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[Manga Dub] I went to housekeep as my side job, and it was my coworker’s house…!? [RomCOm]


Well done and Rob you got Joe our profits increased threefold because of you we are lucky to have you here thank you sir I'll do my best look at her Robbie got you she was the best employee award for too much stress she's young beautiful and mad skilled plus she's gone to a subordinates Flawless to the Moon.

Oh how I wish you were my boss another girl Robbie is a woman or my colleagues of Maya and she is my boss we went for a risu Cosmetics the biggest company in the Japanese Cosmetics industry she's only two years older than me but she's accomplished so much.

She has all of my respect one day I will come like her one step at a time zukasa oh we should wrap things up don't want to stay here all night good job guys great work hmm what is this you're supposed to be packing up to head home why are you guys still working work time is over come on get out of here you don't have to stay.

Here more than you have to I will not allow anybody to work overtime you need a life uh but the thing is that we need to finish this tomorrow you guys work too hard here show me what you have finished hey you guys have most of it done why don't we fix this part and voila done uh thank you Robbie you.

Don't have to thank me this is what I get paid for let me just Chuck is there anything else you haven't finished no but everything is done great why are you still here you can't have work take up your whole life I need you to stay happy spend the rest of the night doing what you enjoy capisce yes Mom I'll see you tomorrow go wash your Robbie couch.

Always the best thing to walk over dog how cool could she get huh she's so freaking awesome wish I could be like whoa I couldn't agree more lucky that froze our bus they wouldn't have such a great life if you didn't guide us I wonder what she's like when she's not.

At work I bet she's living such a glamorous life I could totally imagine her swimming in a hotel ball or having lunch and dinner is a three-star restaurant once that's highly possible I bet she gets paid big bucks I'm jealous I wish I could be as rich as or no I get you well I'm off gotta go to my second job if I want to.

Get rich thanks Sir Robert catcher I have plenty of time to work okay good luck wait a minute do you have a second job yep a housekeeping thank you for registering you ordered a two-hour course today 10 dishes using whatever's in the refrigerator and sorting out your storage room is that correct yeah thanks.

For your help happy to beat your service I'll get started right away sir I come home straight from work to change into my housekeeping job uniform let's become part of my daily routine I think I spent half my free time working my second job sometimes I feel like I'm working too hard but my company doesn't ban second jobs and I'm satisfied with.

Where I am cooking is fun and the sense of accomplishment I feel after cleaning a room is priceless thank you for choosing me today I look forward to serving you again yes twenty thousand yen I should reward myself with a nice dinner housekeeping pays 10 000 Yen per hour I'm not sure if that's considered high.

Or low however I get orders almost every day and I hope it means I'm doing my job well one day I'm hoping to start my housekeeping service until then I will continue to do my best to satisfy customers I slept too much I'm not surprised considering how hard I work I have two days off I might as well use the free time for my second job.

Let's take a look at my website uh-huh wait a long-term contract what's going on only housekeeping my free time when I don't have work I've never worked for a long-term client since I have to prioritize my main job I can't work long I was like a maid or a butler but a client should know that since I've explained it all on my.

Website hmm I just saw what to do after you're in the mail hi there you contacted me through my website my name is hulky ah thank you for coming by oh we've been waiting for you um I want to make sure you know I have a main job my only housekeeper in my free time yeah we're aware of that well I'm.

Not sure if I'm the best person for this job I've hunted long hours since after work during the day oh I don't have to be here all day we hope you can come by every day after work for about two hours now I see if that's the case I'll happily be service but why do you need me to come every day I'm trying to lose.

My job but most clients contact me when they have plans and can't do the housework they usually do well you see it's our daughter oh your daughter yes it's not something we're proud of but her daughter is a full-grown adult who cannot cook clean or do the laundry she's Beyond saving thankfully we live together my wife and.

I used to do the housework for her however we know this place would turn into a garbage dump the second we leave her alone we are desperate for help since we are planning to go on and around the world trip through our 30th anniversary I see well I'm grateful you contacted me I understand they want me to take care.

Of their useless daughter while they are away so the house doesn't come crashing down we hope you accept our request howkey Sun two hours every day we'll double your pay twenty thousand yen per hour of course I'm happy to help but I have to deny your offer of Dublin my pay I won't be doing anything I don't usually do please let us pay double.

We're asking you to come every day which isn't something you usually do fine how about 15 000 Yen per hour that sounds fine we appreciate your help I hope our daughter doesn't cause too much trouble for you the married couple left the house soon after I saw him off and returned to the house.

Shut the refrigerator to see what I could make and Rich enough to go in and around the world trip it wasn't surprised to see that the fridge was filled with all kinds of expensive food I wonder if that door is still sleeping I guess I'll say hi to you after I.

Finish cooking nothing me already would make a better impression anyways okay all done I'm at a total of three dishes using the ingredients inside a refrigerator I made sure to make them all luxurious and unique I felt confident since I tasted all of them and loved everything well I should get started on cleaning.

Wow I smell something good Mom what's for lunch today I Was preparing to start the next part of my job when I Heard a Voice from upstairs ah that must be the daughter they were talking about I got a clear image of a character by the way she taught Mom oh I almost forgot Mom and Dad left.

For their trip today so that means I have to clean and do the laundry Hub by myself no way avoiding housework for the next six months won't kill me it won't kill you but you'll end up becoming a cockroach in human form it's worse I'd imagined I'm scared to meet her but I'm curious at the same time okay I'm doing this where did I put.

The Japanese sake I bought yesterday I want to drink it with the food mom left me and Robbie got you a hokey good oh what the heck what are you in my house kikun I'm gonna do my job housekeeping for any of that uh gaucha oh can you get some clothes on you don't have enough classic of every private part of your.

Body oh my gosh hey wait why haven't you changed well I thought about it then I realized this is my house I'm off work and enjoying my free time so there's no need for me to change it just to make you feel comfortable who cares if you see my underwear I'm thirsty for alcohol I want.

It right away I care you can't be wearing that with an Insider in the house okay you work for me you're basically family so that means I can be myself around you now let me drink I've been waiting all day for this alcohol tastes the best when I'm drunk.

During the day hey I hope you do you want some uh no thank you are you sure this is some pretty expensive stuff it tastes good she's right in the bottle like it's the cheap stuff gosh I never thought God Chow was like this she's the most sloppy worthless responsible human being I've met.

I see so my parents contracted you to be our housekeeper while they're gone yes that's correct so I'll be coming here every day for the next six months it's okay we're not at work you clay I'm getting paid for this oh that's right well then can you clean my room and do the laundry after dinner and can you prepare a bath for me I'll be over.

Here drinking my alcohol and playing games um okay can I say one thing what is it you're a completely different person in the couch show I know the office oh what everybody has the right to relax and be themselves at home whoa I guess I shouldn't have mentioned that.

She immediately lashed out at me you have no right to judge me who cares if I'm a different person at home I need time to be myself and relax if I'm going to do well at work sleeping until noon drinking alcohol during the day I love wearing a huge t-shirt and not caring who sees my underwear I need all of this to enjoy my.

Games and Anime freely do you understand uh yes I understand but Kanye lays it a laundry and clean your room I'm sure you don't enjoy the smell from all that trash and you'll eventually run out of clean clothes to wear to the office uh there's some thought what perfume is for that's how they used it in the old days.

Six months is a long time kachow you don't have to do it all right now you can start small to get used to the process I'll guide you through everything ah fine I'll do it I don't want it to affect my work great well now that dinner is out of the way we can get started right away what can we start after I play some games and.

Drink a glass of my favorite alcohol no we can't I'm only here for another hour we didn't have any time to waste want to kept complaining but she agreed to help she's a kind person at least that part isn't an act first we can start by cleaning this room oh my gosh I'm.

Already dreading this honky son come on you know I feel so much better when the room is clean and tidy uh what the hell is this what were you saying about clean and tidy well it didn't catch Al's room I'm not exaggerating when I say it was like I warped into a real garbage dump this is all this crap why did you have.

So many useless things lying around and you have too many empty cans and bottles of alcohol in here please it folds your underwear and put them away I can't these are dirty I have to wash them first oh my gosh take them to the washing machine now fine.

Uh I only had 30 minutes there's no way I can finish all this but at least I got rid of all the trash and I sort out all of her belongings it's much tidier than before your child is doing the laundry right now oh help me are you okay I'll scream and I run to the laundry.

Room couldn't believe what I was seeing turn it off I couldn't wrap my head around it could shower was inside the washing machine inside of the laundry and she was being tossed and turned what in the world how the heck does anybody end up in the washing machine I fell in I was trying to get the 500 yen coin out of my pocket and then I.

Panicked and accidentally turned the machine on thank you hokey son you saved my life yeah that's a bit over the top soaking wet why don't you take a bath eh I'll clean the mess for you um I I can't take a bath by myself how is she even alive now.

She can't take a bath by herself she's like a completely different person I usually take baths with my mom I've never taken one alone okay can you come with me I'm gonna have to say no because I got bath by yourself I can't that's like be telling you to go skydiving I promise I'll practice in just this one time please.

Ah geez fine okay but promise me you'll wear a swimming soon oh yeah that's such a hassle thanks for waiting you can start your lesson teach me how to take a bath uh okay we don't want to get the bath day you'd always wash your body first okay I got it hey can you wash my body give me a break seriously I'm doing the best I can to control myself I mean.

She's wearing a swimming suit how could I not find that attractive hold the towel with two hands and press it against your back all you have to do is pull it up and down I'm sure that's how most people watch the bus oh you're right but what about my hair I with my eyes closed.

shampoo her 100 yen store okay I'll get one soon my shift was over by the time I got out the bath my work was finally over she waved at me as I left and for some reason I felt exhausted and drained when I got home Not only was I shocked to find out my perfect boss was a failure.

In the real world but dealing with her unconscious seduction completely worn me out no what was just happening to me I immediately fell into my bed and fell asleep instantly I had to prepare for another day with Katya how am I gonna handle that tomorrow it was feeling uneasy but that didn't stop.

Me from my work at catchow's place a week passed and then a month one day I realized it was almost six months since I first started taking care of kachow good work everybody remember nobody is allowed to stay late you all have to go home now yo okay what's up have you realized could child protected differently recently I don't.

Know how to explain it but she's gotten prettier and she has this Aura six months after I convince kachelo to fix her private life she became a proper woman not only at the office but at home as well I guess that's why she has an aura now it's because she's a better person do you think she has a boyfriend I'm not sure I wonder what's up with her.

Damn it I've got to ask her out someday you guys you can continue your conversation on your way home go get out of here a sorry we're leaving that is the correct reply shall we go sure what what the heck oh wait I don't understand what's going on.

Spending time with each other out of the office brought none of her son and me closer we even call each other by our first names now however I haven't made any moves yet and I am but thick never goes on everything is ready yay thank you I love your cooking to.

Kasakoon it's the best thank you come on let's see today is our last night together right I almost forgot about that Tonight is the last time I'll be coming over to take care of nanakosan the night marks exactly half a year since then okay son's parents left for their Around the World trip.

They'll be coming home tomorrow and nanakosan's lifestyle has improved immensely that means there is no meaning for me to be here anymore don't you think I've grown so much as especially with your cleaning yep your skills have greatly improved in the croissant and I can do my laundry.

Now yeah she's been doing a great job I can take a bath now and I can cook you don't need anybody taking care of you anymore you've worked so hard I'm proud of you thank you for the meal I guess I should go now your parents will be back tomorrow yep.

I'm sure they'll be delighted to see how you have changed you're a completely different person from who you were before they left I agree they don't have to ask for housekeeping services from now on you'll do fun without me hope you're confident now uh.

I guess this is it thank you for an amazing six months I'll see you at the office don't go please don't go home I would never have gotten to where I am now if it wasn't for you I don't think I can continue this life without you I'll go back to who I was.

Not sure just give yourself more credit but it is true I want you to take care of me I want you close so I can rely on you can't sleep be like this if you go home let's go back to being colleagues at work nor.

In love with you I don't think I could go back to just being your boss I want to be with you please I feel the same way you did then believe me to be honest I didn't want to leave I don't want to lose all we have.

Then I go sorry you mean so much to me I've had a feeling for you since before I came to this house or worked for your family my feelings kept growing as we began to spend more time together I was drawn to you more every time I saw how much you've grown and now I can't imagine my life without you I am a coward.

I feel like such a loser for making me say it first you shouldn't have to be the one to tell me it doesn't bother me I mean I Take the Lead right but we're not at work right now and okay so we'll can't describe what you mean to me be my girlfriend.

I don't want to go home tonight of course I'll be your girlfriend I need you by my side tonight I see well honey maybe we should give these lovebirds some privacy for tonight I agree they can stay out for one more night Dad Mom how long have you been standing there I think it was around another.

Coach don't go so basically you heard the whole thing I can't believe how much you've improved the Neko I am impressed because Asana you've done a great wonders I will never forget what you did for us I wish the best for you and noneko oh uh thank you wow this means that parents approve of our relationship right anyways Let It Go doesn't want you.

To go home you're welcome to stay tonight I hope I get to see my grandchildren soon love birds so you want to sleep over sure I don't see why not um yes I promise I'll make you the happiest.

Woman on Earth I managed to get a girlfriend and her parents approval all in one night we got married six months later I quit my job and decided to be a stay-at-home husband still does what she does best a few years later we have three adorable children they bring joy to our lives.

Every day once our youngest child starts school I plan to use my savings to start a housekeeping business thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well