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[Manga Dub] I went out for a drink with my strict boss… [RomCom]


Mr utto can I have a moment with you every time I hear her voice I naoki uto feel my body stiffening up uh okay look at this what were you thinking didn't you listen to anything I taught you the other day I'm so sorry this is my boss her name is Hime onigashira she's competent and.

Professional so much that she got all the promotions even if she's only three years older than me FYI she's terrifying I don't know why but she's especially harsh when it comes to scolding me one more thing she gets Furious if you call her by her first name are you listening to me.

Yes I'm sorry your apologies don't mean anything anymore when are you going to learn how to work without making so many mistakes uh well I'm sorry for being useless seriously don't expect me to take care of you forever yes ma'am I'm only helping you because you fail at everything but do I have to.

Teach you every little single thing I apologize I will fix these papers immediately and bring them to you hey I'm still talking I'm so sorry as you can see I'm a useless employee I make my boss angry day in and day out honestly I don't think this is the right job for me however one day Mr utto.

You're still working I was staying late at the office after all the others had gone home Miss onigashira came along uh I'm sorry let me ask you something do you even like working here uh of course I do then why don't I see any progress it's because I'm incompetent hey acknowledging that you are incompetent.

Doesn't mean that you get forgiven for being useless I'm sorry all you do is apologize if you have time to apologize you should use that time to improve your skills I guess I'll have to help you if you ask me nicely please forgive me I will make sure I do my best to not cause trouble for you stop interrupting me.

You're doing that on purpose or are you just that stupid oh gosh what do I do miss only gosh you are as furious with me what did I do to make her so angry you know I have a feeling you need a lesson on how to behave around your boss I didn't do it on purpose I promise no I don't care you are coming with me once you are done with your work.

Ah please don't beat me up I beg you why would I beat you up seriously where did you get that idea from I I see it in manga stories and stuff oh I see so tell me which manga do you like reading I don't have a preference I read all kinds of stuff when someone asks you a question you're supposed to give them a clear answer.

Why don't you understand it's this kind of thing that hinders your work performance improvements who am I kidding I hate working here it's all because of her uh I'm terribly sorry Can't Stop apologizing every time I make a comment okay.

You are so incredibly exhausting uh I'm stuck ah I'm okay no apologizing but isn't this something I should apologize for anyways once you're done with work we're going out for some drinks what it's our day off tomorrow we can stay out late can't we.

Oh yes but going out for drinks with Miss onigashira that makes me nervous honestly she terrifies me so much I don't want to go you're coming along right yes I'm going well then will you hurry up and get your work done already yes ma'am after that I work my butt off to get.

Everything done I was afraid Miss onigashira would go crazy if I didn't so is there anywhere you want to go no anywhere is fine with me okay I guess I'll pick then Miss onigashira do you go out for drinks often no not at all I'm not a huge drinker really.

yes so why are we going out for drinks tonight I thought it was best for us to get to know each other better drinking might help you feel relaxed which could help you feel more open to talking to me I see gosh I gotta make sure I don't see.

Anything rude to her once our drinks arrived miss onigoshua clinged her glass against mine I never imagined spending time with her like this Mr utto do you drink beer I'm sorry I can't it's too bitter I see well not drinking beer is better for everyone that's why I chose wine.

Tonight you don't drink beer at all I can't huh I can't it's too bitter for me oh Miss onigoshura has never showed me this side of her so cute it's so different from how she usually.

Acts that means you're the same as me why does it feel like you're insulting me I'm not but you are I can drink wine that makes me more adult than you just me or is she acting a little more childish than usual excuse me can I have another glass of wine.

She's emptying those glasses pretty quickly Miss drinking at all try to keep up with me yes ma'am my alcohol tolerance level isn't high so I pretended to drink the wine she ordered for me on the other hand Miss onigoshura kept emptying glasses one after another.

Not even an hour passed before she was out completely asleep at the table I tried to stop her from drinking too much but she was a nasty drunk she yelled at me and kept drinking I have a feeling she was already drunk when I began to think she was acting childish one drink is enough to get a person.

Drunk if they're not strong missonigashira let's go home great she's sleep talking this is bad I can't just leave her here like this I decided to wait for her to wake up and waited until the bar started getting ready to close in the end geez why is this happening to me Miss.

Onigoshima didn't wake up even after the bar closed so I had no choice but to leave with her on my back I'm just glad that the bar owner witnessed miss onigoshua drinking and trying to make me drink alcohol so he wasn't suspicious of my actions she had a pretty face so I wouldn't be surprised if people saw me and thought I was shady.

Miss onigashira please wake up no I'm not shutting up not until you wake up what do you think you can get home take me what you want me to come with you yeah I guess it would be irresponsible for me.

To leave her alone when she's so drunk but she's so scary so how am I going to explain this to her on Monday I somehow managed to get Miss onigoshua to tell me her address and I was able to get her home now I gotta get out of here before she wakes up then I'll lock the door and.

Leave the keys somewhere nobody can find I'll have to leave her a message that lets her know where I hid her keys that way she'll be safe anyways I should leave now before she regains consciousness what why does she have to wake up now well she just fake sleeping or something huh when did I get home and how.

Hi uh I see you're awake Miss onigoshua huh Mr utto why are you at my house um we were at the bar but you fell asleep so I had to piggyback you all the way home I see Mr utto why don't you come here huh come join me over here.

Is she acting like this because she's half asleep or is she still drunk from all that wine thank you so much for bringing me home oh wait Miss onigashiro what the heck is happening why is she doing this to me I am always so proud of you for working so hard you're a good boy Miss only gosh you wrote what are you.

Mr Utah you are such a hard worker do you know you always inspire me oh is that so but she's always yelling at me of course it is that's why I'm going to help you become better I promise is that why she's always so strict and.

Harsh towards me but I always just thought she yelled at me because she was irritated or angry with me I'm sleepy huh let's sleep what no Miss onigashira I wasn't expecting that she dragged me into the bed and I ended up lying next to her it's only got you up this is just.

Inappropriate you're sleeping how can you fall asleep like this oh my gosh this woman I need to get away right now I didn't want to imagine what would happen to me if I stayed like this until morning it was terrifying why is she so strong why won't she let.

Go of me this is so bad Miss onigashira is going to make me see hell if she finds us like this in the morning Miss onikashira oh come on wake up please damn it why won't she wake up I kept trying to get out of her clutch I.

Really tried she continued sleeping all the while which began to irritate me but I couldn't do anything too violent since I was terrified of her and no matter how hard I tried I'm done for morning came and I was still a Miss onigashi was arms trapped by her deadly clutch I was awake the.

Whole night and sleep deprived I didn't know what time it was but it was only a matter of time before she woke up something good morning huh what the heck are you what are you doing in my bed with me.

Well it must be hard to believe but you actually dragged me into the bed last night be ridiculous you're lying yeah I expected that damn it seeing how drunk she was I figured she wouldn't remember a thing how dare you you share yourself for.

What wait a responsibility for this you are going to have to marry me now okay what you can't be serious of course I am you slept with me no well miss only got you up are you okay with marrying me it's everything I wish for.

What scratch that I didn't mean to say that but you have to take responsibility that means marriage yes it does that was the first time I ever slept with a man in my bed so it's only rights that you marry me oh my gosh what am I supposed to say marrying Miss onigashira is petrifying but I know she's gonna kill me if I say.

No to her I can feel my body trembling if no bright future whichever path I decide to take um well if we get married you won't be able to get rid of me even if you ever get sick of me so how about we live together first to test things out if we live together first she'll realize she's made a mistake and let me go.

I see okay we start with that great however we will be dating with marriage in mind you can't say no she said on marriage maybe she's scared of being single for the rest of her life hey you were thinking something rude weren't you.

Huh no way I would never the way you just reacted it's sketchy I promised I wasn't thinking about anything how could you think I would have rude thoughts towards you you are my wonderfully talented boss I respect you oh what am I saying all right all right I'll go with the.

Script I guess that's true yes thank God she believed me I never want to get on her bad side I wouldn't come out of it alive anyways when do you want to meet the parents huh we're meeting parents we're moving in together we need to tell.

Our parents well it's not like we're getting married yet no way am I going to meet her parents she's going to tell them we're going to get married I can only imagine how frightening her parents are I don't want to meet them plus if I bring her home to my parents they would start freaking out over how.

Gorgeous she is uh how about we meet the parents after we get to know each other better we should think things through before making major decisions assuring me answering you so please don't get upset I'm not upset do you really think I'm such a small person no but you're.

Scarier than Pennywise to me obviously I didn't say that I just put on my innocent smile anyways I'll go get some tea ready oh I appreciate it and just so that you know I'm taking a shower so if I catch you peeking you are dead I wouldn't dare Peak I swear hmm why don't you have the courage to.

Pee cheese what it's nothing I'll make your breakfast after I come out of the shower oh thank you so much huh she's not as scary as I thought she would be she's actually acting quite kind to be honest Miss onigoshua made me a luxurious breakfast and took good care of me.

She even tried to make me feel better when she realized I was feeling uncomfortable she didn't stop there she even gave me a massage she told me I deserved it for all the hard work I put in every day I was surprised to see this side of her I'd never seen it in the office I just remembered her promising me she would.

Help me get better I may be wrong but I have a feeling she was acting strict toward me on purpose oh um Miss onigashira can I ask you a question yeah um I was wondering if you purposely act harshly towards me because you're trying to get me to grow.

Yesterday when you were drunk you promised me that you would help me become better hmm well I can't believe I told you that well I guess now that we're getting married I shouldn't continue to act strict it'll put a crack in our relationship you're right I was harsh on.

You on purpose I wanted you to get better at your job but why it made you look mean you thought I was mean no um you know harsh people tend to get that label so I can't understand why you would be willing to be that for me I mean you work so hard I want to make sure you get recognized for it someday.

Plus you work under me I couldn't give you a false evaluation even if I wanted to so I wanted you to grow so I could give you a good evaluation to tell you the truth my boss was a terrifying person he was really old but I really thought he was awful my first year of working was hell for me I didn't know that he's retired and God from the.

Company but while he taught me he made me want to quit every single day but at the same time I was frustrated and I wanted to prove my worth to him so I never gave up eventually my work performance got better my boss put in a good word for me to his supervisors and they gave me a promotion that's how I got to where I am.

Now that's when I finally understood my boss was harsh for a reason he wanted me to grow because he saw something in me that's why he put me in such a tough spot all the time I guess that's the reason why I was extra hard on you my boss taught me so much so I hoped the same method would work on you and she would grow faster.

I see that makes sense to some extent I guess she was like that because of her successful experience but it was successful for her because she's such a strong person a regular person would just give up and leave but I'm starting to think I was wrong huh.

I can see now you were probably so afraid of me I pressured you to the point where it made you make mistakes it was all my fault I noticed you were looking straight into my eyes as we talk which is something I never experienced in the office maybe my method wasn't the best one for you.

Miss only goshiba I've already told you my reasons for my actions so I don't feel the need to continue treating you like I did up until yesterday well to be honest now that I know her intentions it will be easier for me to believe in her and try harder so why don't we try to find a way that works for both of us as long as it helps.

You I don't care how it happens wow that means a lot to me he'll be seeing a lot of each other from now on so let's do our best to respect and cherish each other I'm looking forward to it starting the next day Miss onigashira became gentle and kind just like she said.

Everybody seemed surprised at the change but once they found out we were dating they began to spread rumors about how I guided and changed her ways it's interesting they all think I have some sort of power over missonigashira it's quite the opposite though she guides me through work at the office and treats me like a king at home.

No matter how different her behavior is I know that I am where I am now because of her I'm thankful for having such a caring girlfriend and I plan on spending my life giving back what I owe to her touching videos as well.