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[Manga Dub] I was a terrible baseball player, but the beautiful team manager believes in me [RomCom]


Once when I was young my father took me to see a professional baseball game at the time I had no interest in baseball whatsoever however being in the stadium rooting for the team I still remember the excitement I had never experienced such passion I felt my blood rushing through my body what do you think suisa I told you baseball isn't boring at all.

You were right that guy with number 25 on his back was so cool okima huh yeah he's got major skills they announced him as the MVP today I wonder if I could become like him you can but you need to practice hard that was the day I stopped watching superhero anime I began to dream of becoming a professional baseball player I thought I would end up.

Like okajima I swung my baseball bat believing every swing would bring me closer to my dream I wish there was a way to visualize how much talent we have what do you mean I mean it would prevent everybody from wasting their time on dead ends stop it you're being pessimistic I would have given up and moved on if I knew I feel like an idiot.

For having hope I was digging myself a huge hole and I didn't even know it little did I know that hole was totally not worth it I shouldn't have worked so hard for nothing I would have been better off without it I disagree it wasn't a waste of time why well I think it's cool not everybody can put so much into their dream this is why women and.

Men never understand each other you're right I don't understand my bad you didn't deserve that I shouldn't have taken it out on you suzor I like men who can take responsibility for their actions it's Brave and honorable bre time is over we should start cleaning up I'll gather the Freshman to help me sakur Ryon why don't.

You practice a bit more thank you but it's my job now since I wasn't selected for Varsity or JV I don't want to throw out my duties that's selfish well okay let's get all these balls in the basket then I've been on the baseball team to elementary middle and high school however I've been told I have no Talent I've never made it to being a regular.

Player the only time I'm called onto the field is when someone is absent or when we're playing the end of the year game it's been like that my whole life I joined the upper classman to clean up after practice that's my job as the loser who can officially make the team I don't know why I'm still here I must be an idiot but that's how much I love.

Baseball gosh I wish I was him Sakurai SEO could you help me polish the balls sure okay I'll be right there wow you're a professional at that it's incredible that turns of practice give yourself a little more credit suckur I SEO you're awesome zachari don't get cocky because you have the underclassman suck it up to you Sharona get you on the field focus.

On improving your skills cut it out guys Sakurai will never be on the field he's got nothing bad to do yo newbies take my advice uh don't end up like zachari whoa that's SSH zachari Senpai why do they pick on him so much I can't find a single bad thing about him I kind of get where they're coming from they think he's pathetic for trying so hard I guess.

She's a Senor abolishing Bulls I hope I don't humiliate myself like him when I'm a senior likewise or it could be coming from jealousy what do you mean by that well Sakurai Senpai is always cleaning balls that gives him more time with suzu Hara manager oh she's so pretty I bet they're pissed off about them I don't think he.

Deserves to be so close with her when he's the worst player on the team my classmates pick on me and the underclassman badmouth me I hear every word that comes out of their mouth I continue to polish the balls that was all I could do to maintain myself I know it's sad the only thing I've gotten better at after 3 years on a baseball.

Team was polishing balls my practice starts after everyone goes home the balls are all clean I can't use them so I endlessly swing my bat I like the sound the bat makes when it cuts through the air still I wish there was a ball at the end my swing I bet that would feel amazing hey I see you still practicing yep just like any.

Other day I can't go home without practicing I know I think it's a good thing I'll clean everything up after I'm done so Hara you can head home first is it okay if I stay and watch yeah it's not much to see I B to differ because I look stupid oh God stop with the self-loathing I like it I could hear it in your swing he what you are getting.

Better with every swing sakur raccoon you're bluffing nope I believe it as far as I know you practice swinging that bat way more than any other of the players on this team not that it helps of anything hey I don't think that's true I've never stood inside a batter's box yes that's true but sucker icoon why did you start baseball in the first place.

Same reason as most of the guys on the team I saw a professional baseball game and I wanted to be like the players do you think I can guess who you like the most nah you'll never get it give me a chance shun okajima what the hell did you know well you swing the bat just like him I watched him over and over again he's my role model I've always.

Wanted to be like him I used to believe I would end up like him as long as I put in the time and effort you can my father once took me to a baseball game okajima was playing that day I still remember the Home Run he hit during the game man that was just I mean it was inspiring I asked my father to buy me a bat on our way home from the game but it didn't.

Take long for me to realize I wasn't meant for baseball kids who started after me kept getting better while I was left behind even kids on the soccer team were better than me me they only played baseball during PE I don't feel anything though not anymore and yet you're still here every night to practice swinging your bat yeah I'm just that stupid hey.

Do you have some time after this huh let's go eat some Ramen it's on me oh good it's open suzuhara took me to a Ramen booth that was set up on the street I've never been to one of these oh really hey come on in how's it going I'm on it's you you have zero customers most of my customers come after they fill their tummies with plenty of.

Alcohol wait this is the first you've never brought a boy here are you here to introduce your boyfriend to your dad dad uh yeah meet my father anyways to Ramen please sakarun just finished practice get him a large portion gotcha so that means you're a baseball player huh kind of I'm on the baseball team but I've never played in the game you know he's.

The most passionate player on the team and his favorite professional player is shun okajima the boy has a good taste right uh that signature oh you caught that it's from shun my father and I we're both huge shun fans here you go two ramens thanks Daddy I put an extra portion in yours thank you sir you.

Better finish it oh wow this is delicious right wow this is the best ramen I've had That's a classic overstatement hey dear daughter you're supposed to be my number one fan I'm sorry becoming the best is not an easy task daddy there's Odin if you still have room in there I recommend the daon.

In boiled egg oh I know I want beef tendon what about you sakarun I'll go with your recommendation okay I'll give you the first plate for free since you're my daughter's boyfriend actually I'm not her boyfriend I'm sorry what you don't think that my daughter is good enough for you Daddy cut it out don't be like that but but um susara is an.

Amazing girl I don't think I deserve her a guy like me shouldn't get so lucky she's too good for me suu horror is pretty friendly kind and popular I'm glad you see that I'll out a fish cake personally I think you don't give yourself enough credit sakur rayon oh now I see Daddy I don't want to hear a peep out of you why not I won't say.

Anything risky yeah you better not yeah yeah my God Gosh Look boy let me tell you something you are the first guy she's ever brought to meet me hey I can tell she cares for you deeply you wouldn't be here if she didn't so yeah I'm rooting for you thanks I didn't quite understand what her father meant but I knew one thing the odm was.

Delicious the food was great I'm so full I'm glad you like it anyway suzara thanks a lot huh you were trying to cheer me up because I was feeling down right well yeah I guess so but that's not the only reason I asked you to come thanks to you I'm feeling positive about everything good as long as you're feeling better hey the.

Baseball tournament is starting soon yeah it'll be my last chance the stars were bright in the summer night sky the hottest time of the year will be coming soon just FYI Sakurai isn't playing in the tournament why I've tried to stay out of everything but this is the last year here I can't let you do that sakur rayon has improved greatly I'm sure.

He'll contribute to the team he's probably the best batter here yeah it's not possible would you see him batting today he sucked ass that's only because he lacks confidence he can't do well in front of everybody since he knows you all judge him for being there you're the more reason to keep him off the team I can't rely on him he might screw.

Everything up during the tournament but so Zahara why you so desperate to help him are you in love with him that has nothing to do with this not denying it huh I said it's irrelevant I don't need to explain myself to you fine let's make it relevant what do you mean I'll test zachari to see if he's good enough one blade appearance if he hits one ball he.

Gets the spot on the bench H's that what if he can't hit the ball let's see Suz Zahara you have to go on a date with me huh I'm doing you a huge favor is it so wrong of me to ask you for something in return you have to keep your promise of course I will welcome him with my arm spread if he has enough scale to hit one of my balls and if I win and if I win.

I'll get to go on a date with the girl I like either way I'll win I dumped you once you still have feelings for me I'll admit it I'm a jealous guy I despise him because he's close to you fine I'll do it you can't take it back you know yeah I don't want to be the one preventing him from succeeding that's the last thing I want to do great it's on I.

Didn't hear all of it but I overheard some other convers ation suzuhara will have to go on a date with Sahara if I don't hit the ball why is this happening that was a question running through my head why would she go that far for me I didn't understand how can she believe in me when I don't why is she doing this doesn't she realize she's wasting her.

Time I'm not worth her concern well uh sck raccoon you scared me couldn't you have opened the door more gently gosh my bad so uh did you hear us talking nope I didn't hear anything oh okay that's good there's something I should tell you what saharon wants to see if you are good enough to make the team you can go to the tournament with.

Them if you can prove that you are competent that's so out of the blue I'm sure saharon is aware of all your hard work sakarun I'm not sure about this you'll be okay I Believe In You Sahara smiled of me she left out crucial parts of the deal I have a feeling she did that intentionally she doesn't want me to know about it about what would happen.

If I lose I knew I had to win okay this is it zachari you win if you hit one of my balls this is your chance got it great let's do this bring it on Sahara is the best player on the team I knew he would come at me with everything he has to my surprise I felt the bat fke the ball F I can see the ball clearly I used to freeze up whenever I stepped onto the.

Batter's box however I felt relaxed today I think it's because I knew I was at risk I would never be a superhero that's not what I want but this was a fight I could not lose fou damn it I swung the bat over and over again the speed of each ball surpass the previous one each ball was tougher to hit but something strange is happening my swim.

Was in perfect sync with the ball yo Sakurai I'm impressed gosh I never expected you to last this long believe me I'm the most surprised out of everyone yeah but you know there one bu new dozens seem to be shocked at all you got this sakur raccoon hit the ball tahara was rooting for me she was praying for my victory let's make this.

The last one okay bet you're pretty nervous right now cuz this is your last chance the B left Sahara's hand was the fastest one today it was a merciless pitch for some reason everything started moving in slow motion the stitches on the ball Sahara glaring at me the expression on Suz zahara's face the girl that has my heart I swung my body my.

Arms came around and I felt a hard jel through the bat wow metallic cracking sound do you want to know what happened take a look at her face I'll give you the answer you want sakur racon you did it congratulations you made it to the tournament it's all thanks to you suara no way that's not true you earned it with your hard work sakar rayon your.

Efforts finally paid off I knew God was watching from somewhere I'm not sure about the God part but I know somebody was watching over me I got this this far because you never gave up on me susara what nothing I'm just grateful for everything I had you by my side rooting for me it meant a lot really yeah really I see well I know how you can think me.

Great I want you to go in a date with me she smiled at me with her cheeks bright red her smile warmed my heart the day of our date suzu Haro and I wrote a baseball field hey okima just walked out I see him I wonder how he's doing he'll do great you said you saw okajima playing a game before yep I think that was his first game ever the day of his.

Legendary home run yep I'm not sure if you know this but okajima promised his sick little sister to hit a home run and he kept his promise to her I know I admire people who achieve results at the most crucial moments Well sakur Ron you're one of them I am well I mean you hit a home run the other day remember that day okajima hit two home runs.

During the game it's a accomplishments LED his team to Victory man that was an incredible game I agree so who do you want me to meet I think he'll be here soon oh uh there he is take you long enough bro I can't believe you asked me to meet you after a game I'm exhausted wait what okima son hi there thanks for coming to the game today oh and thanks.

For putting up with my sister I know it's not easy considering how stubborn she can be sister yep my father married his mother we're step siblings his schedule to become a professional player was already set when our parents got married that's why he kept his original family name oh I see wait so the Sick Sister yep that was me anyways Onan this.

Is sua Sakurai he goes to school with me I'm honored to meet you he's a huge fan of yours onichan the honor is mine he practiced hard to learn how you move um I I've been a fan since I was a kid has the dream come true you're the hero I've always wanted to be your palms huh I can tell by looking at your palms it shows how much effort you put into training.

I'm impressed with what I see oh also I heard you've already succeeded in achieving the same thing I did huh you hit a home run for my little sister thank you she was freaking out like a monkey that day she kept me up all night obsessing over what happened oh me Chan putting you're all in for the woman you care about huh that's what makes a man a.

Man you're already the hero you long to be wow uh you like her don't you I turned towards suzara and saw she was blushing I knew I was too as for okima he stood there smirking at us his words were what finally got me to step up and be a man putting your all in for the woman you care about that's what makes a man a man I was finally ready it's not.

That I like you yo just some advice might want to start with a different line I'm not done yet I want to tell her my honest feelings I don't like you suzuhara what I feel for you goes way past that you mean the world to me suzuhara looked up at me and nodded her cheeks still bright red um I think you know that you already mean the world to.

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