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[Manga Dub] I was hanging out with another girl after my childhood friend cut ties with me, but…


Enough I'm done with you that's me kazaya ichino exploding against my stupid friend that was right there I'm a junior who's also an otaku you look through my phone without asking then look at my wallpaper and say gross what Pro of that is gross I mean it's gross it's anime for kids this stupid girl is Futaba Nom Mia.

She's my classmate and childhood friend she is completely full of all the stereotypical delinquent thoughts that otakus are all gross what's wrong with a high schooler watching anime for kids I mean sure but most people wouldn't draw it who cares it's not like I'm causing problems with anyone you can't look at someone's hobby.

Then say it's gross we're over seriously no more leave right now what I thought you'd help me with my exam though I wouldn't help you with anything you can fail and cry for all I care you're so so mean we're complete strangers now I don't care what happens to you complete strangers huh you sure you want to say that you think other girls would be.

Accepting of the fact that you watch child animes and act like a disgusting Pig otaku if you cut ties with me your life is going to be gray and full of men yeah I don't care you can't just sit there and mock someone's hobby without even apologizing don't ever talk to me again yeah yeah fine I am never going to talk to you again you nerd.

You're going to regret it you'll regret it when you're failing your tests she's gone there are things you can and can't say and you got to apologize for your behavior so annoying I'm going to watch bushika season one I make myself feel better that's how both of us completely cut ties for the nth time in our life.

I'm sure in a week both of us would start hanging out like nothing ever happened but this time was a little different hey ich no you're not talking to nasan as much recently just something happened I cut ties with her she's nothing to me so I'm not going to talk to.

Her again how many times have you cut ties with her now you're not going to buy cop no it's completely her fault anyway I said some mean things too but it's not my fault she started it I'm not going to say anything or forgive her unless she says something to me you made him mad again you hear him talking about you right I'm not going to.

Do anything we're strangers now what started this whole fight anyway I looked at his phone and saw his stupid drawing I said it was gross and he got mad Futaba go apologize no why do I have to apologize because you're completely in the wrong there are still things that you can and can't say even to your.

Childhood friend but still no I am not going to apologize ah this is bad just so you know he's pretty popular with the girls you know no way I've never seen him talking to any other girl before because they know that you like him he helps them clean and always offers a helping hand so he's actually pretty popular I.

Think a lot of girls actually consider him the biggest catching class I mean who knows though they could just be playing around to begin with but I think you should do something before it's too late all right I'm finally done I'm hungry I guess I'll eat something and go home hey F.

Oh I was about to call Futaba it's been a week so I'm starting to forget everyone's busy with clubs so I guess I'll just go alone uh um right as I was getting ready to go home I M some me in the school's most beautiful girl said something to me she even had a calm personality and a clean look she was wonderful even comparing.

Her to that stupid woman is a sin what's wrong Mr minan did you want something yeah um are you free after this no nothing really I'm just going to go home I'm hungry so I'll probably grab something to eat real quick then would you want to go to Burger Queen I'll buy huh I mean sure but why you remember you helped me out.

With cleaning before take this as a thank you you don't have to worry about it I have to repay you my grandma taught me that way okay then I'll guess I'll go with you yeah that's totally fine is that kazuya and muman why huh what what did you want to eat ichun I don't know I are those Bushi cuya keychains I want the bonus figure so.

Much but I can't say that right now I'll let you decide okay you can wait at the seat then here you go oh thanks is that the Bushi coet did you not like it I saw you drilling a hole into the menu to watch it no way hm okay then I gather Bushi cuya toys because I like them can I have yours no that's.

Mine oh no I just reacted no this is um you like Bushi kuya too huh yes I love it I like to draw it on my own and make it as a wallpaper wait really me too huh you're so good at drawing too you draw too huh yeah my brother showed me I help him draw sometimes too no wonder you're so good hey ichun you draw too right can I.

See your drawings huh that's it's nothing compared to yours come on show me please can I see fine it's incredible I love it it's so cute it's nothing like yours though we really HIIT it off after this who knew that the school's most beautiful girl was this into an anime she's cute innocent calm un l bushika she's the.

Best of course she understands otaku culture she's everything I could want in a girlfriend I hope this is a good reason for us to start hanging out more often they are really hitting it off what are they talking about just so you know he's really popular he's like a secretly popular boy I think a lot of girls consider him the.

Biggest catch of the class I mean they might act like they like someone else but who knows you better fix it before it's too late wh what no way but this is all right time to eat I wonder what today's Bento is uh um kazia would you like to eat lunch with me oh of course I want to talk about the.

Thing too so let's go outside yeah oh there we go I think I'm going to swing by somewhere before going home um kazia oh hey chosun want to go home with me maybe we can swing by somewhere sure where did you want to go well you know okay of course let's go again I got to apologize before it's too.

Late yeah that was totally my fault anyway Tava kazia um um I wanted to apologize about something that happened before huh mean who's that it's Yi mits duh our classmate uh oh yeah to see you bye wait hang on he hung up what do I do they're getting friendlier by the second I'm.

Going to I don't know what she was calling for I thought about asking her but we technically still cut ties so unless she apologizes I'm not going to call her back I didn't bother asking we continued to spend more time apart and before I knew it it was almost time for the school Festival so we're going to start.

Electing the committee members ich knows e you're going to be chosen from the boys huh why sorry but you're not in a club so you're going to be part of the committee you're the only boy who's not in a club right I know it's kind of annoying but it's just rules so give up we have a few girls so you guys Can Vote or someone can choose themselves anyone.

Want to take the part uh um then I'll do it huh ah I like the proactive Spirits mitam the mitam is going to wait hang on I want to be a part of it too huh you too what do you think you no eh why you asking me because you're the one that's going to be spending the most time around them Kia who do you.

Want to do it with me right well let's just leave it on hold fine but you got to hurry up okay um why are they glaring at each other they want to be a part of the committee that bad leave it serious huh what do you mean you really don't know those two want to do this crappy job because they want to be with you stupid.

They both like you no way that's not true it's absolutely true go ask for that's easiest way to F out am I supposed to ask him kukun oh meichan do you have a sec what is it about the committee did you want to do it with me or with nasan huh that's what you wanted to talk about why well that's cuz I.

Like no huh utaba please meu minan please don't say anymore no I'm going to say it I like you kukun I'd love to work with you michan likes me we get along well and have similar Hobbies I have so much fun around you so I want you to I I like you too huh what no way you I've always liked you from ever.

Since we were young but I just couldn't be honest I just kept acting like a child to draw your attention I'm so sorry about before too and everything else before that I know I'm completely in the wrong I've just been spoiled by your kindness I'm sorry I'll be more honest so please don't hate me please no way they really both do like.

Me what do I do what the hell do I do I don't know which one to choose I like you kazia please go out with me and play with me kukun please choose me what do I do huh are you serious I mean if it's between you can or can't do it then you can but yes please if they're okay with it I won't say anything but you really.

Should decide on your own you might get hurt if you keep playing this game please don't be so mean I mean I don't want that to happen to my student either so I'm warning you now you need to hurry up up that's the best thing for you three right now yes sir excuse me hey guys let's go home then yeah.

Let's go I wasn't able to answer at all when they both came on to me I didn't know what I was feeling I just told him that I honestly didn't know I told the teacher that I needed to work with both of them during the festival to help me choose he said it would be fine I can't believe that he was fine with both of you I mean it's a supposed.

To be a boy and a girl but there's no reason that there can't be more than one of each but we get to be with each other during the culture Fest the whole time yeah with me no with me hey Kia which do you want during the culture Fest I kept getting pressured like this and my mental fortitude was being diminished I.

Had to come up with an answer fast let's keep it on hold for now thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well