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[Manga Dub] I went on a fake date, but she fell in love with me… [RomCom]


My name is Yuji kurosaka I'm a sophomore in high school I'm an anime geek in love with anime characters I like to read novels during break time I'm not the talkative type and everyone considers me an introvert one day I was called up to the school rooftop I'm sorry for asking you to come.

Up here I wanted to ask if you would be my boyfriend kurasaka Kun this is Yuna okazaki the most popular girl in the school but I already knew why she was asking me out I didn't think I would ever be picked to be used for a botsu game I heard some girls talking with Yuna.

About asking someone out as part of a batsu game she seemed reluctant about the idea but her friends wouldn't let her get away with not doing it she's a victim as well in a way but this is a huge opportunity for me I feel bad for Yuna but it's her responsibility for hanging out with friends like that.

She should have chosen her friends more wisely are you going to give me an answer well I'm an anime geek are you sure you're okay with that um yeah of course I am okay well I guess we're dating then Yuna I called her name and her expression changed into what looked like shock you.

You just I mean we're dating right I thought couples called each other by their first names it but still I didn't thank you for call me that so soon you can call me by my first name too Yuna do you want to exchange numbers now.

Yeah sure I made sure I didn't give her any time to change her mind about us dating I haven't planned out when I'll tell her the truth yet but I want to keep the boyfriend position as long as possible it's my punishment for her since she's the one who wasn't honest to begin with.

Hey Yoona why don't we go on a date I know a great place we can go to oh wait a second what's wrong I grabbed her hand and started walking but she suddenly pulled me back going a little fast for me you're the one who asked me out Yuna.

I know I did but you seem so different today I'm a little surprised you know what kind of person do you think I am you don't talk much I thought you would be quiet and gentle I don't talk to people because there are better things to use my time on I like reading books and talking to.

People will only get in the way I didn't realize that are you having second thoughts now of course I'm not well let's get going then oh okay I would have set her free if she had come clean at that moment however it seems like Yuna wants to keep playing.

This little game um you dear I thought we would be going to a cafe or something I never said we would you said you knew a great place that's right and I'm going to show you soon I brought Yuna back to my place I talked about my favorite anime the.

Whole time we were walking I could tell she was exhausted I don't think she was actually listening to me that's why she doesn't know what we're doing here I didn't think we would end up at your place on our first date you're my girlfriend there's no problem with it right you came all the way here it'd be.

A waste to just go home what are you planning to do I just want to talk just make yourself at home I pulled yuna's hand and guided her into my house wow she looked extremely nervous until she drank the hot tea I serve her.

Right it's my favorite kind of tea hugee I never knew you had a thing for tea I like baking and making desserts tea comes along with it I made these cream puffs yesterday really you actually made these I think I'm pretty good tell me what you think I didn't think anybody would ever get to.

Eat the desserts I made I'm glad I kept this in the fridge this is delicious you could probably sell this you know I spent a lot of time and effort perfecting the recipe I never knew you were this talented and I didn't think you'd be so forward on our first date you're full of surprises they say never judge a book by its cover.

And they're right you're nothing like I imagined this isn't the only thing I'm good at here let me show you I decided to bring Yuna up to my room what do you think about my room I know you liked anime but this is more than I expected posters on the wall and character.

Figurines all over my room was full of anime and anime characters Yuna I have a favor to ask can you try this outfit on I took a cosplay costume from my closet and turned around to show Yoona is this a Miko costume why do you have something like this I love cosplay I make all sorts of.

Costumes and I sell them online they sell well to be honest you're so talented it's amazing but I've never had the chance to get feedback from any of my customers I would appreciate it if you could wear it and tell me how it feels huh but it's kinda embarrassing you're my girlfriend.

Can't you do this for me is this the reason you called me over today to make me wear this of course Yuna you said you were okay with me being an anime geek I thought you would be willing to help me as expected of the school's most popular girl Yuna had a beautiful face I knew she.

Could pull off any cosplay costume that was one of the main reasons I agreed to go out with her okay I'll get changed seemed a little reluctant but she agreed to help me I figured I should use her to my advantage since she's still planning on tricking me.

Great don't forget this wig okay I'll be waiting outside the room for you I'm ready Yoona called me into the room and I opened the door wow she stood there standing in the Mikko costume and the pink wig she looked like she had just come out of.

An anime and she looked better than I had imagined she would she was absolutely perfect how does it look is it okay you look great just like the princess princess the costume you're wearing is a Japanese ogre princess she's not only pretty but Fierce as well and she's one of the most.

Popular characters in the anime you'll look great in any pretty girl costume since you're so attractive you're making me blush with all the compliments hey is it okay for me to take a few pictures of you I want to capture the moment so it doesn't fade away.

Oh sure go ahead I'm glad she loved my compliments and she looked quite satisfied I asked her to pose for me and we had a photo shoot look at these awesome photos I wouldn't have been able to get this done if it wasn't for you it's nice to hear you are happy with me.

It was my first experience but I think I like it if you enjoy this you might like learning about anime you don't know the character you just dressed up as right the anime she's in is pretty interesting I opened my laptop to show her some videos I picked some of the best anime videos and we watched them together.

Until it was time to go home good morning Yuji Yuna greeted me as soon as I walked into the classroom the next morning okazaki-san huh Yuna looked shocked when she heard my reply what's wrong you just called me opasaki son I thought we were using first names.

Now we're still dating I thought our relationship was a one day thing why would you think that did I do anything to upset you we're still dating I thought our relationship was a one day thing no not at all I just thought yesterday's.

Going up thing was just a joke for you you put me through all that yesterday just to end things like this I tried so hard for you Yuji I had expected our relationship to be over since we had a date yesterday however Yuna didn't seem to think we were through maybe I should date her until she.

Confesses the truth I feel bad for making you dress up yesterday I got too excited since I thought I would never get another chance to do that a little weird at first but I actually enjoyed it anime after I got home yesterday I.

Couldn't stop watching it pulled me in really I didn't know you enjoyed it that much I thought it was forcing you to watch it I especially like the character I dressed up as I wish someone had told me about anime sooner so you enjoyed it I know I'm the one who forced it on you but I didn't expect you to like it so.

Much yeah animes are awesome but I would love to have another one of your cream puffs do you plan on making any soon I can make them anytime I want you're welcome to come over after school tomorrow I'll get them ready today really yay I'm looking forward to it I can't believe we're going on another.

Date she seemed excited even though I showed her how much of an anime geek I was yesterday she might just be putting on a nice face I couldn't tell I was a bit confused since I knew she only asked me out as part of a batsu game Yuna stuffed the cream puff into her.

Mouth with a broad smile I thought she would come clean about the batsu game but she didn't peep a single word about it instead we got closer we even started talking more at school I'm so happy you like it so much hugee you're amazing I wish I could come here every day just to continue eating your cream puffs you make.

That's quite a compliment hugee is there anything I can do for you I want to thank you in the way you enjoy the most it's okay don't worry about it oh don't hold back I'm your girlfriend I didn't know how to react to her calling herself my girlfriend so I had made her dress up as a punishment for.

Lying about her feelings but it didn't seem to affect her that much well you could wear another cosplay costume for me the pictures I took of you were amazing I would love to do that for you I stopped thinking about it so hard and decided to enjoy myself she was lying to me but it didn't have to stop me from.

Having a good time with anime related activities if she was willing to dress up for me there was no reason for me to say no you look absolutely amazing in that costume I dressed her up in a blue coat and a blue wig the character she was dressed up as was another character from the.

Anime that Japanese ogre princess was in she looked great at anything I put on her I still can't believe you make all these costumes I look exactly like the character now that Yuna started watching the anime she knew which character she was dressed up as.

She looked like she was enjoying herself do you ever wear costumes ug ly sometimes I used to make my costumes before I started selling them I want to see you dress up now yeah she seemed eager to see me in a costume so I brought out a costume to wear.

Here's a good handmaster hugee you look great it was a simple White costume but Yuna knew who I was you're just flattering me it makes me blush but it's the truth you look amazing now I understand why you wanted me to dress up watching others in costume is so fun too you're becoming a fine anime.

Geek and you just started the day before yesterday I'm a huge fan of the anime you introduced me to after that Yuna and I enjoyed a long conversation about the anime show I was amazed by how Yuna knew so much about the anime already a week passed since Yuna first asked me.

Out we talked a lot at school and we'd become anime Buddies as for our relationship well that was still up in the air UT what's wrong what are you thinking about one day on our way home Yuna suddenly stopped me to ask what was on my mind.

Well the thing is if there's anything I can help you with let me know I know the start of our relationship was a batsu game but I felt myself getting drawn to her as we spent more time together I realized I was enjoying my time with her I didn't want our relationship to end.

However I also knew our bond was based on a lie it would be better to get rid of it if it wasn't real you know we're dating is that right huh well what is going on did I do anything to upset you.

I know why you asked me out when were you planning on telling me you're dating me as part of a batsu game I was glad I finally got that off my chest Yuna looked at me with her mouth wide open so you knew but Yuji I need you to know something.

About what I want to do it I didn't think it was okay to ask someone out just for a batsu game I know that too we're trying to talk your way out of it but I decided to go along with it because they said you were the one I had to ask out I think I was drawn to you.

Even before the whole thing what do you mean drawn to me Beauty you always read novels during break time to tell you the truth I love novels I always wanted to talk to you about it but you had this wall up around you and I couldn't that's when the batsu game came up I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to get to know.

You but isn't lying to me about being your boyfriend a little over the line didn't you think you would hurt me if I found out I feel awful about it it wasn't considering your feelings enough I was planning to tell you the truth later on but what I'm feeling now is much.

Stronger enjoying cosplay and talking about anime with you is so much fun I was hoping we could just continue this relationship and become a real couple but we don't have to be a couple for that maybe you just want to be friends we don't have to be a couple to spend time together.

We could stay friends and still enjoy talking about anime together I couldn't tell her true intentions and it was confusing me but I knew that I didn't want a relationship with her if she was just dating me out of guilt for lying to me I don't expect you to believe me but I do have feelings for you Yuji at first.

It was just curiosity but seeing all the wonderful sides of you my feelings only got stronger I want to stay as your girlfriend so we can keep building our connection you don't have to say that to make me feel better I'm fine with us being just friends too no I want to be your girlfriend Yuna wrapped her hands around my face.

And slowly kissed me I'm not doing this because I feel guilty I actually have feelings for you I'm willing to do anything to get you to believe me her cheeks were bright red and she had a worried expression on her face I have feelings for you too you better not back out saying it was a.

Lie after going this far I'll never try to trick you ever again you G I want to be by your side Yuna and I embraced each other I heard later on that the batsu game had ended a while back Yuna had already explained her feelings to her friends and they were aware that she had feelings for me.

Everyone that was involved in the batsu game came over to apologize to me it cleared things up and I was glad Yuna and I were headed in the right direction a few months later I took Yuna to an anime convention she had turned into an official anime geek and she was more excited to come here than I was.

Yuna when are you going to tell me what you are going to dress up as I was hoping we could wear matching costumes to the convention however Yuna told me she had a plan she kept her costume hidden from me until now you'll see it soon I know you'll love the costume I brought with me.

Wait please don't wear something too revealing okay all the costumes I make are rather innocent looking I've always stayed away from massive exposure since it's embarrassing to make however the bad feeling I had became a reality Yuna came out of the dressing room in.

What could only be called a character bathing suit it was a costume of one of the characters in our favorite anime a young Demon King one of the costumes I had been avoiding making on purpose what do you think cutie is your heart racing Yoona.

You went all out huh my heart was racing but I was worried about the other anime Geeks watching her in that costume however Yuna didn't seem to mind the attention at all Yuna became a popular cosplayer almost immediately and she was surrounded by many cameras I'll admit I was a bit jealous but I.

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