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[Manga Dub] I was trying to avoid my bossy childhood friend, until one day… [RomCom]


just how on Earth did things end up like this um to be hiding a book like this seems like yukoon has reached the age to be interested in reading this sort of thing um this is a misunderstanding really just.

How did things have to end up like this the story starts from just a short while ago hey you Ichi there's gonna be a group date next time are you gonna come along it was just a normal sort of thing which happens whilst going home from school I accepted this sort of invitation from my friend.

I'll pass I'm not interested in that sort of thing besides I'm not good with talking to people I don't know you're as introverted as ever I see do you really plan on spending your one and only precious high school life without getting a girlfriend it's just as you said but is there a problem with it ah how depressing to hear right right.

For the sake of such a lonely friend of mine I'll offer this to you what is that this is the most highly recommended hentai book of this year since there are so many chicks featured in it for even an introverted dude like you you can rest assured uh excuse me.

It wasn't like I was even hunting for this sort of thing okay huh after all the effort other people made to show generosity to you all right you already do have a cute girlfriend right I guess that makes sense that you wouldn't have an interest in things like this then.

No I don't have anything like a girlfriend what are you saying when she clings to you like that ah speak of the devil you I caught you yeah it hug me like that in front of all these people sorry just out of habit her name was.

Ayane kurosaka she was my childhood friend because she was also a year older than me since we were young she took care of me a lot and was like an older sister figure without a doubt not my girlfriend wow as usual the two of you are getting along well.

Bond between me and yukoon is eternal whatever just let go of me what a meanie has taken care of me since a long time ago but regardless of that to me her habit of affectionate physical touching was a bit too much therefore for these past few years I've tried to avoid conversing with her in front of.

People anyways what do you want oh right at yukoon's house Auntie is getting back late tonight right that's why I thought I would come over huh you itchy as I expected you no she's just coming over to make dinner that's what she meant right eye on a huh of course but what else would there be.

Ina was always completely oblivious to the huge misunderstandings she caused about us I'll say this for the sake of ione's reputation but she isn't usually such a dense-minded person but because she completely disregards me as a member of the opposite sex when she clings onto me like this she becomes shockingly.

Oblivious to this type of misunderstanding which people would hold anyways I can just eat out so you don't have to go to all the effort to come over so rather than eating together with me you'd rather go out and eat alone nechon is sad hearing that no that's not it.

Shoot at this rate the misunderstanding will just get worse all right I I have arrangements to eat together with my friends so so it's okay right hey hey your cute girlfriend is going to all those lengths to make dinner for you so there's no need for that she's not my girlfriend nah just watching the interaction.

Between you two there's nobody on this planet who would believe what you just said I can't continue to disturb the two of you so I'll be taking my leave now hey come tomorrow the misunderstandings about us will just spread I don't really get what's going on but.

For now it's okay to eat dinner with your older sister today right just just do what you want oh so I can do what I want okay so let's hold hands until he beats home that's not what I meant even having said that Ina we've reached that age now so isn't it time that we stop being all clingy with each other in.

Public what are you saying to me as an older sister physical contact with my younger brother is something I really want no even real siblings aren't all clingy with each other like that huh in the U.S I heard that siblings do think do things standards now we were raised.

In the same environment in Japan so there's something called culture shock that would occur anyways there are all sorts of weird rumors which would arise so at least in public quit getting all clingy with me like that to make matters worse irony you stand out.

Ina was gifted both in academics and in sports a beautiful perfect superhuman type student at school and even in the neighborhood she stood out a lot if she gets all clingy to a dull guy like me people would definitely think of us as incompatible and it would just attract even more attention yeah.

You could keep it glued to the center of your mind with super glue though such an impossible ask more importantly we're gonna start the food prep for tomorrow's rental boxes now so take out your container sorry I kind of have my hands full right now so could you take it out of my bag for me.

Okay huh where is uh you what's wrong what's this may I ask what's what you say why are you holding such a thing Ina that's something I would like to ask myself as soon as I opened you koon's bag this sort of thing just happened to fall out out of my bag there's no way that could happen.

But I caught you red-handed you you can't bring such a thing into school geez there's no way such a thing could appear in my bag wait I look back at it clearly isn't it the thing which that Guy brought to school just when did he slip that into my bag.

Could never be too careful around that guy tomorrow at school it's trial time for him now you before we have dinner tonight I think we can't avoid a little interrogation about this am I right in that way I landed in this current situation.

No this is seriously a misunderstanding I say it's like without my permission so that's gotta be a disaster ah I see you understand yeah by the way inside this book what sort of check is your type yukoon don't understand at all you definitely.

Think that it's something which I bought out of my own interest after that to resolve the misunderstanding it really took a whole 20 minutes by the way you can are you free next Sunday I'm free but is there something you want to do ah is there something you want it's about that.

Speaking of that it's already that time I guess Siri is celebrating the day Dave sure is an anniversary which nobody else in the world would know of the story goes back to seven years ago Ayana and I were good childhood friends from a long time ago.

But even having said that Ina wasn't always such an older sister type back then I called her inh Sean however due to a certain incident the relationship between us changed and we became the way we are now so starting from today yukun is my younger brother okay okay I understand the two of us will be.

Brother and sister forever and ever okay I promise you we made that trivial promise together as children starting from seven years ago Ina began wanting to celebrate that day every year as an anniversary so we'll be spending Sunday together okay even though I usually did have the habit.

Of avoiding Ina I knew that at least on that day there was no running away from her I got it but how do you want to spend it I got tickets to a movie so I thought why don't we go watch it together a movie huh I haven't seen much recently so that sounds nice.

For the sake of yukoon who will get a girlfriend in the future hope he'll be checking on how you escort girls when that time comes I'm concerned about whether you will be able to separate yourself from me for me to separate myself of course there is an older sister is an older sister for.

Life that's true but let's just call that physical intimacy quits then okay I get it how slightly lower my strength when I hug you that's not it so on that next Sunday as promised I want to see that movie with ayane you sorry to have kept you waiting no.

No I just got here well let's go I'm looking forward to seeing the movie right but what's the movie we're seeing today it's the horror movie that's become a huge hit lately it makes you excited too right right you if you get scared it's.

Okay for you to hold your older sister's hand okay I won't hold it besides I'm not that bad with horror movies but in the past whatever you watch those psychic programs on TV you become unable to sleep and enter in my bed that's a thing of the past could you quit bringing up my dark past a little sting right no wonder it became such a.

Hot Topic if there was a fun little thing I wasn't satisfied with didn't try to hold my hand of yours will never be fulfilled so just give up now I think I heard something you over there it's gonna be fine your older sister will find your mother.

For you okay yes a Lost Child huh it seems that way hey you ah we can't let this go let's go hey you guys could it be that you got separated from your mother yes if it's okay with you why don't you let us help us out with finding your mother.

Really it's for real you must have been scared for the rest it's okay to rely on us okay yes thank you older sister so we began searching for the parents of those lost children having said that isn't this burden a.

Little too big for me I'm sorry I just got a bit too tired walking and carrying these chill I can't carry them well there's nothing we can do about it so it's fine but anyways we've almost reached the place where you guys got separated from your parents.

Right yes older brother I'm sorry don't sweat it more than that good job to you for being able to not cry for all this time because I have my younger brother with me I thought to myself that I must be really strong and hold myself together I see how admirable and my younger brother was born my mom.

Said the older sister will protect this child that's why when my brother is with me I feel like I can always do my best I see what a good older sister you are ayane are you okay oh what is it what is it you ask it's about more than that when you're tired let me know ahead of time okay we can go whilst taking little breaks along the.

Way no it's okay uh I see as expected of you you're a strong kid hey did you know I'm going to get a younger brother soon I see you're going to become an older sister yes when I became an older sister there are so many things I want to do for my younger sibling so I'm looking forward.

To it it seems like you've become an amazing older sister it seems like we're soon going to reach the place where these kids got separated from their parents hey yukoon who's that woman looking all around seems like that's her hey do you have any recollection of that person.

Hey Mama oh I found you guys finally thank you so much the second I took my eyes off these kids they disappeared from my sight what if something happened to them what would I do I couldn't help worrying about it no no no no need to worry about it I'm glad that you both were able to reunite safely thank you both of you.

Here you go yukoon good work it must have been rough for you right thank you I just realized a bit about how little stamina I have maybe I should start doing some strength training I'm glad but uh ah speaking of rich I give you this.

It's something which I got from the mother of those kids just now as a present for things it's chocolate oh wow they say that sweet things are perfect for when you feel tired so this is just right yes let's eat let's eat it's delicious but this is liquor-filled chocolate huh shoot.

What happened I wonder you did your best today too it's so admirable let go of me ayane may be skilled in both the academics and sports and have beautiful looks but there was one very clear.

Weakness of hers that was her low tolerance towards anything which had any sort of alcohol in it there was a time when she got drunk even over inhaling disinfectant alcohol Vapor she was weak to that sort of extent even after I told you to avoid anything with that much alcohol contained in it huh but even if there's.

Alcohol in it as long as it's not liquid it's okay for even a miner to consume it right liquor chocolate is illegal that's not the issue just what are you doing you're ignoring me in a time like this anyways get away from me oh you good is such a meanie even though.

You've had those kids close to you all this time without a single word complained just how drunk can you even get trying to compete with children I thought about it even from the time I wasn't drunk whenever I try to cling onto you you pull away from me straight away that's even worse.

Geez when she gets drunk her thing for physical affection gets even worse what a pain in the butt anyways the TU bought just now you drink it up by honey I beg you I guess I have no choice huh the tea is delicious have you calmed down now yes I've calmed down yay even though you say that you're clinging.

To me once again you know I'm okay now cocoon before you were concerned about it right whether I was still hung up over what happened in the past that's that was the case but ayanichon what's wrong um you know my younger brother he couldn't be born.

So that's what happened even though there are so many things I wanted to do for him don't cry ayanichon you can but right I'll become your younger brother in his place well yes that's why you can't cry ayanichon yes and from today yukoon is my younger brother.

Of us will be brother and sister forever and ever okay I promise you that was the reason why we exchanged that promise back then no you're the one who's always been taken care of of me when you say that the one who's being pampered all the time is me.

Ah she's asleep I guess the drunk irony is really bad for the heart all the time she behaves so carefully without knowing anything about people's feelings.

Geez don't you know how mentally worn out I've become just to make sure the fact that I've started noticing irony in that way won't ever be discovered by her you could really I don't think I can play the younger brother character forever.

Huh or whatever ah you're finally awake huh why am I being piggybacked by yukoon that's because you got drunk and fell asleep right when night falls you'll catch a cold so I have no choice but to carry you back home he's at this rate you're no different.

From those lost children my head still feels like it's spinning from just that tiny amount irony when you become a university student you definitely can't go to those drinking parties okay right just be quiet now well you could so your back was this Broad.

Well that's because I've grown too I guess I won't be able to continue treating you like a younger brother forever at this rate huh huh did you say something nope uh nothing at all as I expected the one being spoiled at the time is me after all.

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