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[Manga Dub] I’m actually from a snowy town… I saved the girls that were caught in a storm [RomCom]


On the other side of the tunnel it was a winter snowscape my classmates struck by odd the world of white that surrounded them shattered excitedly with one another in stark contrast to their wide-eyed naivete I uruyu yukushiro was throwing up seriously I don't have time to be amazed.

At snow right now I'm really bad with buses and stuff besides I'm used to seeing snow so it's not even a novelty for me why isn't the teacher more worried about me he's asleep stop neglecting your chaperone duties you idiot.

are you all right yukishiro I have some pills that might help if you want thanks yogisan the person who stepped in for my useless teacher and is worrying for me is akari hyogi as you can see she's an incredible beauty and she's kind too even to.

Introverts like me she's popular with everyone I hear some boys got into a fight over who would get to be in the same group as her it's not surprising given her good looks and kind nature it's getting better thanks a lot heogisan.

Don't mention it but are you sure you're really fine you still look terrible to me I'm really fine I'm just not looking forward to the snowboarding lessons we're going to be taking really you don't like snowboarding yes well it's not that I don't like it but.

I just don't feel like taking lessons that's all I've been skiing and snowboarding before I even learned how to ride a bike going back to the basics with everyone else is just a chore plus I like Indoor Sports better you don't really like that kind of stuff huh.

Well that's not what I mean to say either it all just seems a bit boring don't you think I see but since you're here you might as well do your best even if it's boring to you seeing that I was still gloomy she stayed at my side all the way to the.

Hotel knowing that I didn't have many friends being a newcomer to the school she really was a nice person hey want to hang out sure thing you got some Trump cards how about a round of Uno that sounds great too hey yukushiro do you want to join huh I'm not really good at mingling.

I was recruited into the extroverts group to fill out the numbers seeing as I still hadn't made any friends it was almost inevitable that girls would come over to hang out with the guys at the top of a class food chain so I quietly slipped away they're all nice guys and I didn't mind sharing a room with them but as an introvert I.

Didn't feel comfortable in their company I'm not really that good with conversations anyway from the looks of it they're probably going to be there for a while I wouldn't want to intrude so it looks like I've got some time to kill can I sit here huh oh um sure.

I was thinking about playing some arcade games to pass the time but hiyogi-san started to talk to me aren't you going to play cards with the others hyokisan nice oh you disappeared so I came to find you you don't have to worry about me yes I do I'm the class president it's.

Part of my job so why did you leave I know they're nice and everything but I just can't seem to fit in you did only just move here after all that's true but I think it's more about me being an introvert I'm not good with that sort of atmosphere so I decided to be alone for a while I see.

By the way you were feeling good at snowboarding today well I did come from a winter land it's not really that special it looked pretty special to me hey what are those cool stunts you can do that that's amazing how did you get so good at it it's not really something I can explain.

It was mostly just Instinct it's really hard to put feelings like that into words I need more communication skills like you but it's really you want me to teach you yes please well I do owe you for helping me back on the bus okay I'll do it.

Then I'll see you tomorrow hey akari do you want to skate together sorry I can't I'm going to take lessons from a really good snowboarder today uh really good snowboarder are you talking about that there was anyone good enough to be a teacher there actually is he might be a little.

Surprised though oh there he is the moment I've been dreading is finally here I just hope I won't do anything to embarrass myself too much um shall we go then heogisa that was so cool what was that how did.

You do that oh no you're still good at snowboarding yukishiro that's so cool come to think of it your looks aren't half bad either with a bit of work your night might be really something this is exactly what I was afraid was going to happen I want to get out of.

Here well then I know it's sudden but we should go to the top I mean the very top huh but I thought the very top was only for experienced snowboarders don't worry to tell the truth you can snowboard just about anywhere as long as you can stand upright gravity would let you slide.

Anywhere you want as long as it's not a cliff or anything once you get used to standing upright we'll practice movement it's pretty easy you just have to shift your weight slightly to the left or the right the only difficult part about snowboarding is controlling your speed so you'll get the hang of it quickly.

Enough barring any fancy tricks and stunts and sticking only to the basics that is that's all for now let's go I'll guarantee that by the time you get back here a second time you'll be snowboarding like a pro so let's begin you need to keep your weight on your.

Ankles when you're standing on a snowboard just like they taught you in class you'll slide down naturally if you keep your gaze elevated so don't be afraid and keep your eyes up that's it you're doing great then let's try it for real that's it keep going try to land on your.

Butt if you feel your balance slipping it wouldn't hurt so much that way okay whoa got you I told you to fall backwards if you keep your weight forwards you'll land on your face which can lead to serious injuries sorry I'll be more careful hey yukishiro I think I'm starting to.

Get the hang of it can we try going down some slopes now well this slope is for advanced skiers only so I'm not sure you should don't worry I got this then try shifting your weight slightly to the left now right keep going and you'll soon pick up speed left and right I'm doing it but wait I'm.

Picking up too much speed are you all right I'm behind thanks I guess it was too soon for me I don't think so you were shifting your weight pretty well you just need more practice once you finish the advanced course you'll be sliding like a pro in no time oh really sure so let's just take it.

Slow all right we have plenty of time okay I'll do my best I thought beginning with the advanced courses would be impossible for an office like me but it was easier than I thought maybe I have a hidden talent for this sort of thing right yukishiro I don't know.

I'm still a novice myself so I really couldn't say right to be done with it already sorry who need to apologize now let's go up again come on hey we're here again they're here tonight as well we've been boarding all day but they.

Don't seem tired at all well it looks like it's time for me to bow out again hey yourself wanna play trumps again what do you want to huh where'd he go he was just here a minute ago he's gone too the baby off somewhere together.

Blast she set her sights on him already did you talk to him about snowboarding I think you could she would become popular with the girls all of a sudden yeah what on Earth did he do is he a secret gigolo or something having no idea that such things were being said behind my back I was passing the time yet again at the game room.

I was still blissfully unaware that Upon returning to my room I discovered that the band of extroverts have bestowed the nickname naster on might bewildered head I spent the time relaxing and chatting with hyogi-san and the next day whoa who's that is he a pro or something that can't be possible her school booked the place for the day.

Dang it he's drawing the attention of every girl on the slope I I feel like I'm drawing attention to myself they'll just make a fuss if I stopped here I'll just go straight down the entire slope you I managed to get all the way down.

Without getting caught he was just what I needed hey yukishiro oh hi heogisan what are you doing here everyone's been looking for you seriously I really don't want to be the center of attention right now really then how about we go to a different slope together you know the.

One for pro skaters plus it seems pretty deserted I might do that but can you keep up with me you've only just recently learned how to snowboard I'm fine I'm fine now let's go maybe we should get going the snow's getting a bit thick too I need a hot tea I'm freezing good idea I'll just go one.

Last time and I'll follow you got it you'll probably be fine but be careful just in case thanks I'll be going then finally time for a cup of hot steaming tea hey yukishimo snowboard too huh why me.

Because you were so good back on the slope it was so cool master will you teach us too The Forbidden art of attracting females I'd like to learn that myself besides you're more popular with girls than I am the moment I got back to the resting place I was bombarded with excited shattering giving me no time to enjoy my.

Hard-earned tea all right all right I'll teach you all tomorrow yippee phew everyone gather around it's time to take roll is everyone here is that the time already apparently we've been talking far longer than I.

Thought the yogi hmm where is heoky has anyone seen hirogi come to think of it I haven't seen her in a while I saw her boarding with Master but I haven't seen her since I wish they'd stop calling me master but.

That's not the point if nobody's seen her that means she hasn't come back at all teacher what is it yukushiro I told the teacher everything I knew see everyone go and see if hyogi isn't at the resting place or the hotel call me.

If you find her following his instructions we all searched for her to no avail well I've already contacted the search and rescue team but apparently they have their hands full then I'll go sir that's out of the question it's too dangerous no it's not I come from a winter land so.

I fully understand the dangers of snow I've also had rescue experience as a youth search and rescue team member so I'd be more than capable to assist in the search fine but do not put yourself under Harm's Way whatsoever there she is hiyogi-san I'm here.

okay sure 30 minutes in I found her her vision had been impaired by the worsening weather and she'd gotten lost yes I found her I understand Roger that I contacted the rescue team with a transceiver I'd been handed.

They informed me that there was a cabin nearby and to head there as soon as possible you're all right now hyogi-san now let's go can you walk I think so thank you good they have everything we need here I'll put on the stove.

After lighting the fire the freezing room became moderately warm all right now that we've warmed up a bit we should dry our clothes hi yogisan maybe it was out of relief that she was finally safe kyogi Sana collapsed on the floor fast asleep she was probably sweating from exercise.

Since early morning so leaving her like this was extremely bad yogisan I'm sorry I'll try not to look so please forgive me huh you're awake thank God I am oh that's wrong hold on oh who am I undressed calm down I'll explain everything.

I tried to explain everything so that she'd understand I told her how the rescue team was already on its way how she'd passed out and how I'd taken off her wet clothes to dry to prevent hypothermia from setting in also I'd noticed she was shivering so I had to lie next to her to provide enough.

Body heat I see thank you are you going to be angry with me of course not this is a little embarrassing to be seen in my underwear but it was an emergency right besides you saved my life thank God I was worried you'd think I.

Was a pervert or something but you did it anyway in order to save me you're really Brave yukishiro it was nothing no it isn't you're brave kind and surprisingly talented you know yukishiro I I think I heogisan wait a second.

No I won't wait I think I've fallen in love with you so if that's okay with you will you go out are you two all right the moment the door opened heogisan froze up I told her to wait because I heard and felt someone else's presence entering the cabin her body temperature seems stable and she doesn't look too pale either and.

You're drawing your clothes properly you've done well thank you sir it stopped snowing outside for the time being can you move I can me too and that's how hyogi-san was safely recovered we ate a late dinner and went.

To sleep the next day um yukishiro oh hi yogisan how do you feel are you up for some boarding today yes I'm fine about last night's confession I understand you want to take it back don't you.

Although we were interrupted halfway through she was clearly trying to confess her feelings to me but in reality I guess it doesn't really count anyone might mistake their feelings for love when someone is kind to them when they're in trouble it's a typical case of the suspension bridge effect.

You calmed down once you thought about it didn't you will pretend it never happened so don't worry not at all I would understand yukishiro it wasn't just a spur of the moment's thing or because of the suspension bridge effect I really have feelings for you yukishiro no way.

Why would you have feelings for me I'm just an introvert s of reasons you should have more faith in yourself I still show you one by one so please go out with me if you're really sure.

Thank you yukushiro I like you so much and that's how we ended up going out together at first I had no idea what I was doing or even if I was good enough for her but our relationship is still going strong even now after graduating high school and we plan to get married soon.

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