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[Manga Dub] I was her first friend on her mission to make 100 friends [RomCom]


My name is yasushi zenkai I moved here from Tokyo I don't know anything about this town yet so I would really appreciate if you could tell me about this place thank you because of my parents job I've constantly been moving around by now I'm really used to introducing myself but this time something a little unexpected.

Happened there was a girl who pointed her finger at me and let out a huge cry what do you guys know each other is this like a manga no I think this is the first time we've met my seat isn't next to hers right that would really be like a typical romantic comedy sorry for not meeting your expectations.

Your seat is on the opposite side that's fine do you not like kusakabe it's nothing like that it's just that uh what nothing anyone who tries to get involved with me on the first day is always problematic especially if they look flashy I know they say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but I'm speaking from.

Experience and I was exactly right it was after school hey Zen Tycoon what is it gyarokosan yaruko that's not my name my name is Shiro kusakabe okay and come with me over there how far are we going see empty classroom over there please don't make this a bully to.

Transfer student situation was that popular in the city well I'm sure there's bullying in schools everywhere oh this is it here here so what did you want to talk about um do you not want to talk to me that badly no it's not like that okay good well you sit in that seat what are you.

Going to do I'm going to stand here what what are you planning to do so Zen kaikun yeah so um are you asking me out if so no thank you are you serious I didn't even ask you out and I've.

Already built asking you out I'm joking you seem nervous you're strong-willed well when you have to switch schools a lot you meet a lot of different kinds of people making stupid jokes can help when you're trying to make new friends.

Do you have a lot of friends in Tycoon yeah I think so so you're a friend master I don't know anyone who's had such a dorky nickname what is this really um so yes you don't have any friends at the school yet right no I do.

You do a couple people came to talk to me during break we've already exchanged numbers like Koga but I talked to you first what are you talking about that doesn't matter fine you can leave so what was this all about I just thought you didn't have any.

Friends yet so I thought you could be my friend oh okay sure really this isn't like a video game there's no limit to how many friends you can have I don't know what you're talking about but um seriously yeah.

Yeah I'm so happy why are you so excited of course I'm excited Zen Tycoon wait we're friends so I can call you by your first name right shinokun come on stand up why Let's Dance it's a happy dance is that a tradition in this town no I'm just happy you're dancing because.

You're happy oh I see huh you're always by yourself kusakabe-san no you're wrong but that's what everyone said they're frog you were eating lunch by yourself ha uh fine as you've to do.

Oh it all started on the first day of school she suddenly started to tell a story come on just shut up and listen he'll be sad but you you hear it okay okay it all started the first day of school so you're starting from there again I got sick and stayed home on the first.

Day of school it was a really bad cold and was only able to go to school a week later and that's the end what that's the end yeah that's the end you made me listen and that's it yeah well you might think that's it but it was a really big deal for me I was feeling nervous on my first day but when.

I got to the class everyone already formed their own groups and I didn't have the courage to ask anyone to let me in their Circle there's a copy son so I was really happy when you said that you would be my friend I finally gotten one step closer to my dream what's your dream.

To have 100 friends you're the first one see we have to get to work then what I'll help you as your friend really of course this is how kusakabisans and my plan can we get to 100 friends started a month had passed since I came to the school which also meant that it had been a month since kusakabisans and my plan.

Started what's wrong yasushi oh um nothing kusakabi song was a lot worse off than I thought kusakabe-san don't look at me like that you traitor come over here everyone's there I'm telling you to come.

Because everyone's here what are you talking about with kusakape-san laughs oh she ran off again can run really fast has she always been like that yeah people call her the unicorn of classroom 1C.

So people talk about her like she's a mythical animal on another day hey kusakabi-san we need to go to a different classroom for Next Period let's go together okay follow me join us yeah sure.

She's running away again hey damn it what are you guys doing I don't even know anymore this happened multiple times this month you're always so sudden that's because you run away I want to eat some chocolate oh thanks.

Why do you run away I didn't run away to be frank I think the reason you don't have any friends is because you don't try talking to anyone everyone's really nice I know I know that it's my fault but I can't help it I always get nervous when I try to talk to someone.

Even though you were able to talk to me you're special please don't ask me out stop demon though I didn't ask you about again so what I'm trying to say you were a transfer student yeah so I thought this was my opportunity I thought this guy is like me and wants.

Friends so I was able to talk to you but everyone else already has friends if I ask someone to be friends now they might be like why you're overthinking things I know so you're saying that you're afraid of being rejected this might be a more difficult problem.

Than I thought I wasn't able to think of a solution and it was finals week -san temporarily stopped trying to make new friends we decided to focus on studying hey you wrote the wrong answer on that problem what you're remembering the formula wrong see the value is wrong here we do.

It why are you making that face I'm surprised why because you're smart that's rude if you are paying attention in class you would know the right answer to this don't you think that's rude I was paying attention but I didn't get it oh uh I'm sorry I'm sorry too I was just acting upset as a joke.

Um do you know how to solve this one it's really difficult I don't get it okay this it's a trick problem you're probably confused by this phrasing here so you do this and then this and then oh I solved it it's easy right you're really smart I guess I am the valedictorian the valedictorian yeah ever since the first semester I've.

Never lost to anyone do you know the seven wonders of our year of our year not our school what is that a scary story it's not one of the Wonders is that no one knows the person who's always getting the highest scores on the final there's a rumor that it's a ghost who committed suicide who's pretending to be a student.

Scary story no this is about you because you don't talk to anyone no one knows that you have the best grades it is a scary story for me oh right sorry but can't you use this to your advantage well what do you mean first can you get the highest score on the final again or will that be too difficult.

No that's no problem the reason that kusakabi song can't talk to her classmates is because she doesn't have any confidence in herself she doesn't understand how great she is but she does have something to be confident about that's easy for everyone to see there's no way I won't use this for a.

Plan but before that I need to study hey yasushi how was the test hey Koga it was better than I thought it's all thanks to kusakabi-san who helped me during finals they want to see who did better sure three two one zero what 94 all right I win there's no way I can win.

Don't be upset you're really smart Koga but I've never gotten the highest score the seven wonders of our year I've heard this test I was also second who's first huh hey you got question six right oh yeah hey are you serious how did you solve this everyone was saying that no one.

Probably got this right this is a trick question I made a realization as I started talking this was the problem that kusakabe-san taught me about before hey do you want to know the right way to solve this yeah right then I need you to help me with what.

With a girl who lacks confidence I want to show her how great she is hey kusakabisan what's up did you keep our promise our promise about getting the best rate on the test of course if it's all right with you I want you to help me figure out what I got wrong on my test.

But later okay but now is better but hey yasushi why are you asking kusakabe-san for help that nervous girl over there is one of the Seven Wonders what she's the person who's been beating you for valedictorian is a ghost.

Well I've been dead this whole time are you guys stupid I'm joking Are you seriously the valedictorian I'm telling you that I'll prove it to you so ask her with me she doesn't have the courage to talk to you herself oh I see help me out here okay.

Son are you really the valedictorian huh oh yeah I am that's amazing can you help me figure out this problem me yeah can you help me out sure of course I also taught yasushikun good at teaching even though she's a loner hey you didn't have to say that once I got the ball rolling the rest was.

Easy when people saw the smart guy who's ranked second in the school being taught math problems more and more people started joining in and listening to kusakabe's lesson there was nothing left for me to do that was really easy to understand you should do this before every test.

Hopefully though okay then this again before the next test yes please kusakabestan had instantaneously become really popular you seem like you're in a good mood of course I made so many new friends today you know I'm really happy and how.

Many more do you need to reach your goal are you really asking me that now I think it's better to lay out your gold numbers you could be kind of mean sometimes you know even though you're usually nice so how many more 83 so you made 16 new friends in just one.

Day that's amazing no I made 17 new friends so I need 83 more those numbers don't add up no it's right no I'm telling you what's wrong you have me right so you need 82 more friends to make it to 100. no because you're I'm what you're special right.

Oh you're asking me out again sorry just wait I'm serious this time don't turn me down yet let me actually ask you out um you know how you um if some stuff happened and you were to be my boyfriend he wouldn't just be my friend anymore so.

Um I need to make another friend to make up the difference but that's not what I want to talk to you about right now um so it's a copy son yasushikun if you're asking me out I'm sorry adopt again sorry but I can't help it.

I made a promise with you to help you make a hundred friends so I can't go out with you until we achieve that goal so you're saying so let's work hard to make you 83 more friends so we can be together 83 friends not 82 as she said if her dream were to come true without my help maybe we could be something more.

Okay I'll work hard if I do you'll be my boyfriend right we'll find out then won't we what but girls like you are my type kusakabe-san huh if not I wouldn't help you with your dream of making a hundred friends it's way too difficult and I smiled at her.

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