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[Manga Dub] I tried to protect my childhood friend, but she rejected me… [RomCom]


I was rejected by heroo again that's unfortunate my name is takuya urasawa my childhood friend Emmy miketta came over to my house one day after class Emmy likes her one-year older classmate hoto but she's just been continuously rejected I tried cheering her up as usual it's your third time right how about you just give up you keep going.

And you're going to end up a stalker actually I feel like you're already a stalker you're literally currently a stalker sorry I had no intention of cheer bring her up that's so mean I'm not a stalker stalker I mean Emmy what did he say this time sorry I'm only interested in skinny girls huh really yeah so it's not like I don't like you.

It's just a matter of personal preference you know adios so yeah he said adios Jesus Christ whatever that's totally a losing fight he really doesn't like you you've got no chance rest in peace bye that much come on you cheer me up a little bit I will not give up huh if he likes skinny girls I'm going to lose weight I'm pretty sure you're.

Skinny enough no look at my stomach it's all squishy uh want to pinch it uh no I'm good oh my God I would love to pinch it I'm going to do something about this fat next month help me out of course I'm going to give you a wonderful present for your hard efforts it's a limited edition tiu from Yuki Kanon B Bakery oh my God I love you you're going to make.

Me gain weight huh you don't want it it's really good I want it but I want it but here you go it's so good emo in my mouth yeah you look great when you're eating good food damn it I ate it you shall grow I mean this is fine it's just a little just a single bite have another I finished it.

How was it it was delicious but I never felt this guilty in my life before a come on a girl should have a little meat on her it's healthier no if I keep getting fatter Roto sound will hate me he's already rejected you three times he can't dislike you more you're being so mean why won't you help me out you're trying to make me fatter well you know.

I'm sure she won't listen to whatever I have to say I think you're cute just as you are I love the little tummy you have personally that doesn't make me happy wow you're at Sunder too so cute I'm not a suere taka please help me I'm always on your side Emmy I'm helping you out right now as we speak H I think you're only getting in my.

Way you're totally imagining things just your imagination I can help you out as much as you want but I think it's important to learn to give up too if you keep going you're just going to be called a stalker I know and I'm not a stalker I just really like him spoken just like a true stalker I'm going to go home thanks for.

Always listening to me yeah you're always free to talk to me thanks see you see you tomorrow talk about annoying she's always saying heroo this heroo that how much do you like him I'm right here hello and what does she even like about him he's apparently really studious and is the captain of the soccer team and is.

Super popular amongst the girls but still I have no chance I'm literally an NPC I love you Emy so I think you figured it out by now but I like her maybe it's cuz we've been together for so long as childhood friends but she doesn't look at me as a man but I try to listen to her as much as possible to try to keep my position.

In second place sorry I forgot something oh hey welcome home hey I swear I overheard you screaming something about how you love Emmy you're hearing things or you just heard the universe sending you signals for Better or For Worse Emmy is only ever interested in one guy at a time who's hardworking kind of blonde and dense but when I asked what part of.

Hiro toan she likes she answers his face yeah she's only interested in good-looking guys which means she would never understand what this NPC thinks I can't even ask her out I'm so worried that she might reject me I guess that's my fault a month later look at this stomach it's skiter than before that's good I don't know if I'm being.

Shallow but I feel like she's cuter than she was before apparently her diet was a huge success she was somehow prettier than before he should definitely say yes this time around right Hiro toan is super popular though he might have a girlfriend nope sorry try again next time but I'm going to do it I'm going to try I knew she wasn't one to joke but.

She was dead serious however there was a pretty bad room rumor about him fooling around with girls I wanted to find out the truth so I crept my way to his classroom you know that Emmy chick the sophomore she's skinnier now and cuter Emmy at voice ah that annoying chick you're going to fool with her too a you know I have a thing for skinny.

Waist she's not my type at all up top but you know it's all the same I knew he was a piece of I got to tell her and stop her from asking him out hey what are you doing out here of course the second I was trying to figure it out I got caught what a cliche moment this guy was listening in on us he's that guy that's always around.

Ammy um I'm her childhood friend I see and you overheard everything yes sir what do you plan on doing with her well I just want to hang out with her or in her if you know what I mean please don't do anything to her what you like her or something yes sir I've liked her for a long time I'm begging him so of course he's.

Going to Cave I'm not letting a piece of of crap like you take Emmy nah I'm good what how about you ask her out then I'm sure she'll come crawling back to me though I knew he'd say some like this whatever I'll tell her everything that you said today I decided to tell Emmy about what happened after class Emmy I have something I want to talk to.

You about do you have a second about hosan I know about it already oh you knew then I guess I can keep it short he's you're the absolute worst I shouldn't have trusted you huh Emmy you like me so you went to him to tell him to reject me right what no why would I do that I got a text from him a second ago he said that you were all scared to.

Ask me out so you are mumbling in the shadows about me and even spreading rumors about him I've never done that then why did you keep telling me to give up you weren't cooperated for dating because you didn't want him to like me right listen to me I just wanted to protect you I don't want that Cheapo to have you let go of me you're such an.

don't talk bad about him huh Emy Chan what's up he wrote to son nothing this little prick he waited to show up let's go heroo so yeah adios damn it Emmy what do I do she doesn't trust anything I'm saying I'm so excited for her date over the weekend it's been so long since I've been to a theme park a theme park.

That's it I was not going to let him have her if she doesn't trust me I need to make sure she doesn't fall for him that weekend Emmy and Hiro toan were on a date I haven't heard anything from Takia I said some pretty awful things but he hasn't messaged me so hoto son must be telling the truth Aman what's wrong you look upset oh it's nothing.

Were you thinking about him no not at all man I can't believe he was going after you a little stalker I don't think he was going that far forget about the creepy stalker you've got me hero son so I want you to what the huh P Chan p p p huh I could have a balloon thank.

You you're so lucky Emon stupid mascot blocking me can I have one oh the hell why the hell would I ever give one to you you puppet I can tell what he's saying he's not cute at all thank you P Chon what was that damn ruit whatever oh Emon let's go get on one of the roller coasters I'm going to take her back to my place.

After this to make her scream for sure I was so scared my head is still spinning are you okay you're so wobbly me too but oh Eman ah time to get some physical contact in huh Pon Chan what thank you Pon Chan p p p p this prick got in the way again freaking raccoon everywhere they went Paul and.

Sean was there to be in the way it was getting late and they were going to go home soon I had so much fun today hero toan oh really that's great to hear I was getting annoyed with how much that stupid raccoon kept getting in the way oh Emy Chan how about you come over to my house my parents aren't home tonight huh please I don't want to be separated.

From you just one night if you want you can stay for two nights come on please he son I don't want to do anything like that till I get married a enough already huh Roto son just come over I'll show you what it means to ride my roller coaster that's what you were after this whole time shut up and listen to me you like me right no I didn't realize that.

That's what you wanted oh come on if you were satisfied with my date satisfy me too you're so horrible everything tuu yet said was true you there what are you doing to that innocent girl p done huh the raccoon and security we want to have a little talk with you so how about you come with us what hang on I haven't done.

Anything yet I see so you were about to huh how about we talk to your parents please not my parents Emmy explained to the security guards that he was trying to have his way with her and so the security called his parents to have them pick him up he was chewed out nicely thank you Pon John p p p p you really helped me you're always helping.

Me pon pon sorry about everything I didn't trust you before I'm so stupid but you still saved me I was so happy I want to tell you how I feel so please show me your real face on bone please I need to see Jesus you're strong who the hell are you oh I'm a part-time worker yoshiki Tanaka I'm 42 and single not takuya yeah I'm yosiki um.

Have you been protecting me all all day no I was gambling all day I just started my shift 10 minutes ago huh then who was working before you I was asked not to tell you he said that he wants to protect you from the Shadows but you're cute so I'll tell you his name is that old dude better not tell her my name I'm sure she doesn't want to be protected by.

Someone she's mad at I was so surprised when Pon Cham was holding a gambling book I told him that I wouldn't tell anyone as long as I could borrow his ponchon outfit he was quick to comply that following Monday I opened the door and Emmy was waiting outside morning takuya let's go to school together Emmy what's going on I thought.

You didn't like me there's something I want to talk to you about so yeah I don't know what would have happened if ponchan wasn't there I'm so sorry I didn't believe you it's okay if you're okay I'm glad she doesn't know I know that I'm being selfish but can we please make up I told you I'm always on your side thank you takuya I love.

You how about we go to a Cafe in front of the station for making up I want to thank the secret hero that protected me from the Shadows huh protected you from the Shadows secret hero nothing nothing at all we were able to really see eye to eye and I feel like we closed the Gap I want to keep protecting her I wish I could go out with.

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