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[Manga Dub] I turned her down, and she changes to become my type… [RomCom]


My name is Hiroki saragi I'm a high school student I love anime and games and everybody thinks of me as an introverted geek I disagree respectfully I just want to use my time wisely I'd rather play games than talk to other classmates during my free time so you Betsy game.

And you mean sexiest underwear all of mine are the same oh my gosh I have a whole drawer full of sexy lingerie we're getting sick of it but the girls in my class like to Bunch together to play stupid games they think it's fun to come up with ridiculous botsu games.

Belle are you listening Asahi is coming to school in her sexy lingerie tomorrow some of the girls came up to me while I was playing with my phone whatever I don't care you're just saying that I know you're curious I agree you should just admit that you want to see my underwear hero.

Her name is Asahi mayama and she's the one who will be going through the batsuit game tomorrow the girls in my class have been picking on me ever since ASA he found out my screen picture was of a character in anime if I admit it are you going to show me I know.

I never Geeks sickly wish to see up a girl's skirt in real life so that makes you a pervert who wants people to look up your skirt what what the way I'm showing you asahi's the girl who tries to mess with me the most she thought my reactions were hilarious because I wasn't used to.

Talking to girls what I've gotten used to it by now I'm not going to let her walk all over me oh come on Asahi why don't you show him he sounds so desperate you're so pathetic it's obvious you want to see it you're just trying to hide it so I'll think about it but only if you beg at my beat.

Why do you want me to see it so badly all you have to do is beg me and say please she wants me to beg at her feet so she can have a nice laugh with her friends she's so typical it's not difficult to read her do whatever you want but keep me out of it.

What the heck aren't you interested at all what do you want from me Asahi was obviously frustrated by my words she kept bugging me and wouldn't let it go to be honest she was so annoying the next day she came straight up to me to tell me she had on her sexy underwear I told her I didn't care and the school.

Day ended without having to see her underwear however Asahi asked me to go talk to her after school I decided to go since it was better than ignoring her and her bugging me for it first of all I'm sorry I called you out here yeah you made sure I had no choice.

So what do you want from me I know it's hard to believe I like you no way why not you got you could at least give it a thought I know you're messing with me why not no I have.

It but I'm serious about my feelings you haven't been listening to what I say for a while now all I want is your attention so you want me to be your toy that's not what I'm saying I want to be with you Hiro why would you understand what I'm trying to tell you how can I understand if you're yelling at me like that.

I'm positive she's asking me out because of a botsu game she and her friends probably came up with a plan to make fun of me fine about us why are you so desperate about this because I like you hero so the date is the batsu game then.

Geez I don't care how they enjoy their stupid games but I wish they'd stop bringing me into their chaos assist much I have to admit she is pretty she's probably the prettiest out of all of her friends however she's too um garu for me.

You know I don't really like the gyro type I wouldn't say yes to you even if you were serious about us have against garus I don't have anything against them they're just not my type you're free to live however you want just like I'm free to have my opinion fine then what kind of girl is your type.

Of girl I like sophisticated pretty girls there are no girls like that in the real world uh uh you shouldn't be so sure about that I'm sure there are plenty of.

Sophisticated pretty girls just not around me at the moment I'm sure of it just date me come on you gotta face reality hero even if I can't date a sophisticated pretty girl I wouldn't date a girl can I go now hey I'm not done yet I know I said.

Garrow but I'm not trying to discriminate I just hate the Gyros that mess with people they don't care about the trouble they cause how far are they willing to go with the batsu games it's pathetic I hope I made everything clear enough that she never talks to me again.

The next morning I was sitting in my seat when a girl I'd never seen before came to talk to me good morning huh oh good morning she had black long beautiful hair looking into her pretty face immediately made me nervous my heart was racing.

What do you think what do you mean do I look weird I don't think I'm following I had no idea what she was trying to say just then the girls in my class came running over oh what are you up to Hero oh wait huh you're awesome.

He looked irritated as I stood there staring into her face yes it's me how could you not tell da I mean you were a gyro yesterday but but now you look she looked sophisticated and pretty all her gyarunus was gone she was a completely different person what are you saying I don't look good no.

No what I meant to say was why did you dye your hair is it because I said hey don't be so full of yourself I've always wanted to be more sophisticated it has nothing to do with you she denied it but it was hard to think I had nothing to do with it she wouldn't have come over to ask for my opinion if it had nothing to do with.

Me how far is she willing to go to make this botsu game work you may look different on the outside but you're the same on the inside what's up people don't change that easily you know I thought you said you wanted to be more sophisticated no.

People don't change that easily she's going to have to fix her personality first he come with us you need to explain yourself huh let's go somewhere private so we can talk okay the girls took Asahi with her and they.

All left the classroom judging by their reactions Asahi probably didn't tell her friends she was planning on dyeing her hair hero do this if you want Asahi suddenly handed over an obento to me what is this you're always eating store-bought bread.

You don't get enough nutrition I made you an obento so you can eat a proper lunch I appreciate it but why would you go through all that trouble for me it doesn't mean anything just eat it all morning cooking for nothing okay she was trying hard to show me her.

Feminine side but her attitude was ruining it but it felt nice it was the first time a girl had made an obento just for me and it's good I noticed Asahi staring at me while I ate the obento quietly at my desk what is it.

worried I'd like it it's good you know I'm not going to comment on every menu when I'm eating all by myself ah she got me all worried for nothing I didn't think I was doing anything wrong but Asahi seemed to be feeling sensitive I would have answered if she.

Asked me how I liked it hero do you want to grab a cup of tea uh I'd rather go straight home the least you can do is humor me I wasn't expecting that she basically forced her handmade obento on me and now she's expecting me to listen to her in return fine let's go then.

Smiled happily at me um Asahi I thought we were going to grab a cup of tea yes we are going to have a cup of tea I figured we'd be going to a cafe I have some quality tea leaves at home it'll only take a second I was planning on buying her the cup of tea at a cafe to thank her for making.

The obento I wasn't expecting her to make me tea at her house I've never been to a girl's room before I was starting to get nervous I didn't think I would since it was just Asahi but I was in a private room with her and I was feeling self-conscious here you go hero what's wrong why are.

You kneeling like that no nothing really nothing I didn't want her to see how nervous I was it felt like it would bring us back to when Asahi first started messing with me I pretended I was Breezy and drank the tea she made for me thanks for the tea I enjoyed it I guess.

I'll get going now wait a sec you just arrived here why don't you stay for a bit more I wanted to run out the door but I guess life never gives you what you want wait hero are you nervous no no definitely not ASA he smirked at me and she disappeared.

Behind my back suddenly I felt her arms around my waist I haven't seen you react like that in a while you've been acting so cool these days I like it better when you give me more feedback stop messing with me this is how she teased me towards the.

Beginning of our association I gotten used to it but it was hard now that she looked exactly my type the whole private room situation wasn't helping I felt helpless like a fish out of water ah she nibbled at my ear and my body reacted before I could stop it.

hero you crack me cut it out she'd never gone this far at school hey hero do you want to see more what do you mean Asahi let go of me I couldn't let her take control of the situation I needed to keep my cool.

I somehow calmed myself down before Asahi came to sit next to me she leaned in slightly towards me I was expecting more so it let me down a little hero are you nervous yet nope nothing you do affects me anymore you sure I'm used to all of your tricks now.

Uh-huh I looked at Asahi and gulped down my words she had taken off her ribbon and had undone the top two buttons I could see what was under the thin blouse material what's wrong why do you have to go that far I asked you if you wanted to see more.

You know that's not what I'm talking about hey you can take off my shirt if you want I would never do that hero I can feel your heart beating I'm glad to see I still have that effect on you it's not you it's the situation we're in.

Right now Asahi gently pushed her ears against my heart and listened to my heartbeat she then embraced my head and pulled me towards her so my head was in her chest can you hear it my heart is racing too I could feel her Hearts thumping rapidly against my ears however I was more focused on how soft.

She felt and how her breasts engulfed my head can you let go of me now Asahi let go of my head and sat down in front of me so do you believe me now about what I have feelings for you hero why are you going this far just for a.

Batsu game dying your hair and making moves on me when is the batsu game going to end what botsu game are you talking about you asked me out yesterday that was part of a batsu game right wait so you thought I was doing all this for just a botsu game you weren't I know our botsu games are.

Silly but we would never seriously go this far oh I get it that's why you wouldn't take me seriously at all so that means you were telling me your true feelings yesterday now that everything was cleared up everything Asahi did made sense she dyed her hair to get my attention and her.

Next move was to get me to see her as more than just a classmate she was doing what her heart told her to do at first I started talking to you because I wanted to get to know you better but one day I realized I had feelings for you after that it broke my heart every time you acted coldly towards me why did you want to get to.

Know me better in the first place well I like anime too that's all if I had known Asahi liked anime too I probably would have treated her differently I understood where she was coming from it's nice to have friends who have common interests I'm sorry.

I always doubted your intentions I should have made the time to get to know you better I would love to if it's not too late so you want to be friends with me I'd like to be more I'm not a sophisticated girl on the inside are you sure you want me of course I do I know how hard you tried to.

Get through to me that's enough yay then I can do this to you now right Asahi suddenly kissed me on my lips um let's keep it PG at school though okay what about out of school as long as there's no one watching okay I'll do my best to behave although Asahi promised me she would try to be on.

Her best behavior I doubt she will keep her promise knowing how she is thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well