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[Manga Dub] I went to a shrine to pray for a girlfriend… [RomCom]


Hey listen to me Monday mornings they're depressing even at the best of times but today I was being pestered by an annoying loudmouth my name's hiroto kanagi and I have to put up with this guy's bragging all the time hey did you know I got a girlfriend wow wow amazing I'm sure he had another one.

Just last month did they split up or something even still he does well with the ladies are you jealous sorry it's always me you must really want a girlfriend by now you're so annoying is what I was thinking but somehow I managed to behave like an adult hold my tongue and make it out without incident but I want a.

Girlfriend please help me get a girlfriend soon sure enough I was frustrated so I prayed to God the next day I hadn't had a girlfriend my whole life since being pestered by that loudmouth at work I started praying every day that somehow or other I'd find one today as if to turn the bitterness of yesterday into a positive I continue.

To pray again and again for the same thing good morning thank you again today for your enthusiastic prayers oh Priestess she's the daughter of the hood priest of the Yuki aishiro Shrine she's one year younger than me we went to the same elementary and middle school and she's well known for being really pretty which.

Is why I know her name which if I'm not mistaken is kotone kunihiro they're really selfish prayers though that's okay I'm telling grateful you find every day oh I see she really is cute in middle school she continuously smashed the record for being asked out.

The most times seems like she didn't end up dating anyone back then but she probably has a boyfriend now what's wrong huh nothing it's nothing oh I oh I see that reminds me you prayed a lot longer than usual today you're not going to be late for anything right oh this is bad I'm gonna.

Be late for work be careful a great day thanks bye with that I made a dash for the office after that I began speaking to the Priestess for a little while every day after praying before heading to the office every time I finished my prayers she came over to speak to me speaking honestly speaking to her every morning.

Became one of the highlights of my day one time on my day off Mr kanagi good morning Priestess it's with the cat good morning um cats I found it left in a cardboard box in front of the shrine so it's abandoned then yes who could do such a thing I want to look after it at.

My house but my dad's allergic to cats your place is no good then huh right I was wondering if I could ask you me I might be best if I gave it to someone I knew the poor thing's been through a hard time so I wanted to be on Priestess I understand I'll take care of it really yeah there are no rules.

Against cats in my apartment so it's fine that said I live on my own and I'm a little nervous because I've never had a cat before oh well in that case I could come over and help you huh what do you mean um I want to help out with looking after the cats so if it's no trouble I was thinking maybe I could come over to your.

Apartment huh do you seriously mean it yes I'm serious she's surprisingly pushy uh aren't you worried it might be dangerous or anything I wouldn't first place if I thought that oh okay then sure thank you no thank you I never imagined I'd end up getting close to a priestess like this.

And that after that I took the cat home with me and told the Priestess my address so she could come over once she'd finished with her duties at The Shrine not long after arriving home the cat took it upon itself to claim exclusive possession of my favorite cushion the world huh.

I'm gonna head out and buy some supplies for looking after you now so won't you be a good Chad and sleep quietly for me do you understand what I'm saying I must be cracking up obviously a cat couldn't understand human language well I'm heading off now be good I already knew but this stuff's kind of.

Expensive huh we waiting for me yeah you're actually kind of cute you like it in this spot huh yeah this cat's cute oh I wonder if that's her hold on.

Hey I doubted whether she'd even thought of me as a member of the opposite sex of the shrine things being as they are there but now for the first time she seemed conscious of me being a guy oh um this is awkward it's a bit messy but please come in no it's not at all thank you oh hey there did you come to say hi yeah.

Oh thank you isn't it just the cutest so friendly you would never think it was abandoned huh I or to raise it anymore but even so handling it like that it's completely Unforgivable oh I'm not at the shrine anymore I'd like it if you call me by my real name huh.

Are you sure yes katone kunihiro oh I'm I'm hiroto kanaki but everyone calls me hero it feels a little unusual being called Priestess by someone a year older than me huh did I tell you my age you know what hello you and you admittable huh she.

Remembers me or rather she knew me this whole time I was if I do say so myself an inconspicuous student at school so much so that it wouldn't be strange if even the students from my own year didn't know who I was to think in spite of that someone as popular as kotone would remember me I thought there was no way.

You'd remember me I remember you too you know oh really I'm glad yeah I thought you wouldn't know me because you were so popular but why did you remember me because I always thought you seemed kind and I guess it just stuck with me do it so it wasn't because we're destined to be doing or because she had feelings for me.

After all huh what is it no way is this cat trying to make me feel better I wonder what it's doing yeah who knows I guess it wasn't trying to console me after all anyway shouldn't we give the cat a name oh you're right I think you should be the one to choose.

Hero are you sure you don't want it yes I bet it would love if you named it wow why does this cat stare making me feel like I'm being tested well okay then how about Meowth huh cat just sigh um but that's I mean cats can't this cat really a cat I feel like I'm.

Interacting with a human anyway do you think it's a boy well let's have a look oh stop yeah I wonder if it's getting angry because I'm trying to find his crown jewels fine you win I'll stop looking chill out already.

I think this cat can understand what we're saying it does seem like it but what shall we do about the name how about you give it a name that suits it whether it's a girl or a boy good idea right then how about nyanko yeah oh you don't like it yeah now it looks like it seems to like it I think nyako is really cute really.

I'm glad to be honest I wasn't even sure myself but as long as the cat likes it I'm happy after that we chatted idly for a while nyanko was asleep on kotone's lap without a care in the world I was jealous well I guess I should head home soon as the sun started to set cotono slowly.

Rose to her feet I didn't want her to go but I guess it couldn't be helped then for some reason nyanko stopped her leaving Bianco wants me to go home look she has to go wait calm down.

Oh hey hero what are you going to have for dinner uh I was just gonna grab something from the shrine see well in that case if it's no trouble would it be okay if I cooked us something huh why well since it seems like niacco doesn't want me to go home yet we may as well eat together that would be nice but I don't have any.

Ingredients here shall we go out and buy some um sure okay but if we try and go out won't nyanko try and stop us or so I thought but nyanko who'd let go of my hand was now being strangely well behaved resting quietly on my fluffy cushion what the hell is going on with this cat even after that the cat.

Continued to give us hell for some reason yonko would work in small places and deliberately jump out so kotone would lose her footing and trip over and instead of eating cat food nyanka were trying to eat whatever we were having here we go again I thought suffice to say nyanka was quite a handful.

nianco is asleep right it looks like it I think it's worded itself out I've never known such a mischievous cat right after being tripped over by nyanko and falling onto each other countless times it was kind of an embarrassing atmosphere between me and kotone well I think it's finally time for me to go.

Home all right are you sure you don't mind if I don't walk you back and with that cortanae went home as I finally able to escape good grief pleased you're happy but you can't be causing kotone trouble like that it's not like you can hear me anyway good night for now nyanko kotone came over again the next day to.

Help me look after nyanko nyanko wanted to Mischief mode again and as usual kotone and I ended up being tripped up all over each other as these days went on I naturally couldn't help but think about cotone more and more there was something important I wanted to talk to you about today do you mind uh oh okay I.

Call Tony to tell you the truth I like you will you will you be my girlfriend I'm so I'm so I have feelings for you too hero do yes yes at first when I used to see you visiting the shrine every day I thought.

You seemed really kind and sincere and then after I started coming to your apartment all the time I developed feelings for you without realizing it if you'll really have me I'd love to be your girlfriend really I'm so happy I'm glad we met again cotone me too hero and that's how kotone and I became a couple but for some.

Reason after we declared our feelings for each other nyanko mysteriously disappeared we searched my apartment from top to bottom but the cat was nowhere to be found the doors and windows were always locked so there was no way it could have gone outside inexplicably on top of nyanko's favorite fluffy cushion was kotone's.

Lucky charm from a shrine maybe nyanko was the Incarnation of a deity who appeared to fulfill my wish kotone was on Low Spirits for a while and there was a sense of loneliness with nyanko gone but I tried to cheer her up and I'll continue doing my best to make her happy from now on oh and we just so happened to run into.

The loudmouth from work while out on a date but he was so overwhelmed with jealousy when he saw how cute kotone looked that he could barely speak but that's a story for another time thank you for watching how was today's video our other videos as well.