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[Manga Dub] I was given a love letter from a girl that I wasn’t attracted to… [RomCom]


I'm just your regular junior in high school I'm not good at sports so I'm part of the walk home club and I'm not good at talking so I'm usually just reading a book when I'm alone the one bother I recently have is hi real you're reading a book all alone again this happy and cheerful girl.

Her name is Ura rahimiragi and she's pretty much the most popular girl in the class she's bright and bubbly so she's my kryptonite you again I said leave me alone for some reason she's followed me around for half a year now he's getting tired of it come on let's hang out.

Hang out for what 10 minutes huh there's a lot you can do in 10 minutes we can talk and chat and also talk about nothing so basically small talk hey small talk is fun I'm not good at talking so not really it's okay he'll get used to it.

People are good and bad at things not everyone is like you look at total messing around with himaragi he's so full of himself she should just leave introverts like that in the corner anyway honestly just don't come to school you're so annoying seriously if you're gonna read books just read them at home.

Damn it they're so jealous this is exactly why I didn't like her talking to me or hanging around me then one day a love letter who could have done this I figured this sort of thing would never show up in my shoe box it's no name huh if it's in my shoe box it has to be for me right whatever I'll look at it when.

There isn't anyone around you might be asking me to go somewhere right away but if I read this love letter here people will notice I need to change locations I have something I'm gonna tell you please come upstairs to the roof after class after class like now crap I gotta go and no name either.

I ran to the roof as fast as I could I swear to God if this is just some prank I'm going to kick someone's ass I once got a D in gym class so I'm not athletic at all this was torture to me I'm here I wondered how long it's been since I ran full out my lungs were burning up you came Haru.

Huh himaragi why are you here This Love Letter yeah it was me what this is the worst oh what's going on Harville I realize there are pranks you can do and pranks you can't do messing with a man's heart I'm not pranking you.

But I saw this was during lunch this is then the loser needs to confess it's really outdated oh come on it's popular again or something along those lines she wasn't there but I know she hung out with them often I should assume she's a part of the game.

Uh I just want to ask you but you don't actually have anything you want to talk about with me do you no it's super important you admit that it was a love letter right so listen to me I like you so please go out with me no what I can't go out with you.

Because we're completely incompatible think about how much of an introvert I am if you're gonna prank someone prank someone that makes more sense what are you talking about I'm serious can't believe you then go dye your hair black you're not my type I like common pretty girls.

I know I said some pretty shitty things but I'm sure she won't dye her hair over some stupid game this should get her too okay huh I'll go dye my hair black tomorrow will you reconsider then uh are you serious of course if I dye my hair black he'll trust me that I'm being serious right.

The next day I wonder if she'll actually show up with black hair no way right she said she would yesterday but she took off saying she was going to go dye her hair immediately so I had no idea what she actually did but there was no way that that would really happen.

Or so I thought look at that who is that beautiful girl did we have a girl that was that pretty at our school wait that face good morning Haro it was you I dyed my hair black just like you asked how does it look.

It looks great but seriously what she dyed her hair for a game so how is it art does it not look good all right no it's cute really yeah did you go out with me wait she just say go out hey my froggy likes him damn it she likes that loser because of.

What she said people around us were using their imaginations and I could hear all the terrible rumors immediately run through my head she looked good so the whole school really liked her no whatever this is all wrong come with me we're two out in the open I ran away from a crowd building outside.

And ran inside I went to a hallway where no one really went normally and to talk to himaragi I didn't expect you to actually dye your hair you think you'd reconsider if I dye my hair I didn't say that you really want to win that game huh.

What game you asked me out because you lost it a game right waste my breath asking out someone over some stupid game yeah it's you thought it was some kind of punishment I believe you who.

Was asking you about yesterday but your friends were talking about it during lunch yesterday I know but I don't do things like that that's why I ran to a different classroom yesterday oh uh I see I always thought you were a little slow but this is just too far just because there was some kind of game going on you.

Saw that I wasn't there sorry I don't forgive you you need to take responsibility for your actions how what are you gonna make me do you will go on a date with me after class what a date.

You're gonna be all like why did you even like me she read my mind so if we go on a date I'll be able to solve all your problems at once you realize your stupid little misunderstanding maybe dye my hair black right you better take responsibility I really liked being blonde.

Fine yay I did feel bad for what I did and so I ended up having to go out with her after class whatever I'm glad she liked me after what I did I had no idea what she was thinking of but this was a great opportunity for me.

To enjoy my time I need to apologize to her later after class you're in a good mood it's our first date I can feel people drilling holes into my head she so popular when she said the word date all the boys around me glared at me my stomach.

Churned am I going to be okay I went out to the city with Miss himaragi so where did you want to go um I want to go shopping what you don't wanna I don't mind but I don't have money huh I don't have any money I don't have a job.

Oh you're thinking you need to buy things huh you don't have to yeah sorry I guess it was a bad way to put it we're not buying things maybe if you're an adult but for me it was just a window shopping type thing so don't worry about it oh sorry I'm not used to this kind of thing.

Oh it's fine if anything sorry I said it in a way to make you confused you don't need to apologize no seriously it was just how I said it anyway can we go on a window shopping date if you're okay with it of course okay thanks I might buy some clothes for myself though you have something you want.

Yeah you want to buy clothes that I think you might like so yeah I want to buy clothes that I think you'll think I look good in if it's clothes that I have you probably won't like it why are you so interested I think it's pretty normal to want to be.

The favorite of someone you like but I have no sense of fashion it's fine I just want you to pick I don't care if other people don't like it if you like it is this girl some kind of angel okay afterwards we headed to a clothing store the hell is it.

When I chose an innocent looking dress she showed up all happy honestly she knew that she looked good without asking me I didn't know that people changed this much from just changing their outfits it must be nice looking good I think it's cute okay I'm gonna get this then.

You don't want to look at other clothes yeah you choose this one so I want this one so straightforward this was a pretty nice purchase you normally buy a lot of clothes hmm kind of I have limited money but I want to look good so I save money in other places so I can't really buy much.

I see it's not like she likes spending money what can I talk to you about my past sure of course okay let's go somewhere else she took me to a hill I'd never been to what is this place it's my home this is my favorite spot you can see the sunset and the city.

Look really pretty yeah it really is pretty huh I'm glad you like it why did we come here does this have to do with your story about your past nope it has nothing to do with that I just wanted to come here with you I said past but really it was.

Only six months ago at school do you remember it was when we were freshmen the day before the school Affair School Fair did something happen I thought there wasn't anything wrong and it was just a regular school Fair I figured you wouldn't remember the day.

Before the school fair I broke the entrance sign for our class oh yeah I remember that I was all happy with my friends because we had the school Fair the next day that I ended up dropping the entrance board it was an entrance board so it wouldn't affect people coming and they all forgave me but it worked so hard on it.

And I broke it so I was so upset when I came back the next day it was all fixed and ready to go there was no way it fixed itself so I was surprised maybe some toys fixed it while we were all asleep toys huh I asked the teachers he said he knew who fixed it then he said that Haru no Toto had stayed behind to fix it he.

Said that you told him to keep it a secret why did you keep it a secret it helped everyone out I didn't want to do it to make you owe me or something just like everyone said people would still be able to come by I see but I started taking an interest.

In you since then I started noticing all the nice qualities about you if there was someone in need you didn't hesitate to help I just got lucky it's not like I'm always helping people I mean it's not like people are always in need but when you do notice you help them I mean that's what anyone would do I don't think people are able to do that.

Like it's no problem that's why I fell for you I want to go out with you I'm not lying about my feelings and you should know now I mean yeah then go out with me but I'm not that good looking I don't judge people based on their.

Looks their personality is what's important I'm not good at sports or studying I don't mind I like that you're kind I don't care about their best then let's go out really are you sure I realize why you like me I understand that you're kind too so.

Yeah okay then let's go out no more take backsies we started dating she began clinging around me even more than before and it was super obvious that all the boys were jealous but I didn't care because she was too cute also when I apologized to her for not believing her she said you don't have to.

Be the kind of guy to care about the little things like that thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well