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[Manga Dub] I was looking after the unpopular sister… [RomCom]


I am kakuru kuraishi I start high school today I figured I would enjoy my school life and have a lot of friends but yo what do you want to go after school let's go to the arcade me want to go buy a cafe on the way home oh the nice place I was already the outcast after a week.

Of school freaking extroverts how are they already so friendly to each other that class is rough for an introvert like me I had almost no friends my whole life I thought I could change starting high school but I couldn't if anything I was giving up what's wrong kiddo you finally out of.

School and you look sad huh did I surprise you who are you pretty oh me I'm nanami Futaba I go to the same school as you oh miss Futaba I know her name she's a year older than me she's incredibly pretty and outgoing everyone was talking about her.

This is her huh her freshman right don't you know momaka Futaba ah I know her we're in the same class I think she's the girl that's always in the corner of the class she stood out because she was always so quiet oh really she's my younger sister.

Huh really they're nothing alike on multiple levels he thought something rude just then didn't you huh what are you talking about that I'm smaller than my sister I really don't know what you're talking about why are you so upset.

Because you say things that would hurt someone I didn't say anything anyway I'll start bothering you about that on another day you're going to bring it up again later anyway have you seen momoka she told me she wanted to go home together but she.

Seemed to have gone home first oh that's her right there right huh says why did you go home first we said we'd go home together but being around you means everyone's gonna look and I'll feel sad momoka I thought they got along with each other.

There must be more to this relationship anyways who's that little kitty there oh yeah someone abandoned her here I felt bad so I was wondering if we could take it home I want to but her apartment won't let us keep any pets so she's definitely upset um do you want me to take care of it.

Are you sure I haven't got your name yet oh I'm kakarukuraishi huraishi are you sure yeah our house allows pets so I'm sure if I ask my parents they'll be okay with it okay thank you you happy momoka yeah what thank you karishi.

Oh yeah it's okay don't mention it okay let's go home momoka I don't wanna huh can I go with you huh to my house yeah I'm curious about the cat hey mama that's too much for karishi uh Kitty oh.

It's okay I don't mind thank you are you sure yeah I understand how she feels about the cat so uh see then I'll never mind momoko you go alone okay are you sure.

Yeah big sis should sit out on this one besides she never talks to anyone other than family but she's talking to you so I hope you two use this as an opportunity to get to know each other better ah I see sorry she's a little strange but I swear she's a good kid please get along with.

Her okay later karishi momica you be careful too yeah you too sis see you later miss Futaba can I hold the kitty oh sure you got her yeah I was messing with her earlier but she seems pretty calm.

See then I'll carry the Box thanks you like cats yeah cats are adorable so you want to have a pet cat in the future yeah all right we're talking I haven't been able to talk to any.

Classmates and here I am talking to a girl this is amazing you're a freshman right huh you're being super respectful to my sophomore sister so yeah huh she wasn't listening to me at all we're technically classmates.

Oh I see are you I barely know anyone in the class are you not good with faces or something yeah I try not to look at anyone or deal with them so ba was right she really doesn't talk to anyone in.

Class but she's talking a lot now I don't like dealing with people a lot either so I understand how you feel anyway that cat is really calm it doesn't look like it wants to run away at all yeah I think she's smart it seems he is to people too it wasn't afraid of humans at all so I.

Don't think it was mistreated or anything while I was being taken care of we talked about nothing on the way back and headed to my house huh I can name it yeah you found it and she would be happier if you named it I see how's Chi that's perfect see it is.

Yeah let's make a lot of memories with g wow she is happy too Miss Futaba is pretty cute it's not about her looks but it's her personality and attitude oh by the way karishi hmm what's up.

Are you dating my sister what ah are you okay yeah I'm fine well that was terrible but why is she suddenly talking about that I'm not dating her why did you think that maybe she thought I looked good with her sister.

You two are going home together so I figured ah that makes sense there's no way that I'd look like a good fit with her that was because your sister was looking for you I see she's always been overprotective he's just trying to take good care of.

You maybe but I don't like it you don't yeah she's got her own way of dealing with things so I don't want her to deal with me besides when I'm around her I feel bad about myself you said that earlier too is it because she's popular yeah she's always great at studying in.

Super athletic she's bubbly and easy to get along with too so she gets along with everyone I was always proud of her when I was a kid but now I just compare myself to her and I don't like it that makes sense it wasn't rare that siblings compared themselves to each other I think if not on me was your sibling.

It's quite the standard to live up to people around her must have really brought her down I don't think I can say I completely understand because I'm an only child but I think you have your own charm that your older sister doesn't have time yeah so don't worry about what other.

People are saying my charm yeah I said that but it wasn't like I had something picked out I could say one thing but I feel like that's not something I should say you saved the cat and came all the way to my house to make sure it would be okay that's super kind of you.

But my sister is kind too well but they say that if you get along with animals you're a pretty good human my sister gets along with animals too she really doesn't have any faults huh I know I'm just a broken version of my sister no that's not true but I have nothing that my sister.

Doesn't have um I think you're pretty cute too you're a little different because I want to protect you I can't leave you alone you know I think guys would love that kind of thing what the hell am I saying no uh uh sorry wait Miss patama There She Goes.

Crap I have to see her tomorrow too you're lucky Chi you just get to play with Miss Futaba wow the next day man this sucks I remembered what I did yesterday and I was not having a great time going to school.

What should I say to her hey karishi Miss Futaba what you look like you've seen a ghost nope that's not what it is I'm just surprised because you came out of nowhere I heard about what you did look at you making moves.

What what are you talking about you asked her out right what no I didn't what do you mean huh but she said you called her cute and attractive no that's a misunderstanding about what I didn't say that I see.

You did say that and make her all confused so you need to make sure to set things straight okay oh I'm gonna go now good luck champ she's still pushing even though she knows I didn't mean it like that she took off after waving at me.

After I got to school I tried talking to her but she ran away and avoided me with everything she had there was no chance for me to make things right I couldn't even talk to her that day we didn't exchange any words and I went home but Miss Futaba why are you here when I got home and heard the doorbell.

Ring I saw Miss Futaba standing at the entrance she was avoiding me at school so I never figured she would show up at my house um I want to play with Chi I was not what she came for sure come on in thanks who is she.

Oh she's probably playing with toys or something right now in my room I'm glad she's doing well maybe she was avoiding me because we were at school tea man they really bonded over a single day just like she had said she just started.

Playing with Chi she must really like that cat she seemed to be having so much fun playing with Chi and she was adorable about an hour later she seems to be getting tired and balled up to go to sleep so I thought that Miss Futaba was going to go home but.

I have something I need to talk to you about she started talking to me what is it I know yesterday wasn't you asking me out my sister just kept talking and made everything up on her own and oh I see huh it's not like she misunderstood me.

I'm glad I guess so so I'm not asking this as a confession or anything huh so I want you to listen without getting upset or anything walking about um can you go to school with me from now on and hang out with me what are you talking about.

This isn't a confession right but this seems like a confession I don't fit into myself but you gave me a sense of confidence so I want to be around you and build up my own confidence my sister said I should do that too and aha so her sister is behind all this I mean are you sure about this you were.

Avoiding me at school too oh that was because it was super shy but I know what I want now so I'm okay I'm pretty introverted and I don't have any friends but it is super kind so it's fine let's get along as loners she's pretty aggressive I guess she is a Futaba after all what do I want to do she's cute and I.

Can't leave her alone and it's perfect for me considering I don't have any friends but I felt like if I hung around her anymore I might fall for her um I feel like I might make you regret being around me it's okay anything that happens it's on me.

You're much more confident than I expected is that what your sister told you to say no my sister said that I need to understand what it means to continue going to your house the way she's saying that I feel like Miss Futaba knows exactly what she's talking about.

So is that okay ah okay let's hang out then are you sure yeah around you too so I'm happy about it okay it's okay if I come over every day then of course yeah thank you karishi let's have fun.

Together of course what and that's how our little relationship started people occasionally mistook us for going out but I knew so I just ignored what they said and as we hung out more with each other we hang out with Chi today too yeah you can come over.

We became a great couple she started gaining her confidence back and she even cut her hair she was just as much of a looker as her sister and everyone saw how beautiful she was that's why occasionally I see the boys looking at me with jealous eyes however I'm glad I get to spend time around.

Momoka so I didn't care thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well