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[Manga Dub] I was forced to participate in a “Helping Hand” contest with a cute girl [RomCom]


Excuse Me Miss do you have a moment huh what is it I wonder what he wants he doesn't look like the type that's trying to pick me up or is it some marketing stuff sorry to bother you there's going to be an event here next week if you're interested for couples The Helping Hands contest here you go Miss I'm with the national.

Helping Hands events committee and we're looking for couples who might be interested in joining us sorry I don't have a boyfriend and besides I am really not into this kind of stuff you don't have to be real lovers or anything you could get a guy that you're interested in could lead to something.

More you never know huh yeah this game involves getting very close and intimate on top of that if you guys win the top prizes and all expenses included three-day Hot Springs vacation and the second prize is I'm interested where do I sign up right here miss we'll need your name and address right here and so I signed up you have to enter.

With me okay are you kidding no way I'm doing that what come on don't you want to do the Helping Hands game with me it'll be fun like I said no way and why are you so shocked come on let's do this together we'll win the national event for sure National event get out of here no way uh give me one reason why you don't want to.

Do this with me reason well for one I have no interest in this kind of event besides this helping hand performance we'd have to snuggle up into kimono together right oh that puts my mind at ease huh what do you mean well it means you may not want to join the event but you still like me right uh.

Uh yeah well well truth be told I'm pretty shy I'm not cut out for this kind of thing and I'm aware of that this kind of game requires coordination between the performers right besides this is Sana Nana say we're talking about she's outgoing and super popular in contrast I have zero experience with girls no way I.

Can do this don't worry about that the event is next week so we got plenty of time to practice we'll work it out leave it to me our are we really gonna practice of course so it's settled this is gonna be fun just wait and see hey wait a sec this isn't settled yet it's subtle chiaki and that's that be over to your place later.

Okay don't even have a say in the matter for God's sake well eventually she forced me into doing this thing we met at my place in order to practice this helping hand game but okay first off let's get a few things straight I don't know anything about this game how are we supposed to win it really don't have a good feeling about this.

Well you first have a hot couple like us we wear a kimono together with me behind you I put my arms through you know like they are your arms and I feed you hot food whoever eats the meal the fastest wins really simple okay that's it I'm out of here no way I can do that we're gonna do this no if and or buts oh boy no use trying to contradict.

Her eventually we started to practice this helping hand game we couldn't very well practice with really hot food so I used a few slices of tofu from the kitchen okay ready I'll get behind you yeah all right uh aren't you being a bit too close but we have to snuggle up close if we're gonna do this right cheese the soft feel of her skin is.

Driving me crazy don't know if I can handle this okay I have to first start with grabbing hold of the chopsticks where are those damn things no not over there over to the right I can't find the darn things no not there over here that's how it went for the first few minutes and eventually she found the Chopsticks but.

Did I get it into your mouth you're way off if this was for real I would get third degree burns sorry about that after giving it a try we realized it was actually pretty hard to do this game is actually pretty hard huh yeah a lot harder than I imagined for sure if this was hot food.

Man I don't even want to think about it and it gets Kinda hot and muggy back there well that sure isn't my fault but you did get a little excited right yeah well I mean who wouldn't get excited being in that position stop you're giving me the creeps stop no way hey come on stop with the hugging sauna we're not practicing right now.

Think of it as a token of my appreciation for going along with me ah yeah right appreciation huh okay let's practice one more time yeah fine but tell me Sana why are you so dead set on doing this I mean look at her a cute popular girl like her why would she want to do this stupid game anyway I just can't understand it.

Well I admit I want to flirt with you but I suppose the main reason is the grand prize the three-day Hot Springs vacation huh three-day vacation huh I hope she's not thinking of going with me my mom and dad are both working so hard I just thought it would be nice if oh okay that's why yeah you know appreciation for all the hard work I.

Guess I see real considerate of you Sana didn't see that coming she's actually a pretty nice girl well if that's the case I'd better help out then now as I think about it I really feel like an ass for having those lewd thoughts earlier if by chance we do win I'm all for giving the prize to her.

Parents okay then what are we waiting for let's get down to some real training yeah that's what I want to hear after hearing her reason for entering this event I was adamant about helping this kind and considerate girl after that we really put everything into it everyone seems to scoff at our enthusiasm but we were serious eventually we were able to.

Get in sync after hours of practice as the day of the event finally arrived ladies and gentlemen thank you for joining us here on this beautiful day yeah yeah all right wow what an enthusiastic crowd this is gonna be fun holy smokes look at all the people all.

That practice is really going to pay off mark my words chiaki let's do this yeah right but when I looked ahead I couldn't believe what I saw last year's winners the husband and wife team Mr and Mrs fukuda have also entered the event this year will they end up being the defending Champions a husband and wife team that doesn't seem fair how could.

They not be in sync they've known each other for years they sure are gonna be hard to beat but all is okay take a look huh what do you mean look they can't take their eyes off the grand prize so what what's that got to do with anything they look like the type that only wants the prize they're not into it like we are just a feeling though uh.

Yeah right they look like a really close and happily married couple to me okay let this show on the okay everybody are you ready are you ready Sana yep Ready Set start Sana 32 degrees to the right distance ten got it 32 to the right perfect stop there oh this is super hot our plan was this we.

Realized that bringing a piping hot chunk of food directly to the mouth would be futile so we first practiced bringing it inches from the mouth first then blowing on it to cool it down and then when I gave the sign she would slowly bring it closer to my mouth but a problem occurred as we were just getting started Shana s-o-s-s-o-s oh what's the.

Problem you're putting too much strength into it it's pressing against my lips don't get all snowflakey on me now chiaki I was in agony for the first half of the contest but I somehow managed to hold my ground whoa I see that Mr and Mrs fukuda are already halfway done with their dish I can't believe how fast they are mom dad go for it do it for me go go.

Get that three-day vacation prize I'm gonna sell it on the wee Bay and buy myself a Nintendo snitch what's with that kid how pathetic Sana will never win like this I don't care how hot it is start stuffing the food into my mouth go for it are you sure that prize you want it for your folks right then do what you have to do I'm ready okay are you ready.

Ready knock yourself out this is the time to really show I'm a man this is my chance okay here goes one stop no way I can't eat anymore it's yucky are you okay no I'm tired here but I have to do this no matter what looks like we're coming into the home stretch who is it gonna be only two teams are left and they have both finished the.

Main ingredients and started on the hot soup holy smokes yeah oh my we're in a dead heat now who's gonna take home the grand prize go for it as I was slurping down the last of the piping hot soup a thought crossed my mind the whole thing didn't really have to be a couple could have been anybody oh boy we lost.

Sana I'm really sorry in the end we lost to the husband and wife team by mere seconds although we weren't able to win the grand prize we won the second prize which was a free dinner coupon at a local restaurant it's not your fault chiaki we were up against last year's Champions after all it is what it is but.

You weren't able to give your folks that trip don't worry about that I plan to do some part-time work and give them a nice vacation so no problem yeah all right besides all that you're really cool back there come on I was in a weird kimono having hot food stuffed into my mouth how is that cool yeah well still cool or.

Should I say hot very funny oh and you couldn't even see me anyway no I couldn't but when you said I don't care how hot it is start stuffing the food into my mouth I thought wow this guy is super cool God never bring that up again please I really love you for that that was so pathetic wish I could erase it all from.

History okay so now that we're all done ready huh what's this uh thank you hug of course plus I'll give you a super kiss to top it all off hey come on I'll pass on that at least join me for dinner we can use the coupon me one great a date with chiaki my lucky day oh yeah the second prize yeah I think the restaurant is around the corner ah just.

Had a piping hot meal not too long ago but what the hell is the date gonna turn out to be romantic he confesses his love for me then we kiss then steadily OMG can't take it sorry I doubt that will happen you're always so serious chiaki lighten up never gonna happen huh why not I'm serious about you never gonna happen give me a break.

Ah truth be told that was the main reason I got you into this but Sana you're popular you could get any guy you want didn't have to be me besides we lost I don't have to be the guy you fall for right excuse me mister negative attitude is prohibited we weren't able to get that three-day vacation but now we are the best of buddies that's even.

Better right yeah I suppose so a little not a little a lot my chiaki I'm in love come on Sana you're way too close for comfort you're such a shy guy uh I don't want you to get the wrong idea but this kind the thing I'm the only one who will love you this much ah yeah and after today I think I fell in love with you even more huh.

I don't know what to say well I did force you to enter the contest but you went along and gave it your all that kindness that's what I love about you I'm just indecisive that's all I just go along with anybody's suggestion see love sauna but if I stick to you too much would you see me as a flirt I know.

You're not a flirt then can I stay close to you at least for today please yeah well if you're just holding onto my arm I have no problem with that we could escalate to hugging and kissing of course like I said not gonna happen so like that with Sana holding onto my arm we headed toward the restaurant oh boy I'm starving I mean I was not able to.

Eat any of the contest food like you if you're so hungry you're welcome to my coupon too oh I'm sorry we're not open yet we were just getting things prepared oh my God hey you're the two High School lovers from the contest yes that's right we're lovers no we're not lovers I'm sorry love comedies are not our thing here the shop turned out to be owned by.

The fukuda family the husband and wife team who had just won the contest we had to end up here huh oh well I hope they'll forgive sana's romantic ramblings I mean there is a kid present after all thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.