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[Manga Dub] I went to a match-making party with the girl that was my archnemesis [RomCom]


Ah why are you sighing kanagi Where Have You oh Mr Sakura the girl who was talking to me iroha asakura she's my boss my mom has been pestering me to get married so I feel like I've heard the same thing.

Too huh you're single nah my niece is the one that's getting chewed out apparently my sister is annoying him and he complains to me sometimes I guess we all have problems my parents annoyed me when I was young too they gave up now that's awkward how old are you again.

Oh I'm 27. oh that's perfect huh my niece is 27. how about you two see each other see each other like matchmaking I mean it doesn't have to be so formal just see each other and talk to see where things go besides I know it's probably not much coming from me but she's very pretty.

How about her personality huh that's reassuring it's okay she's a little annoying sometimes and Incredibly tiring to deal with but it's fine is that what you call fine I think she's perfect for you if anything.

What do you mean I'll let you figure it out what are you messing with me hmm maybe please stop being mysterious sorry back to what we were saying she's really not a bad girl what do you say I mean if she's okay with it I'll match make with you if she doesn't.

Like you okay what I'm joking yeah good one I'm a little upset that you seem relieved afterwards I avoided her questioning then we went to the matchmaking but what's up you two why are you so quiet nervous.

I went to miss asakura's house to see her niece but miss asakura seems to be having fun I actually know her what seriously yeah yes the girl sitting in front of me was Hikari nanamiya she was a classmate from high school she was actually one of my worst enemies.

In high school because we had competed for the top spot in grades for three years I was good at science and she was good at liberal arts when you looked at overall scores however we were tooth and nail her hair was long when she was in high school though.

I guess she got a haircut what the hell that's like destiny no I don't think so anyway long time no see Nana Mia yeah it's been a while this is so awkward okay I'm gonna go now let you two have at it what.

Crap oh where are you going auntie you two should have a little alone time okay see you later he's gone Auntie really doesn't listen to me so um you cut your hair huh oh yeah right around the time I graduated what.

Is it weird no I think it looks good I see if you've learned to brown nose I'm not brown-nosing but so what do you want to do after this I mean she's gone so why don't you just do whatever you want what I want I feel like if I go home she's going to.

Be mad at me what you want to go home huh oh no I just figured you'd want me to go home who said that I mean um huh I thought she didn't like me from when I was in high school maybe I was wrong hey.

I heard from my auntie but I'm being pestered to get married right but I have a suggestion what is it do you want to get married what married yeah I mean pretend but you know not really married why do you want to do that because your.

Parents won't shut up right I mean true but do you have anyone you're interested in not really I'd rather find a nice cat why don't you get a cat my mom is allergic leave the house then living alone costs money I'd rather save money.

You're so steady what's wrong with steady I mean nothing in other words if you don't want a girlfriend you should have no problem pretend marrying right I mean yeah but so what about living together I mean of course finding somewhere so that our parents don't think it's weird.

And yeah I I see I mean it's not a bad deal I guess she isn't someone who breaks boundaries easily she can be a little loudmouth sometimes but she's not a bad person is that really something you should be saying out loud.

Was I saying that out loud yeah loud and clear from where she could be a little loud sorry I could be loud mouth ah whatever um by the way are you okay with cats.

I'm okay with it I like kitties kitties what nothing you were totally mocking me not at all don't get upset Ah that's right she seemed calm but she was actually.

Pretty hot-headed that's why she kept messing with me after I kept winning in high school she would be all up in my face if I lost but if I won I had managed to calm her down and we agreed to have the fake marriage asakura was confused after she came back but she was happy to hear that we were getting married by the way I didn't tell.

Asakura that it was a fake marriage apparently if we told asakura she would immediately tell her mom a few weeks later I didn't expect to come to the pet store as soon as we found a place to stay you didn't have to come Hikari since we were pretend married we decided to call each other by her first names.

Shikari was dissatisfied for some reason shouldn't we get a pet after we get used to the new house I don't plan on buying immediately but it's not bad to look early right I mean but it's our cute little life together what did you say oh nothing.

I see oh hey look Hikari the cat is in a little ball oh it's so cute yeah look at it just sleeping away it's like a kitten maybe a Scottish Fold it's expensive and I've heard they're a lot of work pets are pets they take a lot of work I'm sure there's little difference.

Between breeds ah it's awake it's half asleep ah it's coming this way ah it's following my finger it's so energetic you said we wouldn't get a cat yet huh oh it's fine I want this cat but I'm.

Not in a rush or so I said but I came back to the pet store over and over and eventually I got this cat at around the same time we moved in oh Maru you're so sweet I had named the kitten Maru it was because it would ball up in a little.

Circle and Maru was Japanese for Circle hmm Hikari what's wrong nothing are you upset no she's more cranky than upset I wonder why oh that makes sense.

Here you go Hikari huh what play with Maru that's not what I was going for huh really let's thank you Mario is so cute well if you like that don't you I'll give you more rubs.

Wow cranky anymore at least I guess she didn't want to play with Maru though why was she cranky let's say night hmm what's that uh huh.

Zikari what are you doing I'm not Hikari what are you talking about no you're just seeing things in your sleep then who are you I'm Mario I'm a human see look I have cat ears what the hell is she talking about why.

Is she pretending to be Maru H I have a tail too why is Maru a human I don't know what the hell she's thinking about I just went with it also Hikari cosplaying as a cat was cute I just wanted you to spoil me like this you want me to spoil you yeah.

That's why she was pretending to be a cat but why is she not adding meow to random sentences like this yeah can I let you take care of me yeah thanks what do I do she's too cute but I can't handle it.

I hope this lasts forever Hikari was adorable I couldn't stop thinking about it she was such a calm person normally that there was such a huge gap when I saw her in her cat cosplay I just figured I would go with it but oh Mario is up Maru was asleep in the kennel in the.

Room next door but the entrance was open so I guess she came out but I didn't want her to come out right now um yeah just calm down Hikari dude I knew from the beginning you're lying you didn't know if Maher didn't wake up you never would have known I thought kittens sleep for most.

Of the most well yeah but they'll wake up sometimes too they're up at least seven hours a day I don't need you to be so calm and tell me the facts how are you so calm because you're so nervous I can't be nervous with you what the hell.

What do you mean anyway why did you do this he won't let me I don't think so but I was jealous of Mario so I figured I would be in borrow and have you spoil me.

Yeah that's not how that works I figured if you were half asleep I could trick you see that's why you came in when I was asleep did you want me to spoil you that's not something you should ask me sorry but I need to know yeah is there a problem with that.

I mean no but why they like you why do you keep asking me these questions sorry I just didn't expect you to like me like that you kept getting into arguments with me and it's not like we got along I liked you so I was teasing you it was all because I liked you some girls can't.

Be honest you know uh I guess it was like when boys tease girls they like I cut my hair because we broke up and I wanted to change it all up after graduation huh you didn't ask me out though yeah but we were going to different.

Universities anyway and we didn't swap contact info so it was basically a broken heart I see then why didn't you ask me out during graduation always like that just logically squeezing people I told you I couldn't be honest.

There are too many people around during graduation and I wasn't brave enough so I mean you could have asked me to go somewhere else you had so many friends I couldn't go anywhere that yo didn't know anyone then calling you up and pulling you away from them it's like telling everyone I was gonna ask you out.

I see what do you want to do then huh I mean I know how you feel now but it's not like you asked me out so what do you want to do I mean I want you to marry me I see Mary not go out I mean we're already pretend married we.

Live together let's just get married usually you should still go through the dating stage after we're married there's no going back let's start by going out I don't plan on going back I want to get married you fine we already live together I guess.

Marriage makes more sense really you'll marry me yeah I actually like you now too it was cute seeing her play with Maru and I won't say that her cosplay act sealed the deal huh okay let's have fun together then yeah let's that's how we officially became husband.

And wife we had spent our days together but apparently Hikari had learned what it felt like to cosplay as a cat and so she did it every night she was so cute that I never complained and kept spoiling her thank you for watching how was today's.

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