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[Manga Dub] I was caring for my little sister after our parents passed away “Are you two a couple?”


My name is Sher ruio I'm a 23-year-old office worker my parents died in the car accident while they were on a trip together I was a university student then currently I'm living with the cutest girl in the world live in the house my parents left me let me introduce you to her good morning Rina get off me so.

Annoying the girl trying to get me off her back is my 9-year-old little sister Ren Rio swear she just been shy you called me Annoying gosh you know all the right things to say oh my goodness why would that make you happy if an older brother is annoying that means he cares about his little sister of course it makes me.

Happy yeah whatever shy is so handsome kind and reliable I admit that I'm proud to be a sister but he loves me too much and it's overwhelming at times h this is so good you make the best scrambled eggs in the world shy right what do you want for dinner tonight do you want me to make it you.

Always are cooking I feel bad for making you do it all the time what no no no no no that can't happen hey you don't have to act like the world would end if I cook that's so mean I mean I admit that I'm not the best cook Arena you do plenty around the house you have to cook you're always a hugee help to me I'll get the cooking.

Done uh okay fine I never lost hope in life even after my parents died and it's become Shi was around to help me through the pain I wouldn't be here if it weren't for him but I would never see ch's face it's too embarrassing I Was preparing for work before the morning office meeting when good morning.

Shakun good morning this is good Tony K toana she's 24 and she's a year older than me she's mature for her age she's got this soft calming demia that sues my heart everything she says sounds like spring sh hakun are you coming to n Kai tonight nah I'd rather hurry home to make dinner with my little sister we're making omelette rice today I don't.

Attend many nomikai the reason is simple I don't want to leave Arena at home alone during the night it's impressive how you said I would rather you're not taking care of your younger sister because you have to I could tell you treasure her from the bottom of your heart shakun I admire that not many people care so deeply about their family.

Oh is that so she just flowering me here you go I'm giving you a can of beer since you won't be attending the nomikai enjoy it at home I appreciate it Goan son is always kind to me she compliments me and makes sure I'm always included she's like a goddess literally shra a mythology book I'm looking forward to another great day of work I arrived home.

After work and opened the door to a beautiful Melody from The Piano Arena was the one playing it I stood there admiring the music resonating in my ears oh Shi you're home hey Rina gosh you've improved so much you think so well my dream is to become a professional pianist just like Daddy I still have a long way to go.

Marina looks up to our late father she started piano lessons when she was five Marina I'm confident you'll make your dreams come true thank you oh yeah Shi well you be able to make my next piano recital next month I wouldn't miss it for the world I bought you a new dress really that's so sweet but I have plenty of dresses for recitals you didn't have.

To buy me a new one I plan on buying one for every recital that's too much we need to save money gosh you love me too much Shi how will you ever get a girlfriend I'll have plenty of time to fall in love after you grow up my priority is to see what kind of wonderful lady you'll become my brother spends too much time thinking.

About me it's a secret but I have to admit I like it but please don't tell them one day I was on my way out to the other face when sh hakun would you be interested in going to dmow land I I guess dmow land is an amusement park it's famous for its cat car named Mickey cat my mother gave me three tickets for some reason I was wondering if you and.

Your little sister would want to join me huh my sister can come with us of course oh I mean I don't have to go if you want to enjoy it with your sister I love for us to go together I think it would be fun if you came with us why is she insisting so hard I had no idea you would try to convince me to go am I Just sh I can like me Rina Chan it's so nice.

To finally meet you I'm kot Kota your brother's coworker I'm ruina Rino um Honan you are so pretty and beautiful I love your smooth skin I kids get over how gorgeous your eyes are Kon Chan I want to grow up to be like you wow thank you please forgive her Rina has a strong admiration for pretty honest.

Sons that's I want to come today kahanan I see he wanted to surprise his little sister I'm so embarrassed why did I ever think you would like me still that means shakun thinks I'm pretty yeah I think that's enough for now come on let's go konachan okay I hope both of them have a good time I was waiting outside the shop.

For the two girls shy what do you think do we look cute a goddess and an angel and cat has a beard wow he looks so pretty K Hanan cat has suit you well I knew it oh thank you shy we got you a Mickey cat tail come on put it on yay you look great I think you look better than Mickey cat is that a compliment I'm getting complicated.

Feelings about this shako is adorable after that we enjoyed some rides let me take a break five rounds on a roller coaster was too much gosh you little weakling fine I'll buy us some juice from the store are you okay you can lean on my shoulder if you want uh thank you there there wait what unconsciously said yes.

Since I's feeling so sick but isn't this inappropriate my head is on her shoulders I'm getting nervous um why did you invite us to come here today I wanted to thank you for everything you do for me I'm the one who has to thank you you always take care of me hey that's not true shakun you taught me something very important.

You have a great balance between your work and private life I learned it's crucial to keep that balance I'm emotionally healthy and my work efficiency has improved I wanted to thank you for that I go home because rurina is waiting for me but I'm glad I helped you K Hanan I have to say Ru naan is adorable want you.

See a sassy sign hey shy that's so unfair you have your head on konan's shoulder I see how was unfair fine I get to put my head on konach Chan's thighs then they're so soft my thighs are here for you too no thank you they're so muscular intense so uncomfortable I'm so harsh on my thighs the three of us enjoyed the rest of the.

Day time flew it was time to go home Chan you have to promise to come over sometime I want you to listen to me play the piano um shakun well that be okay with you of course I'll make us dinner shy makes the best food ever great I'm looking forward to it going to Disneyland brought us closer.

Soon after K hanaan came over to our place wow that was wonderful Ru Nan stroke me more sh hakon this hush beef is delicious did you go to culinary school oh sh she flat me shakun is an amazing cook he's got everything a woman would ever want in a guy but he doesn't seem interested in Romance ran is the only.

Thing he seems to care about I'm glad Kohan s came over tonight I genuinely feel happy that we're getting closer I'm happy could it be that I have feelings for kodoh hanaan I'm definitely attracted to her the day of Arena's piano recital I was about to leave the house with her my phone rang huh oh okay yes I understand Arena I'm sorry my.

Office just called about an emergency I can't make it to your recital I'm so sorry what but but it's work it can't be helped you don't have to worry about me good luck with the emergency I'm so so sorry I left Arena to go to work there was nothing I could do about it on my way home from the.

Office I received a phone call from Arena's piano teacher what that worries me yes I would try talking to her I arrived home and decided to ask Arena about it right away your piano teacher called me you told me that you didn't do so well in your performance that you made quite a few mistakes yeah every recital I've played.

At I could see you supporting me in the front row I glanced at the audience and you weren't there today I got so anxious I couldn't play like I always do I suddenly got scared that you might disappear like Mom and Dad what would I do if I lost you that's why I messed up so much I wouldn't have made so many mistakes if you were there.

Shy it's all your fault shy that day Reena shut herself in her room and never came out she hates me I don't know I'm going to live the following day I came into work what what happened shakun was lying on his desk falling his eyes out do you need to vent I'm here to listen thank you Kahan well Rina hates me now shakun.

Explained what happened and I froze I'm so sorry it's all my fault shakun this okay if I talk to Rua Chan about it yeah sure I'll go right ahead I had no idea what was going on welcome konach Chan she usually comes pouncing on me at the moment I walk through the door she's not herself today well um you know how shakun.

Couldn't go to your recital I'm sorry it's all my fault huh what do you mean yesterday I was sick I couldn't go to work work and that's why the office called shakun to ask if he could come in my place I wasn't aware of what was happening it's my responsibility Ru naan please don't blame shakun for what.

Happened I know what that it's not your fault Kon Chan and I also know it's not shon's fault either it's nobody's fault I was taking my anger out on him and I'm sorry I faked out because I couldn't find shony in the audience it affected how I played now I know there's no way I can become a professional pianist like my.

Dad was of course you can you have to believe in yourself you shouldn't be ashamed of feeling afraid shakun not being there affected you because you love him so much you have so much love in your heart Rina Chan I am confident you will become a Pianist will move the audience's.

hearts thank you good Tona Chan I Won't Give Up shy I'm going to become stronger I will do my best even if you aren't where I can see you you don't have to worry about me anymore I know I believe in you but I'm not going to stop going to recitals I will go wherever you play you should know by now that I'm your.

Biggest fan Marina well it's the second biggest fan position still open I would like to take it of course go to Chan thank you it means so much that you came over to talk to me you could be my wife when I grow up oh that's so sweet of you to offer but my dream is to become shun's wife huh huh what Kon CH you have feelings.

For Shi I had no idea but you can't blame me I'm only 9 years old I didn't know either I'm not the most sharp-minded person around I can't believe I said that it just came out because I really I really like you shakun I was drawn to How Deeply you care for Ru.

Aan I guess my heart is overflowing with affection it slipped out of my mouth sh hun what do you think of me I shy you said you wouldn't find a partner until I grew up but there's no need for you to hold back I don't need you to do that for me I know you always pray for my happiness and I feel the same I want you to be.

Happy shy so it being with Katon Chan is what makes you happy I want you to stay honest to how you feel about her Marina thank you I will kahanan you're like a goddess in my eyes I love everything about you you have the Kindest Heart I've ever known you mean so much to me I promise I will do everything in my power to make you the happiest woman alive.

Will you be my girlfriend yes and I promise to treasure everything we have to share from now on I am so happy you guys made it Kon Chan can I call you Kon from now on you'll be my own Chan hey we only started dating not like K son is your only huh you guys aren't getting married.

Well whatever I want to play you to a love song on the piano to celebrate the the start of your relationship can I play it Marina played the piano a sweet melody gently embraced Kahan son of me I will continue to love my adorable sister and my precious partner for the rest of my life thank you for watching how was.

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