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[Manga Dub] I turned down the prettiest girl in class, but she kept approaching me… [RomCom]


Two months after entering High School I was approached by a really hot girl from my class takeru I'll get really cool and on my mind for horrible now if it's okay with you can I be your girlfriend my answer to this strange confession of love was of course.

Sorry I'm not cool in the slightest so I can't date you I turned her down I'm just a gloomy introvert there's no way I could hey cockadoo wait a second who are you so fast I said wait is there anyone who actually Waits when they're told to wait like that by the way I'm takuru ishizuka High School freshman I'm not cool I'm just a swift-footed gloomy.

Introvert the next day I'm pleased Rico doesn't seem upset about what happened yesterday the perpetrator of yesterday's confession was talking happily to a classmate as if nothing had happened this is Rico momosee she's a scholarship student with excellent great who gave an address at the school entrance ceremony on top of.

That she has the face of an idol the style of a model and catches everyone's attention there's a rumor that every guy in the class excluding me has fallen in love with her confessed their feelings and been mercilessly rejected but mysteriously despite getting so much more attention than anyone else Rico doesn't have any enemies there's no.

Drama after she turns down one of her admirers and they get on well as friends she's either got a really good personality or is a really good strategist want things for certain she's super bubbly and extroverted at any rate I'd have no idea why she'd have a crush on me.

I wonder if she lost a dare no she's not immature enough to do something like that and just as I was thinking about her hey takadoo what are you thinking about Rico suddenly came over to talk to me um nothing Rico is it yesterday by any chance I only thought it might be worth.

A try but it's fine really well then I'm pleased ah but I want to get to know you better why don't we go and grab a bite to eat on lunch break sorry I'm a little busy I have to go wait wow he really is fast sorry Rico I just haven't got the guts to eat lunch with a popular girl which is why once again.

I ran away from her however after lunch in French class won't you pair up with me no I won't then again after school won't you walk home with me no I won't why are you so fast on the contrary I wanted to ask why she was so aggressively interested in me the immutable truth that introverts and extroverts don't mix she should realize.

That the balance of this principle is what makes the world turn nevertheless Rico continued to approach me almost every single day a few days later huh he does nothing but run away what could I do to make him like me what's up you got a crush on someone rather than a crush it's more like I'm a.

Pyramid Explorer pyramid Explorer takaru is the only guy who's completely indifferent to me he's the one who shows absolutely no interest in girls right the one who's rumored to be a mummy because of how eventless his love life is yeah that's him so if he showed any interest in me.

It'd be like I'd stolen the heart from a pharaoh right the pharaoh stolen you could at least say one wait are you saying you won't be satisfied until every guy in class has confessed their love to you no it's not like that at all it's because rather than being chased I like.

To be the one doing the chasing you have a really unique personality when he runs away my desire to pursue him only intensifies or rather I just want him to at least show a little interest in me you know so you can say you've stolen his heart sort of thing I said it's not like that anyway do you.

Have any advice how about you find out if you have any shared Hobbies shared hobbies that seems unlikely so why don't you try taking an interest in his maybe you'll get along and then he might fall in love with you that's it the next day I having no idea this.

Discussion had taken place what about my business as usual hey talkative why don't put away please there's something I want to ask you a question what is it I was just wondering what kind of things you usually do for fun I read books play video games and well.

That's about it really that's so cool huh what's cool about that what kind of manga do you read um well there's Canon romance manga what it sounds interesting it does it's still not finished though and there are about 36 volumes huh 36. I'll take all of them.

So certainly I'm going to read them all in a single evening then tomorrow me and takadu could have fun talking about them I having no idea what had transpired went to school the next day Rico your face those bags under your eyes.

that manga you recommended me yesterday was so interesting I stayed up all night there's no way I know right I went to the bookstore bought all 36 volumes and read them all in one go they were super interesting is she serious a spot of Light reading at a cafe or borrowing them from someone who already has them.

Would be one thing you got any more recommendations well I do but why are you doing this because I want to know about the things you're interested in but I'd rather you didn't end up with those bags under your eyes okay well if you like from now on I'll just lend you my recommendations.

Sending me your manga you're so kind takadoo could it be or starting to come out of your shell a little I don't want her to end up sleep deprived again after reading through the night or going off and wasting her money again if I make another recommendation I'll just lend her a few pieces of something short at any rate I wonder.

What's driving her to act like this that's how I came to start lending Rico manga through manga we naturally began to start speaking more even if slowly I gradually began to let my guard down with her it felt strange somehow because I'd always thought I couldn't mix with extroverts.

There was one other change through my relationship with Momo say my other classmate started paying attention to me too hey ishizuka let me some of your favorite manga me I mean I don't mind but what's wrong Rico Tucker who surrounded by girls.

And that includes you right manga from takeru my special privilege they're all using the manga as an excuse to get close to him just like you huh what candy might be a little shy but he's kind and pure at heart so it seems like he's a hit with the ladies isn't it because the other girls saw you.

Chasing after him all the time could you finally be entering his Summer of Love his Summer of Love but but it was me who took him out of his sarcophagus in the first place that's why his heart is mine I have to make my move quickly the next day Rico and I walked home from school together.

Walking home while discussing manga together had basically become a daily occurrence but then hey takadu are you afraid this weekend I don't really have any plans why the anime movie adaptation of shin okanelian is screaming at the movies right now you know that manga you lent me oh that I.

Was thinking about watching it too well then let's watch it together it just so happens completely by chance that I have miraculously have bought two tickets right here uh sure I guess she really is persistent with that we ended up needing to see a movie together on the weekend he looks so cool out of your uniform.

Really they're just some clothes my mom bought I guess I should be grateful for my mom's fashion sense I think your outfit it really suits you too really you do yes yes yes yes I knew buy new clothes so this would.

Happen was the right thing to do Rico looks even cuter than usual today hmm but if we get seen and people think we're on a date things could get difficult for her so I better keep as much distance as possible I already have the perfect plan just you wait takadu here's how it goes after the movie we'll.

Head to our restaurant and grab something like for lunch then we'll spend some time relaxing and having fun at karaoke Then when the mood's right I'll confess my love isn't it just the perfect plan the date will be a grand success and today will be the day I finally still talking his heart but when we got to the movie.

Theater huh temporarily closed apparently they're doing repair work on a water leak go the dates only just started this just means we move ahead a little earlier than planned um takadu I'm hungry shall we go and get some lunch now.

The plan was to have lunch while discussing the movie We just watched but I guess it can't be help um but it's only 10 a.m isn't it a bit early for lunch Oh you mean brunch right if you're hungry we can go to a nearby restaurant yeah we can call it a backup brunch just kidding.

What do I do what do I do do I really want Taco dude to think I have an appetite of a horse I've been nervous since yesterday and haven't eaten anything so maybe lunch isn't such a bad idea well then I know a good restaurant that's not far from here shall we go there.

Um sure that sounds good I never thought we'd end up eating lunch together but when we got to the restaurant a restaurant's temporarily closed apparently the doing repair work on a gas leak place in memorize the menu keep it together Rico we move on to the next stage of the plan.

Um takadu in this case shall we just go to karaoke and get something to eat while we're there well I guess that sounds okay you must be pretty hungry huh Rico let's go to karaoke Then what do I do you must think I'm such a glutton I don't know if it's because I'm feeling.

Discouraged I'm really hungry now I don't care whether it's karaoke or anywhere else I've got to eat something however when we arrived at the karaoke club sure enough huh this place is place is closed too apparently they're doing emergency maintenance on one of the machines is God trying to sabotage me.

Oh or could it be the pharaoh's curse today is just not our day come down Rico switch to plan B there's no other choice hey takadu what is it I really like you huh now of all times I'm so tense that I skipped the build up sorry I didn't mean it like that more.

Like I'm hungry and I'd really like you to come with me until we find a restaurant that's open ha ha ha what am I saying he must really think I'm a fat so now you know what Rico I'm sorry I can't take it anymore what takadoo I've held out for so long but I can't.

Take it anymore come with me huh takadu why did you become so assertive all of a sudden you can't take it anymore no way could it be 10 minutes later Eve and rice I see I'm actually really hungry too it looks delicious don't you think uh yes I guess you could say it looks delicious.

Stuttering my plans are complete and utter failure I'm out of luck to make matters worse talking who thinks I'm obsessed with food I wonder if this is bad karma for trying to seduce him so aggressively what am I even doing hey Rico be honest why did you invite me today well it finally started getting.

Along and I wanted to get to know you better as a friend as a friend I see so she didn't have an ulterior motive ah I did get my hopes up a little no no don't be disappointed should I give up on trying to win takadu's Hearts maybe we should just be friends after that we casually killed some time at a game center and in the evening got.

Ready to go our separate ways talkative I'm really sorry about today and thank you no not at all thanks for inviting me well I'll see you at school the trains are canceled too ah it looks like there's been some kind of accident it's unknown when service will be restored oh why do I feel like my luck's getting.

Even worse nothing worked out today I feel kind of bad for her now the trains have stopped and she can't get home but I'm her friend she needs me to cheer her up at a time like this that's it.

Hey Rico you know I don't live so far from here you want to come back to my place huh oh um not in a weird way or anything but don't you want to make up for all the things we didn't get to do today do you mean and so I took Rico along to my house I let her stay until the train started.

Running again we can't watch Shin okangelion but I do have okangelion to you a mother's heart it's the prequel oh okay yeah it's it's just the two of us I'm so nervous after we watched the movie The Train still didn't seem like they'd be running again anytime soon so I made Rico some dinner well takadu I had no.

Idea you were so good at cooking I mean I guess it's because my parents are always at work this is so delicious something from a River it's nothing special really after that we went to my bedroom to kill some more time well talkative you like music too.

I guess I mean who doesn't wow takadoo's bedroom is surprisingly stylish well wait a second is this a hell State watching a movie having dinner listening to music together just the two of us wait a second at the end of all this do we well it looks like the trains are running again.

Have a safe trip home oh I was mistaken once we heard news the trains were running again I walked Rico safely to the station I'm not sure if it's because she was tired but she seemed a little downcast on the way home.

Thank you for today takadu I'll see you back at school next week wait Rico huh what's up I'm an introvert and the first time you spoke to me I really didn't know what to do but thanks to you I've had a lot of fun lately thanks to me yeah that's why thanks for everything Rico and I'm looking forward to spending more.

Time with you I was a little embarrassed but I was able to honestly express my feelings I'm not sure how well I conveyed them but I gained a little bit of confidence in myself then next week and then he thanked me and I had these butterflies at my stomach.

Really good who's stolen my heart Rico the mommy's Hunter becomes the mummy after school as usual Rico and I walked home together to make today the daily put Rico I thought we were just friends.

And that's how I a swift for the gloomy introvert recently made a close female friend it's embarrassing but it can't run away in fact lately I've been starting to think I want to match my Pace with hers hey you mate are you there I nagamofuria and visiting Yume namiki on my way home.

From school she's unable to attend school for personal reasons you again yup how are you feeling I'm fine please leave me alone great then you should come to school no why you've been absent for the past month it's really none of your business I can't get through to her she's just as stubborn as she looks to.

Tell you the truth I already know why you may haven't been coming to school one of her close friends told me about it apparently she's depressed because the love of her life dumped her I can't give up on her not until she agrees to come to school she doesn't come to school but it's not like she quit I'm sure she's planning to come back to.

School someday if so I wanted to bring her back as soon as possible for her sake I'm aware that this might not be what she wants right now but I don't want her to look back on this later on and regret it nagamo are you going to yume's house again yes I am ah respect man I bet you may just shut you down every.

Time she's really stubborn yes she does seriously you are so persistent you know she has a pretty face if only her personality was as pretty your personality seems to have a problem too dissing her like that we shouldn't try to change her don't you think we should accept her for who she is nagamo it's crazy how accepting and.

Kind-hearted you are I'm none of those things plus if she was really cruel she would just ignore me and stay inside the house but she answers the door every time which means she's not such a bad person you never cease to amaze me you're just flattering me why don't girls like you why are you always single you're making me feel miserable now why.

Do you come here every day she looked upset to see me as she does every time I appear her doorstep come on don't look at me like that I can't tell but incredibly annoying you know well then why don't you just come to school that way I won't have to annoy you every day like this I don't want to I see.

I guess I'll just give you this for now then notes you haven't been in class for a while I'm sure you're behind on your studies I don't know if this will help but I've written down all of the important points the teacher talked about in class wow you really went all out on this even the little things the teacher said.

It had specific pointers for me did you do this in your free time just for me it's fine it helped me review the things we covered in class don't worry about it the process was mostly for my sake wait but don't you need these notes I have a notebook of my own so you can have that one so that means you made this all just for me.

Thank you huh nothing I didn't say anything you needed to hear oh okay I see hey don't think that it means anything it's okay I didn't hear you anyways fine I guess okay I'll be on my way now don't come here anymore you are so strong-willed you know that okay I'll see you tomorrow idiots I continued visiting you may every day after school.

She was still set on staying at home but she started to accept the notes I took for her seeing how she lets me give her the notes I have a feeling she studies at home she always returns The Notebook the next day so she must be looking over them the night she gets them days went by and I kept visiting her but you may.

Your face looks red are you okay one day you may answer the door looking awful I'm fine you can't even stand straight gosh your body is burning don't touch me we shouldn't be arguing about that right now did you go to the hospital what do you think of course I didn't are you serious why haven't you gone where are your parents my parents they come home.

Only every night they both work okay you need to get to the hospital let me take you uh hey are you okay you may stay with me she must have been pretty sick she suddenly fainted in my arms I couldn't just leave her like that but I didn't have the money for a ride so I called the ambulance.

I called my mother just in case before the paramedics arrived will you be coming with us yes please let me come I didn't want to leave you may all alone so I rode the ambulance to the nearest hospital as it turns out you may have caught a cold and the fever came from it however you may seem to be suffering from malnutrition so the doctor is.

Giving her an IV at the moment seeing how she is I don't think she's been eating at all I agree maybe fainting and coming to the hospital was a good thing if she hadn't nobody would have found out about her and her condition could have caused a lot more trouble after leaving the hospital I brought Yume to my place.

I thought about what we should do while I waited for her to wake up and wake up oh right I remember now nakimo what what calm down Amy why am I in your bed after you got discharged I couldn't just barge into your place so I brought you back here me to the hospital.

Well you had me worried I apologize for acting without your consent why are you apologizing I should be the not your fault at all you fainted and you needed help I guess but you should have just left me at the hospital you know there's no way I could have done that I'd feel guilty for leaving you you're right I forgot you were such a.

Good guy is something wrong nothing is wrong why are you angry I'm not angry okay so are you hungry actually yeah I haven't had a proper meal in the past few days I thought so my mom made some rice pores for you I'll bring you some but I'm not hungry what you just said you were hungry you may no I didn't okay.

Well how about you just try it out you need to get something in your stomach to get better nagumo you shouldn't mind your own business you're right it wasn't supposed to be funny I'm aware that I'm being nosy so it doesn't bother me when you say that weirdo I heated the rice pores and brought it to Yume for her to eat I'll.

Have to thank my mother for making it before leaving for work so good it's okay go easy on yourself your body is weak right now oh thanks I would never get angry at you for this just relax and let me take care of it nakamo let's see you won't be able to eat without having the strength to lift the.

Spoon here let me have a spoon huh okay I can feed you here open up you've got to be kidding me this is so embarrassing don't worry nobody can see us right now let's you Ching you shouldn't be focused on that right now first you need to eat before it gets cold.

You look like it's but you are you that's only because your health comes first you may didn't look happy but she opened her mouth reluctantly is it good embarrassed to taste any of it well that's a shame you should get over it so you can enjoy the porridge you may continue to Grumble but she.

Finished all of her porridge she had said she wasn't hungry but I was glad to see she was eating just fine I'm so full gosh that was exhausting why uh you just keep getting worse and worse did I do something anyways are you feeling any better I'm fine as always okay why do you like that don't get so angry just relax oh you.

Are you trying to make me uncomfortable and angry of course I'm not let's see your fever it seems to be gone hey what are you doing wait you're getting hotter oh no is your fever back I swear you're doing this on purpose why are you so angry no I'm not angry just you you shouldn't touch girls so easily.

Like that oh sorry my bad I should have brought a thermometer I hear you always so calm you idiot how does nothing affect you stop looking so confused you're just you're just making me look like an idiot I'm sorry I have no idea what you're trying to say damn it I really don't know what I did but I seem to have angered her seriously what did I.

Do after this incident you May's Behavior towards me changed I visited her the next day but she didn't shut me out and she didn't tell me to go home maybe she was lonely and needed some TLC so have you eaten anything today no I'm not hungry ah fine then can I come in for a bit then well why.

Why um I was going to make you rice porridge huh if you haven't eaten we need to get something in your body or you'll faint again you're so pushy and so confusing confusing is nothing so are you going to let me come in or not fine you can come in if you want to that bad.

I thought you would shut the door in my face why would I do that no reason thanks for letting me uh you're so weird we're going to try me insane someday I don't know why but you may got angry again after hearing me thank her girls are so complicated here eat up I made some rice pores with the ingredients in her fridge and put it on the table for.

Her I didn't know you cooked Forge isn't that difficult but my mom makes it better so don't start complaining about the taste thanks for this oh yeah oh yeah it tastes similar but the one I ate at your house tasted better uh I don't know why I like this one better you may.

What's wrong huh are you not aware that you're crying right now oh uh something what is happening you may yeah you'll get your sleeves wet like that is there something you want to talk about I'm here if you need someone to lean on.

Then why are you crying I'm sorry was it too hot no no um it made me feel warm inside like it was a good feeling I think you may uh I've been thinking a lot recently like I'm supposed to live my life and stuff I don't know why but eating that porridge made me feel relieved nagumo what do you.

Think I should do that's easy come to school it's not that easy what if people start looking at me in a weird way don't worry about it everyone is concerned for your well-being but nobody ever bad-mouths you plus if anybody were to say anything to you nakumo you are so straightforward throws me off I'm not trying to be like this.

All I ever wanted is for you to come back to school fine I'll go to school starting tomorrow really but I'm too afraid to walk it alone so can you come and walk with me of course I can I'll come pick you up tomorrow morning okay thank you and so I succeeded in bringing you may back to school however.

She never left my side since she was scared of what the other students might say to her she even called me over to her place after school I felt strangely relieved and relaxed in that situation and this would continue on until you may and I started dating listen up we have a new transfer student from Sweden her name is Luna kujoin nice to meet you all.

Oh my gosh she's like a doll so cute I want her to be my little sister excuse me do you have a boyfriend uh um I'm sorry Japanese I don't know but you're speaking Japanese right now uh hey she only knows how to introduce herself the decision to move her was so sudden she didn't have time to study so.

If you need to talk to her talk to her in Swedish yeah like any of us could do that then you should all study so you can communicate with her I failed Japanese there's no way I can handle a new language Swedish huh hmm my name is Kazuki makihara they couldn't help but stare at.

Luna as my classmates fond over her judging by her name she must be half Japanese half Swedish she's very pretty so I can understand why my classmates are excited I just hope the language barrier won't be a big deal my classmates basically smothered Luna at lunch break but none of them went.

Near her by the end of the day it was just as I expected the reason was simple they couldn't communicate with her no matter how pretty she was there was nothing they could do if they couldn't talk to her she must be going through a hard time not being able to talk to any of her.

Classmates but I'm just a loser introvert would she be insulted if I go talk to her I feel so excuse me wait that's Swedish you you can speak Swedish yeah my parents own a trading company so they've been teaching me different languages ever since I was a kid wow.

Oh what is your name what she's too close it's Kazuki makihara Suki I'm Luna please can you teach me Japanese well sure but can't your parents teach you oh my father was Japanese but he died with my mother and my grandparents on my.

Mother's side in an accident during a family trip oh my parents protected me but their life I was the only Survivor I came to Japan to live with my grandfather on my father's side but my grandfather doesn't speak any Swedish.

Hey hey I get it it's okay you don't have to talk about it I understand that's why she had to move to Japan I feel so bad for her anyways I'll teach you Japanese Miss kujoin really of course I got your back thank you so uh.

When should we have your lessons no right now let's go to my place now or we'll be going to each other's houses yep we'll need all the time we can get and I want to focus on studying she was very excited so I decided to invite her over to my place to teach her Japanese I picked my place because I was too nervous to face her grandparents but.

Still my place is is your family not home yeah my parents are never home they have a pretty busy work schedule I see my parents are very busy people they made sure that at least one of them was at home when I was in elementary school but now that I'm in middle school they're both working full time.

Well I know exactly how you feel huh you'll be teaching me Japanese so I will stay by your side you won't have to feel lonely anymore oh does she think I'm lonely because my parents aren't home I will do my best to cook you good food do you cook regularly I never cooked but it'll be okay really.

Well you just said you'd never caught if I believe I could do it I will succeed that's a pretty scary belief to follow I can make the food so don't worry about it anyways let's get started with our lesson I wanted to try cooking wow I thought she was shy but she's actually the opposite um well once you learn basic Japanese.

You can try cooking then oh really having something to look forward to will help you with motivation that's what my parents bribed me into learning okay I'm gonna do my best to learn as fast as possible great and let's get started Miss kujoin why are you calling me Miss kujoian huh we're friends now you can call me Luna oh okay all right well then.

Luna shall we Kazuki you're the best what the heck and she'd be any tutor Kazuki no my bad anyways how about I start by translating Swedish Expressions into Japanese we spent the next few hours together teaching her the basics of Japanese she was very diligent and I could see how.

Hard she was trying to learn fast seeing her motivated me to do my best to teach her however I've heard about Japanese being the hardest language on Earth but I didn't think it would be this hard after three hours of Japanese lessons Luna had reached her limit.

We haven't even gotten into the difficult stuff Luna when people say Japanese is difficult it's because of all the kanji and having to remember several meanings for the same word stuff like that we're still learning basic Japanese words so we haven't reached the difficult stuff I I found a new respect.

For the Japanese people I love this well if it makes you feel better most of the Japanese population hasn't mastered the language either most of us just learn the stuff we use at school and work.

How you are so reliable it's like I'm talking to an adult oh no that's because you haven't seen much of me really but the way you teach and how kind you are you should give yourself more credit oh really yup you have no idea how lucky I feel to have met you so this is how foreign people communicate she's got mad.

Skills anyways I didn't do so well with learning Japanese today am I not allowed to cook oh it's okay you can try since you worked so hard today really but don't you have dinner waiting for you at home with your grandparents.

Yep I got it okay thank you I'll make your meals every day it won't be long till I get better okay what every day yup I'll come over every day to study Japanese are you sure you'll be allowed to do that uh-huh I mean I'm doing it to get better at Japanese hmm wouldn't your grandparents get.

Worried that she's coming over to a guy's house every day anyways let's go grocery shopping whoa wait come on hurry I want to cook Luna frolicked around like a little child as she pulled my hand and dragged me to the closest supermarket once we got home we started getting the ingredients ready.

So first we need to cut the ingredients you should make a little fist like a cat's paw cat spa meow she needs to stop being so cute is he doing it on purpose hey let's get into serious mode okay of course but I'm already being serious.

Oh okay well then just use this hand to hold down the ingredients I taught her step by step standing right by her side Luna listened carefully and she did everything I told her to do she was a fast learner and she did it surprisingly well is it yummy um yes it's very good I'm glad you like it.

Can I try some of it too of course you can okay feed me huh I don't have Chopsticks so feed me ah wow seriously are you sure is there a problem uh well is this normal for Swedish people or is it just that Luna is overly friendly hey.

Hurry up it's gonna get cold oh sorry okay well here you go yay hmm wow it's so good I'm glad you think so yeah I can't believe I made this Kazuki you're amazing you know I want you to teach me Japanese but I also want you as my cooking teacher wait this is just a.

Reward for working hard fine if I work hard on Japanese will you teach me that wouldn't be a problem right well I guess I look forward to spending time with you uh oh me too I'll never tell her that her smile captured my heart at that moment I'm in trouble I've only been with her.

For a few hours and have already fallen for her after that we kept our distance at school on purpose we knew things would get hectic if we talked to each other if people found out that I could talk to Luna they'll probably use me as a translator to communicate with her Luna was cooperative she made sure not to talk to me in the classroom.

I knew she wanted to get to know her classmates so I felt bad but she told me it gave her more motivation to study harder I have to say she's sweet and very caring since we couldn't talk at school conversations flowed once we started our Japanese lessons.

Luna talked about how she loves cats she got so excited when we found one outside watching her so full of energy made me feel warm inside and after a month of lessons great work you've learned enough Japanese to have conversations with people now Luna studied hard and gave her best every day for a month.

Her learning environment helped her out since she would get to practice her Japanese once she got home to her grandparents however I'm sure it was her hard work that pushed her Japanese skill to grow this far FYI her cooking skills are still in need of practice thank you Kazuki Luna thanked me in Japanese on purpose.

She probably wanted to show me she'll be talking in Japanese from now on I can't believe how fast you learned everything I bet everyone is going to be surprised tomorrow yeah but you know what if I can't talk properly that's okay I'll be there to help you out now that she knows the basics being her.

Translator won't cause too much trouble for me that's why I told her I would help her just in case she needed assistance I appreciate it Kazuki I am so lucky to have met you you are the best uh I'm glad I enjoyed spending the past month with.

Luna there was never a dull moment however now that she can talk to the others I'm sure our time together will end okay you got this go make some new friends but to be honest I'm actually a shy person huh really oh I remember she was fidgeting when she first came into the classroom and introduced herself yeah so.

Would it be too much trouble for you to stay by my side while I talk to them well I you may have noticed this at school but I don't talk to anybody I think it might be better for you to talk to them on your own rather than having me next to you I don't want to huh I just need you Kazuki I don't need anybody else but you.

Went through all the trouble of learning Japanese to make friends yeah but if I'm going to have to let you go then I don't need any friends if you don't want me to be with everyone else I don't either I want to stay with you hey don't say that geez I know she wants more friends that's why she studied so hard I don't want to be the one to pull her away from.

That okay I'll help you talk to them I'll be there with you really yep you worked so hard for this I don't want to ruin it for you the last thing I wanted was to make her feel sad because of me it was time to step out of my comfort zone she needed me I had to man up and face my fears not.

Run from them what would I do without you well Luna you have no idea how much you mean to me you are such an amazing guy huh wait um I want us to be more than just friends that was sudden I've been thinking about when I should.

Ask you the time we spent together it made me realize you were the one that I want to spend my life with I didn't expect that what about you do you have feelings for me uh-huh of course I do I've liked you since the first day you came over to my place.

So that means you've had your eyes on me from the start huh no it's not like I was aiming for you or anything I just care for you really maybe you were just nice to me because you wanted me to like you no it wasn't like that I swear hmm you.

Gotta believe me hey you're teasing me I love teasing you you give the best reactions as it turns out Luna is a mischievous little devil a cute devil but I was glad to get to know that side of her wait is this all a joke to you no way my feelings are real oh okay thank God so since we know we.

Have feelings for each other will we be dating from now on I think so will you be my girlfriend Luna um yes I would love to be your girlfriend Kazuki I ended up with girlfriend ever the next day everybody was surprised to.

See Luna suddenly talking in Japanese she instantly became popular I have to admit I loved the looks on the guys faces when Luna hid behind my back one of them was so jealousy blurted out an insult towards me Luna happened to hear what he said and she was Furious she's usually friendly and kind but it.

Appears she's never afraid to protect those she loves I did my best to stop the commotion and calm her down but the whole thing somehow made me feel so fulfilled it was no surprise that by a week later Luna had become the most popular girl in school Big Brother hug.

A little sister the cutest thing a brother can have especially at a young age they're so cute it's almost unfair which is why I always spoiled her without thinking but the result was Big Brother my little sister ended up with a brother complex.

Her name is shiori imamashi I'm Sho imamashi and she's my cute little sister we said we wouldn't do that sort of thing anymore right if I go along with shiori's advances here she won't leave me alone all day she's growing up now so I want her to put an end to this and create a healthy distance between us.

It wasn't a problem before when I say no she gets all grumpy like that it really is quite a nuisance what's up is she already being clinging again when I let out a big cyan class my best friend go inukai asked what was wrong yeah she's sulking again because I wouldn't give her a hug this morning oh give her some attention she's so cute.

What harm could it do she's in high school now but she's still obsessed with her big brother she can't carry on like this she'll definitely come and see you on lunch break now even if she just stopped showing up at lunch time I call it progress what's what.

Sorry her name is akari shinro she's bubbly kind and the most beautiful girl in the whole class we were just talking about how she already sulking because I wouldn't give her a hug this morning that your cute little sister who's always demanding attention sorry if it sounds rude but I'm not sure if she.

Likes me huh why every time I walk past her she always stares so intently at me oh I see I'm sorry my sister was rude to you no really it's fine don't worry I'll talk to her thanks but go easy on her okay it's not like she's being mean or anything she just kind of stares at me more.

Importantly is your little sister obsessed with you I've always spoiled her ever since she was a little kid and now it seems like she's taking it for granted maybe it can't be helped I mean you were really kind really I don't think I am though then why do.

You Look So Satisfied shut up don't get carried away just because akari said something nice about you I don't need to hear this from you what is it you know I but wonder what your little Mary Mary after all if you get married you want it to be able to live together.

Anymore right and your wife would probably get annoyed if your little sister was always coming over to hang out but surely she'll have grown out of it by then you think so that way of thinking what led you to fawning over her all the time and her growing up to be this way.

You do have a point if so it might be better to just stop hoping and waiting for it to get better on its own but in that case what should I do for the time being I started denying her attention lately how about getting a girlfriend huh if you got a girlfriend you could use that as an excuse what do you think I mean.

Um that's hopeless akari Joe hasn't had a girlfriend for as long as he'd been alive well neither have you what's so funny I'm bound to find one anytime now no problem where does your confidence come from well in that case why don't I pretend to be your girlfriend.

wood sure you are always helping me out this is the perfect time for me to return the favor well I'm pleased but I want you to pretend to be my girlfriend too my little sister's got a brother complex and I need help.

Um go you don't have a little sister huh hey you be quiet um I'm not sure I believe you go sorry ah why do you get all the luck it's not fair oh well since you're offering I guess it can't hurt to try.

To tell you the truth you'd be helping me if you pretended to be my boyfriend as I watched go crying tears of disappointment akari whispered something in my ear why well you see lately some of the boys just won't leave me alone it's so embarrassing come to think of it I do often see akari.

Getting approached by guys I wonder if they were asking her out there must be quite a lot of them so she's probably getting tired of it I see well in that case by all means I'd be happy to help out if I can really thanks Joe I guess we're a couple now then no thank you akari.

I guess we are that's no good show you have to use my nickname huh what do you mean we have to look like we're boyfriend and girlfriend my close friends call me Aki we have to make this look natural I see hmm how about akikkins that's just embarrassing no no good she's surprisingly demanding.

I see Aki it is then yeah perfect and so akari I mean Aki and I became a fake couple and waited for shiori to come see me on lunch break Big Brother let's have lunch together shiori who had no idea came into my classroom in good spirits I think it's amazing how casually she.

Walks in the seniors classroom despite being my little sister it seems like she cheered up since this morning there's something I want to show you first shiori this is akari shin ro we're dating with that the class was in an uproar shiori looked lost and confused.

Huh oh what do you mean I'm sorry to start dating your big brother all of a sudden I know we've already met countless times but I hope we have your blessing akari shinwo you're the one who the boys are at school are falling in love with right I never thought of it like that but I.

Guess you're not wrong I'm happy you remembered me I remembered because I can't help but notice how pretty you are whenever you walk by oh so that's why you're always looking at me I'm sorry no it's fine don't worry about it thank you but why is someone as popular.

As you dating my big brother I think he's really kind he's always helping me out with stuff it was me who asked him out um but if you're dating my big brother why don't you seem shy around him no way are you friends with benefits what do you mean um nothing does this mean you'll be.

Eating together now I hadn't thought that far ahead just as I thought that I looked over at akari and she gave me a nod it looked like she was agreeing to eat with me yeah that's right what's wrong nothing I just thought it might be nice if we.

Could eat together the sweet gentle shiori from a few minutes ago was suddenly nowhere to be seen she stared fiercely in my direction who is just wondering if your girlfriend's the type of person who wouldn't let her boyfriend eat together with his little sister I see so that's your move is it.

It's probably less about her wanting to eat with me and more about her doubting the authenticity of our relationship so if we let shiori sit with us she'll probably figure out where faking it straight away leave this to me hmm when our eyes met for a moment akari.

Winked at me are you but we just started dating today I'm really happy if you let us eat with just the two of us it seemed as though akari had decided not to let shiori get close even if it meant being thought of as rude since shiori was just trying to find fault with us it was probably the right.

Way to deal with her that said I did feel pretty guilty about having akari play the villain it's for today as she already said that she left the classroom with a pout on her face little mean huh our objective is to fix shiori's brother.

Complex in doing so we'll probably have to hurt her feelings more than we just did so if we're going to do this we have no choice but to accept that in the courtyard we'd probably be seen by a lot of students for akari who wanted everyone to know she had a boyfriend.

It was the perfect place after that we ate our lunch outside in the courtyard while laughing and joking around it was a little cold from time to time but I think the other boys might have felt jealous when they saw me eating with akari who they all had a crush on I even so she's cute and kind so I really.

Enjoyed eating with her I guess they do seem kind of like a couple I wonder if they're not just friends with benefits after all hey show shall we walk home together as soon as school ended akari came over and asked me with a smile our houses are in the same direction so she probably thought we'd look like a.

More convincing couple if we walked home together sure shall we go hang out somewhere huh really yeah let's go on an after-school dates that way people will really start to get the idea you're right sure where do you want to go.

Hmm a shopping date would be boring for you right not really I think it's a good idea I'm happy as long as you're having fun really hmm But I want us both to enjoy it I wonder if the game center would be a better choice that as akari suggested we went to the game center.

What do you want to do hmm oh a cat a cat oh that stuffed toy you want it but I'm hopeless at claw machines leave it to me huh are you good shiori always used to beg me to win toys for her so I think I could probably get it I threw a few dollars in just to be safe and began to aim for the cat the result I got it this is for you Aki.

So thank you seeming to treat it with great importance akari hugged her stuffed cat tightly she looked so cute sure it's okay for me to have this yeah I want it for you and besides I wouldn't know what to do with it thank you um I have some money don't be silly.

Think of it as a Memento from our first date that was cringy wasn't it even while saying first date we were ultimately just a fake couple playing around in spite of that I might have overstepped the mark huh Aki it just it just felt like the.

Right thing to do I see if she's not careful she's going to give me a heart attack doing things like that but it was so cute and I was glad after that we played on the music games and went home we didn't get to spend long together what with it being straight after school.

But I think I wanted to hang out with akari again or rather from that day onward we began going on after school dates almost every day and continuing like that for a month how's your little sister been lately at karaoke after school after finishing her song akari suddenly asked me about.

Shiori how do you mean she hasn't tried to sit with us at dinner since that day I'm curious what she's been like at home ah right well she kind of started lying and wait in my bedroom for me to get home and she's always asking about how our dates.

Went at home she never leaves me alone now akari stood up with a Stern expression on her face as if she had something on her mind after hearing what I said and then for some reason she sat down right next to me what's more she was so close our shoulders were.

Touching what's wrong nothing you're not jealous are you when I asked because she looked upset akari nodded and pulled me in even closer what's she doing this is just too cute my relationship.

With akari has remained the same since the beginning a fake couple but after coming to spend every day hanging out together I fell for her Maybe just maybe she felt the same about me I wonder if she'd let me stroke her head.

But if I do something like that so suddenly so huh what I've had so much fun since first spending time with you a month ago maybe you don't feel the same because we're a fake couple but I have feelings for you I wonder if we could stop being a fake couple and start dating for real.

Hockey I feel the same about you I want us to be together for real you mean it really I'm not the kind of person who can hold back my feelings over something like this so glad.

So you'd say you wanted to end things that's funny I was worried about the same thing you're super popular after all I was worried you'd avoid me if I said I wanted us to become a real couple after all this only started as a ploy to keep boys away from you I'd never do that that might be how we.

Started out but then I've developed feelings for you really so pleased so that's how we stop being a fake couple and started officially going out and then we lived happily ever after um but wait don't you think maybe we should tell your sister about this it appeared there was still one more.

Thing we had to do yeah you're right ultimately it might look exactly the same as before to her but as long as her brother complex isn't cured it's probably best to tell her the truth with that in mind we quickly went home and decided to face shiori head on well really you mean you deceived me when we.

Told her everything as expected she already looked extremely unhappy she stared at us intently as if she wanted to say something I'm sorry we lied but my feelings for show are the real thing now but how can I believe you after you've already lied to me I can't ask you to believe me but I want you to see for.

Yourself how we are together if you do I think you'll understand that we really are a real couple I see you don't have to go out of your way to prove anything to me though that's why we wait what really there's one thing you misunderstood from the beginning I don't have any romantic feelings towards my brother.

Huh he's only ever spoiled me as his little sister I like spending time with my big brother but not once have I ever said I wanted him to be my lover come to think of it she has a point did we get this wrong I did feel some jealousy towards you for having my brother all to yourself but.

That's just because you were hogging him I'm not going to complain if you just start dating normally that's why I stopped getting in your way at lunch after you said you wanted to eat together and I didn't bother you when you hung out together after school either right I did keep an eye on you for a while to make sure you weren't.

Just toying with him but eventually I realized you weren't oh I'm sorry it turned out we deceived my sister based on a misunderstanding and we were both riddled with guilt but I guess if you ended up getting a girlfriend out of it it's not so bad.

Right chiori you're such a cool little sister as long as my big brother keeps spoiling me like he used to you could do whatever you like with him akari no Aki even though shiori was the youngest of all of us she looked like the most grown up.

Really sorry about all of all of you brother all to yourself I'll be coming for you with everything I've got to take him back so just remember that okay after a final warning and a bitter smile from Aki we chatted normally for a while in parted ways tired.

On the way home as I was walking Aki to the station she stretched out tall with a happy expression on her face hey Aki I'm sorry I got you wrapped in all this it's okay I don't mind like shiori said if not for that we'd had never become a couple she has a point if we'd never been a fake couple we'd never have started dating for real.

Right shiori is such a sweet girl too and thanks to her our future is going to be so much fun that's right I'm looking forward to it too it's going to be great show as she said so Aki hugged my arm tightly with a happy expression on her face we became a fake couple based on a misunderstanding but now we're the real.

Deal and the two of us no the three of us are all going to live happily together from here on out hey man uh what I Kai ogura was reading a novel when the class bully came over to pick on me seriously man why are you wasting your time on reading when you can have fun what wasting my time that's.

Why you're such a loner Kai I have something fun in mind you want to join us no thanks I prefer reading by myself ah you're such a party pooper no wonder everyone calls you the loser of the class he thinks anybody that doesn't live up to his standards is a loser he's the one who needs a personality makeover most of.

The guys in my class are like this that's why I like being alone can I help you with something Rina huh no no no no no it's nothing oh okay I see sorry did I scare you yeah no it's okay her name is Rina kimoro she's awkward and for some reason her bangs always cover her eyes she's like me a loser she's always alone.

She has an incredibly cute voice but is socially inept which makes it hard for me to talk to her however I see her reading a lot so I'm sure we have some things in common one day during lunch break uh okay oh gosh just a little more oh maybe she's having trouble getting a book uh why it's right there why can't I.

Reach it is this the book you wanted okay oh I scared you again I just figured you needed help getting this book you got it for me thank you anytime the top shelf is pretty high maybe I can ask the librarian to get a stool or something to step on I don't.

Want any accidents that could damage the books in here that's so kind of you I guess I'll get going then I grabbed my book and headed towards the table area I figured I would just ask the librarian about the stool on my way out I found an empty table to sit at so I pulled back a chair Rina followed me and sat next to me why.

There were other empty seats and tables but for some reason Rina came to sit next to me I was confused uh she's not talking to me or anything maybe it was just a coincidence oh should I start heading back lunch break was almost over so I stood up to get ready to go back to the classroom.

Uh hey she's standing up too wait I almost forgot I gotta go ask the librarian about the stool oh my I'm so sorry about that I should have thought about that earlier it's okay we would really appreciate it thank you no problem so are you going to borrow that book yes please hmm.

And so I finished borrowing the book from the library why is she still following me Rena was standing next to me the whole time and she stayed there until we reached our classroom I understand we are in the same class but does she have to stay so close to me um can I help you with anything huh no.

It's nothing okay so why are you standing next to me I was feeling quite uncomfortable with her following me but I tried to shrug it off oh wow you guys were hanging out together uh uh the last person I wanted to see come on you never told me you were dating.

We're not Rina just calm down panicking is exactly what he wants us to do oh okay seriously two classmates walking together automatically means they're dating how old are you what how dare you talk back to me take a step back and hear what you're saying it's just sad oh my gosh retta's totally getting it.

From Kai what a loser Kai's totally right what you jerks do you realize what you're saying we can't help it it's the truth Kai you think you could get away with humiliating me what are you talking about I'm only stating facts you think that's embarrassing.

They're not fats you idiot you wanna mess with me okay guys class is starting what are you yelling about damn it you better watch your back after class huh is that the best thing he can say how childish maybe I went a little too far I've been stressed out because of.

Renta but maybe I shouldn't have lashed out at him he's gonna make a huge fuss about this after school my prediction came true just as I expected yo kai how about you and Rina go on a date after school what why I figured it's about time you learned the perks of being in a proper.

Relationship see you and Rina you guys are perfect for each other hmm I see so this is what you were coming up with during class many of my classmates try to stay away from Rina making me go on a date with the loser of the class that was renta's payback method gosh he's so immature and pathetic.

Sure why not what do you mean you'll go yeah I don't see why not it's no big deal I get to go on a date with Rina great what whoa you scared me you you want to go on a date with me for real all right you've seriously saying that um yeah why not.

To be honest I couldn't care less about going on a date with Rina like I said it wasn't a big deal I admit I'm not a big fan of her awkwardness but since we'll be going after school it'll only be a few hours it's not like we have feelings for each other so nothing will actually happen it's frustrating to have to listen to.

What the bully is ordering me to do but fighting him is only going to make him angry it'll just make things worse for me plus I have high hopes that Rina will reject the suggestion uh are you sure about it um I guess so oh.

Rena accepted not what I expected but I guess it's better than getting rejected in front of the whole class and so Rina and I walked out the bullies all staring at us with their mouths wide open I I didn't know you were so daring huh oh well it was the best option at the time I don't know if I'm daring well I guess I am.

I just basically asked a girl out on a date it's not something anybody can do in front of everyone is there anywhere you want to go I pulled her into the whole mess the least I could do was take her somewhere she wanted to go however anywhere um her head might fall off if she.

Continues doing that but I've got to say she kind of looks cute doing that just the way she reacted I found it quite attractive for some odd reason putting that aside what should I do I've never had a girlfriend in my whole life I didn't know where people go on dates and I had no idea what we should do well it's not like we were on a real date so.

I guess we can just hit up some places I've seen in rom-com movies then you want to hit up the arcade or something uh-huh oh I guess not how about some karaoke oh man this is so hard where would she be willing to go that wasn't up for karaoke either but it.

Just popped into my mind seriously where should we go there are no movie theaters nearby oh do you want to go to the bookstore yeah oh thank God I for couples going on shopping dates so I suggested the bookstore since she's always reading books.

I guess it was the right choice Rina and I walked together to the nearest bookstore oh I didn't know you liked this novel um yeah do you like it uh-huh it's one of my favorites oh me too we found out that we had similar tastes in the novels we read thanks to that the.

Conversation started flowing and we had a great time together I always kept my distance from her because of her awkwardness but I found myself enjoying her company once we started talking we didn't want to stay in the bookstore and cause trouble with the noise of us talking.

So we decided to go to a nearby cafe wow this cake is amazing I agree I'm having so much fun oh I'm glad wait was Rina always this cute I'd never seen her so ecstatic and cheerful I felt a tingly feeling in my chest as I watched her devour her cake I almost forgot I wanted to lend you this book Kai oh are.

You sure yep we seem to like the same novels so I'm sure you'll enjoy this one okay thanks Rina nerds like us tend to recommend the things we enjoy to others seeing how Rena was I was relieved she was a nerd just like me we stayed at the cafe for a while but decided to leave when we saw the sun was setting.

Talking about anime and comics with Rina was so much fun until Rina tripped on something and suddenly lost her balance watch out I managed to catch her before she fell but her bangs fell out of place I caught a glimpse of what was underneath.

Her eyes were just breathtaking you're so pretty huh nothing I didn't say anything oh I see uh-huh anyways I'm glad you're not hurt I guess thank you judging by the way Reno was acting she most likely heard what I had muttered.

Earlier but I decided to pretend as if nothing had happened after that things got a little uncomfortable and we decided to go home the only reason I had gone on this date was to make Renta look like a fool but the date ended up becoming a big event honestly I don't know how Rina and I should act around each other anymore.

The next morning good morning Rina good morning Kai we were both thinking about what happened on our date and things were awkward between us hey man Kai what's up with you guys I'm sensing something interesting happened between you two on your day ah he always shows up at the worst moments come on tell me what happened ah.

Hey 32 kiss or maybe more I know you're bummed to hear this but nothing happened on our date what how boring I guess you're not the man I hope to be I see he's trying to copy my insult methods from yesterday he's annoying but to be honest I don't have the time to waste on him.

I knew that if I talked back to him it would only make the situation worse so I decided to ignore him completely I heard him yelling at me as I walked away but soon after the teacher came to start class he had no choice but to go back to his seat um Kai lunch break started and I was walking.

Towards the cafeteria when I heard Rina calling my name from behind Rina what's up um can I eat lunch with you oh sure thanks our last encounter was quite awkward so I was happy to see she had gone out of her way to come to approach me it feels like our relationship has.

Reached a new level I just hope we don't get awkward again then things would be perfect so Kai you you saw my eyes yesterday Arena started up an unexpected conversation while we were eating our lunch I wasn't planning on talking about it since she purposely hides her eyes all the time.

Yeah I saw them did you think they were weird why would I think that I've been bullied in the past for my eyes so I thought oh I see that's why you're always hiding your eyes this is just a guess but I bet the bully was jealous of rina's pretty eyes telling her that her eyes were weird was.

Probably one of the bullies tactics her past had traumatized Rina leading her to think the bully was right um well I thought they were very pretty if I didn't tell her the truth she would forever be ashamed of her eyes when there was nothing to be ashamed of that's why I decided to tell her my honest feelings even though it was the.

Most embarrassing thing I've ever done uh are you sure you're not lying just to make me feel better I'm not lying I'm being as honest as I can be remember when I said you were so pretty that's because your eyes pulled me in the moment I saw them oh wow I thought that was just a mistake so.

Um if I cut my bangs will you date me huh uh what huh oh my bad but wait are you seriously suggesting we date I'm serious hi you're sweet and we have so much in common I would love to be your girlfriend oh okay.

This was the last thing I expected from her I didn't realize she had feelings for me and I never thought she would confess her feelings in the middle of the cafeteria she just didn't seem like the type of person to make such a bold move okay.

I had a great time talking to you too plus I loved watching you eat that cake you don't realize how adorable you looked at that moment this is so embarrassing you're so cute when you're embarrassed too that's why I want you to be my girlfriend oh huh really are you sure about this of course I am.

This is unbelievable and so Rina and I started our relationship however I didn't want to force Rina to cut her bangs if she didn't want to so I told her it wasn't necessary half of me wanted to show the world how pretty my girlfriend was but her face wasn't what I fell in love with in the.

First place I didn't care what others thought I wanted her to be happy when she was with me bangs or no bangs Rina told me she wanted to keep her bangs out of her eyes when we were on a date so she pins her bangs up when we were hanging out outside of school one day when we were on a date we bumped into Renta by coincidence.

Ranta looked shocked at how pretty Rina was and immediately started hitting on her he even started insulting me to make me look bad however Rina was brutal when she shut him down she showed him no mercy which was a sign of her nobody had ever seen I will never forget the tears running down ranta's face as Rina held onto my.

Arms as we walked away I would love to go into details but I guess I should save that for another day besides I want to focus on how I'm so lucky to have such a pretty girlfriend who might get along with so well it's not something anybody can find my name's haruto okada High School sophomore.

I'm an anime nerd who reads light novels and leads a quiet and discreet school life one day a beautiful half Japanese girl was transferred to our class my name is Iris amori it's introduced herself in broken Japanese she's so pretty hey Iris where are you from.

Iris where are you living now the boys in class quickly began firing off questions but Iris had a troubled expression on her face I'm sorry I don't understand huh when she replied in a foreign language the classroom fell silent what language is that where is she from I could hear everyone.

In the room mumbling to each other under their breaths nobody in the class seems to understand she's half Estonian and half Japanese and recently moved to Japan she speaks almost no Japanese but I want you all to get along nicely where's Estonia I'm sure I've heard of it before isn't it one of the Baltic states the.

Others didn't seem very familiar but those who know bordering on Russia it's one of three countries known as the Baltic states alongside Latvia and Lithuania they should have learned this in social studies but I guess the Gap in academic ability is showing I only know for little Japanese please speak slowly.

Iris explained in broken Japanese it really did seem like she only understood the very basics Estonian that's a blast from the past being a loner I didn't think of the arrival of a new transfer student as anything special I just thought it was nostalgic to hear that language after such a long time what kind of country is.

Estonia Iris Estonia um Iris was surrounded by classmates during break time but when asked questions a puzzled expression appeared on her face and she seemed unable to answer um Iris response didn't change it looked as.

Though she was deep in thought what do I do how do I say it I don't know huh what did you just say the classmates surrounding Iris didn't understand as she mumbled in Estonian it goes without saying but Estonian doesn't get taught at our school She's really gonna struggle with everyday conversations at this rate I'm sorry please speak slowly.

I thought so she doesn't understand Japanese how about if we speak slowly like this huh the girl spoke to her slowly but she didn't seem to understand I'm still learning Japanese seems like this is no good either I wonder if.

I don't understand her classmates looked at each other as they tried to communicate with Iris somehow they tried again and again with words they thought she might know but that same puzzled expression just appeared on her face again she's alone I knew it over time the number of classmates who spoke to Iris.

During recess gradually decreased and nobody was approaching her after school anymore Iris looks troubled she must feel so awkward maybe I was wrong to come to school maybe so huh Iris looked astonished when I spoke to her in Estonian.

It's going to be hard to learn anything if you don't understand Japanese right why do you speak Estonian I used to live in Estonia due to my dad's I.T job I'm fully Japanese though my dad knew we'd return to Japan one day so I was taught both Estonian and Japanese as a kid really I'm so happy I have someone I.

Could speak to if you're going to live in Japan you have to learn to speak Japanese I heard you speaking today it was terrible can't you even hold a basic conversation I know almost nothing other than the simple greetings I practiced I understand a little more if there's.

Writing but when people talk to me I can't make anything out could translate sentences but communicating with writing like that is inconvenient I think that would be too slow too because my translations aren't that good that's a problem huh at this level she's not just going to.

Struggle in school but in daily life as well I have a request please teach me Japanese but I'm not a teacher I have no one else to rely on please teach me I'll study as hard as I can that's asking a lot I approached her because I felt bad just standing by and watching but normally.

I'm the type to keep my head down and live a quiet life I wouldn't have stuck my nose and if I knew it meant going to the trouble of teaching her please I'll do anything to repay you you shouldn't say you'll do anything like that so lightly what if I said I wanted you I respect away an embarrassment she.

Looked seriously lost I'm speaking hypothetically there are people like that in this world so you should be careful what you say I wasn't being serious don't look so alarmed so how could I repay you I never said I'd teach you in the first place oh I'm sorry Iris suddenly dropped to her knees what are you doing.

I heard that when you ask someone for a favor in Japan you have to get on your knees I'm begging you please teach me Japanese no no no that's not true at all stop it people are going to think I'm forcing you luckily no one saw her I was pleased forcing a girl to get on her knees isn't a good look well what could I do to get you to help.

Me should I lick your shoes what do you think Japan is it looks like you need to study the culture as well as the language because you have some weird ideas about us so that's where you got those weird ideas from manga's not real it's not a textbook you know I was told that manga.

Is Japanese highest form of culture and if you read manga you can learn anything about Japan Japanese mangas are so interesting it's nice that you like manga but you can't go mixing up reality and fiction so you like manga then Iris yes I love it see.

I did think it might be a burden if I got involved but it was the first time I'd met someone in high school who publicly admitted to liking manga I had no trouble talking to Iris and I was also intrigued by what Comics she liked okay in that case I'll help you out a little.

Thank you pleased to make your acquaintance Mr okada Mr okada you don't have to call me that would it be better to call you master just call me by my normal name haruto after that Iris and I made Regular small talk based on that I decided upon a direction of study and we split up for the day.

Having agreed to begin tomorrow after finishing school the next day I called Iris into an empty classroom I didn't want us to stand out so I chose a place where people wouldn't see us learning with manga is amazing it's so easy to remember I guess it really is easier to study if you relate it to things you like.

I taught her words based on manga written in Japanese I translated the Japanese into Estonian and read them out to Iris in both languages manga also comes with a story which made it easier for her to remember but why did we come to an empty classroom to study I didn't want us to stand out you never.

Know who's gonna see is there something bad about us being seen I want a quiet life if people know I can speak Estonian they might end up asking me to translate I'd be getting hassled all the time won't you translate for me you didn't plan on asking did you I thought it might be nice if you did.

But it's fine I'm going to study hard so I can talk to everyone in the class by myself as things stand iris is almost completely alone I guess if there's one thing I want it's for her not to be if I acted as the middleman she'd probably get to know everyone in class really quickly but I didn't plan on.

Going that far if you're gonna live in Japan you're gonna have to speak Japanese sooner or later even if you're not used to it it's better to get lots of practice everyone in our class knows your situation so even if you make mistakes they'll understand it might feel like I'm acting a little.

Cold but there's no better way to practice than the real thing if I was going to help Iris learn Japanese quickly it was probably best to make her get as much exposure to the language as possible for the next week I continued teaching Iris Japanese iris is Japanese still wasn't perfect but I assigned her with a.

Task she was apprehensive but I told her I'd be there to help if she needed me good morning please speak with me huh are you a secret to speak Japanese now it was broke in Japanese but the girls seemed surprised when Iris started talking to them I'm still studying I just learned some.

New words but I want to speak to all of you two me too I've been wanting to speak with you the group of girls Iris talked to seemed relatively amicable from my point of view and I was sure they'd take care of her even if the conversation got a.

Little awkward as I expected they spoke slowly and met iris's pace I'm still a beginner I want you to teach me Japanese if you don't understand what we're saying please feel free to tell us we'll say it in a different way so you can understand.

Thank you I've got a feeling she's gonna be okay I gave her lectures on things that were likely to come up in Daily conversation beforehand once the conversation gets started I'm sure her classmates will speak at a pace Iris can understand rather than just me teaching her alone.

My aim was to create an environment where Iris could learn Japanese Naturally by speaking with everyone hey Iris well you come by and grab some tea with us after this we've been wanting to speak to you for a while let's get to know each other some of the boys approached Iris after school.

I had a feeling they'd been keeping an eye on her and they probably decided to invite her when they saw her having a basic conversation with a group of girls she approached get to know what does that mean it means to become friends I want to become friends with everyone well then let's go we'll treat you to.

Whatever you like treat um Iris looked deep in thought her Japanese still wasn't perfect and the guys had approached her normally as they would anyone else so she probably didn't understand oh I'm sorry you probably didn't know.

That word it means we'll buy you something you mean he'll buy me some tea that's right so let's go sorry I don't like Japanese tea it's harsh and bitter oh oh no no when we say tea we just mean we'll buy you whatever you like I guess it would be like a dinner party I thought we could chat while drinking and having fun.

I want to chat but I'm still learning Japanese I can't chat about a lot of things let's go and hang out then we'll teach you some fun stuff I'm interested in hanging out but could it be you just don't want to hang out with us what do I do I'm happy they spoke to me but I hardly understand anything they say huh what did you say.

Iris mumbled to herself in Estonian and the boys didn't understand so that's why I watched the conversation play out and it didn't seem like Iris was uncomfortable with the idea of the guys inviting her out she just got nervous when she didn't understand what they were saying but they didn't understand iris's.

Feelings and they probably thought she was just flat out rejecting their invitation even if she declined it would have left a bad impression if they thought she was declining because she didn't want to go out with them I have to tell them if Iris was misunderstood and shunned she'd be back.

To a life of isolation I decided to send her a Lifeboat Iris still doesn't speak much Japanese I think that given that she would probably be uncomfortable if she went to hang out with you the boys looked surprised when I who was normally so quiet came up and spoke to them.

It's not likely to come and speak to us okada what do you know about Iris I could see she was confused and didn't understand just now from the look on her face but we saw her speaking normally today that was because the girls were matching iris's Pace iris is Japanese isn't at a level where you can just talk to her.

Like you would a friend and she'll understand everything we know that but even if there's a little language barrier we'll support her can you speak her language in an emergency huh did you just they seemed bewildered when I spoke Estonian haruto he just spoke Estonian is it okay explaining would be a drag it's quicker.

This way huh what's going on are you speaking to each other I can speak Estonian too how can you support Iris if you can't at least do this it's normal to feel uncomfortable with the idea of going and hanging out with someone you can't fully understand if you're going to go and hang out it'd be better to go once.

You're able to communicate a little more smoothly you have a point it's hard to disagree when you put it that way Iris let's talk again sometime the boys left as if I had overwhelmed them haruto thank you for helping me I didn't want them to get the wrong end of the stick it's fine to turn down a date invite but if you don't do it skillfully they might.

Think you're being self-important I didn't want you to be thought of as someone who's difficult to approach were they inviting me on a datejust now yeah judging from the way they asked inviting someone for tea is a cliched way of asking someone out on a date oh I didn't know it meant that Japanese is really deep.

People don't always necessarily mean what they're saying literally just remember a little at a time okay I still have a lot to learn will you teach me more haruto yeah I'll look out for you a little longer thanks again for today I learned a lot I'm glad to hear it please make yourself at home.

Iris told me she wanted to study at home and invited me over to her house she told me she wanted to thank me for helping her so I decided to go along by the way where are your parents it seems like they won't come home today due to work really they must be really busy I don't want to stay too long I guess I'll head off.

Please wait since you're here please stay for dinner you don't have to do that for me besides I don't think it's a good idea to be at a girl's house late at night just the two of us I'm lonely on my own my parents are off in a way like this and I'm always alone I'm tired of being lonely I had no idea.

Iris still doesn't know anybody else in Japan if she doesn't even get to spend time with her family she must be seriously lonely well in that case let's eat okay leave it to me hearing my reply Iris headed happily for the kitchen not long after that the dishes were lined up.

It'd been a while since I'd seen proper Cuisine like this suit and harnessed up this takes me back don't you eat them at your house my taste buds are too used to Japanese food my parents are Japanese so they don't go out of their way to cook Estonian food salt is stewed pork Hern soup is pea soup and they're served together with.

Rye bread it's a dish that's commonly eaten in Estonia I like Japanese food too but I'm not good at making it so I made what I'm good at if you prefer Japanese food I'll practice so I could learn to make it for you you don't have to go out of your way to make it it's not like you can change your own tastes I want to be able to make things you.

Like so I can cook for you haruto you shouldn't say things like that I could get the wrong idea it almost sounds like you're confessing your feelings for me I am huh when she said so without eating I was so surprised that I stopped eating haruto I like you will you be mine.

Albeit broken Iris uttered her confession in Japanese the look on her face was serious where did this come from haruto you're my teacher when I'm with you I feel like everything's okay the only person I want to go on a date with is you is this because it sounded like I was.

Giving you the go-ahead to go on a date with a guy from class the reason I stopped the date was because Iris was anxious about not being able to communicate properly it's not like I stopped because I was trying to control her if anything I made it clear that I wanted her to go on the date once she was able to communicate properly.

Maybe Iris didn't want me to misunderstand her feelings either even if I spoke perfect Japanese I want to be with you forever don't you like me haruto I just never looked at you that way before I'd be happy to be your boyfriend Iris even though she could have easily told.

Me an Estonian I could tell Iris was serious when she went out of her way to confess her feelings in Japanese because I'm Japanese I guess it was her way of showing her commitment to being with me I wanted to be there for Iris too I'm so happy I want us to beat Iris continued to study Japanese with a.

Passion and rapidly became able to communicate with her classmates once she could speak Iris quickly became popular with the boys but by then we were dating and were well known as an official couple thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

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