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[Manga Dub] I turned down the prettiest girl in class, but she kept approaching me… [RomCom]


Two months after entering High School I was approached by a really hot girl from my class I think you're really cool and on my mind for a while now if it's okay with you can I be your girlfriend my answer to this strange confession of love was of course sorry I'm not cool in the slightest so I.

Can't date you I turned her down I'm just a gloomy introvert there's no way I could hey wait a second are you so fast I said wait is there anyone who actually Waits when they're told to wait like that by the way I'm takiro ishizuka High School freshman I'm not cool I'm just a swift footed gloomy introvert the next day.

I'm pleased Rico doesn't seem upset about what happened yesterday the perpetrator of yesterday's confession was talking happily to a classmate as if nothing had happened this is Rico momosee she's a scholarship student with excellent grade who gave an address at the school entrance ceremony on top of that she has the face of an idol the.

Style of a model and catches everyone's attention there's a rumor that every guy in the class excluding me has fallen in love with her confessed their feelings and been mercilessly rejected but mysteriously despite getting so much more attention than anyone else Rico doesn't have any enemies there's no drama after she turns down one of her.

Admirers and they get on well as friends she's either got a really good personality or is a really good strategist want things for certain she's super bubbly and extroverted at any rate I'd have no idea why she'd have a crush on me I wonder if she lost a dare no she's not.

Immature enough to do something like that and just as I was thinking about her hey takadoo what are you thinking about Rico suddenly came over to talk to me um nothing Rico is it yesterday by any chance I only thought it might be worth a try.

But it's fine really well then I'm pleased ah but I want to get to know you better why don't we go and grab a bite to eat on lunch break sorry I'm a little busy I have to go wait wow he really is fast I'm sorry Rico I just haven't got the guts to eat lunch with a popular girl which is why once.

Again I ran away from her however after launch in French class won't you pair up with me no I won't then again after school won't you walk home with me no I won't why are you so fast on the contrary I wanted to ask why she was so aggressively interested in me the immutable truth that introverts and extroverts don't mix she should realize.

That the balance of this principle is what makes the world turn nevertheless Rico continued to approach me almost every single day a few days later huh he does nothing but run away could I do to make him like me what's up you got a crush on someone hmm rather than a crush it's more like I'm a pyramid Explorer.

Uh pyramid Explorer takaru is the only guy who's completely indifferent to me oh takaru he's the one who shows absolutely no interest in girls right the one who's rumored to be a mummy because of how eventless his love life is yeah that's him so if he showed any.

Interest in me it'd be like I'd stolen the heart from a pharaoh right the pharaoh stolen you could at least say one wait are you saying you won't be satisfied until every guy in class has confessed their love to you no it's not like that at all it's because rather than being chased I like.

To be the one doing the chasing you have a really unique personality when he runs away my desire to pursue him only intensifies or rather I just want him to at least show a little interest in me you know so you can say you've stolen his heart sort of thing I said it's not like that anyway do you.

Have any advice how about you find out if you have any shared Hobbies shared hobbies that seems unlikely so why don't you try taking an interest in his maybe you'll get along and then he might fall in love with you that's it the next day I having no idea this discussion had taken place what about my.

Business as usual hey talkative why don't put away please there's something I want to ask you a question what is it I was just wondering what kind of things you usually do for fun I read books play video games and well that's about it really that's so cool huh what's cool about that.

What kind of manga do you read um well there's Canon romance manga what's that it sounds interesting it does it's still not finished though and there are about 36 volumes huh 36 take all of them all in a single evening then tomorrow me and takadu could have.

Fun talking about them I having no idea what had transpired went to school the next day Rico your face those bags under your eyes that manga you recommended me yesterday was so interesting I stayed up all night there's no way I know right I went to.

The bookstore bought all 36 volumes and read them all in one go they were super interesting is she serious a spot of Light reading at a cafe or borrowing them from someone who already has them would be one thing you got any more recommendations well I do but why are you doing this.

Because I want to know about the things you're interested in but I'd rather you didn't end up with those bags under your eyes okay well if you like from now on I'll just lend you my recommendations Billy want to do me your manga you're so kind takadoo could a beer starting to come.

Out of your shell a little I don't want her to end up sleep deprived again after reading through the night or going off and wasting her money again if I make another recommendation I'll just lender a few pieces of something short at any rate I wonder what's driving her to act like this that's how I came to start lending Rico.

Manga through manga we naturally began to start speaking more even if slowly I gradually began to let my guard down with her it felt strange somehow because I'd always thought I couldn't mix with extroverts there was one other change through my relationship with Momo say my.

Other classmate started paying attention to me too hey ishizuka let me some of your favorite manga me too I mean I don't mind but what's wrong Rico who surrounded by girls and that includes you right listen to borrowing manga from takeru my.

Special privilege they're all using the manga as an excuse to get close to him just like you huh what that kitty might be a little shy but he's kind and pure at heart so it seems like he's a hit with the ladies isn't it because the other girls saw you chasing after him all the time.

Could you finally be entering his Summer of Love his Summer of Love what's what it was me who took him out of his sarcophagus in the first place that's why his heart is mine I have to make my move quickly the next day Rico and I walked home from school together walking home while discussing manga.

Together had basically become a daily occurrence but then hey takadu are you free this weekend I don't really have any plans why the anime movie adaptation of shin okanelian is screaming at the movies right now you know that manga you lent me oh that I was thinking about watching it too.

Well then let's watch it together it just so happens completely by chance that I have miraculously have bought two tickets right here uh sure I guess she really is persistent with that we ended up needing to see a movie together on the weekend takadoo he looks so cool out of your uniform really.

They're just some clothes my mom bought I guess I should be grateful for my mom's fashion sense I think your outfit it really suits you too really you do yes yes yes I knew buy new clothes so this would happen was the right thing to do Rico looks even cuter than usual today.

Hmm but if we get seen and people think we're on a date things could get difficult for her so I better keep as much distance as possible I already have the perfect plan just you wait takadu here's how it goes after the movie we'll head to our restaurant and grab something like for lunch then we'll.

Spend some time relaxing and having fun at karaoke Then when the mood's right I'll confess my love isn't it just the perfect plan the day will be a grand success and today will be the day I finally still talk at his heart but when we got to the movie theater huh temporarily closed apparently they're doing repair work on.

A water leak can't be my plants ruined all of a sudden keep it cool Rico the dates only just started this just means we move ahead a little earlier than planned um takadu I'm hungry shall we go and get some lunch now the plan was to have lunch while discussing the movie We just watched but.

I guess it can't be help um but it's only 10 a.m isn't it a bit early for lunch Oh you mean brunch right if you're hungry we can go to a nearby restaurant yeah we can call it a backup brunch just kidding what do I do what do I do do I really want Taco dude to think I have an.

Appetite of a horse nervous since yesterday and haven't eaten anything so maybe lunch isn't such a bad idea well then I know a good restaurant that's not far from here shall we go there um sure that sounds good I never thought we'd end up eating lunch together.

But when we got to the restaurant huh the restaurant's temporarily closed too apparently they're doing repair work on a gas leak is this really happening I even Googled the place and memorized the menu keep it together Rico we move on to the next stage of the plan um takadu in this case shall we just go.

To karaoke and get something to eat while we're there well I guess that sounds okay you must be pretty hungry huh Rico let's go to karaoke Then what do I do what's think I'm such a huh oh it's because I'm feeling discouraged.

I'm really hungry now I don't care whether it's karaoke or anywhere else I've got to eat something however when we arrived at the karaoke club sure enough huh close to apparently they're doing emergency maintenance on one of the machines.

today's just not our day what is it I really like you huh now of all times so they skip up sorry I didn't mean it like that more like I'm hungry and I'd really like you to come with me until we find a.

Restaurant that's open oh what am I saying he must really think I'm a fat so now you know what Rico I'm sorry I can't take it anymore what takadoo I've held out for so long but I can't take it anymore come with me huh why did you become so assertive all of a.

Sudden you can't take it anymore no way could it be 10 minutes later beef and rice I see I'm actually really hungry too it looks delicious don't you think uh yes I guess you could say it looks delicious why are you stuttering my plans are complete and utter failure.

I'm out of luck to make matters worse talking who thinks I'm obsessed with food I wonder if this is bad karma for trying to seduce him so aggressively what am I even doing hey Rico be honest why did you invite me today well we finally started getting along and I wanted to get to know you better as a friend as a friend I see.

So she didn't have an ulterior motive ah I did get my hopes up a little no no don't be disappointed should I give up on trying to win takadu's Hearts maybe we should just be friends after that we casually killed some time at a game center and in the evening got ready to go our separate ways tuck it who I'm really sorry about today and.

Thank you no not at all thanks for inviting me well I'll see you at school the trains are canceled too ah it looks like there's been some kind of accident it's unknown when service will be restored oh why do I feel like my luck's getting even worse nothing worked out today I feel kind of bad for her.

Now the trains have stopped and she can't get home but I'm her friend she needs me to cheer her up at a time like this that's it hey Rico you know I don't live so far from here you want to come back to my place huh oh um not in a weird way or anything but don't you want to make.

Up for all the things we didn't get to do today how do you mean and so I took Rico along to my house I let her stay until the train started running again we can't watch Shin okangelion but I do have akangelion to you a mother's heart it's the prequel oh okay.

Yeah it's it's just the two of us I'm so nervous after we watched the movie The Train still didn't seem like they'd be running again anytime soon so I made Rico some dinner well takadu I had no idea you were so good at cooking I mean I guess it's because my parents are always at work this is so delicious.

It's nothing special really after that we went to my bedroom to kill some more time well takadoo you like music too I guess I mean who doesn't movie having dinner listening to music together just the two of us wait a second at the end of all this do we well it looks like the trains are running again.

Have a safe trip home oh hmm I was mistaken once we heard news the trains were running again I walked Rico safely to the station I'm not sure if it's because she was tired but she seemed a little downcast on the way home thank you for today takadu I'll see you back at school next.

Week wait Rico huh what's up I'm an introvert and the first time you spoke to me I really didn't know what to do but thanks to you I've had a lot of fun lately thanks to me yeah that's why thanks for everything Rico and I'm looking forward to spending more time with you I was a little embarrassed.

But I was able to honestly express my feelings I'm not sure how well I conveyed them but I gained a little bit of confidence in myself then next week and then he thanked me and I had these butterflies in my stomach really.

Look at who's stolen my heart Rico the mummy's hunter becomes the mummy after school as usual Rico and I walked home together let's make today the day we finally have our karaoke dates date but Rico I thought we were just friends.

And that's how I a swift for the gloomy introvert recently made a close female friend it's embarrassing but it can't run away in fact lately I've been starting to think I want to match my Pace with hers thank you for watching how was today's.

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