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[Manga Dub] I used a lie detector on my childhood friend that hated me… but wait…??? [RomCom]


You're such an idiot Noosa what take a chill Bill ranker nobody in her class tries to stop us anymore it's become a part of their normality my name is noos SOA I'm a junior at Alice high school and the girl in front of me is my childhood friend Rena akazuki she's pretty if she keeps her mouth.

Shut however that's an impossible task for her she's foul mouth especially toward me it's annoying so what have I knotted off for a few minutes you're not my wife are you a few minutes you've been sleeping through your classes for 3 days straight I'm the one the teacher complains to about you don't you realize how much.

Trouble you're causing me he started telling me to teach you how to sleep at night it makes me feel like I'm your mother seriously stop sleeping in class I won't let you get away with it if you sleep again I'm using super glue to stick your eyelids together that way your eyes won't close Rea then strut it away sometimes.

Her way of expressing things scare the hell out of me jez I have to say I'm jealous of what of how close you that Kazuki s she brushes me off in less than 10 seconds every time I try to talk to her she does is yelling fight I wouldn't be jealous yeah but at least you're talking to her oh I would do what to get.

Her to yell at me that's easy just stare at her body up and down she'll be yelling in no time well that might be a good idea maybe we'll get to see her body while she's talking to us I'm kidding seriously don't do it you don't want to put your life in danger that night I sat in my room thinking about Rena we weren't always.

Like this since when did we start fighting so much I remember how Ranka was when she was younger she always put up a strong front however I knew she was the most sensitive caring girl I had ever met my strongest memory of her was when she found a dog on the road had a passed away after getting hit by a car she cried her heart out she was never.

Afraid to show her tears I comforted her back when she cried CU her friends saw behind her back I was always thinking about ranko back then I made sure to stay by her side in case anything happened eventually I developed romantic feelings for her she tries to act strong that hasn't Chang but I never thought she would start.

Attacking me so harshly her attitude and behavior toward me aren't easy to deal with I wish there was something I could do I would tell her how I feel about her tomorrow if she would give me a chance but I know the chance of her accepting my feelings a slim it's pretty obvious she hates me I find myself sighing every time I.

Think about her what am I supposed to do with these feelings do I have to put a lid on them forever one evening my mother asked me to go shopping for groceries I was on my way to the supermarket when I noticed an unfamiliar street vendor hi there romance is troubling you isn't it huh how'd you know that well I'll just say I could.

Tell from the color of your aura I have something for you young man the street vendor took out a small square box it looked like some sort of device what is this it's a love love detector for real does she actually expect me to believe that I bet she's planning to rip me off do I look that naive I could tell her that I know what.

She's up to but what's the fun in that oh let's see that looks interesting how would I use it on somebody the woman started to explain according to the woman all I had to do was ask a person I'm interested in if they like me while holding the so-called love light detector in my hand if the.

Person liked me it would warm me up if they didn't the device would cool down the heart would also change colors depending on the person's emotions orange if they like me dark blue if they don't if the person didn't feel anything the heart would turn like green the color of the heart would tell me if the person had any romantic feelings or not.

I'll include the instruction manual for you to read it's not complicated at all you just have to do as I explained just now I doubt you'll need to read the instructions yeah it sounds pretty simple the thing is I have no money right now I can only offer one yen that's all I have so what will you do onean isn't enough is it yes it.

Is huh uh wait are you sure about that yes I will put this both out to help people that's why I try to pick my customers wisely so would you like to purchase the loveely detector well it was only one yen why do I get the feeling this is how she wanted things to go oh well thank you for your purchase I hope Aphrodite decides to.

Help you through your troubles one day during lunch break I walked over to rank's desk ranker do you have a second what do you want e why does she have to be so unfriendly me I've gotten used to it I won't let it bother me um what do you think of me ranker will you elaborate oh this isn't the question I should be asking oh uh here it goes do.

You like me what why would you ask me that all of a sudden rea's cheeks instantly turned bright red the there's a way I I would like you noish I can't believe you asked me that what a Rea jumped out of a chair and ran out of the classroom she's fast too fast what what oh she tripped that looked painful my right hand it's warm no it feels hot.

I looked down at the palm of my right hand the heat was coming from the love light detector that wasn't all the heart-shaped lamp in the middle of the device that turned orange if I remember right it means the person I asked the question to likes me I read the instructions that if the heart turned orange the person was thinking about me.

All the time that they liked me more than anything in the world so that means RKA likes me I felt the heat from the love light detector spread through my entire body ranker has been acting cold toward me to hide her feelings I felt ecstatic my life was good but still that doesn't mean she'll say yes if I ask her out right now I can't imagine her.

Accepting my confession she would probably reject me or run away so what do I do one day during the weekend I walked into an ice cream store on the corner of a shopping street I come here from time to time for two reasons one of them is to eat vanilla salt ice I cream it's delicious and the other reason is he did you think you would get away with.

Scooping a bug into me ice cream with all due respect I took the ice cream before handing it to you sir are you s I'm making this off no I was only trying to give me a number we'll think of a way for you to make it up to me I can't do that fine I guess I'll have to post on me social media about how this place blames a cous customers.

Are point a bugging their ice cream but but the only way to avoid that would be for you to give me your number honey stay biggy we can solve this issue after you finish work don't worry I won't take too much of your time excuse me for interrupting who the hell are you we're in the middle of a conversation waitting L man um I wish I didn't have to say to.

Se but uh you should get out of here ASAP huh why a customer was call in the police I heard him talking on the phone the policeman must be on his way now seriously I'm going to get out of here a creepy old guy ran out of the door are you okay uh yeah I was relieved to see Rano wasn't hurt however I couldn't order my usual vanilla sold ice cream.

After everything that happened how much longer do you have before your shift is over uh an hour okay I'll come by to pick you up in an hour then I turned around to leave the ice cream shop just then the manager came running out oh R kachan you can leave early today I'm so sorry I should have realized what was going on earlier you should go home.

Today don't worry I'll pay you for the last hour you Mr boyfriend please take good care of fraan I promise I will thank you for being understanding I should be thanking you you saved rachan if that customer ever appears near her please don't hesitate to tell me thank you we left the ice cream shop and.

Walked together in silence I glanced over at ranko to see how she was doing I could see her body was still trembling all I could think about was what I could do to make her feel better we passed by a small Park I stopped walking and opened my mouth do I to stop and rest for a little bit Rena didn't say anything but she gave me a small nod the.

Park was empty just as I thought it was enough privacy for me to talk to her you don't have to keep it in anymore you can cry if you want to tears began to fall from Rena's eyes I can't believe how tough it must have been to keep them in that was terrifying Rena grabbed on to me and started to ball her eyes out I rubbed her back gently just like I've.

Been doing for many years I'm okay now she rubbed her eyes and took a step back from me I felt guilty for not wanting to let go I shouldn't be putting my feelings first thank you no don't worry about it you're okay now do you want to head home yeah a few days later I was in the schoolyard during.

Lunch break ranker had asked me to meet her there she had something to tell me what's up ranker um well um so do you like me huh why is she asking me to do that all of a sudden my mind stopped functioning I know how to reply no wait a minute think about it this is the opportunity you've been waiting for yeah all I have to do is tell her my honest.

Feelings my love light detector has already clarified ranka's feelings for me I can't waste this chance it's now or never I do raner I like you more than you can imagine I did it I told her now we can I looked at ranker and saw her staring at me with her eyes wide open a single tear ran down her cheek is she crying because she's happy why why does.

It feel like there's another reason something is wrong things aren't going the way I'd imagined what am I missing you're a liar nush I hate you Rea suddenly snapped at me as if she turned her back to me and ran off what I was confused the sudden turn Revenge was something I never expected what in the world is going on why is this happening.

To us I don't understand I thought Rena liked me was I wrong despair that's the best way to describe how I felt in that moment moment I felt my energy drain away I couldn't keep standing anymore I fell in my knees the last conversation with Rena changed her relationship 180° she started to treat me with a hostile attitude I could tell she was rejecting.

My existence she wouldn't listen to me no matter how many times I tried to talk to her I didn't know what to do about it I wasn't sure what I did to make her hate me so much Reena continued to avoid me for a whole week I decided it was time to act I waited for her at outside the school gate I couldn't let her walk out of my life just like that Reena she.

Turned away and tried to walk past she try to ignore me I wasn't thinking when I grabbed her arm hey let go of me I ignored her and pulled her away from everyone we needed some privacy to talk I did feel bad about it but it was an act out of desperation why are you treating me like this all of a sudden you should ask yourself I shouldn't have.

To tell you a man because I can't figure it out you have to talk to me what did I do I can't fix it if you don't tell me Rea glared at me as she pulled something out of her bag she pushed it in my face I was shocked to see what she was holding why do she have that that's it was a love light detector it looked identical to mine only her heart lamp.

Was dark blue I've had feelings for you for a long time since we were kids I felt so safe around you I knew you would always be around to protect me you weren't a childhood friend you mean so much more than that but I couldn't be honest with you for some reason I know I shouldn't have acted so coldly or harsh towards you but I couldn't help it I was.

Scared my feelings might ruin us that's why I couldn't tell you I would rather have you just as a friend than lose you completely I know it's my fault I didn't treat you with the love and respect you deserve but I never thought you hated me this much blue means you don't want to see my face I don't understand why you were so nice to me if you felt that way.

You shouldn't have given me that false hope I hate you wait a minute is she serious right now and why is her love light detector lying to her I know this makes sense I'm utterly completely in love with ranker how dare I tell her I hate her so much I don't want to see her face a lie detector shouldn't be lying Rea listen to me I.

No I don't want to hear I hate you Nova sh I hate you you suck go to hell jeez that's enough I grabbed rankr ped her toward me into my arms hey let go hell no I tied my hold on her I don't give a crap about what the light detector said I wasn't lying when I said I liked you shut up you liar I don't believe a word you say.

I don't care I'll say it anyway I'll say it a thousand times if it's necessary I like you ranker listen to me I like you you mean the world to me I felt reena's body loosen up a little I can't let her get away I need to make her understand I'm willing to show you if words aren't enough do you still not believe me what do you mean show me do you mean oh I'm.

Not ready for that yet then tell me that you believe me I know everything I said was crazy but my method worked Rea stopped trying to fight back she finally started listening to me do you like me really yes I do I'll say it over and over again until you believe me Reena fine just stay this way for a while hold me tight wouldn't wish for anything else.

I kept my arms around ranker for a while after that we leaned into each other everything felt better I felt warm and comfortable with her no Isa I give you permission uh for what I know there's something you were planning to do earlier I'm I think I'm ready now jeez Don't make me say it you dummy oh uh her son statements left me lost for words of.

Course I wanted to that's all I've ever wanted was it all a lie but you said you liked me did you say it to just get through our fight no I swear to God it wasn't a lie but are you sure you want this yes I'm sure I'll be sad if you don't do it right now Rena quietly closed her eyes I felt like all the feelings I bottled up came spurting out.

Rena I like you I feel the same way noik we then took the next step into our relationship there's no turning back now the start of our relationship wasn't easy but we somehow overcame everything just a side story I found found out the love light detector ranad came from the same street Fender however the love light detector.

Ranad was broken that's why the hard Shades lamp turn the wrong color we took the Broken Love Light detectors to the street vendor and she asked if we wanted a new one we declined her kind offer since we didn't need the device anymore she then offered to give us a cheating Discovery device why do she have all this stuff anyway life Lo get harder if.

She gives us a broken device again I don't want to be accused when I'm innocent in the end and I came to the conclusion that I never should have used a love light detector relying on a device hinders people from exchanging proper communication we really didn't need it to start with still I am grateful for what it did for us it gave.

Us the opportunity to spill our true feelings it gave us a chance to be honest one day during the weekend I was in the amusement park with Rena she changed completely I never knew she could be such an affectionate partner hey do you want to sit down for a bit sure let's do that hey do you like me yes I.

Do me too you're my favorite we smile at each other naturally if there's one thing I learned through experience together is the importance of talking to each other communication is crucial and so from now on I would not let fear stop me from expressing my love and appreciation for Ranka thank you for watching how was.

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