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[Manga Dub] Lonely introvert gets invited to drink with the worker that got off of work… [RomCom]


The latest Doki Doki Alice is super fun to read I'm naoki Hasegawa I'm a big fan of anime games and light novels and I'm also a university student I prefer the two-dimensional World more than a three-dimensional real world for me the world of imagination and fantasy is everything which is why I don't have much interest in events that take place.

In the three-dimensional World hey naoki do you have some free time today oh sugoi the guy who suddenly came over to tap on my shoulder was sugoi he's a handsome guy and a friend that I made at the University or rather an acquaintance although he's an outgoing extroverted type he comes over to talk with me I'm the exact opposite type I don't have.

Free time when I get home I'm going to watch a live stream of a YouTuber alike and then play some games and read mangas you do have free time I think I have a full schedule weren't you listening to me so we're having a dating party today to come along hey are you listening to me don't ignore me you'll come won't you my good friend I don't remember being.

Your good friend at all then you won't need this oh that's the Doki Doki Alice's limited edition acrylic keychain why do you have a precious limited edition item a girl who has a crush on me gave it to me so if you can come to the dating party I could give this to you I will be happy to attend well you changed your mind fast dating party.

Great three-dimensional World Super yeah I'm glad you're such a simple-minded guy so then see you later that evening so cool you are the best to over me ladies wow what is this comedy I came because I wanted that limited edition keychain but all the girls who are here are interested in sugoi three girls and two.

Boys I'm completely left out well I knew this would happen if there's an extroverted and an introverted type at a dating party of course everyone will go for the extroverted character to begin with sugoi and I are like day and night I can't deal with this three-dimensional World darn it the girls are much cuter.

In the two-dimensional world in the three-dimensional here is the fried octopus oh thank you will that be all yes then enjoy your meal hey the fried octopus is here what are you saying of course it's me uh the octopus stop fighting over me you cute girls what is this comedy part two nobody cares about the octopus or me too.

Bad this is so good oh man I think I had enough of seeing this I think I'll go outside to get some fresh air it should be fine if I get away for a while ah see her outside is good maybe I should just go home now oh but if I'm going I should pay first I'll pay before going back to my seat and then get my things I told you to stop.

Ah just a little bit is fine come on I told you that I'm in the middle of work uh prioritize me and not your work huh I don't get what you were saying what the hell you hey what are you doing here who the hell are you I'm just a passerby it's none of your business get out of my way but she doesn't like what you're doing you should back off why you.

Bastard you want to fight I'm going to call the police if you keep this up man what a boy just keep me entertained for a little bit that was scary thank you very much for helping me oh it's nothing oh you're the person from before oh you are the fried octopus person I'm the fried octopus guy are you on break yes yes I wanted to get some fresh.

Air but then was bothered by a drunken guy thank you so much for helping me oh no I didn't do anything but was it all right what do you mean painting in the dating party oh uh it's fine all the girls there are interested in my friend I'm just the wall the floor of some indoor plant is that right and then I guess the ladies don't have much.

Good sense because you are Brave and oh uh well you said before that you did nothing that's not true he stood in front of me as if to protect me it must have been scary but that you could take an immediate action like that is wonderful you are courageous and a gentle person if you praise me that much.

I feel a little embarrassed oh oh my break is almost over so thank you very much name is yasui she was a nice girl I guess three dimensional is not bad either when I went back inside the four of them were already gone I immediately checked my phone and there was a message.

Asking me to pay for the bill apparently for a dating party the guys are supposed to take care of the bill on the table lay half what we owed I guess that he takes care of these details is a good thing but still koi it's not nearly half the bill oh man why do I have to pay that much for a drinking party that I didn't even enjoy.

I had that much money how many acryl stance I could have bought it doesn't feel so good to go back home like this so I think I'll have a drink somewhere before I go home liquor makes me forget everything it's my savior welcome oh the whole person oh why do you know my name I saw your name tag before.

A dating party finish yes then what coincidence that we meet again here oh really are you all right with me drinking with you yes please oh then thank you again for helping me a while ago my name isagawa well good work today oh is your phone case the one from Doki Doki Alice oh are you familiar with Doki Alice yes.

I'm a big fan I know the original manga anime gameplay everything what to think that you would also be a fan you don't seem like the type of person to be into these things Miss yasui I am disguising myself I am quite a big fan and I get obsessed with the work that I like I see then also last month's Alice on stage of course I saw it it was great to see.

Alice in the three-dimensional world I'm envious I couldn't get the ticket but I saw the live streaming it's really luck whether you get the ticket or not it sure is what is it I usually hide this side of myself so it is really fun to be able to talk about this to be able to talk about something you've liked without hiding it.

Is really fun isn't it let's talk about it today about how amazing tokidoki Alice is of course about the love for the character the work and the writer let's about her overflowing passion for them Miss yasuy and I drank drank and talked about having found our common interest one store wasn't enough so we went to.

Another and then another after we went to many stores in a row I lost my Consciousness when did I come back I don't think I know this ceiling and also is there someone else in this bed aside from me can it be what why is Miss yasui here oh this is not my room it's such a beautiful acute.

Room there's the Doki Doki Alice figure no I mean how did this happen oh good morning Miss yasui what is the situation remember I don't remember did I do something because today we had such a fun time it was the first time that I was attacked so directly and exactly where my weak spots were too it was so.

Incredible that I don't think I will forget it wait wait so directly what does she mean am I maybe no longer so pure and innocent without having realized it really incredible the the fighting game fighting game I could not leave you out on the streets because you were completely drunk that's why I brought.

You back home with me then as soon as you saw the game set you became energetic again and we decided to play it together from then you were just unbeatable you kept on coming exactly where my weak points were since it had been so long since I've have been beaten so badly I actually got excited after that we kept on playing until we both.

Fell asleep yeah it was extremely exciting oh is something wrong no nothing I now see what you mean um Mr hasegola I have a favor to ask you if that's all right what is it please be friends with me I have no friends with whom I could talk about my interest I have am I good enough for that I want you to be my friend oh I see then let's.

Be friends great then shall we go out and play now let's take a shower and go to karaoke I love to sing songs that I normally can't sing the opening songs of animes characters and so on I also want to go shopping for the character goods and then what is it no I just thought that you're such a big fan that's right I am an.

Absolutely obsessed fan so please make sure you hang out with me a lot on that day I hung out with Miss yasui and had a great time karaoke game center going around to check out the character Goods it had been so long since I had shared something I liked with someone so it turned out to be a great day I'm spending time with.

Me I also had a great time it's been a long time since I had this much excitement it's great to be able to see what one likes it's not that I dislike my friends who are not interested in these things but what I am disguising myself I feel like I don't enough air because it's not the real me Miss yasui but I can let myself go when I'm around.

You Mr Hasegawa I was able to be myself it's been so long since I was allowed to be that way thank you Mr Hasegawa if you have time let's hang out together again of course after that day we came to be in touch on a regular basis and would meet up to hang out together I was beginning to be attracted to her because of her wonderful smile and the innocent.

Way in which she got excited I wanted to spend more time with her hang out with her and make her happy the more time I spent with her bigger my feelings for her grew then one day happy birthday what what is this today is your birthday right when we were hanging out together you told me that today was your birthday for that you prepared cake and all this.

For me I worked hard for it and baked it myself you baked it and all this food as well when I thought we were celebrating I got really into it wow thank you so much since I've become an adult this is the first time I've had such a wonderful birthday you are an important friend this is only natural friend that's right Miss yasu.

And I are only friends I'm the only one who likes her and as for the birthday gift ta-da that's the Doki Alice's event ticket that's the one I failed to get in the lottery I also applied for the tickets myself although I kept it a secret for today let's go to the event together next week on the day of the event.

Quality of the cosplayers is so high this is the official event there is there isn't by The Voice letters as well until then let's go shopping for the goods oh my God I'm so excited that my head hurts I wonder if it's all right for me to be so happy oh Carol what it is hey why is everyone here A friend of mine who is a big fan of Doki Doki ala.

Is kind of cold she didn't want to waste her tickets so she told me to attend at her place because I wasn't that busy anyhow also I was interested in to find out what these fans were so interested in so why are you here are you also a fan oh well that is if you are that would be so funny you have been acting like you had nothing to do with such.

People uh I forced her into coming with me I was able to get two tickets in their Lottery and I didn't want to waste it Mr Jose I'm sorry I made you come with me if you have friends here you can join them oh this is how it should be after all Miss yasui was hiding her interest to begin with I guess I should keep my distance from her Mr hosagawa oh.

But boys happened your friends what oh what sorry that I lost my words just then I was afraid of being made fun of by them so I couldn't think straight I could have told them what I like that I'm a big fan of anime and mangas and it was as though you were the bad one I don't mind you were saying that you also.

Don't mind hanging out with friends who aren't fans of anime at all so that's why you didn't want them to dislike you right I don't think it's wrong to feel that way so don't blame yourself for it but I realized something that it is painful not to say what I like so I decided that I will be honest from now on so I like you Mr Hasegawa what me I.

Like you because you are kind and warm-hearted since the day when you helped me I also like you miss yasui oh really it's the first time I met someone with whom I can have so much fun please stay with me always of course after that Miss yasuy and I became lovers soon after she decided to tell her friends that she's a fan of anime and manga they.

Told her that they didn't mind and that if she likes What She Likes that's a nice thing on an unrelated note the girls found out that sugoi was playing around with many other girls so they all started to avoid him then a few months later after Karu made it public that she was a fan she started becoming an active fan by doing cosplays and things thank.

You for doing the cosplay with me I'm having fun too so it's great let's continue to enjoy this together of course thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well