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[Manga Dub] I used a lie detector on the girl I liked… She says she doesn’t like me, but [RomCom]


I'm sorry I had to clean the classroom it took longer than I expected okay don't worry about it gosh the class president is so cool I kodai ISU is an ordinary High School junior the only thing non-ordinary about me is that I was recruited to be on the student council the class president me.

Seno specifically asked me to be the clerk now the isuk Kun is here we should get started with the meeting what could we relax for a bit no I won't allow slacking off come on I'm sure kodu needs a second to catch his breath he just got here Naru amay she is the vice president of the student council and is the exact opposite of the.

Class president she may seem like she's not serious about her job but she helps us mentally when we get stuck or trying to solve problems narana I'll be okay we can start the meeting thank you for your kind concern huh I'm not concerned for you I was just trying to slack off she never.

Shows it but she's professional and competent not a lot of people can withstand the burden of juggling vice principal duties and Treasurer tasks plus I thought we finished discussing everything last week we had a meeting and we cleared everything we needed to I know we scheduled a meeting once every week but did we really have to get.

Together today yes we did we have many letters from students in our complaint box to discuss that complaint box is usually 60% fan letters to you me you're right add another 30% for Naran fans unfortunately only 10% of the letters are actually about the school me you are so popular not only.

With boys but with girls too Nadu the same goes for you these two are the most popular girls in school me on the other hand cun don't let it get to you I didn't say anything narsan I know but it's pretty obvious how can she read my mind can she use magic or something oh I know poor go good do you want both of us to say one thing we like.

About you what do you think nusan I'm begging you to stop this is humiliating hey it'll be a good thing hearing compliments is always uplifting well yes I know but still okay I'll go first I like how your cute and easy to mess with thank you very much why do I get the feeling she's looking down on me what about you me huh I have.

To say one too duh obviously kodun shouldn't have to say one for about himself that's just sad fine what she's going to say something she likes about me your handwriting is neat that is crucial in being a clerk oh uh I appreciate that me is that all you have to say yes I can't think of.

Anything else we have more important things to talk about let's get to the letters okay fine we'll read through them and get it done ASAP yes let's do that after that we discuss the information we gathered from the complaint box for about 30 minutes hey I think we've gone through all of them yes you're right but there.

Is still plenty of time since we're all here why don't we brainstorm what else we can do fine how about we clean this room that's a great idea we haven't cleaned the room for a while I can start sweeping the floor great I'll start storting out the papers we all decided on cleaning positions and started on our tasks but.

Then hey I think I found something why don't we just take a break and try this out a lie detector I don't understand why that would be in the student council room me neither maybe one of the sen pites for forgot it here how stupid I will not participate in such nonsense oh fine K cool let's try it on you you're not giving me a choice relax I'll go.

Easy on you I won't ask any serious questions uh-huh I guess I can handle that great answer all my questions with a no let's get started first question do you call me by my name because you have a crush on me uh well that would be a no but hold on a second uh huh it's not lighting up or anything of course it wouldn't in case.

You forgotten nusan you're the one who told me to call you by your first name on our first day here huh did I say that I don't remember that you remember you're pretending not to okay maybe the question was too hard go Tycoon do you have a crush on me no poop that's a small peep so that means you like me a.

Little well I'm getting curious not that I trust an unreliable toy like that she's a member of the student council and takes good care of me there's no reason for me to hate her but that's all it's nothing romantic nice honesty is the best good that's all he feels on to the next question kodun do you have a crush on.

Someone no how I could it's feeding you like a buck I doubt it I think this thing is broken this machine is mysteriously accurate oh excuse me for a second I have a phone call from my boyfriend hey what's up oh I'm alone with the class president this could be my chance to um.

Would you like to try it out I have a question for you I said I won't participate and you said it's broken a few seconds ago that toy is not a reliable source so what if it isn't we have some free time before Naran comes back from a phone call I'm only doing it because we have too much time the class president reluctantly slipped the lie.

Detector onto her finger great please answer no to all my questions okay I will let's see we'll start easy do you have a boyfriend at the moment no it's not doing anything well that's because I'm single I'm starting to believe in this.

Thing uh on to the next question Senpai do you have a crush on anyone no I see you have a crush it's broken you said so yourself this is the moment I've been waiting for here I go you can laugh it off if I'm wrong it won't get awkward there's your crush happen to be me no uh I think it's desperately trying to.

Tell us something you dummy what are you talking about um your face is bright red this room has no AC it's too hot in here anyway this light detector is definitely broken let's throw it out hold on a second that's not necessary not yet I don't care if the machine is telling the.

Truth or lying this is an opportunity I can't waste I've been waiting for this moment would you uh like to go on a date with me no yes we are going on a date not so fast mister I know that you like animals how about we go to a cat cafe oh so many beeps I'm glad to see you excited no it's.

Malfunctioning okay I'll stop bugging you if it's bothering you so much I I never said it was bothering me this 1: p.m. this Saturday at Koo station sound okay for you yes that's perfect wo I can't believe things went so smoothly I'm finally going on a date with her my bad he had so much to talk about you don't have to apologize anyway.

I just remembered I have plans today I'll get going now oh really okay we can clean another day hold on me your face is red no no it's not I'll give you the keys now since I won't be here to close up oh she left in a hurry yeah Mia is adorable I think she ran because she was embarrassed huh oh were you listening to us yeah I came.

Back just when you gave the light detector to her Kodi you heard our whole conversation relax it's fine you got your date because I was gone you should be grateful wait did you lie about getting a phone call from your boyfriend you weren't that far but I didn't hear he you talking at all I'll leave that up to.

Your imagination hey I wish you all the best on your date yeah thank you for that she must be psychic or have superpowers a few days later I met up with the class president to go on our date iuk did you wait long nope I just got here okay I'm glad to hear that this is my first time seeing.

Her out of her uniform she's so cool I love how she looks I read a book called dating Wan yesterday to prepare for today instead I should compliment my date on her outfit the moment I see her uh your clothes they're pretty cool pretty cool oh thank you wait that's not the reaction I was hoping.

For um okay do you want to head to the Cat Cafe sure it's not that far from here huh I zukun have you been to the Cat Cafe before nope I knew we were meeting at the station so I looked up cat cafes around the area wow I'm impressed you came very well prepared yep I want this date to go perfectly okay well thank you oh she.

Seems to be in a better mood now I usually go to my favorite Cat Cafe Why Don't We Go There sure sounds like a plan she has a favorite how often does she go to cat cafes Misan guided me to her favorite Cat Cafe and we went inside they're adorable Senpai can I ask uh are cats.

Your favorite animals yes I'm an animal lover and cats hold a special place in my heart I wish I could take one home but my apartment doesn't allow pets it's frustrating I see so that's why you visit cat CAF often yes I also go to the zoo on weekends Nadu is kind enough to come.

With me that sounds like fun on maybe we can go together next time hi sukun I didn't know you liked animals yeah they're great I have a dog we've had her for about 6 years this is her oh my gosh she looks so fluffy I'm jealous would you like to come over sometime to meet her my dog is quite.

Friendly I'm sure she'll love you you guys will get along yes but wouldn't your family think that I your girlfriend if they see me inside their home I have no problem with that would that be inconvenient for you no I'm fine with it you seem different today uh very forward I apologize I'm not sure if I'll.

Get another chance to take you on a date again oh I'm up right as long as you want to any time really I was thought you weren't very fond of me because you never talked to me why would you think that I wouldn't have asked you to join the student council if I didn't want you around me Middle School I signed up to be a part of the student council but in.

High school he came to ask me if I would join I never had the opportunity to ask you before why did you invite me well I thought you were amazing back when we were both in middle school huh oh me I was a newbie I had no idea what I was doing back then I think I cause more trouble for you than anybody else really you were our most respectable Earnest.

Member and you gave us an interesting reason when we asked you why you signed up oh you remember what I said yes you signed up because you wanted to change yourself you even asked us to be relentless with your training I did say that I lacked confidence back then and some of my classmates picked on me for that yes you told me that when we.

Met you were so timid and scared to act or do anything around others I don't enjoy walking down that memory lane it's embarrassing stop that's nothing to be embarrassed of I think you should be proud proud of yourself you must up the courage to take a step forward I have always admired you for that you never gave up on yourself.

Iuk wow I appreciate that yep I felt the most Joy seeing you grow through your time in the middle school student council that's why I was excited to reunite with you when you came to the high school I had no idea you thought of me like that but last year when we first saw each other in high school I didn't think you looked that happy to see me oh.

Well hey class president it's been so long hi there uh I'm not your class president anymore we're not working together anymore maybe I can get him to call me by my name well you'll always be the class president in my heart oh I see uhoh she seems upset with me but she think I'm creepy for picking the same high school.

As her I'm not the class president anymore but won't he call me by my name that's what was bothering you I thought you wanted me out of your sight I thought you hated me I'm sorry I had no idea you felt that way no I'm sorry you're right you asked me to be the clerk for the student council the next time we talked after you became the.

Class president yep I wanted to catch your attention that's why I waited to talk to you until I became class president I thought it would be best that way oh I see it seems we've had quite a few misunderstandings let me make one thing clear it's something I need you to know I've liked you since a middle school.

Your diligence caught my attention thank you for that so you said you like me does that mean uh yes I've always had feelings for you and I would like you to be my boyfriend class uh Misan thank you so much I wasn't feeling confident at all today I brought the lie detector just in case but I realized I don't need the.

Light detector I shouldn't rely on a machine I should ask you what I need to know I used to look up to your middle school I worked hard to become more like you but I know so much more now I see how you blush when nusan teases you and I love how gentle you are with animals my admiration for you is turned into more I'm falling for you will you be my.

Girlfriend um I would love to be your girlfriend yes I promise to treat you well and so Misan and I finally confessed our feelings for each other I'm excited about what this relationship has in store for us 2 Days Later Misan is it okay if I tell nusan about this yes go ahead huh oh my gosh are you too dating how did you know it was about.

That well kotun is calling you by your first name now so I figured your date during the weekend went well wait how did you know we went on a date in the first place oh uh no nusan was listening to us while we're using the light detector together I see that means you left the classroom that day on purpose yep I figured it was time for your left.

Life to move forward I did what I could do wait a second how did you know I had feelings for kodun I never told you me you pretty obvious anybody could have noticed I think you were easier to read than codon was oh I see thanks for that you guys make a perfect couple you're meant for each other I'm voting for you guys but keep it PG in the student.

Council room okay this is so inappropriate I'm sure Naran will continue to have fun teasing us we might as well enjoy it thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well