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[Manga Dub] I won the lottery, so I went to repay the girl that saved my life [RomCom]


My name is mahiro mahinata I'm 25. I work at a Home Remodeling Company I'm here to tell you about a recent lucky incident I won the lottery I have 50 million yen now I already know how I'm going to use the money I recently reunited with the person who saved my life once and I know I want to.

Use it for her the how was the part I haven't figured out yet anyways let me tell you what I enjoy I spend my weekends at himehime Cafe it's the place my Lifesaver owns you always look so happy when you're eating mojito Kun this is the owner of himehime Cafe.

Himekah himitake she's 26. her mother used to be the owner but she passed away and that's when himek Hassan took over he make a sign that's only because your French toast is the best I've ever had talker but thanks they're there you're patting my head.

My way of thanking you for the compliment I think I'm a little too old to be patted on the head I think she patted my head the first time I met her I first met himikasana about seven years ago I was on my way home from checking examination results at my University unfortunately I wasn't accepted I was.

Shocked and out of it I wasn't watching where I was going watch out oh uh are you okay does anything hurt ah fine but are you okay you could have gotten run over I'm so sorry thank you for saving me it's okay I'm glad you're not hurt.

Watch where you're going the boy is saying things easy for everyone they're there does he think I'm a kid or something people tell me I look younger than my age but nobody has praised me for saying thank you why is my heart beating so fast anyways.

I gotta run oh wait and then she was gone before I could ask her name I never saw her again until I happened to walk into her Cafe we recognized each other immediately oh the little boy who almost got run over by a car that was the first thing she said when she saw me walk through the door.

But then I realized she actually thought I was a little boy back then I never thought I looked that young son I know you like my sister but you can't stare at her like that I didn't realize you were here are you a ninja her name is Hime no himitaki she's himek Hassan's little sister 24 years old and she's an employee at the cafe.

The sisters work together to manage it that's why the cafe is called himehime Cafe they added their names himika and he may know I was here all along seriously you've never noticed because you only see himeka she she she's not the only one I see nothing's going on between us.

You're really going to deny it you don't realize how obvious you are I have to admit ever since I met himika-san I've been drawn to her she's caring and hardworking I love everything about her you better act fast or else I'm gonna start dating himeka but your sisters nothing is impossible when it comes to.

Love no you're not actually serious are you you guys have so much fun together starting to feel a bit jealous who are you jealous of it all wrong is just a customer to me I'm just a customer oh well that's harsh you're the one who likes her you don't.

Want her thinking you're like me right yeah but still I wish I could talk to mojito Kun the way you do Ximena I mean my hirokuna is wait and she like me oh like a little brother you're so adorable I should have known that was coming even though I had 50 million yen from the lottery that wasn't going to help me make the woman I like to fall in love.

With me I usually drop by the cafe after work to see himikasan but I had a day off so I decided to visit her in the morning I passed by an intimidating looking man they still have a long way to go I wonder how long it'll take for them to pay back the money they owe us there.

In debt he make a son do you owe that guy money oh I guess you saw him on your way in he only comes in the mornings that's why you have never seen him before mahirukun uh he said you still have a long way to go yeah a 40 million 40 million yen seven years ago a lot of money gambling and then ran off.

Her mother fell ill because of it and she passed away it's all our father's fault seven years ago that's the year himeka-san saved me from getting run over her mom died she was in debt she must have been devastated but she still went out of her way to save me from getting hurt I can't believe this I made my decision.

I turned around and ran after the debt collector mojito the next day I visited himikasana the cafe I have great news collector guy called just now somebody paid him everything we owed there's somebody out there who saved us he said the person said they owed me that's.

Amazing I'm so happy for you thank you my hero-san can I have a word with you outside yeah sure I wonder what's up she looks serious I needed to know who paid our debts so I tortured the debt collector until they told me he said it was you is this true you tortured him that's crazy gosh I even paid him to keep his mouth.

Shut answer me now yeah it's true I won the lottery the other day I had 50 million yen I was planning on using it to help the person who saved my life who saved your life I never told you this but seven years ago your sister saved me from getting run over by a car I'm alive and well because of what hemik Hassan did that day I wanted to repay her for.

Saving my life I only did this to satisfy myself Kimi nochan please forget about what you heard it's not like I can switch it off I'm planning on asking himika San out in the near future but she'll have too much to think about if she knew what I did she'll feel indebted to me and it would affect her answer I don't want her to.

Say yes unless she really wants to be with me that wouldn't end well for either of us that's why I don't want himeka-san to know what I did you're a good man fine that'll cooperate I I won't tell her it was you just let me say one thing thank you for everything I will never forget what you have done for us hey.

It's no big deal oh you guys took your time out there what were you doing something smells fishy nothing's fishy at all whatever anyways I need to talk to you about something we don't have to worry about money anymore I want to start preparing to become a three-star restaurant it was our mother's dream there's so much to do.

Though fixing the menu renovating the place what is it himeno you look like you have something to say I'm all for the three-star restaurant idea but we have no money left we used it all to paint that stats uh you're right sucks uh I bumped into the debt collector guy earlier the guy who paid the money left him with some money you.

Could use to renovate the place he said he would transfer the money later today really I have some money left they can use it for the cafe so uh is there anything I can do for you oh that's too much to ask from you we don't even know if we'll make it it's not too much I'm offering and I.

Believe in you Heime khasan you're a strong woman you should give yourself more credit there's nothing you can't accomplish you're going to succeed uh hello I'm a strong woman too you know anyways maybe we should start by picking a theme for the place about that I might have an idea oh what is it how about a French Toast Cafe.

Your French toast is the best in the world oh you're flattering me but I like the French Toast Cafe idea I love it we can make all kinds of different French toast what do you think he mikasana well I have you guys to support me okay I'm in let's do it yeah Kimi nochan you can continue studying hospitality and.

Service you're good at noticing the small things I'm sure you'll do great okay you can count on me the hirokun has great leadership I never realized he was such a Dependable man well I should have tried to get to know him better before I instantly labeled him as a little brother figure the real mahitokun is probably more than I gave him credit for.

I work at a home renovation company I think I can help you with the designs did you hear what I said you look deep in thought oh uh I was just admiring how you're taking the reins oh uh I'm so sorry I don't even work here I shouldn't be ordering people around oh it's okay you're very reliable I'd love for you to help us as long as it.

Doesn't get in the way of you living your life is that okay of course it is I'm happy to help in any way I can and so our journey to become a three-star restaurant started what do you guys think each of them tastes different they're all different Menus can you try one for me.

They all taste delicious I think it's because the base French toast is so tasty it goes well with anything wow I'm glad to hear that jimikassan's menu creation process was going smoothly what do you think about this yeah this looks awesome I'm sure the customers will love it I know right Kimi nochan came up with.

Different Hospitality ideas as for me I took himikasan and Kimi no chance design ideas and started planning the renovation with my company well I think this color would suit this wall and also this is the first time seeing the heater Kun at work so this is what he's like seems so professional so attractive attractive but he seems so different now.

That I've seen a new side to him I find myself looking at him often these days stop talking at me hirusan you need to get work done hey I'm not talking out is my beautiful French toast it's not so beautiful when it's burnt oh my gosh I was staring at him for too long so you admit you're staring at him we.

Continue to prepare the cafe for the reopening and a few months later we finished renovating we used a faded yellow and brown color theme the name of the cafe changed to himehime French cafe and it finally opened up there weren't many customers at the beginning but great online reviews caught people's attention half a year later they'd saved.

Up enough money to qualify to apply for an evaluation by a reviewer we know the reviewer will be coming within a month I don't know the specific date or what the reviewer looks like right that's correct the evaluation might be over already or could happen tomorrow hey let's just focus on doing things the way.

We always do the day of the result announcements arrived and we still didn't know when the evaluation had happened the announcement ceremony was held at a famous hotel only 10 of the 100 applicants would receive any stars I'm so nervous and I'm starving I didn't know nerves and appetites belong.

Together here you can have a chocolate I feel so relaxed now I need to Pat your head to calm myself down a little more okay I'm good now I'm glad I could help both of them are freaking out I guess I have to stay strong today don't worry you gotta believe in yourselves we'll be celebrating in a bit Yeah louder yeah the qualified restaurant names were.

Announced one by one we were down to the last two announcements the next certification goes to come on come on we did it Mom's dream finally came true this is the best day of my life I know I feel the same way but Mecca I want your life to be perfect what do you mean you deserve a happily ever after but I don't have a prince I know how you.

Distance yourself from romance because you are worried about the money issues you didn't want to cause trouble for anybody but we're not in debt anymore we're free to do anything you can fall in love now but even if I like someone what are the chances that they like me back.

Some guy pay for everything we needed it was a miracle so no matter what the chances are there's always a possibility I want you to end up happy with the guy who brought us the miracle yeah you're right I'll try telling him my feelings a heater code come over here what is it I need to tell you something important ever since I met you I always.

Considered you like a little brother but working with you to recreate the restaurant it showed me things I never knew about you I found you so attractive and I was drawn to you I was so out of control and now I can't stop thinking about what it would be like to be with you see me cassan I feel the same way about you.

You're strong but caring I will continue to be a fan of himehime French cafe while I support you as your boyfriend so shimihime French cafe earns the three-star restaurant title and shimika-san and I began our relationship I used up all the money I want from a lottery in just a few months I went back.

To having an ordinary life still I don't regret the decisions I made I found something more important than money I'm grateful for everything that happened well