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[Manga Dub] Introvert agrees to help the soccer team in return for a date [RomCom]


This novel is so interesting my name is ryohe araki and I'm an introverted loner in high school my hobby is reading so I'm usually cooped up in the library during our school breaks my daily routine is to read books in the library after school I spend time reading the books that I like as much as I want until I have to.

Head home the best part about school is being able to read right after classes are over a public library has a lot more options but the school library is the best for convenience and comfort ah that book was so good what are you reading wow keyboard you scared me oh I'm sorry about that this is my classmate suzukimura she's pretty and outgoing and.

Unlike me has a lot of friends she's the manager of the school soccer team what are you doing here oh you know there are books that I want to borrow books about soccer training oh I see and uh did you need anything from me I know it's sudden but you're not in any clubs right I'm not do you work nope so you have time on your hands right well yeah.

Can you be on the soccer team then why um why from this Professor what but aren't there 11. the goalkeeper got injured he needs two months to recover shouldn't you wait for him to get better I can't do that we have a game in two months the doctors say he'll get better in two months but oh we don't know what.

Will happen I can't take a chance like that the soccer team must be having it rough my high school has always had a strong soccer team there were always a bunch of members and some professional soccer players graduated from our school but that was in the past I heard rumors that now the team barely had enough players and always had the.

Risk of being discontinued so please no no it's impossible do you think I'm athletic I'm an introvert you know I'm a Loner I'm a weakling you should ask other people who are more athletic those kids are already in other sports he just need to stand on the field I just need to stand a rocky you're the only one left if he'll.

Be on the soccer team I'll do anything for you anything okay if I ask for something crazy maybe she'll leave me alone this is going nowhere besides I don't want to play soccer anymore then please be my girlfriend what your girlfriend yes you're going to do anything right so please be my.

Girlfriend I'm not saying forever it could be until the goalkeeper comes back to the team even if it's for a short period of time I bet she'll never want to date an introvert like me so please say no okay what what did you just a limited time girlfriend for two months okay excuse me so that's that you're going to.

Be on the soccer team okay you better come to practice starting tomorrow promise no way I failed at saying no and ended up being forced to join the soccer team this is Rio hey araki he's going to be joining our team in place of the goalie I'm ryohe araki nice to meet you all now that we have 11 members our match two months from now should be are.

You sure you can win with a haphazardly put together team like this you remember the deal we had about the continuation of this team right if you lose the next practice match you're getting discontinued basically this team the soccer team is over course that's why we're doing this to win the practice match.

what a joke you're small and weak team no way not possible go struggle hard and clumsily you losers soccer athletes what who's that he says that our presence is in his way he wants to discontinue the soccer team get rid of the goal and create a new team I heard he's going to make an all-girls team and be the coach.

Damn sounds like a harassment case coming up can't we're not going to let that guy take our team down we're going to win this V1 let game guys yeah oh I forgot here Iraqi what's this your practice routine I told you that you could stand there but just in case if you ever feel like you want.

To give it a try but you really don't need to force yourself I'll do it I was planning on sitting on the bench and reading you did say I could just stand around but I can't believe that guy even I irritated by him a rocky anyways this practice routine is pretty good basic practices and even basics for.

Goalkeepers yeah because I thought you were new to this well I thought if you could just get the basics down to move as a goalie how did you make this on your own my dad's a sports trainer I had asked him for help but I made one for every member everyone I watched everyone practice so I know what they're good at if they don't work.

Out with a routine that fits them they'll put on unnecessary muscle and reduce their playing ability that's amazing Kim rossan you must really love soccer huh yeah I love it all I could do as a manager see thank you I'll do my best yeah yeah we started practicing for our practice match being held two months from now all.

The members put everything they had into protecting their soccer team I also worked hard in my training by following the routine that was prepared for me we all did what we could to increase our chances of winning one day araki are you still practicing I was going to stay back a little bit overworking yourself isn't impressing.

Anyone just a little bit don't force yourself too much thanks for worrying that should do good job oh camera-san you were still here how's the manager I can't just leave a team member and go home besides I was worried you'd overwork yourself sorry for worrying you my girlfriend is working hard I have to.

Work hard as the boyfriend too don't I what what we're technically girlfriend and boyfriend right now oh forget like it yeah we've been practicing every single day and don't get to go on dates I'm joking um a rocky yeah thank you so much.

You're welcome I'll do everything I can so support me on the side okay yeah we continued practicing every day one month before the match we decided to have a practice match with another school to test how much better we got the result of that was yeah we won we can win again if we keep working like that look at you goalkeeper we're not.

Going to lose in the next match either yeah yeah I'm so happy we won today because you're always supporting us Kim rasan that's not it it's because you all worked hard I'm just supporting on the side we're all thankful for that though hey Iraqi should we hold hands we're in a relationship aren't we is this a treat.

For protecting the gold today maybe I thought you were going to quit halfway at first you know I thought soccer might be too hard for you and even though I told you that you could just stand there I'm sorry it kind of feels like I lied to you it's fine I'm having a lot of fun now do you want to officially be on the soccer team.

That's I'm not sure it's a possibility though I'll think about it after that day Kim rathon and I started walking home together more often after practices the more time we spent together the more I started falling for the girl.

Who worked hard for the soccer team we were just a couple for a limited amount of time but I was starting to like kimurasan more and more I don't want us to end as a limited and fake couple as that feeling inside of me grew larger time went by quickly and it was soon the day of the match Mr eudy.

This hunt one of the best teams in the nation go struggle hard and clumsily you loser soccer athletes it is what it is the team that was supposed to come couldn't make it be thankful that one of the strongest teams wanted to even play against weaklings like you oh you're pretty cute aren't you come manage our team if your team gets.

Discontinued we'll take good care of you yeah yeah leave that Layman weak soccer team there's no way you can win against us anyways excuse me don't put your hands on my girlfriend what stay out of this loser you're the one that should stay out of this you're so confident for a sucky soccer team.

We'll show you how it's done on the field our match was tied the results of our daily practices and the team's strong desire to stop the soccer team from being discontinued kept all of us going but yeah look at that who's yours are you going to win the first half ended with the other team on The Winning Side we were desperately.

Trying to get the score back during the second half when ow are you okay I'm sorry I think I sprained my ankle no way what are we gonna do um excuse me are rocky what's wrong can you take my spot as a goalie yeah I've practiced for that position but I'll play as a striker you can you do it.

A rocky you don't need to force yourself I'm not don't worry about me all of you just trust me I had a lot of fun playing soccer with you that's why I'm going to do everything I can pass all the balls to me I'll score all of them into the goal who is that he's scoring all the goals I don't know.

What's going on how can he do all of that on his own I remember now this playing style I know it there was a crazy Striker when we were in Middle School the way he handles the ball there's no mistake it's him the top goal scorer during the Middle School national match the MVP of the winning team Ryo hey araki the striker.

Yeah no way you're so amazing dude all right let's keep it going let's show them who the real losers are after scoring five goals the game ended with our team on The Winning Side on the way home after the game you are why didn't you play soccer in high.

School with those skills you could have been a huge player anywhere soccer stopped being fun for me I was happy winning and being named MVP but the more you stand out the more people start talking badly about you why only that guy things like that that was all because of the hard work.

You put into soccer though not everyone thinks that way I was the punching bag for everyone's jealousy and resentment and I got tired of it my parents unnecessarily expected a lot from me too I started thinking about why I even started playing suddenly I got scared of kicking the.

Ball oon that's why I decided to quit soccer after Middle School besides I loved reading too I wanted to quietly focus on reading in high school but it's all your fault Kim rasan you inspired me with your dedication.

You made me want to give it another try and I started falling for you more and more kimurasan I like you I'm in love with you will you be my girlfriend not as a limited time girlfriend I want to be in a real relationship with you me too.

First a friend of your way just like that suzukan and I became an official couple after Mr E raji's misconduct with us and other students was discovered he was fired from his job the other team lost the will to fight after losing to a so-called weak team like us.

It seems like they're going back to step one and practicing as hard as they can I'm now officially on the soccer team and working hard with the rest of my teammates time went by and you're watching that again because because we're so cool dribbling puzzles five Defenders.

You quickly get your way in front of the goal and score I became a professional soccer player and got married to suzukan playing professional soccer was hard but I'm living my best life right now you better score your next game too okay of course I will I love you viohay I love you too suzu.

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