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[Manga Dub] I tutored a girl who was on the verge of getting expelled… [RomCom]


Do you know why I called you here Saya no did I do something wrong my name's seya kawamura it's after school and I've been called to the teacher's office by Saya Ito my homeroom teacher I'm an introvert with average looks so I have no idea why I've been called in no matter how hard I think.

Really have no idea your midterms were the other day once again you've come dangerously close to feeling every subject and please take take seriously surely you knew what kind of high school you were entering when you enrolled didn't you one of the most distinguished schools in.

The prefecture that's right not to mention that the main School achieves the highest scores academically and a student with failing grades will be dealt with and if they continue to do poorly they may even face expulsion at worst then I'm fine right I haven't actually failed any of my tests yet.

That's not the point I'm just concerned about your future I still have classroom duties to take care of please excuse me yeah I'm not done I can tell what she's trying to say but I'm content with how peaceful my school life is right now I'm not looking for academic Excellency.

Or anything so she can keep her nose out of my business that should be everything now to get home and play some games wait when I got back Rina Ito the class leader and in some respects my natural enemy was crying alone she's usually with friends so I wonder what's wrong.

Well I don't want to get involved so I'll just grab my bags and um I'll be going why are you hugging me all of a sudden Rina jumped at me as soon as our eyes met it would be really bad if anyone saw us like this I really want to go home but I can't just leave her like this either.

Did something happen an explosion warning I'm not good at studying and I've been failing tests since the school year started if I fail again I'll be expelled I see that's pretty bad huh I'm too embarrassed to admit that I can't study so I can't turn to anyone for help.

What is it can you do me a favor nope sorry I'm going home hurt me out you don't have to have to I already have a bad feeling about this what's that supposed to mean I just want to ask if you could tutor me that's all.

Me sorry but my grades aren't that good either really they aren't do I seem smart to her I might not have failed a test but it's been close every time I even just got out of a meeting with a teacher about it than me oh will you tutor me please.

It already takes everything I have to not fail you really should ask someone two students alone in the classroom after school you're not doing anything inappropriate are you ah oops wait you too Arena I've told you to call me Miss Rita.

While we're at school I did not expect these two to be sisters I can't see the resemblance no matter how hard I look but maybe that's dude Arena's makeup Saya you sure have some guts chatting at my sister at school don't be ridiculous what are you trying.

To say relax it was just a joke I caught your conversation as I passed and I know you're not the type to try anything so bold she's really mean for a teacher no no calm down you said it takes everything you have not to fail right yeah and.

Is that really true huh being your test from last year you've also come close to feeling every subject but every question you answered was correct for the other question was left blank your point is I think you know you're intentionally.

Passing by narrow margins and only someone very smart could pull that off uh I've already looked into your background you are the proclaimed young genius who continuously gotten perfect scores on the national tests in every subject aren't you I'm sure you have your reasons for not.

Pulling out all the stops and that's fine that said I have an idea oh do you one would think that as rina's sister Miss Ito would offer to tutorina herself but giving Miss ito's Twisted personality I doubt that whatever she's thinking of it can't be good that I'm sure of.

And if we consider my talk with her earlier failing would be really bad I think my only way to keep my uneventful student life is to become rina's tutor what teacher Corners their student I'll do whatever it takes for my little sister's sake but it's not like you could have spoken against me to begin.

With that's a contradiction if I've ever heard one um I'm not really sure what's going on but is it safe to assume Saya will true to me now that's right isn't that great oh thank you seya I'm looking forward to.

It yeah sure by the way I noticed this earlier but you always seem to have your guard up when you talk for classmates so you can relax a little I'll try I was forced into the spot though can I really relax there's one week until our next tests.

It's almost impossible to tutor someone out of failing range within a week using typical techniques the next day I came up with the best course of action and I went to rina's house what could that teacher be thinking taking away a student's weekend for a sleepover study session.

See ya I'm in thanks for having me looks like it's just the two of them living together I'm sorry my sister sprung all of this on you well it doesn't change that we don't have a lot of time to work with speaking of where is she said she'll just be in our way so she's.

Gone back to stay with her parents wait does that mean what I think it means planned by the one who tried suspecting us of inappropriate behavior no less leaving a boy and a girl alone for a study session is way too suspect so I figured Miss Ito would return When night came she planned this too didn't she I should just go with the flow.

It's not like I plan to do anything to Reno to begin with you don't like us being alone together do you I'm okay really are you bothered by this being stuck with a guy like me I mean not at all I've actually been wanting to talk to you for a while so this is perfect really I'm actually a little flattered.

As usual I'm awkward around Rina but she's more pleasant than I first thought our study session began as we went over what would be on the tests I made practice questions to see how much she already understands this is worse than I thought she did get accepted into our school though.

It was tough wow it is already yeah it's about dinner time shall we eat something yeah but I'm not good at cooking what should we I'll make something then how about you go ahead and take a bath first.

Are you sure both of my parents work late so I'm used to cooking and doing chores myself don't worry about me okay thanks I won't be long see what's in the fridge while Rina took her bath I assessed what we had and got to work immediately this was the first time I cooked for.

Anyone outside of my family and I started getting nervous thinking about Rina trying my cooking I hope she likes this say yeah I'm done with the bath great dinner's ready wait who are you rude how else could it be seriously you look completely different that's just because I don't have any.

Makeup on and you don't have to stare so much you're embarrassing me sorry you just look really cute that's all personality aside Miss ito's really pretty too and since they're sisters of course Rena would be attractive too duh.

Stop it dummy things were going smoothly up until now but it got uncomfortable between us after dinner I started getting self-conscious towards Rina and as one could expect we didn't get far with studying I don't know what she's thinking but after this Rena started coming to school.

With very little makeup is she getting back at me for what I said there's something refreshing about how she looks without her usual makeup sorry I'm late Saya classroom duties took longer than I thought to finish it's okay I just got here myself whoa.

If I really think about it I've been barely able to look Rina in the eye this week anyway tomorrow's the big day today is our last study session so let's give it our all hey Saya yeah is there something you still don't get.

It's not about the test look at me huh I want to ask you something what is it oh why don't you give your all on tests if you could avoid failing maybe I can too why do you want to know this isn't something people usually ask because I want to know more about you so.

Is there a reason for this looking into her eyes for the first time in a while they're very clear and pretty and her expression was so serious I couldn't look away it's okay Saya whatever your reason is I'll accept it I won't tell anyone else so please trust me I think I can tell her she's trustworthy all right if it might help.

I'll tell you this is our last session so do your best okay and thus concluded our study week today we got our answer sheets from every subject back as I'd always planned I barely avoided failing my tests how'd you do Reena oh no I'm sorry I couldn't ah what are.

You saying look I did it I didn't feel any of my tests wait really thank goodness well I did avoid failing but it was really close still though you worked really hard for it even though we didn't have much time I did now you promised I remember I'll tell you everything.

But where to start you already know that I passed the national tests with perfect scores in every subject multiple years in a row right yeah this might not mean much coming from me but in elementary school people treated me strangely like I had an extra head or.

Something even so I studied really hard in elementary school I don't know if it was because of my grades but when I got to Junior High no one ever talked to me why were they so cold to me well after talking to my parents I was done putting on a strong front the solution I came up.

With was to do worse and worse on my tests until I got to high school I'm sure you can fill in the rest from there that must have been really hard but you know Saya for as smart as you are you can still be really dumb at times ah.

But when you enter high school and it's not like all of your classmates came with you is there any reason to hold yourself back now I guess but it's easy for you to say because you don't know all of the pain I've been through the same could easily happen again you're right I don't know but there's.

One big difference between then and now I'm completely certain of what is it you have me a super strong Ally in your corner I think you're really amazing and if anyone wants to give you a hard time about your grades I'll make them eat their words for you Rina.

So can you give it your all again I'll be with you the whole time upon hearing her words I felt my body relax a sense of relief passed through me and my body felt much lighter I think what I wanted this whole time was someone like Rina on my side I said too much I'm really sorry no you've opened my eyes to reality.

Thank you Rina oh really I'm glad to hear that then let's let me think about that let's keep let's keep doing our best sorry it was supposed to be a joke I'm looking forward to our study sessions oh and since we're here I guess I should.

Tell you my secret too what secret I'm sure you've noticed that I look different right a bit Yeah a lie do you think that is so he'll look at me what wait what do you what's indeed I'm sure you can figure it out on your own you're smart no come on I can't figure out everything off of my brain by myself.

Have fun after that I continued being Rena's tutor as she wanted her grades kept improving and she was among the top 20 students by the time we graduated as for me I stopped hiding my capabilities and stayed the top student until graduation and today we're here for our University's entrance ceremony.

I want to kiss the entrance ceremony just finished is that what do you think besides there are people around oh it's fine as long as we're alone must be nice having flowers for Brains it's only been a month since we started dating Rina and I started dating after.

University entrance exams were over but we haven't even held hands yet we have to do this in the proper order is there even an order some people go straight to kiss at the same day they ask each other out how do you even refute that you're just a scaredy cat through and through misito you're here I.

Mean my precious sister got accepted into one of the most prestigious schools it's pretty surprising Rina couldn't have done this without you and that's a fact thank you for helping her well Rina saved me too in her own way is that is that the thing you've done oh.

Blind Eye with you going out with her but if you're a former student of mine if you do anything to make her sad you won't get away with it got it cross my heart and all who would have thought that a flashy girl like Rena would become My One True Love years later.

I want to continue being with her and to treasure her as my lifelong partner thank you check out our other videos as well