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[Manga Dub] I was hiding how rich I was… When she found out… [RomCom]


Look at you eating a rice ball all alone this is enough for me is that seriously enough for you oh we're actually gonna go to the karaoke later we can take you if you want I have work I was doing the regular interaction I always have between my classmates and they started laughing at me and making.

Fun of me you know how that is my name is kazuyuki kusanagi I'm a freshman in high school I live a quiet and regular life and people seem to mock me for it must suck being poor are you sure you're gonna make it all three years if I don't go crazy and want to live.

Lavishly sure just make sure you try hard not to be homeless as they walked away the school Madonna walked up closer to me her name was Haruna asamiya she's beautiful and calm and she was popular amongst men and women kusanagi if you want even have this she gave me some eggs to share.

Thank you as always but you really don't have to worry about it incredibly kind to everyone even though I'm a poor loner who's mocked frequently she still helps me out she was like a goddess to me thank you I promise I'll repay you you don't have to thank me we gotta help each other out right you can count on me.

When you're struggling okay she didn't want anything in return for her kindness if the world was full of people like her then we'd have World Peace would you like to go to karaoke with us today I'm sorry I'm busy what you're always saying that and turning us down what about if he asked you eventually.

She's turning them down again she was popular so much so that people asked her to go out every day but I'd never seen her accept an offer ever Haruna doesn't want to hang out with idiots like you what her friend helped her out it seemed like she was taunting them but I agreed with her don't fight guys seriously I'm sorry.

About today no you don't have to apologize we won't Force you either even though the mood was kind of crummy she seemed to calm everyone down she was truly a goddess I finished my part-time job at the restaurant and I was heading home the store manager understands my living.

Situation and helps me out by sending me home with leftover food it was allowing me to save a lot of money it really is nice that there are so many people who are kind I need to repay him one day please stop let go of me I Heard a Voice a small distance away that sounded.

Familiar to me I started running in a hurry come on you should hang out with us you must have run away from home or something if you're out this late right if you come with us we'll make sure you have a place to stay too oh yeah.

A job and got out some kind of night job huh I mean you're cute enough to be walking the streets we'll be your customers then it's not like that at all you two are the worst you think you can do whatever you want as long as you have the money who the hell are you kusanagi what are you doing here miss.

Asamia was surprised and the men who were messing with her looked at me with hatred in their eyes just so you know I've already contacted the police I had a loud buzzer going off it was loud enough to be heard everywhere what the hell you think we're playing around I don't mind you messing with me but you really should run away soon.

Don't you think if you take too long the police are gonna show up screw you hey we need to get out of here leave that alone if the police show up we're screwed damn it don't think we'll forget after the men were gone I stopped the sound of my buzzer I didn't think that they were small time like this they were.

So easily spooked by some loud noise um kusanagi thank you for saving me about the police oh I was just bluffing I guess they couldn't calmly think about it because of the loud buzzer oh I see you always carry around a.

Buzzer I always come home late from work you should carry some kind of self-defense thing too since you're coming home so late too yeah I'll be careful next time I'll send you off to your home I think it'd be annoying if you were messed with by some weird people again hey that's probably too much trouble for.

You don't worry about it consider it a thank you for always sharing your food with me but your legs are trembling you're probably terrified from being messed with earlier right wouldn't you feel safer going home with someone you know.

She seemed to think about it for a second but she finally agreed with me here the apartment I walked her to was a piece of crap apartment I lived in a pretty bad place too but it was a pretty good contest of which was worse she seemed like it was awkward.

She probably didn't want me to know where she lived was so dirty go ahead and come on in a oven me off when I went inside extra it was the absolute Bare Necessities to survive here you go.

I decided to accept her offer of tea I'm sorry if I'm being rude but is your life tough yeah after my mom divorced it's just me and her but you always shared your food with me anyway I figured you were were the same boat as me so I couldn't leave you alone even if our day-to-day lives are tough we have to eat right if you.

Don't eat you'll get sick I understood what she meant now and what those words meant to her if she gets sick she couldn't work which meant a lot if she can't make money then it's very possible that she'll die I guess it's not just a matter of saving money huh in order to stay healthy you had to eat and as a result you had to.

Spend money on food you were sharing a valuable source of energy with me weren't you oh don't worry about me we gotta help each other out right you're still trying to help others when you're struggling you're too kind even when I'm struggling I don't want to forget about how I want to help others that's what my mom always.

Says she seems like a good mom yeah I love my mom do you always work this late I'm done with work but I also work at a restaurant and the people always helps me out with food but then it gets late so you're the same as me huh I think the fact that we stumbled into.

Each other means we probably work fairly close to each other huh if we're going to be going home around the same time I'll always send you home that's too much to ask I'm sure you're tired from working too something might happen to you again we gotta help each other that's what I say it's not like you have.

That line copyrighted right you always help me so I want to help you too let me repay you but you really should learn to rely on others don't just carry it all yourself okay if you're okay with it then I guess I'll ask you to help me out sure of course.

Then we exchanged contact info and went our separate ways we did end up working in part-time jobs close to each other we decided to wait for each other in a place that was well lit and I took her to her house every night for a while eventually we started getting to know each other better.

After a while she seems to have taken off school because she was sick her mom wouldn't come home until later because she worked late right now only she was at home I was worried about her so I couldn't focus on class I wonder if she's okay are you okay Miss asamia I'm fine thank.

You when I sent her a message she replied saying she was fine but I knew that with the way she was she would lie to try to not worry me after school was over I messaged my part-time job and headed to miss asamia's apartment I rang the doorbell but I didn't get a.

Response I figured she must be asleep but I was worried maybe she was too sick to respond the door was open so as much as I felt bad I let myself in I'm coming in after I came inside I saw Miss asamiya in her futon asleep I got closer to confirm that she was.

Okay kusanagi sorry I didn't realize you were awake I let myself in because I was worried about you thank you but I'm okay she said but her face was a bright red and she seemed to be struggling pretty badly.

Sorry for this I put my hand on her forehead you're burning up what's your temperature it's not that bad you're lying tell me the truth when's your mom coming home she won't be home for a while she's got to work she's at work as usual without taking.

Care of her only daughter in a condition like this it wasn't that bad this morning it just started going up really high in the middle of the day food do you have medicine I don't have an appetite I haven't had any medicine either why don't you eat when you're so sick.

You always talk about being healthy you really shouldn't be alone you should contact your mom and have her come home oh well I'll end up being a bother from my mom now is not the time for that what are you gonna do when your mom comes home and sees you in this condition but I already took off my work and.

Caused trouble for other people too if my mom takes off work she'll have to cause trouble for people at her workplace you're still worried about others huh you remember how I said don't just make everything your own problem I'm sorry but I'm not going to leave you alone right now I'm going to call for some.

Help are you going to call I left the room and called someone how are you Miss asamia I feel great thanks to you but where are we it's a huge mansion it's my parents house huh I contacted my parents to have them pick her up.

I had our private doctor see her and a maid bring by a nutritious meal I also had her help Miss asamia change out of her sweaty pajamas she took some medicine and had been sleeping in bed since my house is actually a very wealthy family but if I live here with no struggles I won't know what it's like to.

Not have any money and struggle that's why I figured I'd spend my life in high school with simple things see help each other it wasn't a situation where we could pick and choose you really don't have to worry about it saving me way too much I can't give anything back you saved me first.

People would always make fun of me in class for being poor and I was all alone and you always shared your food with me it wasn't like you had a lot to spare I'm sorry that you had to have eaten my crappy food to me it was a gourmet meal I never would have known how much I could appreciate a simple meal if I hadn't.

Tried living a simpler life you taught me so much I feel like this isn't enough to repay you you're being dramatic I really didn't do that much maybe not to you but you really don't have to worry about anything anymore just rest I want you to get better soon.

Okay thank you she stayed over for three days recovering she was here until she got better from her cold as she recovered I also left my parents house to go back to my simple life she kept thanking me but I kept telling her to not worry because we had to help.

Each other out look at you always eating some crappy meal with one rice ball and one egg I always tell you guys this is totally enough for me after getting some nutritional advice from Miss asamiya I added a boiled egg to my lunch normally just the rice ball was enough so it was perfect.

Man it must suck being so poor you don't have any money to play and you're constantly working what do you live for anyway studying mostly I started High School to study this isn't to play around are you just trying to play tough I guess you can't survive if you don't lie to yourself like that just being born to.

A poor family means you're a loser I guess I'm a loser too Miss asamia came interrupting their mockery everyone was surprised including me what are you doing miss asamia what are you saying you're not poor like him are you I didn't tell anyone but my house is poor too I live alone with my mom in a.

Tiny apartment I work every day and I'm no different from kusanagi you're kidding there's no way that you're the reason I'm always turning you idiots down is because I don't have any money to play and I have to go to work but I enjoy my life I have friends and all the people at work are kind I feel the warmth of people stop mocking People.

Based on your own personal values the class felt quiet after her coming out no one imagined the school Madonna to be living a poor life if that were the case you should have said something I'll cover the money to go hang out and I'll give you nice food too I don't accept that kind of help from.

People I especially don't get help from people who make fun of others because they're poor no we weren't making fun of you you said poor people are losers right she returns the exact comment that they just told me and they were unable to say anything back they probably didn't want to make fun of.

Miss awesomeia I'm sorry kusanagi for always making fun of you if you need help let us know sure they must have thought that it wasn't a good look to be making fun of Miss asamia it didn't matter that she was poor like me it mattered that she was a pretty popular girl however I'm sure it.

Helped that she was a kind person I realized how important it was to have friendships thank you for covering for me miss asamia you gotta help each other out I'm sorry I didn't step in sooner I'm still glad that you saved me though but are you sure you wanted to tell everyone about your living conditions.

I didn't like that you were always mocked so this was fine I'm sorry I didn't know her now if you have anything you need you could just ask me okay sure thank you her friends helped her out she said she would carry all the weight on her shoulders but it turned out that I was.

The one that was doing exactly that I guess you can't tell what it's like to be poor just by pretending to live a simple life people stopped making fun of me thanks to miss out to Mia but that didn't mean that I had friends it was time to start deciding what to do for the rest of my life I was still a loner in my senior year but I had a good.

Relationship with Miss asamia thank you for always sending me off kusanagi you're welcome after work I always made sure to send her off to work so what are you going to do after you graduate I'm going to college I'm going to study more in college and work at my father's.

Company I see your family seems incredible so I'm sure it's pretty tough huh yeah probably what about you I'm gonna find a job I'm going to make money and help my mom live a better life you really love your family huh so I have a favor to ask you once I find a job and I have a little.

Bit extra money would you like to go on a date with me date I like you I remember you saved me from what I had a fever and how you always protect me on my way home maybe I'm not good enough for you but I want to be by your side even after we graduate I'm glad you'd say that I want someone.

Who's willing to consider others even when she's not in the best of situations too I like you asamia helped me when I was pretending to be poor I learned so much from her it was more than enough to be attracted to all of her qualities.

Okay kusanagi and maybe it's a little too soon but I guess it's a promise she came up in front of me and closed her eyes I came in with no doubt and gave her a nice kiss so excited to go on a date with you me too if I ask for financial help my family would help us out in a heartbeat but she.

Didn't want that I think that if I didn't rely too much on others and with the support of misasamia I could do great things in the future thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.