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[Manga Dub] I was accidentally admitted to an all-girls dorm, and the girls are all predators!?


This is my house starting today I was going to be a college student starting the spring I aota was at a certain dorm I moved from the countryside and my parents are poor so I have almost no allowance all the money I saved up for my part-time job disappeared in preparation for college and I found a cheap place to live this is where I.

Ended up not don't know if I'm going to be good enough of a manager this place is in rough shape I barely had no money left in Saving so I had to find part-time work quickly working as a building manager here was a job I happen to stumble into I would live in the building while maintaining the property it would cut my rent in half while being.

Paid talk about killing two birds at one stone it wasn't that good of pay but I could just find another job so hello I'm the new manager of these dorms oh huh what why are you guys in tows oh we were all going to go take a a bath are you the new building manager you look like you're around our age I'm 18 and starting College this spring um are you.

Not embarrassed why I'm a guy why are you the new building manager i b the interview this is a dorm for girls only huh I'm the one that's shocked I mean you look kind of feminine that's probably why they screwed up but are you sure you don't want to run away what do you mean uh this this girl is called rinka kinosita and she's a junior.

But man and he looks kind of like he's into older women a ladies man huh W too late winka to pounce on me like she lost all Humanity but let go it's fine no it's not it's not like you're going to lose something by hugging me come on let's have a little fun what are you talking about she finally calmed down and we headed to to the living room.

There were three people living in this dorm other than me and they are all women we all introduced ourselves and I found out that they attend an old girls University nearby so you were hired because of your name and looks or kind of pansexual yeah for sure they only leased this place out to students so they.

Probably didn't have a strict selection process yummy um Alice Yuki sophomore and Mia orur Junior High right I think I'm going to call the management company no definitely not huh I don't know what rinka is thinking but you definitely shouldn't do that why your family is poor right and you don't have any money.

Saved up you're going to have a real tough time finding a place to live this cheap around here the rent is pretty expensive considering it's a college town I agree and it's not your fault either yeah if you work here then you get paid and you get 50% off of your your rent if they find out you just pretend like you didn't know I couldn't.

Say no to their evil suggestions that's how my life as a building manager started after I started college I looked for a lot of jobs that I could do from home while studying but rink usan down Mark I'm not a dog you've been looking over here for a while what did you want are you some Dogg in heat what do you think I am I.

Think a pervert with a fetish for younger boys uh you're not wrong but it's kind of sad when you hear someone else say it if you don't have anything you need with me get out I'm busy wait hang on I just have something I want to talk to you about is that okay okay you can't ask the other two yeah okay then it's ranasan though so.

I'm unsure it's nothing serious or so I thought it's about love huh well I don't have much experience so I can't really give you much advice but do you like someone no it's not that I just haven't really been in love and I'm this old you know huh yeah I know surprising huh I'd always been going to all girls schools I never had any.

Interaction with boys so when I thought about the future I was worried if a perv like me could find someone special you don't need to worry huh you're pretty as long as you keep it in your pants I think you're definitely a hit it's weirder if you aren't popular pretty me yeah let's try taking off your glasses oh see you are cute and beautiful miss.

Rinka huh what's wrong what your face so red oh it's nothing I'm sleepy now so I'm going to go back now see you rinkan took my glasses are in my hand and flew out of the room what do they do rinkan wouldn't even look at me from the next day she would just flee when she ran into me shakun did you do something to rinkan no not really here you go thanks.

For always going out grocery shopping for us thank you for all your cooking thank you all for cooking great food for me I'm really able to focus on my studies thanks to you the that's you guys are all lovey first thing in the morning huh mean we're not lovey at all a she ran away it's your fault you had to tease her sorry so are you free.

Tonight yes I have something to ask you okay sure what was she going to ask me mosan came up to my room after dinner she smelled really good after her bath I was nervous uh um what was it that you wanted to talk to me about I heard rinka asked you about love and romance yes and do something happen well I'd like to talk to you about.

Love and romance oh uh okay sure I was a little drawn to Mi oan that looked a little like a prince she was also fidgeting looking a little embarrassed she told me her worries in other words you want people to think you're a cute girl yeah exactly as you can tell I'm super popular with girls it's nice but I'm.

Interested in boys why does it matter you need to stop worrying about it you don't need to be cute or cuddly but but them boys won't like me I'd like to find my first love and a boyfriend H you know I don't have much romantic experience but I think you're attractive just the way you are there might be guys that like cute girls and.

Some that like badasses it just depends on the person others might think that you're badass but others might think you're cute really yeah by the way I think you're cute what oh nothing serious or anything I just think you're attracted was a girl you look good and you're pretty and I like how hard you work enough that's enough I'd never see.

Me oan embarrassed in the short time that I've been around her I continue to talk to her and compliment her to tease her I think you're very cute oh yeah how about you try wearing cute clothes sometimes I think you'd look good in sporty clothes enough sorry I think I might have gone too far she's mad now well that's all I.

Have for tonight thank you for all of your help by the way you like the sporty look well it all depends I think if it looks good on the person I like it all okay I'll keep that in mind I was confused at how she was acting and what she was saying but that was the end of the conversation for now a few weeks passed by and I was invited to the.

Aquarium I don't know how long it has been since I've been I think I went once when I was a kid aren't they a little late is there even even a point in meeting up at the location I didn't understand and I was a little worried that they might have been involved in an accident but then sorry for being late I I just had to get ready a little bit are.

You mad no I just showed up so don't wor what's wrong do I look funny not at all if anything I think you're more attractive than usual or really I looked at all three of them again and they really do look great it's insane that they've never had any Partners aun we dressed up too compliment.

Us yeah you two look great too thank you we walked into the aquarium a lot of people were looking because there were all three beautiful girls following me around they must have mistaken the situation a little bit but we had a lot of fun you two are a little close don't you think you think so this is pretty normal I think that's not fair the.

Dolphins are so so cute you like dolphins yeah alisan looks incredibly happy that's rare thank you for today I had a lot of fun thank you for coming out with us we all just wanted to go out together you moved in and we haven't really celebrated you joining us you know I think it was a great memory I hope you had fun too let's all go.

Somewhere too after that we went out more frequently with each other on the weekend the more time we spent together the more we closer one day during the week there was a guy that came to the dorm are you the building manager choton uh yes that's me I'm from the company that manages this building I have to talk to you would it be all.

Right if I come inside yeah sure I could tell that they probably figured out I was a boy I knew they would come eventually but I was a little sad just being blunt with you you're a man right yes it's our fault for not catching this and all the paperwork or interviews but this building is for women only would you be able to leave immediately we will.

Pay you for all of the money that you worked for and we will help you find another location deliver to really great priz okay then wait a second can you not kick him out of the building please rasan mosan I can't do that it's against the rules we've already talked to the owner of the building and they said that they wanted the building to be only.

Females so that the tenants can feel comfortable but we're living comfortably now aou still hasn't no I guarantee you he's not weird like that but still thank you B so much for all of your help but as long as it's rules we can't just ignore it so I'm going to leave but I lived here for a short time but had such a great time we won't be able to live.

Together but that doesn't mean we can't see each other let's just go somewhere on the weekend again are you are you I'm sorry for everything to all of you are you free right now shoton yeah I don't have any plans for today so I'm good could you come by the office real quick I need you to sign some paperwork and whatnot okay sure.

This is how my life here was coming to an end I was just about to leave with the management company employee when wait hang on Alisa what's wrong why are you so out of breath uh are you the management company worker yes that's me I I'm the daughter of the owner my name is Alice Yuki I've convinced my father to reverse the policy on this building.

So I'd love you to return to the office to confirm okay but take him with you Alice rinka Chan moochan it's fine shiota will come back uh okay then afterwards I talked to the management company of owner Dr dagly and after getting consent from the other two in the building I was able to.

Continue living in the building when I was leaving the owner said something about take care of my daughter but what did she tell him exactly whatever the case everything was settled and daily life returned to normal but um guys why are you so close to me there's plenty of places to sit no we're restocking on aikun.

Energy yes if we don't have that energy we won't be able to move yeah what are you guys talking about I have work after this so I'm going to go wait hang on are you trying to abandon us don't go they've kept this up for the past few days did they eat something weird you know I think you work too much huh you.

Won't be able to really relax if you're only going out on the weekends that's true he's always doing something when he moves so what are you doing you need to rest when you're tired I'm not tired let go of me nope I'm going to spoil you today but you've got an easy part-time job right we'll help you out when you need.

It I want to sleep on his lap I'm next what the heck what do you think I you're an important person to us aun we're going to share you so you better be ready yeah ah what are you talking about sharing me I was now being secretly shared amongst my roomies I had fun every day at the dorms but I don't know how long this is going to.

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