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[Manga Dub] I went on the blind date that my brother refused to go to… [RomCom]


Thank you so much for your help no problem ma'am just call on me and I'll be there to help you in a Flash you're such a good boy thank you again all in a day's work my name's masoomi sugimoto I work in ordinary office job in the area people around say I'm extremely kind-hearted but I just like helping.

People in need though I overdid it as a child one time when I tried to save a drowning girl Heroes and comics and TV shows make rescues look so cool but instead I also started drowning and got injured when I was swept into a large Rock I couldn't be like the heroes I admired so much it feels great to help others.

I'm home you're back late working overtime today or were you out helping people again you're always doing whatever you can guess there's nothing left for a Dropout like you this is my brother takuto he's two years older than me and like he said I'm a dropout.

We're a family of high academic Achievers but I'm the odd one out I got poor grades so I couldn't get into the high school or the college our parents wanted me to get into despite that they wanted me to work hard at the things I could do and they've supported me the whole time but takuto has no interest in someone useless like.

Me and has said as much to me so that exchange is pretty common between US just ignore him get changed have dinner take a bath watch my favorite superhero show don't ignore me we need to talk about what you're single right no girlfriend or anything yeah why then you go to the marriage meeting huh where'd this even come from what's this about.

The CEO of a company we work with wants his only daughter to get married except she's fat and has trouble saying no so just treat it as a normal Arrangement you think I could marry someone like that glasses messy hair she really isn't your type at all see what I mean she's too plain so I don't want to do her and it'd be a pain if an eyesore four eyes.

Like her false for me I want to focus on work so I'm sending my lovely baby brother instead his grades aren't any good but he's super nice and my pride and joy that's what I told the CEO what the heck why would you do that can't just run your mouth off like that shut up trash there's nothing redeeming about you so show me you can be more.

Useful to me than a stain on our family name I'll text you the details later so knock yourself out don't blow this scrub seriously a marriage meeting out of nowhere but it's not fair to leave her hanging either I'll just accept the meeting in person that's all today's the day of the meeting ah I'm so nervous what do people.

Even talk about at these things should I talk about the weather I have no idea pardon me she's here I'm sorry I'm late I'm shoko hagiwara whoa there's something wrong no nothing my name is masoomi sugimoto thank you for coming it wasn't a problem at all she's the girl I'm meeting she looks totally different from the photo.

But they have the same name um what's going on was the photo fake oh right this must have been a surprise to you oh no not really it's just just it's the one the one oh okay I guess you're not that Keen on this Arrangement either what.

Are you sure wouldn't it be a shame to walk away after we've just met what about marriage and just stay friends but please don't feel obligated or anything no it's okay let's go somewhere then let's plan something later shoko and I decided to go to an amusement park on Sunday.

same with me do you want to ride something Come On A Thrill Ride you sure that was so much fun uh it was great these are all quality rides here yeah she'll cause a lot more outgoing than she looks I didn't think she'd ride the.

Same coaster three times in a row shoko let's take a break your head oh did you see it I got hurt when I was a kid it wasn't anything serious but the Mark's still there are you okay yeah Oh no I got too carried away didn't I could sit on that bench for now how do you feel I'll be fine as long as.

We take it easy um and you need to lie down it might help with the nausea but where right here on your lap are you sure put your head here if if it's okay wow it's so soft who'd have thought lab pillows were this nice and something smells really nice once you feel better let's do something other.

Than a Thrill Ride I know we agreed on something different but I didn't expect a haunted house the beginning seems pretty tame though I think there's something over there it's really cute how timid she became as soon as we walked in it'll be okay.

Everything here is fake I know that there's still clickery get it it's such a greater quality than what I can imagine something just came out of it it has to be real.

Nothing's real in here we'll be fine it's just a doll please get separated from me please don't leave me alone please please I'll be right here I'll be with you till the very end I said that but she's so close come on this isn't a cemetery.

That was scary you were really freaking out in there like I said I didn't think it'd be so be so realistic someone's crying this way what's wrong Mommy is daddy a guy oh you're lost it'll be okay we'll help you find them oh really of course oh I'm sorry shoko I shouldn't.

Have just don't worry about it not like we could just leave him crying thanks shoko all right let's find your parents okay I'm glad we found his parents it's good they were looking for him in The Lost Child Department too you're here am I I think this is pretty normal you really haven't changed at all sorry.

What was that it's nothing really okay the fuse waterfall everything's sparkling like jewels I'm glad you like it today has been so much fun I can't even remember the last time I smiled this much I had a lot of fun too um.

Just it's okay you don't have to be sorry let's talk more okay we had our amusement park date because we both had the day off sharing the day and learning more about her made my heart race I didn't just like her I was in love with her one day we decided to go to the beach.

The ocean it's definitely the time for swimming you're totally right let's come back in the summer I'm looking forward to it what's wrong you're staring off into the distance oh it's just that I tried to save a girl at a beach a long time ago I was just.

Playing on the sand when I noticed she was drowning wow that's so brave of you thanks it would have been even cooler if I could have helped her though to be honest I nearly ended up drowning too that's when I got the scar on my forehead it's really a lame story I'm really the worst member of my family.

I can't do anything right sorry I didn't mean to kill the mood you are so much more than you think huh you're really kind you know that it's not easy to help others you know it's amazing that you could just jump into action besides I'm sure you were a hero to that drowning girl even though we both ended.

Up in danger I bet she still remembers how hard you tried to save her I hope so oh it's getting colder there's a nice coffee shop nearby want to go there yeah let's go our beach date got cut short but shoko and I got closer and closer together the distance between us closed as my heart swelled more and more the days.

Passed and it was almost shoko's birthday we planned a date to go out and celebrate it's it's finally her birthday today I'm going to tell shoko that I love her things started because I was standing in for my brother but my feelings for her are real but with someone as wonderful as her be attracted to me.

I'm not like my brother I'm not outstanding in anything muscle me what is it here are spacing out you okay oh yeah just wondering if you'd like the restaurant I reserved did so I'm sure I'll love it so cool me is that you what what are you doing here um right shoko.

This is my brother I'm shoko hagiwawa nice to meet you don't go huh so you're the girl he's dating she's pretty hot baby bro why don't you pick her up you seriously don't know you're the one who introduced her to me huh what are you talking about you were about to meet her for the marriage meeting for real.

But the chick in the photo has glasses and stuff was it an old picture shoko how about you ditch this loser and go out with me instead Taco what are you saying shut it she was supposed to be mine to begin with she's much better off with a classy guy like me than trash like you hey I don't want to go out with someone so.

Shallow ah shoko what do you mean I'm yours don't treat people like objects I don't want anything to do with people like you watch your mouth besides I'm in love with masaomi I don't care how handsome you are or where you're graduated from I can't stand people with awful personalities masoomi is the only one.

For me hero boring have it your way then thanks for standing up for me shoko but what do you mean by me being your hero you saved a drowning girl a long time ago right that girl was me wait really you had no idea did you I'm so sorry I really don't it's natural you wouldn't but I'm glad you still remember that day.

I've never forgotten the day you've saved me when we met for the marriage meeting I cut a glimpse of the boy who saved me I wondered if it really was you seeing the scar when we went to the amusement park was the proof I needed masomi you're my first love and my hero can you continue to be my one and only hero yes shoko I love you the more time.

I spend with you and learn about you the more I fall in love with you I swear I'll keep you safe and so shoko and I started looking forward to marriage and as a further retribution after being shut down by shoko every girl takuto tried hitting on turned him down those girls spread word about him and the ones he toyed with kept far away.

From him he's pretty docile now and keeps it home on his days off meanwhile everyone else was supportive of shokos and my relationship shoko's father even took a liking to me and set me up to inherit the company months later when things calmed down after I took over the company I'm so happy right now and I'm the.

Happiest man alive please watch after me forever and ever of course I'll protect you no matter what happens I love you shoko I love you too thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well