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[Manga Dub] “Isn’t this an X-rated film!?” The beautiful worker at the DVD rental place… [RomCOm]


My name is mashiro yukigami I'm a 19 year old University student I love watching TV dramas my future dream is to become a scriptwriter I come to this rental shop to borrow DVDs of Dramas that aren't streamed online however recently I've been coming here for a different reason can I check this out welcome to uh welcome.

Hello you can relax okay you don't have to be so nervous I'm just a regular customer oh yukigami Kuna I don't but I I bet her name is hakwa kumosaki she's also 19. we go to the same University she started her job here to overcome her.

Shyness she's also part of a drama group at University I admire how hard working she is I first started talking to her about a month ago I was at the rental shop to pick out DVDs when I heard a loud voice from a checkout counter very sweetheart can you read the title.

Out loud for me I don't know a middle-aged man was trying to make the store clerk read the title of a naughty DVD out loud I could tell he was a pervert I couldn't stand what he was doing I felt the need to save the girl are you having trouble reading I can help you out you idiot of.

Course I can read then why are you trying to make the store clerk read it read it yourself dude back off geez The Jerk left soon after I looked at the store clerk and couldn't help but say you're beautiful oh wait what I'm not trying to brag but my skin is.

Wide and clear but the store Clerk's skin was even wider and smooth as porcelain I had never met anybody with nicer skin than me I was mesmerized oh I apologize your skin is so smooth and beautiful it it just slipped out of my mouth uh it's nothing I think you have better skin than me no way.

I've never seen anything so beautiful oh you're just flattering me oh my I forgot to say thank you for saving me I appreciate you stepping in to help me don't worry about it I only did it because that creep was annoying me you don't have to thank me after that we started talking more whenever I visited the rental store.

At first I was jealous of her skin but now I'm attracted to her feminine qualities she's beautiful in all ways huh is something wrong I have a feeling that something is bothering her curls chain the DVD I was trying to rent out was called the dress-up robot that fell in.

Love it's about a dress of Yao robot and her Creator Falling in Love it's an innocent Love Story and there's nothing naughty about it I tried to explain that she was misunderstanding the content but are you sure I don't think you should watch Naughty DVDs you're too young uh I'm a healthy 19 year old you can watch not eat DVDs when.

You turn 20 okay that rule applies to alcohol and smoking you can come over and watch it with me if you don't believe me bite a girl over to your place like that body DVD with you that's just shiny no I live with my parents they'll be there and the DVD isn't even naughty you live with your parents okay well if your.

Parents are there I guess I can come over to watch the DVD with you but I'm taking it away if there are any naughty scenes you're like a school teacher and so kumosaki-san came over to my place to watch the DVD with me we finished watching the DVD in my room see I told you no naughty scenes I mean she changed her clothes but they only showed her.

From the neck up I'm so sorry I should have believed you wait oh I don't have the right to tell you what you should be watching but you shouldn't please forgive me I will gladly accept any punishment you give me uh I'm not going to punish you but why were you set on finding out what the DVD was about.

Ever since you saved me from the man at the DVD store I admire you you're kind and you told me I was beautiful there's something about you that I'm trying to I got upset imagining you watching a naughty video I didn't want you to I know all the guys watch them and that is a regular thing but I couldn't accept it I see uh you said you're drawn to me.

Does that mean oh um to be honest I don't know if the feelings I have are romantic or not yet I have a question for you do you think what I'm feeling is love how would I know if you don't you're the only one who knows how you feel but I have to admit I'm drawn to you too I go to the rental store because I want.

To see you but I'm not sure if I like you in that way either I have a question for you do you think what I'm feeling is love how would you know if you don't you're the only one who knows how to use you for the exact same conversation a few seconds ago you're right great minds think alike.

Agree we have Romance view of what we're feeling if we try to get to know each other better I would love to spend more time with you we could meet out of the rental shop if that's okay with you yeah I like that idea I want to know more about you.

Kumosaki-san by the way I've noticed that you keep a lot of DVDs in this room most of them are TV dramas I've loved watching TV drama since I was a kid I watch a lot of them because my dream is to become a scriptwriter I'm impressed yukigami Kun you have a goal to reach and are working hard to reach it me on the other hand I don't know what I want.

To do with my life hey you work with customers to overcome your shyness you even joined the drama club to practice it takes a massive amount of energy to change yourself it's not easy but you're facing it up front and I admire that about you thank you for the compliments that means a lot hey you have the code for DVDs too.

This is black memories I used to watch it when I was in elementary school do you want to watch it now I can put it on okay we sat next to each other and turned on the DVD I must have fallen asleep while it was playing uh it's seven in the morning kumosaki-san her head was resting on my shoulder and she was fast asleep oh.

I guess she fell asleep while we were watching she's completely out I can't get over how pretty she is and her skin so smooth and look at her silky Hair Plus I've never seen anybody with such long eyelashes you have to stop staring at her mashiro I should wake her up we have classes I was about to when Kumo.

Sakistan opened her eyes didn't die sorry hey it's okay don't worry about it you have to go to this drama club thing I gotta go I'll see you soon sure buy kumosaki-san starting this day kumosaki-san started.

To come over often I bought some takoyaki you should eat it without you watch the movie why did you pick takoyaki because we're planning to watch a movie about an octopus monster eating octopus while watching a movie about it how strange my skin isn't doing so well these days your sun is so kind I couldn't resist I.

Said yes but I'm getting nervous I can't believe I said I would give him a massage this piece is so close to look at him in the eyes focus on the cheeks I still wasn't sure if I had romantic feelings towards kumosaki-san but one thing I was sure of was that I enjoyed her company she make me feel comfortable one day.

Kumosaki-san came over with the leader of the drama club she belonged to kumasaki-san told me all about you I read the script you wrote online I think it was called let's become a scriptwriter I loved it do you think you can write the script for the school Festival play of course we'll pay you this is amazing somebody into theatrics.

Thinks highly of my riding what kind of story do you want kumosaki-san and I will be the main characters I want you to write a love comedy with many affectionate scenes what before you talk you talk along with that I will never write a love story about you two no affectionate scenes I will write a.

Play about adolescence okay well I was hoping for more love I won't be accepting any complaints uh okay adolescence will be fine after the club leader left thank you his idea because he knew I didn't want to do it uh yeah of course that wasn't the main.

Reason I didn't want to have to watch kumosaki-san hugging and kissing that freak I was protecting my heart but I could never say that she would think I was small anyways I promise I'll write a script that will Mesmerize the drama club and the audience you can count on me okay.

I'm looking forward to it and so I started working on creating the script for the school Festival play it wasn't easy at all but I somehow finished it in time and kumasaki-san showed the script to the drama club members they all loved it I never doubted you for a second thank you for her wonderful script great I'm glad you.

Guys like it oh yeah here it's an omori from a shrine apparently the god worshiped there is good at calming nerves I was hoping you could use it to keep down the nerves on the day of the festival you went to the shrine for me thank you that's so sweet of you I'm sure this omamari will help me go up on.

Stage I won't forget your kindness I'm going to do my best up there I hope you can come watch me I will I promise I practice day and night until the day of the play I wanted to do everything I could for myself the drama club and the audience I promise I'm not lying about that the main reason I worked hard was to impress yukigamikun.

I didn't want my acting to waste his wonderful script and I wanted him to be proud of me that was the source of my motivation why do I feel that way I think it's because finally the day of the school Festival arrived the script I wrote was called fly high it's a story about a man working at a bookstore who wants to become a lyric writer.

He meets a girl who dreams of becoming an astronaut kumosaki-san was a completely different person on stage she looked confident and lucid I have no experience with acting but even I could tell she was good I couldn't keep my eyes off of her however something unexpected happened during the.

Last scene dude I can't believe what that Club leader is doing I never wrote a scene like that he shouldn't be allowed to be doing that no way I'm not angry because the club leader changed the scene I'm frustrated because I'm jealous I finally realized that I met up with kumosaki-san after the play.

We plan to enjoy the school Festival together so um did you and enjoy the play kumasaki-san your acting was brilliant but I can't forgive your Club leader for tweaking the scene he had you in his arms he makes me so angry oh my gosh are you serious.

I didn't realize what do I do uh I'm not angry because he ad-libbed I'm angry because I mean I I know it was a scene in the play but he was touching you and had you in his arms I know I'm in no place to say anything about it I do but but still I'm going to say something that might sound full of myself and it would be.

Embarrassing if I'm wrong but what you're feeling is it because you're starting to fall for me if I'm right it would make me so happy because I'm already head over heels for you I worked hard on the plane because I wanted you to see me at my best I didn't care about anything or anyone else you're all that mattered to me and I finally realized I.

Was feeling that way because I liked you I really like you you have no idea how strongly I feel for yukumosaki-san I felt jealous and frustrated when I saw you hugging that guy on stage and I couldn't do anything about it I know it sounds pathetic but it's all because I like you so much kumosaki-san um hugging the person I hold dear to my.

Heart feels so much better I didn't feel a thing when the club's later hugged me on stage but my heart is fitting so fast right now it's out of control I was relieved to hear she felt the same way I did I decided to tell her my honest feelings I really like you kumosaki-san.

Will you become the heroine in my life story of course of course it will this is what I've been dreaming of higamikun did you know that when you blush you turn peachy not red the same goes for you kumosaki-san so you're still my arrival when it comes to Perfect Skin anyways we'll always be Rivals when it comes to that.

But you'll always be my girlfriend from now on hey Frank to regret saying that that's how kumosaki-san and I became a couple and other naughty DVD again it's not a naughty DVD don't say another the previous one wasn't naughty either you don't need any naughty DVDs right.

Huh why did you just ask me why isn't it hobbyists I mean you have me baby stop making me say embarrassing things you weren't such a dummy Yuki I didn't make you say anything I keep telling you I'm not interested in naughty DVDs oh why is that obviously because I have the prettiest girlfriend in the world I see.

I don't need an action-packed life like the characters in movies and TV dramas I just want to spend a peaceful and fulfilling life with my beautiful girlfriend that would make me the happiest man alive watching hello today's video please.

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