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[Manga Dub] I’ve been traumatized since I was pranked in middle school… [RomCom]


I like you please go out with me no my name is shin fujikawa I'm being asked out by the class Madonna kokoro yabe I'm a 17 year old in my junior year of high school oh okay is that it I'm gonna go now why do I have to answer you answer me I can't tell you I don't need a reason to tell her no you.

Guys are giving me enough reason to say no about uh this is yabe asking me out right why is there someone who has nothing to do with it just hanging around because I was worried about kokoro yeah I'm sure you were just worried about if the prank would work right why.

Would yabe ask me The Loner out anyway I'm sure if I said okay you would jump out and tell me it was all a prank right you were going to laugh at me with all your friends I'm not gonna go with that anymore no that's not how it was yeah we would never do that really.

Sounds like you guys are really nervous about that though okay I guess that's all you can say I'm leaving now why are people able to be so mean I remember when I was asked out in Middle School the class Madonna asked me out just like a second ago and people made fun of me forever because I was.

Pranked I don't want that to happen again so I'm not going to trust anyone I hate people I'm okay with you guys grow up well I heard that plants grow better when you play music for them it seems true they seem much better after I started playing music for them.

Come on make sure you have wonderful flowers for me flowers so beautiful they will wash away corrupted human hearts and Minds all right class is over time to go to the club meet flowers should be blossoming soon so I gotta take good care of them get over here I'm sorry just for a.

Second apparently I wasn't going to be heading over to 10 to my flowers so keep it quick because I'm busy what is that attitude I don't want to deal with you so this is how I act if you want to talk about attitudes why don't we talk about yours first I gave.

You time and you're already yelling at me you seem pretty selfish whatever I don't care about you what is it it's about yesterday we're done with that talk were you that upset that you couldn't fool me did you lose something from losing the bet there's no gamble where.

You can win every time so you should quit oh yeah what are you being such an ass for you realize how scared she was for asking you out then you realize what I felt when you asked me out right I don't like people who don't think about others you okay kokodo he was.

Super scary I'm okay it said something about how he felt yeah he said he didn't like people I wonder what happened to him you want me to find out I have friends that went to his middle school yeah if you don't mind ah nice and big I'm excited for you to.

Blossom excuse me you want something yabe it's about the confession still we're done with that talk we're not done my friend asked around about why you feel that way you really dug up my past huh gross.

Sorry but I just had to know okay and you hear something interesting I I heard what happened in Middle School you were asked out as a prank and laughed at that yeah and I wouldn't do that I really like you please you have to believe me nope we're done talking I have to spend.

Time in my club so leave wait hang on phew I can finally work in peace sorry guys I'm going to play my music now father what is it I said get out you're not a part of this club I've joined this club that I'm not some.

Outsider damn it if you don't work hard I'm gonna kick you out that's how the class Madonna joined my club did she want to pick on me that badly whatever the case it's hard work tending to plants if she joined with bad.

Intentions she won't last I'll just have to deal with it for a little bit it's gonna get hot I need to water the plants before class starts oh good morning fujivarakoon good morning what are you doing here so early.

Huh I'm a club members and it's gonna be hot today so I figured I'd water them down I see if you give them too much you're gonna make their Roots rot so be careful okay I'm sure she's just trying to make it seem like she's not lying she'll give up soon.

They're growing well let's check their health now what are we doing today we're gonna check on their health I'm gonna start over there so you can start here it's a small bug you have to take care of these plants okay fine I'll handle it but you have to.

Get used to it or you won't last here huh I know okay by the way I'm accepting offers to leave the club all the time I'm not going to quit I'm going to make you fall for me I'll be waiting I'm going to do it let me clean the bug off huh she's got more spunk than I thought.

I'm impressed great job today we're done for today so you can go home now um would you like to go home with me nope I still gotta do some stuff you're really good at guitar my dad likes guitar I've been playing since elementary school so I know the basics when you play music to plants.

They grow faster so I play sometimes sure what can you do I learned piano okay then I'll talk to the teacher to see if I can arrange something for you thank you maybe she's not a horrible person I've been keeping an eye out but she's really hard working.

It's hard to believe that she's someone that would point fingers and laugh we're done today huh yeah yabe yes want to go home together you don't want to oh I'd love to go home together.

Hey yes why do you like me uh let's cause you can't tell me no I can just give me a second I need to prepare myself I like you because you're kind you're pretty quiet in class but you are so kind when tending to your plans I just couldn't help myself looking and I guess.

I fell for you I see but you understand that you're just mistaken right I've never been kind to you what's that true you're kind to me I joined your Club clearly full of ulterior motive but you still took care of me even walking together like this you always walk on the side of the road.

Oh see you're definitely kind just like I thought anyway fujikawakoon does that mean you trust me a little more well I can tell my first judgment was wrong about you about the confession I was just jumping to conclusions sorry it's okay you have your reasons.

Huh yes I'm one class over and I just want a little bit of your time sure what is it I really like you you're so beautiful please go out with me what what huh she's pretty surprised this guy is pretty impressive asking her out when I'm standing right here.

It's weird for me to say it myself but I'm decent looking my house is pretty well off too so I have a lot of allowance and and I can take you out to so many nice places on dates I think I'm a pretty good catch he's definitely full of I mean confident in himself uh.

Um yabby is clearly struggling to say no I need to protect my club member as manager so I should help her out she turned out to be a decent girl too hey you got a second what the hell I'm busy man can't you tell no I know but can't you tell that I'm literally with yabe right now.

I don't care I don't care about men and I'm sure a beautiful girl like her would never go out with a geek like you you're probably just in the same club or class or something I mean you're right but exactly so don't get in my way I can't do that she's clearly struggling and I need to.

Protect my club member so yeah please leave let's go yabe huh thank you you don't need to thank me this is me making up for all the time I was misunderstanding you then yeah I'll think about your confession.

Can I have a little time yeah I'll be waiting for your reply sure that little I'm gonna show him what happens when you get in my way I don't want to make her wait too long I need to reply soon was in front of the club room just.

Standing still why isn't she going inside what's going on yabe why are you just standing in the doorway what the hell the club room is torn up all the flowers they were all torn out ripped up and stomped on I froze behind yabe.

Oh I do such a thing I think yabe realized who it probably was it must have been the thing from yesterday but I don't have proof anyway let's just save the ones we can yabe it's my fault right.

No I didn't answer karodake with what he wanted so this happened that's not definite yet and if it was him it's my fault for ending the conversation I'm the reason for all of this hey damn it you yo you're that geek that was next to.

Yabe you came to school on the weekend what are you in a club or something of course not I hate smelling like sweat did you get my present though present so this was you then of course this is what you get for hurting my pride enjoy why would you do this the.

Plans had nothing to do with it you could have come straight at me instead of going through the plants I had to take something important away from you I have to tear you up worse than my torn up Pride I see I thought you were just an idiot in a good way but you're an idiot in a bad way I'm not good with people.

Did you just call me an idiot twice you called me an idiot yeah I did you're in high school and complaining about your pride you're the worst lowest scummiest idiot that I know is that a problem little I kick your ass too hey.

Hey who are these guys delinquents I hired I told you that I was rich oh yeah you did say something like that your dad is probably going to be sad when he finds out you're spending money on stupid things like this shut up shut up get him yeah that about says it you're so strong they all got beat in.

Less than a minute you know people who work with plants actually can be pretty strong I wake up early and go to bed early so I'm naturally pretty tough I wouldn't lose to some unhealthy delinquents everybody so you ready for this I'm gonna beat the pain that you made my.

Plants experience into your stupid Pride for you come on let's go back to the club room let's save the plants that we can yeah but after that I'm gonna you don't need to do that that was my fault and I've taken care of it so it.

Won't happen again I lectured them and let them know how the plants feel so they never do it again so I don't need this yabe I don't want you to quit I had trust issues because of what happened in Middle School but I want to try trusting again so I I kind of.

I kind of like you kawakoon so can we stay together but if you want to quit you can I don't want to quit either I want to be with you because I like you yeah I really like you please go out with me love to.

Uh guys you got a stick sir just so you know this is a weekend but you're in front of the teacher's office can you do that kind of lovely teenage drama on the roof of the building or behind the gym or something yes excuse us.

Enjoy being young but don't go too far that's how I started dating yabe she's got a kind heart tending to plants but I think I can trust her Maybe not immediately but eventually I would learn to trust again thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

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