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[Manga Dub] “I’ll take care of you forever, so you’ll be okay.” I was in charge of training [RomCom]


Sir I failed again oh dear my name is Yota makishima and one of my junior colleagues has ran to the very bottom of the sales team this is our second year in the company but to this day ever since she was hired he hasn't been able to get one single sales contract and because of that her boss was Furious.

It was today the same reason yes the customer was so scary I wasn't able to speak well to them apparently this girl was not good at talking to strangers she gets flustered easily she gets too nervous and her voice gets really small too but to begin with it was ridiculous to tell someone like her to go get a sales.

Contract by herself according to her boss he thinks her throwing her into the Flames would be helpful but at this rate I didn't think that a mental state will last much longer I'll do my best to explain it well to the higher-ups she seems really down about it it's probably bad that I'd take care of her.

So in your second year since joined the company you still have plenty of room to grow more importantly tomorrow is a Saturday so it's a day off but do you have any plans tonight I was wondering if you would want to get dinner there's no pressure no I'm glad well then I'll reach out to.

You again later I'm just saying just that I went towards my boss it was my responsibility as a senior colleague to take responsibility for my junior colleague shortcomings I'll get yelled at in her place after we finished work we're heading towards some place to eat and Miss hayama apologized me once again.

You need to worry about it that's also part of my role as a person in charge of training you out of training only for actually as a special case I'm technically still in charge of training just her but I do feel like it's better to keep that secret from it normally the training program only.

Applied to employees in their first year but in her case because her sales history was still at zero I've still been placed in charge of training her but I think it should be devastated to hear this so I can't tell her this is such a fancy restaurant it's my first time coming to a place like this.

Is also my first time coming in here but that's a nice atmosphere it almost feels like a date what oh no no nothing are you sure she just said that really loudly if she can raise her voice this much she should be able to speak loudly in other scenarios right anyways I thought of some drinks.

I would like you to have this one the kiss is orange interesting you're gonna have a cocktail well then maybe I should have one too in that case I think I'll have a draft beer I didn't know that he drinks alcohol in that case maybe I should also order alcohol I've never drank alcohol before but if I get drunk this is an.

Embarrassing side of me I'll never be able to recover well then I'm gonna go ahead and order the drinks first that way we can take our time to order food and so I ordered a draft beer and one cuss as Orange from the waiter soon after our drinks arrived and we.

Began drinking them but zayama was knocked out almost immediately mizayama ah I guess I can't really drink alcohol then why did you order it I thought it was juice that's why I ordered it what even though it was under the cocktails list well I guess what it says.

Orange one might think it's just orange juice she'd already graduated college and normally most people would have had some kind of experience of alcohol in their college days however she was quite introverted and overthinking personality I could easily imagine that she'd never gone to any parties or anything not that.

I think about it at last year's company party she also wasn't drinking alcohol yeah okay he didn't drink very much at all so I don't think it will last very long okay she doesn't seem very okay luckily we hadn't ordered any food yet after that I paid and carried her out to the restaurant.

And we got outside I supported her if she walked down the street at night I wanted to put her in a taxi and send her home but ayama are you okay are you asleep well when you're drunk I guess you can get very sleepy I guess I should wake.

Her up first that's what I thought and I tried to wake her up but haha see the show and wake up no matter how much I spoke to her or shook her body or tapped her lightly she wouldn't wake up it seemed like she was in a deep sleep already.

What do I do I don't know a dress either so I asked somebody in the company no definitely not they would definitely have the wrong suspicions one little misunderstanding and next week all the female employees could hate me not their choice until she wakes up and guess I'll look after her at my place now flagged down a taxi and I took her back to my.

Place at the very least it seemed like she trusted me and as long as I explained the situation to her I'm sure she would believe me that I haven't done anything to her alrighty that should do when we arrived at my house I laid it down on my bed not gonna explain and wrestle when she wakes up that being said the situation.

If this was a rom-com this would be the point where the drunk heroine shows the sweet side to the main character surely that would never happen right in a strange sign of events for some reason my heart was pounding out my chest and then nothing happened and the morning arrived well yeah of course because she was.

Asleep the whole time I was only awake so I could explain everything to her when she woke up that's the truth all right well are you awake Mr bakashima what are you doing in my room oh actually this is my room.

Last night we're having dinner together you got drunk and fell asleep I didn't know how to get you home so I just broke it to mine um you were just sleeping nothing else happened so don't worry okay I can't believe I was in such an embarrassing state in front of you.

I can't live anymore no no no no no there's nothing to be embarrassed about that's a liar you're probably so kind you're just being nice right now I can't believe I got drunk and fell asleep I'm so pathetic I promise that's not true Not only was she introverted but perhaps she really didn't like herself because.

She would often beat herself up even now that part of it was making an appearance really everything is fine so please don't worry are you sure you don't hate me what I hate you miss ayama You're My adorable Junior colleague of course it is are you sure you don't.

Think of me as a pain as your useless Junior colleague not at all I plan on looking after you for the rest of my life well of course once a few years passed by I'm sure she'll be able to do her job properly on her own but to begin with apparently she's wanting to get a job in sales because she wanted to get over her fear of talking to.

People as most people like her don't make it past the interview but apparently the HR manager was touched by a sentiment and he ended up hiring her and that's why one of the higher ups in the HR department has told our bosses to take good care of her in particular.

Because of that that's why she was getting a little bit of special treatment for the rest of my life do you mean what's the matter is there a reason that you kindly brought me to this room was it because it was me what I mean well I guess so if she was a complete stranger there's.

No way I would have brought her all the way here in that case you were Miss ayama sorry I'm going to go home now I'm going to get my parents permission I'll contact you straight away what do you mean your parents permit if you'll.

Excuse me and she's gone sometimes I really don't understand Miss ayama because she has a tendency to have strange Outburst I assume that was the case this time as well that being said if she can raise her voice like that I'm sure she'll be able to be great in sales.

In the end I didn't hear from Miss hayama for the rest of that day or the next day on Sunday there was no message it wasn't until the following Monday morning that she took action sir good morning good morning Miss hayama are we able to get some rest yesterday.

It was a little frantic really well then are you still feeling tired okay thank you more importantly sir what is this um we log it in until you get right now it's a little too embarrassing what do you mean embarrassing don't tell me it's a love letter because if that.

Would ever be the case this is a super timid mizayama I'm sure she's not the type of girl to ask a guy out and more than anything I'm five years older than her but in that case what could it be also um where is this coming from I couldn't hide my Shark for my sudden announcement she's quitting there was no sign of that.

Last Friday I'm actually going to get married I was very happy to receive the proposal in and he was my ideal partner so I don't think I was cut out for this job in the first place when I spoke to my mother about it she told me that I should become a full-time housewife and support my husband.

Let's see so you really are resigning who knew that she had a boyfriend I guess you could never tell to some people for some reason I felt a sharp sting through my chest but I decided to ignore that congratulations Miss hayama I'm a little sad but I'm very happy for you it's me.

Some reaction I didn't know you were actually quite shy shy if that's how you would like to handle it then I will only tell the bosses that I am resigning add what seriously what is going on here I.

Was really confused but she turned it back to me and she headed towards our boss's office to hand in a resignation letter and our boss who never thought so highly ever in the first place was very quick to accept a resignation everything was moving along so quickly that I didn't even have a chance to say.

Anything when I got home is it just me or was she even more strange than usual usually she isn't able to talk to anybody besides me but she seemed oddly enthusiastic maybe because she wouldn't be returning to the office she didn't care what anybody else thought of her anymore and plus I thought that her attitude towards.

Me was a little bit weird too that reminds me didn't she hand me an envelope earlier maybe there will be some thing written in there that will explain more about why she was acting like that today that's all I thought as I opened up the envelope but marriage registration for some reason inside was.

A marriage registration form not only that but in the column under wife was her name filled out is she serious this kind of clumsiness isn't funny I don't know what she was trying to give to me but there is a limit to how clumsy you can be to mistakenly put the marriage registration form inside instead I heard to try and call her but.

Then who will be here at this time I didn't order anything for delivery for some reason my doorbell rang I was already in a panic and we got to check the monitor went straight to the door but then standing there was nice to meet you Mr makashima I'm Yota it's a pleasure to finally meet you I'm azusa's.

Mother for some reason Miss hayama and her mother were in my doorway what is going on um may I help you after I invited the two other men I got straight to the question well I thought I should introduce myself to the person who is going to become azusa's husband.

What husband did she just say husband on Saturday I received a phone call from this one that her senior colleague that she has always had a crush on you Yoda proposed to her uh but is this a joke when when did I propose not only that but you are going to look after her for the rest of your life you.

Said I am so touched by your beautiful proposal I see to summarize when I said that I would look after her for the rest of my life as my junior colleague in the company she misunderstood that and took it as a marriage proposal and now I understand why she was acting so strangely however.

News I was a little hesitant that perhaps she was misunderstanding but surely that's not the case is it I did raise her as best we could but I do know that she has a tendency to be introverted and overthink so if this was a misunderstanding I don't know if she'll ever be able to recover from this one.

Oh wait a minute does this mean her mama actually knows what's going on she also said that her mom was the one that recommended she quit her job I feel like she's doing everything she can to make this happen ah I can't say it I definitely can't say it got this right I definitely can't say that I unintentionally let her on and.

That is a misunderstanding but also misayama she really is cute and when I say Q I'm not just talking about her face even though she was bad at talking to other people when she got more comfortable with me she came and spoke to me often there's no way I wouldn't feel some type of way about that I was a.

Little worried that she might be too young for me but I guess that's a trivial thing that's why I decided Mrs hayama I mean mother-in-law I'm terribly sorry that this introduction was so delayed please allow me to marry your daughter oh dear well well much and so I skipped over getting my.

First girlfriend ever I went straight to having a wife but this happened partly because of my own phone and I wanted to take responsibility for it however oh but as for her father he is still Furious oh good luck turns out it wasn't over yet after that I went to azusa's house and but please allow me to marry your.

Daughter stay here of the mountain which do you prefer I'll let you choose whichever one you'd like from a father I was given a strangely terrifying question I was scared about what was gonna happen with the answer that I gave but in the end azusa's mother stepped in and had a.

Word with him and he quickly agreed to the marriage as it turns out the only thing scarier than this scary father-in-law was my mother-in-law it almost shocks me that girl like Azusa was born from these two not too long after Azusa and I got married and had our wedding there may be a lot more confusion and.

Difficulties ahead of us but I wanted to do my best so that I could make my wife was comfortable with me and me only the happiest that she could be thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.