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[Manga Dub] I went to see the plain girl after school because she was sick, but she was gorgeous!


Senpai did you read Alice sensei's new book of course the new volume was interesting too wasn't it especially the end that crazy double and triple plot T ah it was amazing my name is Yuki Takahashi and I'm a second-year university student in a club called the literary Works research organization it's a club for those who love.

Literature and a place where we research and study great writers of all ages and countries we have members who have signed up for the club but everyone is mostly a ghost member none of the members sincerely wanted to discuss literature so I thought the club would disband however this year a long awaited new member joined the club I think the.

Amazing thing about Alice Sai is that she doesn't end the Mysteries as just another mystery the genre of mystery has always been and still is absolutely amazing uh what's the matter oh it's nothing I was just thinking about how you talk so excitedly of course I do I mean I love literature plus you listen to my Rance very intently Takashi senpai.

That's why I have so much fun and end up getting so talkative I'm honestly so glad she joined the club the girl who has been intensely ranting about Alice sensei's work is one of the few new members of this club noomi maida because of her slightly unfashionable haircut the other members of the club secretly call her little Mis seriously plain.

Looking but you don't need to have good looks to talk about something you love besides you could tell just how much this girl loves literature just by talking to her as members of the same club we went out drinking once to get closer perhaps it was because she was drunk but the way she was intensely ranting about literature was really.

Memorable contrary to her appearance her personality burned like a flame the time I spent with her in the club was very important to me senpai Senpai what is it Ali is having a book signing sometime soon would you like to go with me there if you're okay with me tagging along sure yay it's next Saturday so let's go there together I'm so excited but after.

Making that promise she stopped showing up for Club club meetings 3 days in a row it's not like it's exam week I wonder what happened it's unusual for her to not come here for this many days did something happen I should probably message her long time no see I haven't seen your face in a while are you okay did something happen I'm sorry I got.

Sick a fever it's taking a while to recover from it I'm also not going to school I swear I'll get better by the day we're supposed to go out oh she's been sick doesn't maaan live on her own is she eating properly maybe I should should go over to drop her a couple of things I'm worried about her too I'm going to visit with some get well items.

I'll bring things that you can eat what well you might end up catching my fever I'm strong so it'll be okay I'm sorry thank you so much I'll be here waiting Senpai I just came here to give her some food but I'm a little nervous I'll just give it to her and leave right away yes Senpai thank you for taking the time to come all this way here uh who is this.

Beauty did I knock on the wrong door um Maya just on yes what oh sorry I literally just woke up so my hair is a mess and everything gosh I should have gotten ready or something oh it's fine seriously don't worry about it so it's actually my desan she looks so different that I couldn't recognize her I didn't think someone could look so different by.

Taking off their glasses and changing their hairstyle thank you so much for coming I felt so helpless lonely and anxious but I feel relieved after seeing your face huh I'm feeling sleepy oh what wait what Myan are you okay oh thank goodness she's just sleeping I can't just leave her like this I'm sorry I'm going to come inside.

Your room huh oh are you awake Taki Senpai huh you were knocked out so I had to come inside I'm sorry oh no don't apologize Senpai I was the one who was careless and I'm so sorry it's fine it's fine it doesn't bother me senpai anyways you look super different I didn't even recognize you at first midan you're super cute so you should take off your.

Glasses outside too or something cute yeah you're very cute uh uh you're the only person who says things like that about me I didn't wear glasses in the past and also kept my hair down I tried to dress fashionably too but ever since I was insulted about my looks I haven't had the confidence in myself I was told not to get cocky was that when the super.

Popular guy in the classroom confessed his feelings to you it was but we didn't have much to talk about he also said he didn't know the great literary artist so I turned him down the girls started being mean to me after that I think that's jealousy what jealousy they were just jealous of the cute midan because Mr popular confessed his feelings to her.

You're cute maidaan you should have confidence in yourself Takahashi Senpai thank you so much your words are very kind and I'm thankful for them but I don't have confidence in myself that's why I tried to look plain since high school so that I can hide my presence but you're so cute it's such a waste if you lost your confidence let's get it.

Back but how you'll gain confidence from people loving you right they say that if people keep telling you that you're cute you'll actually become cute I see then be in a relationship with me what you said I'll gain confidence if someone loves me right in that case please be my boyfriend Senpai excuse me show me love as a trial run for a month please who.

Would have thought this would end up happening but I was the one who mentioned it and I want to help her in any way I can okay I'll be your boyfriend I look forward to being with you this month just like that my desan and I became a trial couple so that she could gain back her confidence the following day my desan and I decided to.

Begin acting like a couple and ended up eating our lunches together I usually eat cafeteria food but I guess we're eating together today I'm starting to feel a bit nervous Senpai I made you lunch like a girlfriend would normally do that's nice it's a classic yes I thought I would start with all the classic moves romance from great.

Literary artists is a little high level so I decided to get inspiration from shjo manga instead but I don't want to suddenly have a double suicide with you Senpai don't take inspiration from Desai sensei's romance novels it's going to be full of cheating and adultery I was trying to take information from other authors too but let's not do that I.

Don't think great literary authors provide good examples of real life romance you're right then using the romance manga for inspiration Senpai open wide you're going to feed me this is a little embarrassing but I guess it's normal for couples uh I can't run away from this how does it taste yeah it's super.

Delicious you're good at cooking aren't you Midas son I'm glad you enjoyed it Senpai please eat a lot okay thank you for the food it was super delicious thank you for cooking for me I'm more than happy you enjoyed it Senpai um Senpai can I ask you a question what's wrong there's some kind of romance that I wanted to do something you want to do.

My name I want you to call me by my name your name I kind of wanted you to call me nozumi oh then noi son yes call me by my name too then your name Senpai it's better if we both call each other by our names right uh I understand then uh Yuki Senpai it's embarrassing now that I do it still make sure to call me by my name okay.

You too Yuki Senpai of course I will NOA Misan on another day a day after school is essential is that what the shjo manga said exactly you like to follow all the rules huh I have a feeling it'll work out well if I follow exactly what the instructions say because they literally have no experience in romantic relationships so I don't know anything.

It's cute that you're so innocent what um uh you're cute nose on me Chan you're making me blush H see you're cute I was just playing the role of a boyfriend because she asked me to but I feel like I might actually fall in love with her all right is there some place you want to go to noaman it's a date so let's go where you want to go then the.

Planetarium was so beautiful you like the night sky don't you well night sky yes but I love night on the galactic railroad oh Giovani and compella right I couldn't muster up the courage to go alone so I'm happy we got to go together you're really cute when you smile nose on me Chan there you go again calling me cute we want you to gain confidence so.

I'm going to be honest and say what I'm thinking explosion ooh there's a boiled octopus gosh Yuki Senpai I swear on a different day a date at home is also essential that's true this happens a lot in shjo manga all right let's have a heated discussion about great literary authors that's what we always do isn't it you're right uh the show soj manga.

Would should we play a game of do you love me a game of do you like me we look into each other's eyes and take turns saying I love you whoever laughs loses I already know I'm going to lose you won't know until you try in that case if I win let's go out for crepes on our next date sounds good loser treats then I'm so down for that all right I'll start no.

Mean I love you oh you smiled I can't do this I can't I can't you're so cute I swear you can't win against me like that it's my turn next Senpai I love you oh you smiled it's a tie a that's unfair many peaceful and fun days went by in this way it seems like Noami Chan slowly gained confidence as I continued.

To tell her she was cute because she slowly started getting into fashion again she was always cute cute but ever since she started dressing up she became even cuter one day you're not wearing your glasses today because you said that I looked cute even without my glasses yep you're super cute you're cute no matter how you dress but your natural.

Face is the cutest Senpai huh don't tell me is that you no Zumi what it is you no Zumi what's up haven't seen you since middle school have you been you're you have a guy with you good for you but you're disgustingly ugly so you better not get the wrong idea or anything you haven't changed it all since middle school you're such a.

Terribly ugly girl I I don't get the wrong idea and think that you're cute or anything ugly hey do you think you can quit it already Senpai you're the ugly one here obviously your ugly personality is showing in your face excuse me what do you want all of a sudden I should be asking you the same question my.

Girlfriend noaman is the the cutest girl in the entire world can you stop with your nonsense also it's not that she's getting the wrong idea Noam Chan is actually cute no matter what you say to her the fact that she's cute doesn't change all right then let's go nooman I'm sorry I lashed out without our permission and everything not at all.

Thank you so much thank you for talking back to her for me I might be a coward but it made me feel a little refreshed besides I have a feeling I was finally able to save my old Middle School self today thank you so much Yuki Senpai just like that our time in a trial relationship went by the more time I spent with noaman the more I became.

Attracted to her but this was just a trial relationship there wasn't real love between noaman and I despite knowing that in my brain I couldn't stop these feelings from growing in my heart the final day of the trial relationship arrived quickly it's been exactly 1 month I guess this is our last date Senpai thank you so much for everything.

I was able to gain confidence thanks to you always calling me cute I am hoping to enjoy fashion a lot more from now on you're super cute noaman I'm sure you'll find a wonderful boyfriend if possible I wanted to be that boyfriend for her Senpai are you okay with me finding another boyfriend what I'm sorry that was weird you're right obviously you.

Were just pretending to be my boyfriend because I asked you to I knew that I knew it but I got carried away because I knows of mean oh something thank you so much for the past month hold on please let me go no I won't let you go why not we're just normal classmates now you're right then I don't want to if I let your hand go right now I know I'm going to.

Regret it because I love you what you're lying it's not a lie I'm completely sincerely in love with you it's true that I was just helping you out in the beginning but I've fallen in love with you over this past month I love you too Senpai you're the only one who didn't care about how I looked and always talked to me I loveed how we were able.

To talk about things we love together I made the suggestion about starting a fake relationship because I liked you and wanted to get closer to you Senpai Yuki Senpai I love you me too I love you after noaman and I confessed our feelings for each other we became a real couple after that Noam Chan was able to enjoy fashion to the fullest thanks to.

That she became super popular and a lot of people confessed their feelings for her still she never wavered and stayed loyal to me I was absolutely crazy for her every single day someone confessed their feelings for you today too right that guy's the most popular guy in our grade what about you you're my number one said Pai you're my number one too.

Noaman I love you too Yuki son I love you too Noom mean thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well