap ah I'm under hypnosis thank God for a second there I thought he was awake it would be embarrassing if he actually heard my question.

I'm awake me you but something's wrong if he was really under hypnosis he would have said 10 things about me already I'm under I'm sleeping I am so under hypnosis you're doing great he seems to be under I'm so glad she's such an airhead I somehow managed to get her to believe me.

But now I have to think of 10 things what do I do oh I know I like mew's hands okay that's one I like the first joint of your pointer finger that's two The Joint that's weird I also like the second joint of your pointer finger that's three huh I like the second joint of your pinky finger.

Oh my gosh he keeps talking about finger joints why does he like my finger finger much I succeeded I earned three points with just finger joints fine thanks my hands you become a doggy what a dog okay here we go now woof.

Oh my gosh I can't believe this is happening to me but I have to go through this for music even if it's not going to help me at all other paw doggy chiaki you're still you're still having so much fun please stop please just stop this now let me pet you oh.

I want to try out something I saw in a show the other day starting today you will be my loyal dog here say woof if you understand I can see making me do what show did she see this on no you will come here and kiss me come on hurry your master is giving you orders.

Oh dear you're a bad doggy so you're saying you can't follow my orders oh no she's ordered me to be a dog and now she's going to take my first kiss Jesus Christ how much longer do we have to continue doing this huh chiaki why I thought you were sleeping I've been awake the whole time.

Seriously what is wrong with you 10 things I like about you become a dog I only ordered you to do that to see if you were actually under it was so embarrassing and you wouldn't stop what were you going to do if I actually kissed you were you going to just let me no I was just going to stop you at the last moment and tell you to wait until.

Next time why are you ordering me to do such things this is my last resort self mind control what what are you doing I'm going to hypnotize myself now you should have just done that in the first place instead of just wasting my time I will erase every memory of everything that happened after I tried to hypnotize.

Chiaki oh God so you're just going to avoid the situation my memory will be gone when I clap my hands now mew clapped her hands and when she opened her eyes oh wait it's chiaki do you have any idea what I was just doing you're so obvious your face is bright red Miu that's so weird I don't remember anything.

Mew seriously it's annoying stop it stop it now here what's wrong chiaki well Mew you're so watching her trying to act so hard it made everything seem so silly and I just cracked up no no it's nothing I just.

Thought you were so funny hey anyways I think I've forgotten what happened this afternoon too if we look back on what went on this afternoon Mia will be the most embarrassed so I decided it would be best for me to pretend I forgot so let's just forget about everything we did today I think we both experienced.

Enough embarrassment for the day we should put it to an end by tomorrow we'll be back to the original Way We Were let's try something less unusual to overcome our shyness huh what's wrong oh Chucky you sound like huh why do I sound.

Like Gruff no oh come on let's end the hypnosis already I'm getting so hungry why don't we head home oh you're back to normal no geez Mia will you cut it out already let's go home paw why would I give you my paw other paw.

Seriously that's enough hypnosis what do I do what should I do he's still hypnotized he's acting like a dog what do I do Mr kitamura oh my hypnosis techniques are crazy I apologize in advance if there are any After Effects ciao oh this is not good later on chiaki you seem a little different these.

Days how I didn't get a haircut or anything um you're woofing woof let this be a lesson never try hypnosis if you're not a professional thanks for watching that was today's video know please check out our other videos as well.