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[Manga Dub] I went to my boss’ house, and her parakeet confessed it’s love to to me…? [RomCom]


I wonder how you got this wrong I gave you the same warning last time I'm very sorry I understand you are in a rush but you need to proofread properly if you get it please show me better results next time even a saint patient has limits yes ma'am my name is Makoto iwakura and I'm a new.

Office worker at this company even if new employees work really hard there are many things that they cannot perform I'm especially bad at learning new things so I always end up working slower than other people in order to make up for the delay I sweat and make mistakes.

Yugosan will abandon me if I don't get my act together the lady who gave me a warning earlier is Yuko hatanaka she's my direct supervisor and the most beautiful woman in the company in addition to her good looks she also has excellent work results it's really cool to see her take the.

Initiative in whatever she does and to see her working hard yuko-san is really wonderful I'm completely useless so I'm always getting yelled at if I don't get a grip she's sure to get fed up with me I have to work hard to get recognized I'm gonna do my best just a little more and I'll catch up to.

Everyone what do you mean ketchup I've already passed closing time you know ah you go son why are you here I came back to get everything I forgot that I saw you working in the dim lights sorry about that he is I think it's wonderful that you're trying your best but I'm not impressed.

That you are staying this late know this company discourages overtime right I'm sorry but I'm a slow learner so I need to work twice as hard I applaud your determination but it's not good to overwork yourself so go home for today but that's an order furthermore if you were.

To collapse from exhaustion it would be my fault but I should be held accountable that's not how it works if a subordinate collapses I'm held liable if you understand please return home as soon as possible don't make things more difficult for me I'm sorry.

I got scolded again at this rate yugosan will really abandon me I feel like she's colder to me than to others cold more like a bit harsh maybe this must be all because I'm no good I wonder why I'm so useless oh no it's raining it's expected to get cold today and now it's raining.

This sucks I have to hurry and get home or I'll catch a cold man I'm so unlucky Yuko didn't show up for work the next day I was surprised because I had never seen her take time off from work I expected her to return the next day.

But before I knew it three days had passed I got worried and decided to ask my colleague about her ah about hatanaka-san she's got a cold I heard she got soaked by the rain from three days ago she's resting at home three days ago that's the day I was working overtime she must have gotten caught in the rain.

Because she stayed late talking with me hatanakasan most likely lives alone why don't you go check on her huh me maybe doing so might help you two get closer you've always admired hatanaka-san so this is your chance yeah but true I am worried about her I'll try getting in touch with her.

After that I decided to contact her after work hello I heard from my colleague that you have a cold I'm worried so can I pay you a visit no need I don't want you to get called as well there's no need to worry I've never caught a cold in my life they do certain people don't get sick.

Are you calling me stupid anyway there's no need please let me visit you I'm really worried about you yuko-san I'll just bring you some things and leave fine if you insist and so I ended up going to visit yugosan excuse me I'm coming in he really came.

I did say I'm coming to visit you for now I bought some jelly pudding and yogurt also various drinks for hydration um what's this we've been together ever since I became a member of society and started living alone it's very cute.

John is very smart and can even speak she'll even sing for people she's comfortable with I'd love to hear it sing what am I saying sorry to bother you for so long it's fine um this is I had a high fever and couldn't eat much that's why um no need to get embarrassed I won't.

Laugh at you the fact that you're hungry is proof that you're recovering yuko-san if you don't mind can I make some porridge for you I'm sure it's more nutritious than pudding oh I guess if you don't mind you could use whatever is in the refrigerator it's done it looks delicious.

You can cook huh I did all of the household chores in place of my busy mother since she was a single mother that's what I learned how to cook will you be able to eat it could you feed it to me huh um no yes sure it it's hot so please be.

Careful here you go how is it it's delicious the strong flavor from the broth makes it easy to eat do you think you can eat the whole thing yes if anything I might ask for seconds there's plenty left please eat a lot and get well soon.

It was delicious thank you for the food I'll pack The Leftovers in the Tupperware and put them in the refrigerator feel free to eat the rest tomorrow morning staying too long would be a burden so I'll take my leave wait what's wrong you kosan.

Don't go yet but I by my side until I felt oh please don't worry about that I've never caught a cold before honest so I'll stay by your side until you can rest easy and sleep Makoto thank you could you hold my hand until I fall asleep.

Yes no I can sleep peacefully maybe yukosan felt lonely when one gets sick even the heart weakens it's foolish but I'm happy that she relied on me foreign looks like she was able to fall asleep I'm glad you must be worried about her too Peach.

On fuel so much about yukosan you must really care about your master forever I love you I'm happy to say you like me you memorized my name so quickly as expected from yuko-san's parakeet.

Thank you pizzan all right guess I'll head back oh won't budge does this mean I'm stuck here until yuko-san wakes up I guess it's fine I'll monopolize yukosan's cute sleeping face just for a little while a few hours later it turns out I completely fell asleep too and yuko-san.

Woke me up I'm so sorry about that oh it's fine after all I was the one who forcibly came to visit you in the first place so how you feeling much better at this rate I should be able to return to work tomorrow or the day after tomorrow thank you very much oh I didn't do anything at all what are.

You talking about you made me porridge remember you've also held my hand and stayed with me it made me very happy so I would like to show you my gratitude huh um but if you don't mind I thought it would be nice if we go up together I mean if you're feeling better then all right then I'll contact you about.

The details and so Yuko San and I made plans to go out we decided to go to the zoo I was a bit nervous because it felt like a date the day of the date look look a lion oh there's a tiger over there oh.

It's over here they're all so cute you look the cutest having so much fun hey over there that's looks like it's this month's special exhibition it seems they've gathered birds from various countries wonder if they have buggies maybe they do let's go see so cute.

There are many other parts besides buggies even specific parallets horrible specific parrotlets appear to be the smallest of the Little Birds maybe that's why they are all called beans oh there's a budgie yeah they're all adorable.

I think my child is the best green yellow and light blue they have various patterns and are quite colorful huh among the small parrots the budgerigars seem to be particularly good at chatting it says they remember words said with strong emotion so they aren't saying what they are.

Actually thinking nope all of the talking parakeets just repeat their owner's words but gettergars start talking when they're about two to three months old of course there will be individual differences why do you ask um Pete Sean was talking while you were sleeping it said love you love you.

Billy she was pretty good wasn't she yes but after that it said Makoto love love I thought it was just saying the names it remembered on the spot but if they don't think and speak for themselves then that means um that's sorry.

Hey you go-san where are you going wait please wait please don't run away for now let's calm down okay forget it please forget everything said it first you go-san I can't just forget something like that what Pichon said it said it likes me which means.

I like you you may not remember this but we met once before you joined the company oh we did yes when you were still in college it was on my way home from work but I was harassed by these drunk scumbags come on don't be like that come drink with us.

Um excuse me she's telling you to stop huh I uh I don't think she's interested that's why I don't think it's a good idea to force things like that what's that small fry you know her or something yes so please excuse us let's go um oh wait sorry to take you by force I was in a pickle.

Leaving me oh don't mention it well then please excuse me oh wait your name what's the last time I saw you the company with one look I knew it was you really yeah because you hadn't changed at all hahaha also a coincidence that I was in charge.

Of you but I saw it as fate watching you work made me like you even more that side of you that works so hard made me fall in love with you but I never you were the only one huh you were the only one I've ever coached.

That bit hard and didn't give up that's why I was so strict with you I love you I love you so much for a long time me too I like you too I've always admired you I love the way you're so cute and cool that means that feeling is mutual yes.

I'm so happy and that's how you going to I became lovers since then nothing has really changed at work at work yuko-san is as strict as ever however knowing she's doing it out of love motivated me to keep working hard and as a result my job performance gradually improved and my work received excellent praise.

Even in my private life I have a very good relationship with yuko-san and then a few months later you're as cute as ever today you're too much it's true ah looks like pizza memorized my words my my I love you too darling thank you for watching that was today's.

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